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When the Colorado Yeti moved cornerback Philippe Carter, most people were puzzled. It was later revealed that the third overall pick of the inaugural NSFL draft wished to test free agency when his contract was over. With the season over and his contract expired, Carter accepted to talk to our reporter John Johnson about his future.

Philippe Carter looking really uncomfortable next to all that Yankees crap

JJ: So, Phil... can I call you Phil?

PC: You… may not.

JJ: oh… Okay! Mr. Carter, congratulations on winning your first Ultimus Cup. Must be quite the feeling.

PC: Yes, John, it is. It's funny that in season 1, I made it to the finals with the Yeti and lost to the Outlaws and that today I'm an Outlaw, and also a champion. Most of my teammates are almost used to this by now but for me, it's incredible. I still don't realize it.

JJ: You did pretty well during the game too…

PC: Yeah, I did what I could. Some of my teammates deserve a lot more praise, though. Evans, Chess, Harris... Our quarterback, Bronko. It was a team effort. I'm just glad I was along for the ride.

JJ: You could also say that season 3 was your breakthrough season, right?

PC: You are right. I was never considered a big star in the league. I never had amazing stats. This season, I played a lot better than I thought I ever would. People keep bitching about how the Outlaws win everything all the time but the players on that team work hard as hell. I think they understood better what kind of a player I was and used me in their game plan accordingly. I welcomed the challenge, too. I often played against the best players on the opposing team and it gave me motivation to train even harder.

JJ: It hasn't been a secret that you had no interest in resigning with the Yeti. Why is that?

PC: The new GM decided to make that info public, not me. I never wanted to hurt the Yeti organization in any way. I had nothing against the new management. I guess it seemed strange that I wasn't willing to commit to the team and that I was traded right after the change but it didn't have anything to do with that. The Yeti have some great guys on their roster and I wished the team nothing but the best, which is why I kept my decision to myself to give the team a better chance at getting good pieces when they traded me. I was willing to play the rest of my contract in Colorado, too. I didn't ask out. I was informed I was on the trade block just a few hours after I refused to extend my contract. I'm still a bit confused by the trade they decided to go with but I can't really complain. I went to the clear favourites to win the Ultimus and now I have a ring.

JJ: Have you discussed the possibility of staying in Arizona with your current GMs?

PC: I have. They respect my choice to test free agency. I just want to hear different offers. The Outlaws are on top of my list for now because I had a full season to get to know the team and they are great guys. They also really want to bring me back, and I feel it.

JJ: You got to know the Yeti for more than one season, why aren't they on top?

PC: There is a reason why I didn't want to commit to the team. I never felt like I had my place. I'd chat with Wyatt Fulton since he is my bro but the rest of the team didn't talk much and we didn't go out after games and such. It didn't feel much like a team.

JJ: What are you looking for in a team?

PC: Money is extremely secondary to me. I have other occupations that keep my family fed. Winning is important but I'm even willing to go to a rebuilding team. I'll leave everything I have on the field every game but sometimes it just doesn't work and you can't seem to win. That's okay. I'll sign with the team that proves they want me on their roster the most.

JJ: How can teams do that?

PC: It's up to them. I believe I'm an interesting free agent for any team, no matter how good their defense is. I want them to impress me. I'd also like to play with Wyatt Fulton again so a team that makes an offer to both of us will get a lot of points.

JJ: Are there teams you absolutely won't sign with?

PC: I have an outsider's opinion on all the teams. It's unavoidable. Some seem more attractive to me than others. So I'd say a few teams have a lot of work to do to convince me to sign with them. I'm not closing any doors but I'll admit some of them are barely open.

JJ: You are not the only Outlaw who wishes to test free agency... Is anything wrong in Arizona? I mean, you guys are always winning...

PC: I can't talk for others. I've really enjoyed my time in Arizona and it might not be over. But doing something new is exciting to me. Testing FA and the possibility of joining a new team… I like that. And I have an ego like everybody. I want to know what I'm worth. But you know, I'm not a hypocrite. Other teams will have to impress me. Money isn't a great way to do that. If nobody is willing to work a bit to get me, then I'll just resign with the Outlaws because they already proved they wanted me when they traded for me. I mean, I was on the block for just a few hours and they made the best offer. The fact that they probably have the best chance at winning it all again is also a very compelling argument, I can't lie about it.

JJ: Well, free agency sure will be interesting this offseason! Thanks for talking to us.

I'll consider all offers when FA opens. Money won't be enough for me to sign with you. I want to be part of an active and positive LR first and foremost.
Oct 7 2017, 09:17 AM

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