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Sep 30 2017, 10:48 AM

The truth behind the lies

September 29th 2017
Seattle, WA, USA
Written by: Carson Shmyr

"As many fans of the Colorado Yeti, and the rest of the NSFL know, I was involved in a large scale steroid scandal prior to the start of Season Two. I received multiple injections in order to boost my athletic performance, and the results will have permanently impacted the integrity of both my team and the league as a whole. I recognize that my actions were wrong and that the punishment could have been much more severe and will be should a repeat event of this ever occur."

"There are a few points I want to make before I open the field to the player's for questioning. The initial numbers the league put forward for TPE were incorrect, the number that I figured from my calculations was actually 86 and I have been in contact with the league to make sure this gets sorted out. Second, I will not be returning to the league as the fully active member of the community I once was, because my personal life doesn't permit me the time. The main reasons I did come back is that I need to sort out my TPE reduction, issue this statement, and so that I can position switch to be of more use to the Yeti next season now that Pierno is hucking balls for them."

"I'll now take questions.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Why should we accept you back?"

"The members of the league have no choice in the matter. Following my suspension, so long as no events occur I WILL be returning to the NSFL as a member of the Colorado Yeti. While my future is unclear, I will suit up again in this league."

"Right now I'm not asking to be let back in, or for forgiveness. I understand that actions have consequences, and honestly I think that for the nature of my offense I should have been banned for longer, and combined with my previous history maybe even permanently. The fact that the league has already allowed its doors to open to me shows the integrity of the head office and their belief in their members to learn from their mistakes. Seeing as this is the first large scale scandal this league has had, I think HO handled it very well. In closing, you shouldn't. At least not yet, because right now I'm still walking out the tail end of my suspension. The healing process won't start until I am a full fledged member of this league again (S4, following Noble's suspension end).

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Why did you it?"

"Ask any athlete who has been caught and they will give you the same answer, the competitive edge. It's a great feeling to be on the top, and following a strong first season in the league I wanted to remain a top quarterback and could see my team would need it as teams like Arizona, Baltimore, and Yellowknife broke into their own in terms of offense."

"What I tried to tell myself before is that I just didn't have the time to complete all the points like I wanted to, but as has been stated before they only take five to ten minutes to complete. If I look back at my thinking process during it, I mostly just saw an opportunity to keep myself at the top of the competitive ladder with quarterbacks in the league, and because the bragging rights of being at the very top were too good to pass up on. It was a mistake, it was something I wish I could undo, but I also know if you replayed that moment I probably would have done it every time. The only reason I felt justified the whole way through is that I gave myself the idea that I was giving so much to the league in multiple ways that this was just a way the league could give back to me, which is admittedly a really fucked up outlook to have.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Do you regret doing it?"

"Absolutely. It's a hard path to stop once you start down it, because now you're getting caught no matter what. The idea just becomes, 'I've done it once and it didn't get me in trouble, so why wouldn't I do it again?' and that is what really ends up finding you trouble.

"As stated above, I do regret it. I worked hard to build my reputation here, I put in hundreds of hours in work for the league between articles, the Top 50 list, drafts, being a GM, updating, fantasy, player progression and most importantly the DSFL. I was hyper involved in the league as a whole and I ended up throwing that all away for some stupid online experience points. So yes, I regret it."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Do you feel like the cheater label will follow you the rest of your career?"

"I'm not sure. People like Lance Armstrong who was caught blood doping have taken their newfound reputation and risen above it, and I hope to do the same. This event is not what defines me as an athlete and is rather a blemish on my professional record."

"Yes. I never fully escaped the label of being the multi king coming from the SHL even when I was here, and it's unlikely I'll ever be able to leave this behind. I understand why it's like that and it doesn't upset me because I'm not defined by what people think of me. Actions speak louder than words.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "How many times have you cheated in sim leagues?"

"Two times. I had multiple accounts in the SHL and was caught and banned for three seasons plus a job suspension for like seven or something and now here. Other than that I've kept a clean record.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Are you afraid you're going to be even more terrible than you were in S2 now that you will be unable to cheat?"

"Afraid isn't the word I would use to describe it. I'm actually pretty optimistic. I'll be taking on a new position with the Yeti once everything is sorted out, and it should breathe new life into my player and outlook on the NSFL as a whole. Hopefully the position switch and life without cheating will be beneficial for me."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Are you that insecure IRL that you have to cheat in an online game?"

"I'm not sure how to answer this question to be quite honest. I would say no, because in real life I'm very confident and secure, but evidently the answer would be yes. I don't think my actions had anything to do with insecurity though, as far as I was concerned it was all just me being a cheater rather being insecure."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Would you accept a cheater back if you were us?"

"With my experience in being the person on this side, I would say yes because people deserve to be given an opportunity to improve and learn from their mistakes. If I were you though, looking at me from the outside I would say no. My actions didn't just impact my player, but have now hurt the Yeti and the reputation of head office as well as the entire league. I would not accept me back."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "What happened to 'I'm glad it happened, I wanted to quit.'?"

