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Oct 16 2017, 07:09 PM
1922 Words

This is taking me a little to write so I figure I'll post half now and half later this week!

This morning on Tales of the National Simulation Football League, we’ll be taking a look at the S3 campaign of the Arizona Outlaws, with a spotlight on rookie sensation—Godfrey King the defensive tackle. Arizona Outlaws fans and National Simulation Football League nerds alike may recognize the name, as King was in fact able to forego his final year of college to crack a spot redshirting for the Arizona lineup. According to NSFL rules, King was allowed to play during the season, and showed tremendous growth on the field. While not playing at all in the team’s first two games last season, King battled during practice to improve, eventually earning a spot on the field as a run stopping defensive tackle. Showing constant improvement, King solidified his place on the field, and participated in the remaining 12 regular season games. While he was far from an elite defender on the field in S2, King was able to contribute a healthy amount, putting up 17 tackles and 5 sacks across that 12 game span. He also assisted his team through the playoffs, securing Arizona’s second championship in as many years of National Simulation Football League competition.

Following rules, Godfrey King was entered into the S3 draft immediately following his redshirt campaign. The Arizona Outlaws owned the number one pick in the draft, and there was some heavy speculation that King might occupy this spot. Phones were ringing early that night however, and Yeti were extremely eager to get their hands on another hot shot prospect, Antonio Sandoval. Using this knowledge, the Outlaws traded down to the second pick (getting some goodies in addition) and gave the Yeti the first pick. Godfrey King was a pretty consensus top 5 pick, so the Outlaws then wasted no time in taking him off the board with the second overall pick of the S3 draft. From there, King rejoiced in rejoining his redshirt team, and his S3 was underway.

Week 1: Tragedy Strikes
Arizona Outlaws 32 – 3 San Jose Sabercats
King’s Stat Line: 3 Tck, 1 Sack

Just a week before the Arizona Outlaw’s S3 opener, Godfrey King received some terrible news. Late at night he received a call from his mother in tears, informing him that his father had just passed away. King’s father was his main source of inspiration in playing football. He constantly coached the young athlete in how to improve not only as a player, but also as a person, teaching him to have the impeccable work ethic which has propelled him into being the force he is today. There were doubts as to whether King would be available to play that day, but after much encouragement from his mother, King decided that playing would be the best possible way to honor his father—a man who never missed any of his games, no matter the importance or competitive level. King was able to be a consistent contributor in the game, his biggest moment coming in the second quarter, where he sacked San Jose quarterback Ethan Hunt. King opted for helping up the quarterback as opposed to gloating, and then pointed to the sky in a gesture to his father, who was certainly smiling down on his son that day. The young defensive tackle ultimately finished the game with 3 tackles, one of those being the aforementioned sack. The game was also a strong season opener for the outlaws (especially the defense), who were able to hold the Sabercats to just one field goal over four quarters of play.

Week 2: Close Call vs. a Future Star
Arizona Outlaws 22 – 17 Philadelphia Liberty
King’s Stat Line: 3 Tck, 1 Sack

Week 2 saw a matchup which many were expecting to be an even easier victory than the first, as the Arizona Outlaws took on the Philadelphia Liberty. In S2, the Liberty were missing any sort of competitive edge at the quarterback position, and looked to remedy that through the draft by selecting Clifford Rove, an intelligent QB who should bring great things in the future. That being said, Rove noticeably struggled during preseason, with his offensive line barely able to hold back any crashing defenders. Despite the weak offensive line setting up for a great defensive performance by Arizona, it seemed like the Outlaws were struggling to gain any sort of traction. King had a game identical in statistics to the first—finishing with 3 tackles and 1 sack. After going down 14-3 in the first quarter, the Outlaws battled back to win it in nail biting fashion, securing the W with a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Week 3: King Gets a Little Frustrated
Arizona Outlaws 38 – 17 Las Vegas Legion
King’s Stat Line: 2 Tck, 1 Sack

More than anything, Week 3’s game was an offensive showcase for the Arizona Outlaws. For the third week in a row, the Outlaws were expected to roll over their opposition, and this week they lived up to the hype with a flurry of scores. In the first half alone, the Outlaws were able to put a whopping 31 points on the board. The Arizona defense saw some extremely strong performances out of its players, although you wouldn’t believe this from the amount of scoring Las Vegas was able to produce. The Legion were able to score the same amount as the Philadelphia Liberty did in the previous week, a total of 17 points. While there were 4 members on the Outlaws’ defensive squad that got 5+ tackles, King was only able to contribute two, one of those being a sack. Needless to say, the rookie was discouraged, as his play on the field wasn’t showing as much progress from S2 as he felt like he had made. While he was happy for the team’s win, King looked a little distraught as he left the field that day, determined to continue working harder.

