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Dec 11 2017, 11:04 AM
Well folks, it's been real but real life has gotten busier for me over the last couple months and I don't have the time necessary to devote to Liberty. As such, effective immediately, I am resigning as Liberty Co-GM. I will continue to handle GFX weekly submissions for now, and Fox North will continue to catch passes for Liberty as long as they'll have him. I expect I'll be replaced at some point as Liberty's WR1 simply because I can't keep up with the TPE tasks lately, but hopefully I can still contribute for another couple seasons.

I've been in the league since mid-S1 or so; it's been a long haul to the current state of affairs. Overall, I am happy to say I think the head office has us headed in the right direction. Transparency in simming is crucial, and once we're there the only real fault I have with the league is the terrible sim we're running everything on. Now, if we were all putting in Tecmo Bowl players...but I digress. The DSFL, Offensive Line bot changes, making sure everyone in the HO is committed - all wonderful changes. If I were joining the league today, I'd be very happy with how it's running. Keep up the good work HO, I think you're the right people for the job.

As for the Philadelphia Liberty, I had a wonderful time really building the backbone of it in S2 and S3 working as adam2552's Co-GM. Being a simulation noob at the time, I appreciated him taking a chance on me, and I think our drafting skills were put to good use to take an expansion team and make some wonderful selections to get Liberty to where it is today. It may not seem like much, but look where Legion is now and know the difference was Adam and Fox at the helm. To12143 has been an excellent replacement this season to take over, and I feel confident with him at the helm and whoever he selects as my replacement.

With that, I'd be happy to reveal any of our deepest, darkest secrets, or the complete lack thereof. Silver Fox, Former Liberty Co-GM, AMA!

QUOTE (Yurt6 @ Dec 11 2017, 01:31 PM)
What do you see for the future of the franchise?

Are the rumors true, is Clifford Rove demanding a trade unless he is named Special Teams coach?

Have you ever considered being a GM for our sister expansion franchise, the terminally ill Legion?

I'd definitely like to see an Ultimus for us before Fox North retires - but hopefully we keep to our roots of treating our players well and maintaining a great discord.

Clifford Rove was promised he'd get to be Special Teams coach when he wins us an Ultimus, and not one second before!

Hahaha, no. I do appreciate the Legion existing though, because it makes Liberty look that much better by comparison.
QUOTE (bovovovo @ Dec 11 2017, 01:34 PM)
I am interested in these so-called deep dark Liberty secrets, could you expand?

What do you think was your biggest impact on the Liberty? Are there any particular moves you are particularly proud of?

Haha...the only "secret" I can think of is, during the S3 draft, we were down to drafting a WR. Smallwood and Kroetch were both on the table, and I made a convincing case for Smallwood to Adam, who wanted Kroetch. He said to put the pick in, but by that time in the draft I was so tired I got the names confused and ended up drafting Kroetch for us anyway. Worked out ok though.

My biggest impact was definitely drafting - most of the day to day stuff, and pretty much all the trades and FA pickups were Adam. I built us a snazzy google doc for S2 and S3 that we used to generate consensus for our picks, went through every user to identify activity and personality fit, and that definitely gave us a pretty big edge. Breakdowns by position, tiers, everything - fantasy football came in handy. Adam pulled off a couple nice during-draft trades that got us even more of our top tier guys based off those lists as well. I'm not a fan of trading our active players away, but during the Matt James saga I was damned near ecstatic to send his cancerous self over to the Wraiths. Didn't end up benefiting either team in the end, but at the time, satisfaction.

QUOTE (7hawk77 @ Dec 11 2017, 01:36 PM)
I think you and the liberty have done a great job. The expansion teams started off with a disadvantage out of the gate, and really you've done great so I wanted to commend you for that.

I was curious if you we're going to be quitting from the NSFL indefinitely or plan on returning at some point when life gets less busy.

Also I was also curious of what was your favorite thing that happened while you've been in the league. (Can be something as simple as a game winning TD or something longer like making playoffs).

Thanks! We put a lot of time in. I'm not quitting the NSFL outright, though I will be minimally active. I plan to keep grading gfx and doing training and activity checks, and with luck maybe some TPE tasks now and again. I doubt I'll create a new guy once retirement age rolls around though, unless the NSFL has switched to a sim worth watching.