"It's still my outlook kind of right now. I genuinely do NOT have the time to be as active as I want to be, but semi activity might be manageable with my schedule. With me not earning TPE this season I will not need to be around the site as much and so I don't see it taking up a huge chunk of my time, therefor allowing me to remain and just discuss."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "Do you think you deserve to be allowed to play in this league ever again."

"Yes. The rules are the rules, and so I'm just as deserving as anyone else until someone perma bans me. Then I don't deserve to, and that will be respected. For now, it's just going to be a process of rebuilt trust and reputation with people as I attempt to become a member who is valuable to the community like I was previously."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "Why are you such an egotistical asshole?"

"The simple and short answer is because I'm a fifteen year old BOY who's too popular in his city. I've put myself up on a pedestal due to my popularity in Saskatoon and so I carry it wherever I go. I'm the guy who I told myself I would never be and I hate it, so I'm trying to change it. I admit my wrongs, I attempt to correct my mistakes, and I'm listening to opinions while keeping myself open to critics. Honestly, the egotistical part just comes from, well, my inflated ego due to being at the top here, and being at the top in Saskatoon. Instagram creates a platform of instant gratification for me, and so it's hyper ego inflation at it's finest."

Jimmy Cox - DE - Orange County Otters - "Are you a pathological cheater or are you just masochistic and enjoy being hated?"

"Neither. I've cheated and that's all there is too it."

Bork Bjornsson - DT - Yellowknife Wraiths - "The Yeti have entered full rebuild mode and have acquired a new QB that they seemingly plan to be your replacement. How do you see your future in Colorado? Do you want to leave and look for a fresh start, or ride it out with the rebuilding Yeti?"

"I'm going to be staying with the Yeti unless they trade me. It's the least I can do after putting them in the position they're in right now. With my position switch Pierno can have the ball all to himself."

Bork Bjornsson - DT - Yellowknife Wraiths - "How's the Yeti locker room welcomed you back? Have you talked with the new GMs at all since returning?"

"I actually am not in the Discord anymore so I'm unsure right now, and I have messaged one of my GM's yes, but have yet to receive a reply."


Sep 29 2017, 03:07 PM
Ex Colorado Yeti quarterback Logan Noble will be addressing the league tonight in a press conference following his suspension for illegal substances. All questions will be fair game, the media can leave them below.

EDIT: I will be answering some questions OOC, some questions IC and some both.
Sep 9 2017, 09:08 AM
deadendpath27 has gone inactive and PigSnout is not going to be able to fill the role to the best of his abilities so for the past while a job hunt inside the Yeti organization has been conducted by myself. We had one guy step up who's not exactly new to the locker room, but has made an impact around the league and will go down as the first ever offensive lineman to go first overall in an entry draft. The new GM of the Colorado Yeti has been selected and it is....


Sep 9 2017, 09:00 AM
Total Amount: $65,000,000
Season Three Spending: $65,000,000 (0m left)
Season Four Spending: $36,500,000 (29.5m left)
Season Five Spending: $26,500,000 (38.5m left)
Season Six Spending: $5,000,000 (60m left)

QB - Logan Noble (Noble)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000 + PO
Total: $6,000,000

CB - Alex Hayden (Rich)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

LB - Johnathon Saint (jparks98)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $4,000,000
Season Five: $4,000,000
Season Six: $4,000,000
Total: $14,000,000

Clauses: One butt slap per sack, One cookie per five tackles.

DE - Fuego Wozy (TheWoZy)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

Clauses: Double butt slap per interception

WR - Kendrick Hendrix (deadendpath27)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

RB - Boss Tweed (PigSnout)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $1,000,000
Season Five: $1,000,000
Season Six: $1,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

WR - D.J. Law (Law)
Season Three: $3,000,000
Total: $3,000,000

LB - Steve Austin (CampinKiller)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

K - Bojo Kicksit (Bojo)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

S - Roman Thomas (TheDangaZone) - Accepted
Season Three: $3,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

OL - Shjom Finkenlarkin (Big Country)
Season Three: $5,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

TE - Sebastian Joyce (The_King)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

OL - Antonio Sandoval (TheMemeMaestro)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

OL - Rico Rodriguez (Elhomi)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

LB - Brice Boggs (Daybe)
Season Three: $4,000,000
Season Four: $5,000,000
Season Five: $5,500,000 + MO
Total: $14,500,000

OL - Bender Rodriguez (BenderRodriguez)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

DT - Shi'terrick Marks (Armagetiton)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

DE - Bisquiteen Crocker (KalaVouna)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

S - Vash Erikson (Zeegee)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

QB - Vincent Draxel (701)
Season Three: $3,000,000
Total: $3,000,000

QB - Nicholas Pierno (ralz9)
Season Three: $2,500,000
Season Four: $2,500,000
Season Five: $4,000,000 + MO
Total: $9,000,000

S - Mike McNoodle (TheLoopster)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

DSFL Send-Downs

OL - Daniel Robicheaux(Electraspace)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

WR - Santana Moss (Tyfeld93)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

TE - Mark Hargrove (Viktor1980)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

K - Jimmy Darkapple (TheAliensAreCumming)
Season Two: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

TE - Rich Gucci (7Sports)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

OL - Jughead Jones (GilfredTheGreat)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

Will be updated with more contracts as they are agreed on!

