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Jun 14 2017, 01:48 PM

Jun 14 2017, 10:11 AM
Orange County Otters vs Baltimore Hawks

With both teams looking to rebound after week 1 losses this is a statement game on both sides. The Hawks actually had a solid first game with zero turnovers while forcing two of their own, they just could not stop the Yeti’s ground game allowing 179 rushing yards on 4.8 YPC. Quarterback Scrub Kyubee led a very efficient passing attack throughout the preseason and that continued into week 1. The Hawks, however, will need to develop a run game to help grind up the clock. Of course the big story heading into this game is the Otters’ QB situation; after winning the starting job in the preseason Mike Boss embarrassed himself against the Outlaws throwing 6 picks. Most people are expecting Josh Bercovici to lead the offence out this week, and the team can only hope he performs better; if not Ethan Hunt is chomping at the bit for his opportunity. Despite the loss, the defence was a positive, allowing only four first downs and 2.3 YPC. If the offence gets on track the Otters will be a force this season.

Players to watch:

Otters: Josh Bercovici, QB – Bercovici will look to seize his chance to be the team’s starting QB for the rest of S1

Hawks: Scrub Kyubee, QB – despite receiving little fanfare to this point in his career Kyubee has shown he can be a very efficient passer for the Hawks and should continue to do so in week 2

Prediction: 24 – 27

Yellowknife Wraiths vs Colorado Yeti (Game of the Week)

They say football is won in the trenches, and that rang true with both these teams in week 1. While star receiver Josh Garden recorded 102 receiving yards both RBs filled the stat sheet (97 yards and a TD for Bubba Nuck, 20 total yards and 2 TD for Jack Stats). On the other side of the ball the DLine proved their worth posting a league high 4 sacks, 2 of which belonged to Jason Spearhead. For the Yeti, running backs Boss Tweed and Kieran O’Connel both managed 101 yards from scrimmage week 1 with a rushing TD each. Leading the defence was linebacker Jonathon Saint who recorded 7 tackles and a sack. Be sure to catch this game live on princekyle’s twitch page: here around 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.

Players to watch:

Wraiths: Jason Spearhead, DE – until teams figure out a protection scheme to slow down this star-studded defensive line look for Spearhead to create noise in the backfield

Yeti: Kieran O’Connell, RB – it is hard to say who is the starter in this backfield and it may be more of a 1 and 1a situation, but O’Connell made the most of his opportunities last week posting 5.1 YPC on 17 carries

Prediction: 17 – 10

Arizona Outlaws vs San Jose SaberCats

The Outlaws surprised everyone in week 1 grabbing the W over the Otters, though the win was not as convincing as the score would have you believe. 7th overall pick Reg Mackworthy had a performance that could be described as disappointing, posting 7 yards on 9 carries. While Mackworthy did his best Trent Richardson impression starting QB Vincent Draxl did his best to look like Tim Tebow going 8/22 for 129 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT; both need to step it up if the Outlaws hope to compete this year. The secondary on the other hand was outstanding. Led by safety turned cornerback Isaiah Rashad with 3 interceptions the fourth ranked secondary entering the season proved their doubters wrong tallying a total of 6 picks. The SaberCats lost a hard fought battle week 1 that could have gone either way. Receiver Bailey Cook was the only true standout performance with 6 catches for 117 yards, though he failed to find the end zone. Despite the loss, if the Cats continue to play like they did last week they are in for a good season.

Players to watch:

Outlaws: Reg Mackworthy, RB – Mackworthy entered the season as a favorite to win the rushing title, and although he faced a strong defensive line last week, 0.8 YPC just won’t cut it

SaberCats: Bailey Cook, WR – the SaberCats will be the first team to test whether the Outlaws performance last week was a fluke or not and Cook is the key to their passing game

Prediction: 13 – 30

737 words, ready for grading
Jun 7 2017, 09:29 AM
Inspired by Baller I made my own football card that is more old school:

Not totally in love with it, but don't hate it either.
Jun 5 2017, 09:38 AM
For the purpose of this article I am assuming every team will run either a 4-3 or a 3-4 as their base defense rather than a nickel defense. As such I am mostly evaluating the starting SS, FS and two CBs; most teams will be abused in the nickel and dime so it did not seem worth commenting on. Also note any comments on your player (yes, Isaiah Reshad is dumb as a rock and Eric Hansen is slow as molasses, sorry it’s true) is not a personal attack on you, so please don’t take it as such. Without further ado, here is how the secondaries stack up headed into S1:

