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 *S4 Advanced Passing Data
 Posted: Oct 17 2017, 12:54 AM

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Note: I'll likely be adding DSFL stats to this later today

Most of the following can be found in a more long-winded form in this accompanying media article.

Glossary -
ANY/A: (passyards+20*TD-45*INT-sackyards)/(attempts+sacks)
AY/A: (passyards+20*TD-45*INT)/attempts
NY/A: (passyards-sackyards)/(attempts+sacks)

Here are the quarterbacks for Season 4 with their traditional counting stats from the index as well as sack data and the resulting ANY/A, AY/A, and NY/A:

user posted image

Unsurprisingly, Mike Boss of the Orange County Otters comes out on top in ANY/A following a stellar season. Somewhat more surprisingly is that the gap between him and his competitors closed significantly after accounting for drop backs and sack yardage. To illustrate this:

In pure yardage he was one and a half standard deviations (!!) above second place Ethan Hunt of San Jose (and 1.713 above average).
In touchdowns he was a quarter of a standard deviation above second place Chris Orosz of Yellowknife (1.213 above average).
But he was just 1/30th of a standard deviation above second place King Bronko of Arizona in ANY/A (0.954 above average).

It's particularly notable that Mike Boss actually did not have the best quarterback performance this season according to AY/A. That honor belongs to King Bronko.

Z-scores (standard deviations above or below average) of all qualifying quarterbacks:

user posted image

The biggest beneficiaries of these adjustments were King Bronko and Scrub Kyubee of Baltimore. Bronko rose from 4th in yardage and 3rd in touchdowns to a 2nd place in ANY/A that nearly entirely erased a 1,000 yard gap while Kyubee separated himself from a pack of quarterbacks with stats around league average into a clear 4th place position. Both of these quarterbacks had fewer than 550 drop backs (548 and 540 respectively, only Pierno had fewer among qualifying quarterbacks) which helped them a lot in a rate-based stat like this, especially in comparison to Boss's 685 drop backs.

Some sack data notes:

-50 of Las Vegas's 88 sacks taken were in their first 7 games. They seemed to tighten up a bit after that.
-Colorado did a great job not preventing and/or avoiding sacks. Despite being 3-11 they surrendered the second-fewest sacks and were just 4 behind 13-1 Arizona.
-The only sackless ( // )performance of the season was King Bronko of Arizona in Week 7 playing at Colorado.
-73% of sacks lose either 6 or 7 yards and 91% lose 5, 6, 7, or 11. I'll admit I know absolutely nothing about scramble mechanics in the sim engine but this might provide some insight into how that works (or doesn't). I would've expected a smoother curve around the drop-back depth (looks like about 6 yards) as quarterbacks try to either surge forward to save yardage or retreat a bit away from the pressure. Yet there are more sacks that lose 11 yards than 8 and there were no sacks that lost 12. Maybe somebody more familiar with the sim can fill in some of the blanks but I found that really interesting. Here's the full histogram:

user posted image

And this slightly uglier breakdown by team.

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