My favorite thing? Personally, it was fun to watch Fox North shove a CB along for way too many yards, though I blame the sim not really giving an accurate portrayal of what was happening at the time. One game, Paul DiMirio ran across the whole field to block a guy who was about to catch me, letting me get another 30 yards or so...that was great. Favorite thing, though, was Sweetwater's podcasts. Really love his outlook and clear enthusiasm for the game - also liked when he and Kevin Cushing announced the games.

QUOTE (DeathOnReddit @ Dec 11 2017, 01:38 PM)
What do you think of the great Arbin Asipi?

Do you know who will take over as co-gm?

Do you have any recommendations for co gm?

No real comment, but if you've ever sacked our QB before he could make a long pass to Fox North I'm not happy about it.

It's not looking like it'll be in-house like I would have preferred, as many of our folks are already DSFL GMs and are busy with that. Maybe an FA?

I'd love it if we could attract Sweetwater, but I know his heart is with the kitties. As long as they don't fuck up my beloved Liberty, I guess I don't really care.

Sep 12 2017, 09:40 AM

Inspiration from timeconsumer
Sep 6 2017, 02:54 PM
I figured I’d make a media post rather than send out a template message to all the rookies, which strikes me as somewhat impersonal (now that I think about it, this post is probably impersonal too, but I’m old, I don’t have time damnit). Rookies, are you really giving credit to GMs who contact you with a message that looks like “Hello <NameOfRookie>, we are interested in <RookiePosition> and you’re one of those, so what would you think about playing for <TeamName>?” C’mon now.

Why you should want to join Liberty:

We’re active. After recent trades, we now have 5 of the 12 DSFL GMs on our team. We focused on getting quality active players during the S2 draft, and it certainly paid off for us. Heck, we just filled out a 14-team NFL Fantasy Football league entirely with active Liberty players. Our goal was to build a community, not just a team, and it seems like we’ve done a decent job of it so far.

Our discord. It’s hopping all day, with both NSFL-related and general chatter. Sure beats a crappy message board post in terms of team-building. We’re all pretty tight because of it.

Our story. We’re not one of the original teams; we were created as one of two expansion teams at the end of S1. We’ve only got half as much time on the field as the other teams, and yet we’ve managed pretty well, creating a team from scratch from the S2 draft and doing better than pretty much everyone expected. This coming season, we’ll do it again. We’re also one of two teams with a championship-winning GM! Adam made me say that.

Our defense. Once we got about halfway through the 2nd season, we really started to step it up. We’ve since traded for star DT Ramrio and signed LB Hackett from free agency, and we’re looking at the 2nd best defense in the league thanks to that. We’re coming for you, Outlaws.

Our future. We’re aiming to be the team that challenges the Outlaws for the Ultimus, and it’s looking pretty good so far. Don’t sleep on the Liberty, because we’ll be in your nightmares soon.

Our barbershop quartet group, the Liberty Four, and the Liberty fight song they created:

Fight Liberty Fight.
On the Road to Victory!
Score Liberty Score!
Score a touchdown 1-2-3!
Hit em’ low,
Hit em’ high,
For Liberty will never die!
Fight Liberty Fight!
On the road to victory!
L-I-B-E-R-T-Y Liberty!

Why you wouldn’t want to join Liberty:

You hate fun and the people who have it. You also hate puppies – if you see one you’re like “Eww, gross, a puppy.”
You want to join the Outlaws so you can win every time, rather than just most of the time (Yes Kevin, we’re going to have a positive record in S3).
You have zero interest in discord. Not a bad thing, but that’s where all our action is, and you’d probably be pretty bored if you weren’t there.
You want to join the SaberCats. I can’t blame you, Sweetwater’s podcast is great. Maybe we’ll make a podcast.
You’re filled with hate and darkness and thus want to join the Legion. They have soylent green every night I’m told, and their dark rituals are probably responsible for global warming. Just what I heard.

So there you have it. If you don’t want to join us for whatever reason, let me or adam2552 know, and we’ll be happy to make alternative selections. But as far as we know, everyone’s on the table right now, and we can’t wait to see how the draft plays out this time. Going to plug some holes, maybe grab some depth, and by the end of season 3 people will be wondering where the hell we came from.

Now I'm going to tag some of our team so they can chime in as well, if they so desire.
To12143 Kristy95 adam2552 HalfEatenOnionBagel WinstonKodogo Perry87 124715 xdave2456 sabills Anti-Hype

Aug 30 2017, 07:40 PM
On a 1 - 10 scale, how would you rate your American football knowledge? Who's your favorite team?