Week 4: Bouncing Back
Arizona Outlaws 32 – 0 Colorado Yeti
King’s Stat Line: 5 Tck, 1 TFL, 2 Sacks

As mentioned earlier, Week 3 made King reexamine his entire approach to training for games. While already being what some would call a “student of the game”, spending countless hours working out on a speed ladder and watching film every night, King decided that he needed to up the ante. Not only forcing himself to work harder and devote more of his day to practice, King would also use cones in the gym to simulate situations he was sure to face in the coming games, ones he had worked out through watching film of his future opponents. When it came time for the game, King felt readier than he had ever felt for a game in his life. He had always been able to come mentally resilient, never giving up on a play, but today he felt like he would have the edge on whoever he was matched up against every single play. This confidence was clear in his performance. King was able to contribute the most sacks by anyone on his team against the Yeti, and put up 5 total tackles. The Arizona Outlaws defense also functioned incredibly well as a unit, completely shutting out the Yeti. King was finally performing how he felt like he should be able to each game.

Week 5: Close Calls and Sharp Falls
Arizona Outlaws 28 – 21 Orange County Otters
King’s Stat Line: 1 Tck, 1 Sack

Something was evidently off the day the Outlaws were to take on the Otters. Maybe it was the coffee he drank that morning, maybe it was the cereal ate—who knows. After his performance in the last week, Godfrey King should have felt unstoppable, but for some reason he could be seen slouching as he warmed up for the game. This fact paired with an impressive Orange County offensive line spelled a recipe for complete disaster. The generally impregnable Arizona Defense struggled this game, and owe it to QB Bronko and the rest of the offense for saving their hides. Giving up a touchdown in each quarter except for the fourth, the Defensive Corps just couldn’t put anything together, only getting 2 sacks in the entire game. For King, it felt like he had taken a step back to last year, he simply wasn’t producing at the level he felt he should be. Rather than going back to the drawing board like he did week 3, King just sat in his living room after the game for hours. How was he going to make it in the league if he couldn’t string two fantastic games together in a row?

Week 6: Revenge as Planned
Arizona Outlaws 48 – 6 Philadelphia Liberty
King’s Stat Line: 5 Tck, 2 Sacks

The Arizona Outlaw’s last matchup against the Liberty left a little bit of a bitter taste in their mouths. The Liberty were a team they originally went into the game expecting to walk all over. This backfired on them, as they got tangled up into what was ultimately an extremely close game. Turning the clock forward to Week 6, the Outlaws knew what to expect. Young QB Clifford Rove had only gotten better over the season, and so they knew that their defense would have to play 100% the entire game—no slacking off could be done. All in all, the team came out as they needed to. The offense was on fire—Mackworthy rushed for over 100 yards and Bronko had 2 TDs (also two interceptions). The defense however was unstoppable, or at least Rove was playing a very stoppable game, throwing 4 interceptions total. The Philadelphia Offensive Line also couldn’t hold Godfrey King, coming back from an abysmal performance against the Otters and getting 5 tackles with 2 sacks. Paired with a monstrous performance from Jayce Tuck, 8 tackles with 5 (yes 5) sacks, the legend of “The Gruesome Twosome” had begun. Outlaws take the game handily in the end.

