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Jan 10 2018, 09:44 PM
Oct 2 2017, 10:12 PM
Let's take a look in the crystal ball for a few possibilities this week.

more to come ?

Next up, The Home of Poe

Sep 4 2017, 03:41 PM

Jul 27 2017, 09:31 PM
Losing is the worst thing that can happen to you in sports. After battling whether it's for an entire game or an entire season, ultimately, not losing is the entire point. You take the field to win games and when things don't go your way, you need to step aside and re-evaluate things. This moment of self-reflection can be difficult, but it's necessary in order to properly move on. During this off-season, the Orange County Otters have had to re-evaluate things. Their team was ravaged by expansion. They've had to nearly rebuild their entire defense as well as a big chunk of their offensive game plan. While they weren't the only team that lost players to expansion, they were one of the only teams to come close to a championship and fall short. The Arizona Outlaws defeated the Otters in a thrashing on their way to the Ultimus Trophy. Now that this is in the past, it's important for the Otters to look towards the future. This is easier said than done, sure, but it's going to be up to the coaches to really bring this team to the next level.

The team knew last season that Coach Shaka was going to be one and done on the sidelines. Now that the Otters have the OC and DC sharing HC duties after a season of Shaka's guidance, there's undoubtedly some pressure on Bear & Jiggles. These two balance off of each other well and have maintained a positive chemistry in the locker room, according to sources. As the off-season turned into the pre-season, the entire league is looking forward. The NSFL has welcomed two new teams: Las Vegas and Philadelphia. While both teams were active on the trade front, it would be a surprise if either one of them ended up making a playoff run. The Otters and Outlaws are definitely expected to battle it out for the conference championship yet again this season.

According to a scout from neither team:

"Their offense seems to have a better rhythm to it at some points so far compared to last season. Boss looked decent at times last year and atrocious at others. Even in these early practices it seems like he's making better decisions. We've had scouts checking out all of the quarterbacks in the league so far. Boss is in the discussion for the best we've seen so far at this point. It's really early, things can always change. If suddenly he throws 2 picks it's easy for it to snowball for this guy into a complete disaster. He managed to kill a lot of drives last season, and he definitely ruined their playoff game. He's really going to have to step up if the team wants to take the next step. Now that Bowers Jr is replacing Wright, they might need to rely a little more on Boss to make plays. That could end up seeing him flourish or watching him drown in front of 70,000 people like he did multiple times last season."

While words from this scout seem to be all over the place, the general undertone seems to be positive. The offense is only going to go as far as Boss can take it. The receivers and running backs are really good, but if Boss can't utilize his weapons properly, they'll struggle to sustain drives. Boss needs to lock in and make the right read early on in his drop back and make the passes to the open receivers. If he throws interceptions again, he may be gone sooner rather than later in Orange County, CA.

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