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Dec 16 2017, 10:38 AM
0-50 - costs 1 TPE to go up 1 point
50-70 - costs 2 TPE to go up 1 point
70-80 - costs 5 TPE to go up 1 point
80-90 - costs 10 TPE to go up 1 point
90-100 - costs 15 TPE to go up 1 point

AC #30 +2 tpe
Weekly Training +5 tpe
S5 equipment +18 tpe (details below)
AC#31 +2 tpe
Weekly Training +5 tpe
S5 DSFL Training Camp +10 tpe
Season 5 Draft Prediction Claim +5 tpe


Cleats - Budget: +2 TPE in Speed and Agility
Gloves - Budget: +2 TPE in Hands and Pass blocking and Run blocking
Shoulder Pads - Budget: +2 TPE in Tackle and Strength
Extra time after practice - Budget: +2 TPE in Intelligence and Endurance


+4 agility (60 -> 62)
+25 speed (70 -> 75)
+2 hands (50 -> 51)
+2 pass blocking (25 -> 27)
+2 run blocking (25 -> 27)
+2 tackling (20 -> 22)
+2 strength (60 -> 61)
+3 intelligence (40 -> 43)
+5 endurance ( 70 -> 71)
Dec 16 2017, 10:34 AM
First Name: Willy
Last Name: Nyquist
Position: RB
College: Oregon State
Birthdate: Portland, Oregon
Handedness: Right
Recruited By: recreate
Jersey Number: 18
Height (ft.): 6'1"
Weight (lbs.): 225lbs
Player Archetype: All-Purpose Back

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 7
(MAX: 80) Strength: 61
(MAX: 90) Agility: 65
(MAX: 25) Arm: 15
(MAX: 75) Intelligence: 43
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 15
(MAX: 50) Tackling: 22
(MAX: 95) Speed: 80
(MAX: 85) Hands: 53 [1/2]
(MAX: 50) Pass Blocking: 27
(MAX: 50) Run Blocking: 27
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 71
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
Dec 16 2017, 10:17 AM
yea so. dieter is done.

new guy comin soon.
Jul 17 2017, 07:19 AM
Hi guys, Its Brian Rustovson here today with NSFLNation, Today we sit down with NSFL prospect Dieter Koch. He is a recently discovered offensive line prospect and has high hopes for the NSFL. Playing college ball at LSU, he is originally from Roth, a very small town in Southern Germany. It is very unusual we see highly discussed prospects from outside of the United States, but every so often, one pops up that catches our eye. Dieter is definitely one of them. Dieter was first team all-conference his final year in college.

Dieter red-shirted his first year in college and after shoulder surgery after that sophomore year, he started in 25 straight games for LSU. We are very eager to ask him some questions, so let us get to it!

BR: Hi Dieter! How are you doing today? Thanks for stopping in and having a conversation with us!

DK: Ja, thank you for having me. I’m doing well, excited to get my name out there to some of the GMs and owners.

BR: Awesome, awesome. So how does it feel being a highly ranked prospect? I know you’re a little late to the party with the draft only being a few days away.

DK: You know, it is a little overwhelming at times. During my college career I really was under the radar the whole time so being here now, dealing with mobs of press, is really overwhelming sometimes.

BR: Totally understandable, that is an odd phenomenon for a offensive lineman to deal with. So tell me about your injury. I understand you had surgery for some shoulder issues during college. What prompted that?

DK: Well, we were playing against Alabama during my sophomore year, and we were driving about to get into the red zone. The play call came in and we lined up except we saw a different defensive formation I was not used to seeing and it caught me off guard a little. I hesitated a little and was late to my block and the guy caught my arm in a funny position and I strained my rotator cuff really badly. I needed surgery to strengthen it.

BR: Wow, many of us here didn’t know that. Thanks for filling us in. We appreciate the honestly because players are not usually forthright about their injuries being that severe as it tends to hurt their draft stock.

DK: I mean, why lie. The coaches and trainers will find out one way or another and I am completely healed now; I’m stronger than I was before too.