Week 7: Legend of The Gruesome Twosome
Arizona Outlaws 27 – 10 Colorado Yeti
King’s Stat Line: 4 Tck, 1 TFL, 1 Sack

It had been talked about on draft night as one of the future cornerstones of the Arizona Outlaws, but to Godfrey King, he hadn’t really gotten the point until the last game. The Gruesome Twosome was a moniker fans had started using after the dynamic duo of defensive tackles’ fantastic Week 6 performances, and King had started to take a liking to it. The trend continued into Week 7, when the Outlaws matched up again against the Colorado Yeti. Absolutely crushing them in their previous matchup (Week 4), Tuck and King knew that this would be an opportunity to flex their stuff once again. The game wasn’t one which posed any risks to the Outlaws’ undefeated record, they maintained the lead the entire game. King was able to be a solid contributor once again, putting 4 tackles on the board, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 sack. Jayce Tuck had a monster game, destroying the Colorado offense with 10 total tackles and 5 sacks among those. After the last two games, there was a legitimate case to be made that the Arizona Outlaw defensive tackle duo would be the best pair in the league in the near future. We’ll have to see how that pans out.

Sep 17 2017, 10:51 AM
840 words

Announcer Voice: This NSFL Network breaking story is being brought to you live. NSFL Network—where you can get all the latest football news first.

*The NSFL Network graphic flies across the screen while the camera rotates around the studio. The camera then focuses on anchor Steve Tallahassee*

Steve: This story is a hard one to hear. Just a few hours ago, our sources informed us that the father of Arizona Outlaws player, Godfrey King, has died at his home in Philadelphia. King is a rookie defensive tackle in the NSFL, who was taken with the 2nd overall pick in the Season 3 draft. In interviews before he has said that his father has been battling with an illness for the last few years, but I can assure you that this news comes as a shock to everyone. I’m now going to turn it over to one of our field reporters, Tara Johnson, who is at a press conference which Godfrey King is holding in Phoenix.

Tara: Thanks Steve. I’m here in the media room of Outlaw Stadium, where King is about to hold a press conference, which to my understanding will be more like a press release. I doubt he’ll want to answer any questions at such a raw emotional time. King was always really close to his father, he cites him as his love of the game of football and as the main motivator of his play. One of the main questions this press release is sure to answer is if King will even play in the Outlaws’ regular season opener tomorrow night. In a couple of minutes, everyone here is going to participate in a moment of silence in support of King and his family, so we’ll let our viewers watch that live and offer their support as well. Ah, here we can see Godfrey King and coaches walking up to the podium, so we’ll direct our attention to them.

*Godfrey King joined by a few of his coaches and managers walks up on the stage and sits down*

GM Bogdan Podarok: If we could all take a moment of silence to honor the late Jamison King.

*A wave of quiet passes over all in the room, many bow their heads. Tears can be seen welling up in King’s eyes along with a few of the reporters*

GM Bogdan Podarok: Thank you. Godfrey’s father Jamison was an excellent man. I’m honored to have been able to talk to him every time he was in town for a game. For those of you who know what a fantastic young man Godfrey is, I assure you that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Jamison made sure to respect everyone he met, and wouldn’t leave a room until he’d personally made everyone smile. On behalf of the entire organization, I’d like to say that our best wishes go out to the King family during this trying time. I’ll let Godfrey say a few words if he’s up to it. There won’t be any questions today, I’m sure all of you can understand why. Godfrey?

Godfrey King: Thank you Mr. Podarok. Those words really do exemplify what my father was all about. From as long as I can remember, he would tell me that I should go into a day hoping to make the world a little better. He taught me how to laugh, how to respect others, and how to care for my family. Today is a day that I don’t want to talk about football, so let me get this out of the way—I will be playing in our first game tomorrow night. My father never wanted me to quit at anything. He always came to any of my games which he was able to—he always told me it was one of his greatest joys in life. My mother and I talked about it and we decided that the best way to honor him would be for me to play so that he can smile down on me and watch from heaven. I appreciate all the support I’ve received from my teammates, coaches, management, and the media, you’ve all been making this terrible time a bit easier on me and my family. It’s funny because in these moments, it’s really hard to know what the next step is. For those of you who have lost loved ones before, I’m sure you understand what I’m going through. I’m blessed to know that my father will be watching me every step of the way. I thank all of you for coming out, and as a final way to honor my father ask that when you go home, you say “I love you” a little bit extra, smile a little more, and hug a little harder. Thank you.

