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Jul 15 2018, 04:35 PM
T3 Bots x3 (550 TPE)

First Name: Dermot, F.
Second Name: Dermot, F
Third Name: Dermot, F
Position: RG, LG, C

Jersey Number:
Height (ft.): 6'7"
Weight (lbs.): 340lbs
Player Archetype: Athletic Lineman (Eg. Trent Williams, Tyron Smith)

Player Attributes

TPE Available:
(MAX: 100) - Strength: 75->100 (Cost 275)
(MAX: 85) - Agility: 50->75 (Cost 65)
(MAX: 25) - Arm: 1
(MAX: 80) - Intelligence: 55
(MAX: 25) - Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 60) - Tackling: 35
(MAX: 85) - Speed: 45->71 (Cost 50)
(MAX: 50) - Hands: 20
(MAX: 90) - Pass Blocking: 60->80 (Cost 70)
(MAX: 90) - Run Blocking: 60->80 (Cost 70)
(MAX: 100) - Endurance: 60->70 (Cost 20)
(MAX: 25) - Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) - Kick Accuracy: 1

2x T5 750 TPE

First Name: Dermot, F
Second Name: Dermot, F
Position: RT, LT

Jersey Number:
Height (ft.): 6'7"
Weight (lbs.): 310lbs
Player Archetype: Athletic Lineman (Eg. Trent Williams, Tyron Smith)

(MAX: 100) - Strength: 75 > 100 (275)
(MAX: 85) - Agility: 50 > 75 (65)
(MAX: 25) - Arm: 1
(MAX: 80) - Intelligence: 55
(MAX: 25) - Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 60) - Tackling: 35
(MAX: 85) - Speed: 45 > 75 (70)
(MAX: 50) - Hands: 20 > 20
(MAX: 90) - Pass Blocking: 60 > 90 (170)
(MAX: 90) - Run Blocking: 60 > 83 (100)
(MAX: 100) - Endurance: 60 > 80 (70)
(MAX: 25) - Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) - Kick Accuracy: 1
Jul 10 2018, 04:21 PM
As many around the league have guessed while looking at the Orange County Otters, star quarterback and future Hall of Famer Mike Boss is still holding steady as the leading quarterback in Orange County. This leaves their quarterback of the future, Gus T.T. Showbiz on the outside looking in for at least another season after he was picked with the 14th overall pick in the second round of this season's NSFL Draft.

Showbiz isn't worried, in fact, he was warned that the likely scenario after being drafted would be to return to the Kansas City Coyotes for another season to continue his development before taking over the reigns and filling the gargantuanly large shoes of Mike Boss. Gus was actually somewhat pleased to hear it, he felt the loss in the Ultimini left him with unfinished business to be taken care of, and rumors around the league were spreading that many of his favorite targets would be returning to KCC too to make another run.

The future looked bright. A few weeks before the draft was to take place, Kansas City Coyotes management made a surprise move and traded their Season Nine 1st round pick, their Season Nine 2nd round pick and their Season Ten 2nd round pick for the Portland Pythons Season Nine 1st rounder, their S9 third rounder and roleplaying tight end Maxwell Macbeth. That Portland Pythons 1st rounder ended up being the first overall pick in the S9 draft.

Kansas City was no doubt moving up to select consensus number one pick Kazimir Oles, a late-season wide receiver addition off of waivers for the Coyotes. Showbiz was practically salivating at the thought of having such weapons on the field to throw to. Another Ultimini trip was definitely in the cards, and perhaps even probable.

S9R1 (#1) - Kazimir Oles - WR
As experts in the league had mocked and just about everybody assumed, the Kansas City Coyotes used their first overall pick to select the electrifying receiver to pair with their star QB. Showbiz was ecstatic to see his weapon return to Kansas City for another season. Oles was easily the consensus number one pick for a reason. The promising young wideout is fully expected to develop into a top-flight receiver in the mold of Orange County Otters great Bradley Westfield. The speedy receiver has his eyes on receiving records, almost all currently held by Westfield. This pick was impossible to miss with, and Showbiz can't wait to get started in the Kansas City offense that is returning, for the most part, from a near-championship run.