What made you decide to give this league a try?

Would you rather win a championship or be known as the best player at your position?

Do you (or will you) use discord? That's where all the action is here in Philly. We probably have the most lively "locker room" because of it. Not a requirement, just mentioning it because you'll have a lot more fun with us if you're there.

Do you have what it takes to be on the fastest-rising team in the NSFL?
Aug 29 2017, 10:20 AM
Part of what would make the dream Ultimus game great would be that anyone can win. Per the request, I'm only allowed to choose between actual playoff teams. Can the Outlaws be beaten? Yeah, probably. But probably not at home, and a 10% chance doesn’t make for exciting football. So let’s exclude the Outlaws from the dream game. By default, that leaves the Otters as contenders from the ASFC, and I’m happy with that because they’re such cute fuzzy little guys. They have an 8-6 regular season record, a decent but not godlike defense, and a good QB with Boss slinging the rock.

From the NSFC, the choices are Wraiths or Hawks. Both have won 8 regular season games, just like the Otters, but I’m going to give the nod here to the Hawks because they’ve got a similar points for and better defense than the Wraiths, which will be needed against the Otters.

QBs: Boss vs Kyubee – Boss has the edge here, with the three core stats of Arm, Acc, and Int all higher than Kyubee. Given that the running game has taken a significant step back for all teams in Season 2 thanks to the emergence of decent defenders and not enough OL to go against them, this is a nice advantage for the Otters to have.

RBs: Jenkins and Bowers Jr. vs Darlane Farlane – Everyone’s favorite rookie RB, Farlane, is probably slightly outclassed here vs the dynamic duo of Jenkins and Bowers Jr, and let’s not forget Bowers is retiring at the end of this season – he’s got an axe to grind with his last shot at an Ultimus ring. That said, Farlane is one fast MFer and neither Jenkins nor Bowers Jr can hope to compete with his speed. Given that much of an RB’s success is the O-line, the Otters probably have an advantage in the running department as well, but neither team has enough of a line to really open up running the ball as a viable main source of yardage. Both teams averaged 3.4 yards a carry during the regular season. Advantage, and it’s only slight, to the Otters.

WRs: Phelps and Westfield vs Christmas and Vincent – Yeah, it’s not a particularly fair category here. Phelps and Westfield are probably the best duo in the league unless you count Garden and Cook, and they haven’t been together a whole season so I’m not gonna. They combined for 11 TDs and 2,368 yards vs Christmas and Vincent’s 6 TDs and 1,881 yards. Advantage: Otters by a mile

TE: Wright Jr. vs Rando – The loss of TPE gobbler Gibson chunked the Hawk’s only worthwhile TE. George Wright Jr. is arguably the best TE in the league, in the same elite category as Maddox and DiMirio. Advantage: Otters

So, looking at it just from the offense, shit. Did I pick the wrong team? Just eyeballing it, offensively, the Wraiths would be a much better fit vs the Otters. Crap. Ok, moving on, maybe the defensive side of things will make it more interesting.

Linebackers: Bavitz, Harris, and Safety Verns vs Broadway, Harrison, and Wright – Verns is built as a safety, not an LB, so the weight difference is significant. Both teams run a 4-3 defense, so the clear winners here are the Hawks. Yay! The Hawks won a category! Maybe I’m not a fuckup for choosing them over the Wraiths. Advantage: Hawks

Defensive Line: Tomlinson and a crapton of inactives vs Boom, Hendrix, Taylor and an inactive: Hell yes! Hawks have this one in the bag as well. Where’s the Otters defensive line? All gone. Advantage: Hawks

Secondary: Kronen, McGinn, Spector and Petrakis vs Masvidal, Reyes, Delacour, and Turner: Arguably, the Otters safeties are better than the Hawks, since Reyes is actually a CB. That said, only Kronen and Reyes are active, so it’s basically a wash. Delacour and Turner are on the other hand way better than Spector and Petrakis. Advantage: Hawks

So what we have here folks is an offense vs defense battle. The Otters are far and away better offensively, but the Hawks defense matches that; on the other hand, the Hawks aren’t quite as good offensively, but are so too are the Otters significantly weaker on defense. It’s anybody’s game, and that’d be quite exciting. If only it were the actual Ultimus matchup. Ohh well, maybe next year.

NSFLN Requested Article, 600k bonus, must exceed 400 words

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