*camera cuts back to the NSFL Network Studio*

Steve: We want to thank all of our viewers for joining us in that moment, the support of the entire NSFL Network community goes out to the King family.

*cut to commercial*

Sep 16 2017, 09:10 PM
828 words

It’s a clear night as Godfrey King sits by himself in his Phoenix apartment. The only sound to be heard is the low hum of the air conditioner as the hulking defensive tackle silently studies film on his TV. Every couple of seconds his eyes glance down from the glare of the television so that he can take notes on what weaknesses he sees in his opponent’s offensive lines, something which he’ll go back to the next morning to study and prepare.

It has so far been a relaxed offseason for the Outlaw rookie, keeping his head down as he meticulously goes about working out and getting ready for the soon approaching regular season. He flew back home to Philadelphia for quite some time to see family and catch up with both his high school and collegiate coaches, smiling and laughing the entire trip. On the streets of his neighborhood in Philadelphia, King was showered with praise and congratulations—he didn’t hesitate to fulfill all of the autograph requests which were thrown on top of him.
King flew back to Phoenix just a few weeks ago in order to participate in team camps and preseason games. His spirit is very much still back in Philadelphia with his family. If he doesn’t have a game or a workout that night, chances are he’ll be having a long call over Skype with his younger siblings and/or parents. Today, camps took extra time in order for the Outlaws to prepare for their coming Season 3 debut, Godfrey was upset that he couldn’t call his family because of this. Judging by the lack of light outside it must have been somewhere around midnight, Godfrey decided it was time he get ready for sleep.

While brushing his teeth, King heard the ringing and buzzing of his phone coming from the nightstand in his room. He thought that it was probably some of his older teammates who had been waking him up all week to mess with him, and so he let it go to voicemail. Not a second after the ringing stopped, it started up again. Once again, King decided to let it go through. Surely, he thought, the guys must figure I’m sound asleep. He was shocked when the phone started ringing again. For some reason, Godfrey thought it was ringing louder and buzzing harder than before. Figuring he might as well check it out, King walked towards his nightstand and looked at the phone. The word “Mom” was on the screen.

“What could she be doing up this late?” He thought.

Godfrey picked up the phone and slid his finger across the screen to receive the call.
“Mom,” he said, “is everything alright?”

“Godfrey honey, it’s your father…” she replied.

Hearing those words was like a bullet in the chest for the man hunched over his nightstand, somehow he seemed a little smaller. His back became more hunched as he struggled to sit on his bed, it seemed like his muscles had all turned to jelly.

Godfrey King knows his father hasn’t been the healthiest for quite some time—for at least the last 5 years, he’s been battling with a condition that made Godfrey see his father’s energy deteriorate rather rapidly. The doctors gave them a pretty large timeframe in terms of how long King’s father had left, but of course you always hope for the best. The whole family was certain he would be alive at least another few years. Godfrey’s father was the one who was always watching football with him, giving pointers and turning the pro games on the television into film for Godfrey to study and improve his own game. In a way, King’s father was the entire root of his inspiration in playing football.

“When’s the funeral mom?” Godfrey asks, gasping and choking on his tears. He doesn’t try to hold them back, he knows there’s no point.

“We’re going to have it as soon as we can, I’ll tell the rest of the family after we’re finished talking.” His mother replies.

“I can’t play on Monday then, I need to be home with pops.” King says firmly.

“You know damn well he’d come out of the grave and slap you upside the head if you skipped a game for him.” She says, managing to get out a hoarse chuckle. “Don’t worry, there won’t be a funeral without you. Just fly home the minute your game is over.”

“Yes ma’am.” Godfrey says.

The two stay on the phone for another hour, sticking to talk of logistics rather than memories, both feeling overwhelmed by the rawness of the moment.

When they’re finished, King does nothing but lay on his back, staring at the ceiling, and cry. He desperately looks for some kind of silver lining in it all, but ultimately he knows that it feels just as terrifying as it ought to.

Sep 1 2017, 09:29 AM

We're here to announce the the official NSFL Trading Card Forum!

I know this is the big announcement you've all been waiting for. Here it is.

Me, Bzerkap, sabills, Yurt6 have all been hard at work, behind the scenes ever since this little post hit the suggestion box. We were frankly blown away by the show of support and enthusiasm from the community. So thank you for that.

