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Mar 21 2018, 08:02 PM
QB Avon Blocksdale accepts player option. iamslm22

RB Owen Taylor accepts player option. manicmav36

The Hawks accept mutual option on CB Darnell Turner.

The Hawks accept mutual option on QB Mike Vick. MVick

The Hawks decline team option on TE Brandon Carter.
Mar 21 2018, 06:25 AM
$1M to each for S7:

DE Dental Dam
LB Stephen Harrison
WR Stromblessed
S Scrub Kyubee
Mar 16 2018, 09:36 PM
New Single Game Records:

Passing Completions: 40, Mike Boss

Passing TDs: 8, Mike Boss

Longest Pass: 82 yards, Mike Boss

Receptions: 15, Jordan Yates

Receiving Yards: 212, Jordan Yates

Longest Catch: 82 yards, Bradley Westfield

Kickoff Return Yards: 294, Trey Willie

Extra Points Made: 9, Brad Madlad

Pancakes: 16, Rchon

New Single Season Records:

Passing Completions: 420, Mike Boss

Completion Percentage: 65.3%, Mike Boss

Passer Rating: 103.8, Mike Boss

Rushing Yards: 1,402 - Owen Taylor

Rushing TDs: 14, Damien Kroetch

Receptions: 135, Paul DiMirio

Receiving Yards: 1,860 - Jordan Yates

Fumbles: 10, Nicholas Pierno

Kickoff Return Yards: 1,346 - Trey Willie

Kickoff Return TDs: 3, Bailey Cook

<div align=\"center\">Congratulations to everyone who rewrote the record books!</div>

115 words
Mar 14 2018, 10:58 AM
This was inspired by Daybe. I went through the spreadsheet and compiled a preliminary DC for each of the 6 squads. The blanks will have to be filled by transfers or low TPE inactives. The following will be my thoughts on each of the teams, it will be interesting to see how each of the GMs will configure their lineups. I'm also assuming each team will have the same bot OL. Also, it's possible I missed a player or two or got a player's conference wrong, but I was careful.

QB: Mike Boss
RB: Jordan Yates
FB: Borro Gore
TE: Poopyface Tomatonose
WR: Dustin Evans / Bailey Cook

LB: Micah Hendrix / Noah Goodson /
CB: Terrell Brister /
FS: Ian Bavitz
SS: Bobby Ruckus


On offense the ACC doesn't have much depth but all you need in this sim is a QB, a RB, and four pass catching weapons, and these guys have that. I would just put the ball in the hands of Mike Boss and play an all out air attack. Gore could be the primary RB with Evans, Cook, Yates, and Tomatonose lining up at the WR and TE positions. On defense they have major problems in the trenches. The LB corps has two great players but whoever the 3rd man is will be a weakness. They have 3/4ths of a solid secondary. This team is most likely going to have trouble, the offense will have to put up major points if they want to compete.

QB: Avon Blocksdale / Tyler Oles
RB: Owen Taylor
FB: Omar Wright
TE: Paul DiMirio / Carlito Crush
WR: Mayran Jackson / Alexandre LeClair / CA Chess / Fox North

DE: George Wright / Drew Davidson
DT: Greg Clegane / Mark Ramiro
LB: Angus Winchester / Jonathon Saint / AC Hackett / Brian Mills
CB: Gregory Fletcher / Clifford Rove
FS: Vincent Valentine
SS: Ja Brill / Cameron Taylor

K/P: Micycle McCormick

On paper this is the most balanced team, they could play any style they want and be a force. The offense has elite players at every position except FB. They have two great QBs and it will be interesting to see if they split playing time or one of them transfers. On defense they have the talent to run a 43 or a 34 defense. I don't see an obvious weakness for this team, they will be tough to beat.

QB: King Bronko
RB: Boss Tweed
FB: Erlich Burnsman
WR: Josh Garden / Kendrick Hendrix

DE: Cordell Joshua /
LB: Jaylon Lee / Haruki Ishigawa
CB: Alex Hayden /
SS: Darren Morris

K/P: Peg Leg

There wasn't as many Big 12 alum as I thought there would be. And the end result is this core of players that will be surrounded by quite a bit of lower TPE fillers. They have a great trio of Bronko, Tweed, and Garden, but I think they are lacking in elite weapons. If Tweed or Garden get bottled up, who is going to step up? Their defense is probably the leanest in the entire tournament. Unless they get lucky and force some turnovers, I think these guys will have trouble winning games.

RB: Reg Mackworthy
FB: Darlane Farlane
WR: Trey Willie / Shane Weston / Budda Browning / Robert Phelps

DE: Kurt Hendrix / Jayce Tuck
DT: Eli Kamaka / Joseph Askins
LB: Elvin Enchant /
CB: Dermot Lavelle /
FS: Allen Davis
SS: Michael Tillman


Oh no!, these guys don't have an obvious candidate for QB, so it might be over before it begins for the Pac 12 squad. Rumors are there might be a QB transfer, let's hope for their sake that happens. They have a fine RB in Mackworthy and four great pass catching options, line one of those WRs up at TE and get to work. That offense could be great depending on what happens with the QB. On defense, their line is the best in the tournament, but behind them is very lean. The young Elvin Enchant will be their lead LB. They also have 3/4ths of a strong secondary, finding that 4th DB will be key.

QB: Mat Akselsen
RB: Eric Kennedy
FB: Robby Rainey
TE: Franklin Harris Jr. / Steven O'Sullivan
WR: Dwayne Aaron /

DE: Fuego Wozy / Ricky Maddox / Norman Bagwell
DT: Dan Miller / Calkewlated Chambers
LB: William Ridley /
CB: Antoine Delacour / Benson Bayley / Andre Bly Jr. / Jonathan King


The SEC will have to get creative. They have a good, experienced QB that will have to carry the load through the air as well as on the ground. For that offense I would probably make Rainey the lead RB and split Kennedy out wide with Aaron and maybe have Harris Jr. in the slot with O'Sullivan at TE. Strategy wise I would go balanced here, too much passing will probably lead to many interceptions. Their defensive line is great and so is their secondary. Yes, they have no true safeties but two of their cornerbacks could do well in those spots. LB corps is the weakness as Ridley is the only good one I think they have.

QB: Chris Orosz
RB: Darren Smallwood / Damien Kroetch
FB: Ardie Savea
TE: Glenn McPoyal
WR: Bradley Westfield / Charlie Law / Gosh Jarden

DE: Chidubem Okonkwo / Antonio Sandoval
DT: Ricardo Sandoval / Godfrey King / Ryan Sierra
LB: Vincent Sharpei / Harif Ernston / Austin Roenick / Luke Tiernan
CB: Kevin Cushing / Marc Spector / Philippe Carter / Darnell Turner / John Canton
FS: Vikain Marmeladov / Alex Hansen
SS: Clee Hardrool / Blackford Oakes

K/P: Turk Turkleton / Iyah Blewitt

The other conference had the largest selection of talent, despite that their WR corps is underwhelming other than the superstar Westfield. To mitigate the lack of WRs I would line up Smallwood at WR. When you do that it looks much better on offense. This defense is an absolute monster. They are deepest and most talented defense in this tournament. The GM has many different combinations they could go in order to construct an elite defense. They're also the only team that could go with an exclusive kicker and punter.

These are my projected standings, how about yours?:

1. Big 10
2. Other
3. ACC
4. SEC
5. Pac 12
6. Big 12

1,075 words
Feb 23 2018, 04:15 PM trade Carter Bush RB trade S8 3rd round pick

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