Sep 4 2017, 09:51 AM

Wednesday, the 6th, at 5pm PST (8pm EST)

Draft Order

Round 1:
1. (via via Antonio Sandoval
2. (via Godfrey King
3. (via Brice Boggs
4. (via via Benson Bayley
5. (via Iyah Blewitt
6. Julian O'Sullivan
7. Ricardo Sandoval
8. Franklin Harris Jr.

Round 2:
9. (via Francois Lameroux
10. (via (via Trey Willie
11. Clifford Rove
12. (via Vash Erikson
13. Eidur Gustavsson
14. Erlich Burnsman
15. (via Charlie Law
16. Archetype Schmarchetype

Round 3:
17. (via Cesar Millan
18. (via Wallace Stone
19. (via via William Ridley
20. Rico Rodriguez
21. (via Calkewlated Chambers III
22. Jimmy Cox
23. (via Samuel Zhang II
24. (via via James Warner

Round 4:
25. (via J.D. Boom
26. (via Mark Strike
27. (via Ryan Fitzfatrick
28. Jaquan Young
29. (via Sammy Walters
30. (Via Via Joseph Askins
31. Vincent Valentine
32. (via Juan Andres

Round 5:
33. (via Eli Kamaka
34. Arjen de Ligt
35. (via Jonathan King
36. Jughead Jones
37. Kiko Bakari
38. Al Sims
39. Mitch Maslin
40. Jaxon Tuck

Round 6:
41. Connor Tanner
42. (via via Tyler Grant
43. (via via Budda Browning
44. Shi'tterick Marks
45. Nicholas Pierno
46. Nate Akasuke
47. Brian Wheat
48. Tony Flygare

Round 7:
49. (via via Crith Coalrange
50. Matt Edilio
51. Joseph Lombardi
52. Sebastian Joyce
53. Dion Jacobs
54. Rick Sanchez
55. Aaron Rasheed
56. Artist Boogie

Round 8:
57. (via Ben Hartsock
58. Sal Ifedemi
59. Gavin Graham
60. (via Jordan Danvers
61. Eddy Kim
62. Stephen Simpson
63. James Baker
64. Jovan Grujicic

Round 9:
65. Ash Saginaw
66. Viktor DeMar

Draft Prospects
Mark Strike OwlStrike13
James Baker JamesBaker
Nicholas Pierno ralz9
Aaron Rasheed MinusXP
Tony Flygare Swegkingu
Budda Browning Rindiee

Running Backs
Jaxon Tuck BrotherP
Jovan Grujicic Jakob

Wide Receivers
Viktor DeMar Skatestorm
Brian Wheat Wheaties
Samuel Zhang kcheng686
Nate Atasuke Yurio
Jaquan Young jpd
Connor Tanner Keyg_an

Tight Ends
Ben Hartsock BucksDude1
Sebastian Joyce The_King
Joseph Askins jaskins811
Charlie Law AdamS

Offensive Lineman
Luke Long StoneColdJaneAusten
Jordan Danvers NITROONE
Sammy Walters PointGod
Jughead Jones GilfredTheGreat
Wallace Stone Eyrie
Archetype Smarchetype Schmarchee
Juan Andres luchalibre
Crith Coalrange Howley
Rico Rodriguez Elhomi
Cesar Millan Meowls

Defensive Ends
J.D Boom BOOM™
Sal Ifidemi BypassedSal
Jimmy Cox Waters
Arjen de Ligt Ducks
Eli Kamaka PDXBaller

Defensive Tackles
Ash Saginaw Cocoa
Godfrey King Shadowz
Shi'tterick Marks Armagetiton
Calkewlated Chambers III Lendoris
Ryan Fitzpatrick runrunpasspunt

Matt Edilio nijomemo
Dion Jacobs @[Young CJ]
Rick Sanchez picklerick!!
William Ridley MacTonight
James Warner MixAndMatch

Tyler Grant gth66897
Artist Boogie A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Jonathan King ralams123
Kiko Bakari luckymumbo

Eddy Kim flight
Gavin Graham Creyes971
Mitch Maslin ElMazgic
Vincent Valentine Unicorn

Special Teams
Stephon Simpson Ganjaroller
Al Sims Askin
Joseph Lombardi bluesfan55
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