BR: I see, I see. I am sure the GMs will love to hear that. So what do you think of this draft class? What teams are you hoping to get drafted to?

DK: Well, I am very unfamiliar with a lot of the draft. But Roman Thomas is a close friend of mine. I am sure that will change in the coming days but I really don’t mind being the quiet guy in the corner. I like the idea of being an underrated dark horse pick. I really would like to play for either the Otters or the Hawks. They seem like really great organizations and their respective cities are really nice places I can see myself enjoy living in.

BR: I am in Orange County fan myself and I know I would love to have a personality like you on the team. What are your main advantages as a player? Things that set you above the rest?

DK: I think I am a very dedicated and detail oriented player. As long as the team that drafts me treats me right, I think I would spend my whole career with one team. I am loyal and once a team drafts me, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will more than likely stay with that team as long as I can.

BR: Humble and loyal. You are a real coach’s player. What player would you say you modeled yourself after?

DK: Sebastian Vollmer. There are a lot of big similarities between us too. Not only in just our play style but we both suffered major injuries after our sophomore year of college and we both have a similar sense of humor and we enjoy the same type of music and movies and all that.

BR: Do you two know each other?

DK: Of course, he has been one of the biggest influences. I spent most of my time with him working out during the summer. He just finished his career in the NFL and has lost a lot of weight. He’s looking really healthy.

BR: Thanks really good for him. Do you think you are mature enough to handle a starting position in the NSFL right off the bat?

DK: I do. I would not be here in the draft if I did not think I could not play at the highest level already from both a physical and mental perspective.

BR: Do you have the confidence to lead your team to victory?

DK: I think my role as a leader speaks for itself. I may not be in a position on the field to lead like a QB but I am vocal and confident in the locker room and I think that resonates with and inspires a lot of guys.

BR: That’s awesome. A lot of teams could benefit for that team first, locker room kinda guy. Next question. Do you have the ability to command the players around you?

DK: You seem to just be rattling them off now! *laughs* I have been told I have a commanding presence, yes. I plan on being a valuable tool to my coaches and being a stable in the offensive line for many, many years.

BR: Yeah! I’m sorry, we are nearing the end of our time and I just want to get these important questions in! What does your preparation for game day look like?

DK: I am usually one of the first person at the stadium. Getting treatment, stretching, going over blocking assignments, you name it. Game day me is a totally different person than normal day me. I am clear cut and focused with only one thing on my mind, winning.

BR: You’re a competitor, I totally understand. What have you learned from your past mistakes?

DK: Do not hesitate and have your head on a swivel. My job is to protect the quarterback and if he has to go down, whether it is to a sack or to avoid one, I did not do my job properly and I take that very personally.

BR: And one final question: Do you have any off field issues anyone should know about?

DK: None. I try to keep to myself and enjoy my time away from the game as much as possible. I am a pretty introverted person so I do not really go out and I try to keep away from trouble.

BR: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk to us today, Dieter. I think this will for sure give the rest of the league a better idea about yourself. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

DK: Not really. I can not wait to get on the field this fall.

BR: Well thanks again!

1218 words, ready for grading :)
Jul 16 2017, 10:43 AM
Player Information

Username: Sleepy
First Name: Dieter
Last Name: Koch
Position: RB
College: LSU
Birthdate: May 28, 1995
Handedness: Right
Recruited By: Thedangazone
Jersey Number: 76
Height (ft.): 6'2"
Weight (lbs.): 260lbs
Birthplace: Roth, Germany
Player Archetype: Blocking Back (Eg. Tony Richardson, Spencer Ware)

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 2
(MAX: 90) Strength: 75
(MAX: 75) Agility: 50
(MAX: 25) Arm: 15
(MAX: 85) Intelligence: 45
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 15
(MAX: 50) Tackling: 20
(MAX: 80) Speed: 78
(MAX: 75) Hands: 66
(MAX: 80) Pass Blocking: 50
(MAX: 80) Run Blocking: 50
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 70
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
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