We talked to Ballerstorm and were able to get a section of the forum dedicated to the trading cards. In this forum there will be a few sections initially, namely: The Shop, Transactions, and Collections. Short descriptions of the different sections will be included below, but visit the forums for more detailed information:

The Shop - Think of this topic as the storefront itself. Here you will be able to see what card packs or special deals are available and purchase them.

Transactions – Looking to make a card swap with another user? In this thread you’ll be able to make trades to try and fine tune your collection.

Collections - Here is where everyone will be able to create their own collections thread to show off their cards to everyone else. What good is a card collection if people can't see it?

Right now, packs will be $100K each with a limit of three pack purchases per week. This may be adjusted as popularity grows, and may also change with special offers in the future.

To celebrate the launch of the cards, we will be having a special raffle from now until the shop opens on September 4th @ 10am PST. All you have to do is reply to this thread, and you will be entered for a chance to win free packs!

Grand Prize: 3 Free Packs
2nd and 3rd Prize: 2 Free Packs
4th through 8th Prizes: 1 Free pack

Note that nobody will be able to win two separate prizes. Best of Luck!
Aug 16 2017, 05:17 PM
677 words

Week 10: vs.

This week, in the first half of their two week home stand, our ASFC leading Arizona Outlaws (6-2-0) will be taking on the San Jose Sabercats (3-6-0). The Outlaws are coming straight off of a bye week, and should be looking to use the rest opportunity they had to their own advantage, knowing they’ll be fresher than their opponents. While by most measures the Sabercats have underperformed this season, it is safe to say that they have been an offensive force, ranking in first place for passer rating (82.5) and second in total rushing yards (958). Unfortunately for San Jose, what the Sabrecats have in terms of offensive production, they lack on the defensive side of the ball. They are the second worst team in the league in terms of total tackles (423) and total sacks (23), and their cornerbacks have also struggled to cover teams’ passing games, only having picked off 9 interceptions on the season. To me, this is an extremely key stat, as the dynamic offense of the Sabrecats obviously flourishes the more possessions they get. A defense that fails to create turnovers via tackles and/or interceptions acts as a ball and chain of sorts for the offense, as the time they’re receiving the ball most often is when their opponents have just scored.

Looking at the Outlaws, they are interestingly enough almost the reverse of the Sabrecats. The Outlaws have struggled to create much offensive production at all, but their defense has stayed sharp and remained one of the best (if not the best) in the league. We’ll go into it more deeply, but this should make it clear that the old “Defenses win championships” adage holds true. While the Outlaws rank dead last in total passing yards (1600), this low number is due to their bye, and if they played another game would probably rank somewhere around third last, just above the Legion and the Liberty—both teams who have struggled to find much success this season. The Outlaws have at this point maintained the third last position for passer rating (63.8), and Quarterback King Bronko has really struggled with his passing precision this season, throwing 12 interceptions. The Outlaws have not been much better at running the ball, only gaining 734 yards this season (second worst in the league) on an average of 3.3 yards per carry. On defense it is a completely different story. The Outlaws are the league leaders (with a bye, and by far) in total sacks with 53, and are also the league leaders in Tackles for losses. They also have the most defensive touchdowns (4) in the league. Their play makes it nearly impossible for even a firepower offense like the Sabercat’s to get into gear, as there is almost always a defensive threat which will set them back a few yards.

My Pick: Outlaws dominate the Sabercats for a few reasons. Their iron wall defense will stop even a great offense from gaining momentum, answering any big offensive plays with a sack, tackle for loss, or an interception. Those guys go out there to play hard, and won’t be denied a victory. I think the Outlaws offense will also have one of its better games this season, as their averageness matches up as better than the sub par defense of the Sabercats. In total, the Sabercats have 30 less sacks than the Outlaws this season, suggesting the Arizona Quarterback, Bronko, will have all the time in the pocket he needs to make smart decisions, and avoid the crippling amount of interceptions which he has been throwing this season. All of that being said, it should be interesting to see how these two teams contend, and is a must win for Arizona if they are to include themselves in talks of who is the dominant team in the NSFL.

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