1. San Jose SaberCats (starter score: 91)

SS: Clee Hardrool
FS: Ja Brill
CB1: John Canton
CB2: Eric Hansen
NC: Zed Richter/Timote Shoate

The Cats enter S1 as the only team with above average starters at all four spots in their secondary. Canton should be able to shut down most top receivers allowing Brill to make plays all over the field without worrying about providing too much support most games. When asked to comment on their secondary GM ckroyal92 said, “I think we've got a pretty solid group. As of now, we've got 3 active corners & 3 active safeties, so we can mix & match pretty well to keep everyone fresh. Still waiting to come to terms with one of them, but that'll happen soon enough.” The rest of the league can only hope that holdout causes some issues for chemistry early in the season. Either way this will be a tough group to pass on.

2. Orange County Otters (starter score: 90.5)

SS: Dominic Verns
FS: Anthony Petrakis
CB1: Stanislaw Maddox
CB2: Jackson Harris
NC: King Arthur

The #1 and #2 label used here is purely superficial as both Maddox and Harris (and for that matter Petrakis who is actually a natural CB) would be the #1 on any other team, however Maddox will get the faster WRs while Harris is likely to match up with (usually slightly slower) #2 option on the offense. Recently converted from QB, Petrakis doesn’t offer anything besides speed, so my guess is he ends up playing free safety giving him the freedom to make plays all over the field.

3. Colorado Yeti (starter score: 79)

SS: Mike McNoodle
FS: Vikian Marmeladov
CB1: Philipe Carter
CB2: Alex Hayden
NC: Mark Bowden

This is a case where #1 and #2 and will likely change based on the game. Hayden is well suited to cover the strong, fast receiver on the opposition. Meanwhile, Carter looks like a receiver who got lost and lined up on the wrong side of the field (I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take snaps from the slot), if I were betting on the INT leader in S1 this is the guy I’m betting on. McNoodle should provide adequate if not very good safety help over the top.

4. Arizona Outlaws (starter score: 78)

SS: Ryan Flock
FS: Mayran Jackson
CB1: Samuel Watson
CB2: Isaiah Rashad
NC: Jason Williams

This is the NSFL’s version of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas, and boy will they need to play like it because the team’s starting corners are both natural safeties. Mayran Jackson enters S1 with the largest salary and headed into preseason looks the most likely to challenge Carter in the INT category. Jackson took offense to his team’s low ranking saying, “I don't know about our secondary being ranked the way it is. I am the top FS and my SS partner is a walking/talking piece of dynamite ready to explode on offensives. Not to be that guy, but the other safeties are unproven where as I'm known to explode in football and make a name for myself. I'd argue our secondary is the #1 in the league.” He’ll have his chance to prove it when the preseason kicks off later this week.

5. Yellowknife Wraiths (starter score: 74.5)

SS: Alex Hansen
FS: Pablo Sanchez
CB1: Dirk Cutter
CB2: Dermot Lavelle
NC: Henri Rivere

Dirk Cutter already looks like one of the premier CBs in the league, and Josh Garden recognized it in OTAs commenting, “Dick [sic] Cutter can cover! Man that boy has been all over me this week. I mean I still got the best of him more times than not but he's gonna be a stud in the league.” Still, the team recognized the weakness in the secondary and is hoping FA acquisition Dermot Lavelle can help a little in that department. If Lavelle develops as expected the Wraiths will shoot up this list by year’s end, until then Hansen will surely be expected to provide safety help in the passing game.

6. Baltimore Hawks (starter score: 65.25)

SS: Devin Speed
FS: Matt Smith
CB1: Matthew Peterson
CB2: Antoine Delacour
NC: Sunday Showcase

Unlike the SaberCats who ranked above average in all four starting positions, the Hawks are the complete opposite with all of their starting secondary ranking below average. Peterson and Delacour are about equal talents, though at this stage of their careers they are both better suited for the #2 role. If forced to be #1 both would prefer safety help and, unfortunately, I don’t see Speed, Smith or Showcase able to provide that at an adequate level just yet in this league. I had a chance to talk to Hawks GM evryday at OTAs and when I mentioned how experts view their secondary he responded, “That's absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, we have some young guys but no one has played a game in this league. How can anyone tell whose secondary will be the best or the worst? We have a hard working group of guys and we have plenty of depth in the secondary. Lots of raw talent. I think to say we're the worst is ludicrous.” It’s a good thing the coaches have confidence in them, but from what I saw the front seven will have their hands full trying to keep pressure off the secondary.

Link to spreadsheet I used to rank DBs, will do my best to keep it updated
Jun 2 2017, 01:53 PM
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