After moving their 2nd round pick, the Kansas City Coyotes would not pick again until the third round.
S9R3 (#9) - Ryland Morley - DE
With the offensive side of the ball mostly set, the Coyotes went to stockpile some defensive talent with promising defensive end Ryland Morley. This speedy and strong edge-setter will be an instant upgrade on the Coyotes defense, allowing more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. Showbiz is pretty happy to see this come to fruition, as that can only mean Showbiz gets more time on the field on offense. A win-win, considering opposing quarterbacks will spend less time on the field, giving Gus a leg-up in terms of QB stats and a shot at DSFL MVP/Offensive Player of the Year.

With the other pick from the Portland Pythons trade used, the Coyotes now have their own Third rounder to use.
S9R3 (#11) - Lo Rax - DE
The Kansas City Coyotes have double dipped with their two third rounders and selected another defensive end to slot in on the line. He possesses similar physical characteristics to fellow third-rounder Ryland Morely, and will surely help keep pressure on opposing quarterbacks. His run-stuffing abilities will also help take down running backs in the backfield to keep the clock from rolling. Showbiz is liking the direction the team is going, filling team needs with promising young talent on both sides of the ball.

S9R5 (#19) - Danny Grithead - RB
The speedy threat out of Last Chance U has a good set of hands to go with his wheels. The gritty prospect has dropped a bit farther than many would have expected, but some character concerns will do that. Grithead appears to have turned his attitude around, telling everyone and anyone that will listen that he wants to be a Cinderella story, only with more balls. He wants to take his low draft stock and turn it into the best career a running back has had to date. No doubt he can help shoulder some of the load, and will be a dangerous threat in the receiving game to boot. Gus's arm will be getting a workout with all of these targets. He can't wait to get started!

S9R6 (#23) - Chris Orosz - QB
What in holy hell!?! Showbiz can't believe the pick here. After a great rookie campaign, Showbiz expected to shoulder the load in Kansas City and carry the team to another Ultimini appearance, this time hoping for a win. This dream has been shattered at the hands of Coyote management, as they brought in Showbiz's successor a season too early. No doubt Orosz can learn a lot from Showbiz about the professional game, but there is also no doubt that Coyote management intends to split time between the two. Showbiz's stats are going to suffer, and he's not particularly fond of the idea. It's understandable to lose playing time in Orange County sitting behind the all-time greatest QB in NSFL history. But to lose playing time to a brand new player? It's a travesty!

S9R7 (#27) - Jordan Von Matt - WR
After having his hopes and dreams dashed by the Coyotes when they picked another QB to split time with, Showbiz can see a slight positive as the Kansas City general managers add another offensive weapon. The wide-out from Vancouver, Canada, boasts steady hands that will undoubtedly be rather sticky when it comes to catching passes. Gus is happy to have another target to throw to, but he's still a bit worried that Orosz is going to steal too much of his production.

Overall, Showbiz realizes Kansas City had a great draft, and the Coyotes are tooled up with enough quality to make a run at the Ultimini. The night was tainted in the sixth round, as he saw the Coyotes make a surprising move and take another quarterback to compete with. Showbiz's extra year of development will surely earn him the starting gig, but how much time is he going to lose by splitting time with Chris Orosz? Time will tell, but Gus T.T. Showbiz might just be wishing Mike Boss had made way for him a season earlier.

Jun 29 2018, 07:52 PM

Carlito Crush is coming back to Orange County!

Carlito Crush JKortesi81
S9 7,000,000

In other stunning news, Jonathan King is also returning!

Jonathan King ralams123
S9 5,000,000
S10 5,000,000
Jun 27 2018, 06:11 PM

Otters resign the following inactives:

DE George Wright Jr
S9: $1,000,000

DT Greg Clegane
S9: $3,000,000

K/P Bradley Madlad
S9: $500,000 (Will be below threshold after regression)

DT Ryan Sierra
S9: $2,000,000

LB Elvin Enchant
S9: $1,000,000

DT Ryan Fitzpatrick
S9: $500,000

We decline Mike Boss' mutual option and resign him inactive to:
S9: 2,000,000 (Will be below threshold after regression)

We're also proud to re-sign the following active with hopefully more to come:
Mark Spector RedCydranth
S9 3,000,000
May 26 2018, 07:16 PM
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