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Jan 2 2018, 10:03 PM

S6 - $8,000,000
S7 - $4,500,000
S8 - $4,500,000


Dec 14 2017, 10:54 PM
Ricardo Sandoval (cosbornballboy)
S6: 2,000,000
S7: 2,000,000
S8: 2,000,000

Nicholas Pierno (ralz9) Mutual Option has been accepted by the team.

S5: 4,500,000

Excited to bring these two crucial parts of our future back!!!
Dec 13 2017, 04:06 PM
I want a General Manager signature details here

Name: Meme Maestro
Render: Gordon Ramsey
Colors: Yeti Colors
Dec 10 2017, 08:46 AM
Kendrick Hendrix

S5: 1,000,000

Darlane Farlane

S5: 1,000,000

Arby Krimlaw:

S5: 500,000
Dec 7 2017, 08:14 PM
Well, seeing as I am in desperate need of money, and I am also the General Manager of the worst team in the NSFL, why not make an article about my time here. More specifically, what brought me fame. My "horrible" trades. I will show the results of the trade at this moment. So without further a do, Analyzing Every Trade of The TheMemeMaestro Era.

Trade Number 1:
ARI Trades:
Mayran Jackson
Vash Erikson
S4 2nd (ARI)

COL Trades:
Big Bot
Phillipe Carter

This was the first trade I ever made, and It had people questioning my sanity. It was a very bad trade at the time, as people thought that the Outlaws would never lose. And looking at it player by player, it still looks quite bad. However, there are some other things that you must take into account. Notably, that BOTH of the players that were sent to the Outlaws, are no longer on the team. Meanwhile, the Yeti still have Erikson, and are still waiting to see the benefits that came from the trades involving the other two assets (which we will discuss later.) I would say this trade was MUCH better than what would have happened, which was letting them walk away and receiving nothing in return.

Trade Number 2:

Wraiths give:
Brice Boggs
S4 3rd Wraiths
S4 5th Wraiths

Yeti give:
Wyatt Fulton
S4 2nd Yeti
S4 2nd Outlaws

This trade also had some backlash, but far less so. Boggs was known to be a hot commodity. In the end, I would say we definitely won the Direct Player for Player, with Boggs still being on the team, and still being very active. Fulton is not on the Wraiths and is inactive. Plus the fact that he was a great Co-GM in our time, and is still a lovely member of the Yeti Family. This trade gives me nothing but good thoughts, so I honestly don't care how bad or good it was. Bringing Daybe in is something I will never regret. Just in case you were wondering, none of those picks the Yeti got even became anyone, the Outlaws pick became Mitchell Stars, an IA, and that Yeti pick actually came back to the Yeti. So I will talk about it then, didn't become anyone special though. However, it is of note that the pick we got from the Outlaws trade ended up becoming a part of bringing in a franchise cornerstone. No one knew quite how bad the draft would be Season 4.

Trade Number 3:

Colorado receives:

Liberty S4 First Round Selection
Legion S4 4th Round Selection
Legion S5 5th Round Selection
Defensive End Bisquiteen Crockner

Las Vegas receives:

Defensive End Blaster Blade
Wide Receiver Jon Ross

Both of these players are still on Las Vegas. However, they are also both inactive. Really it comes down to what these picks did for the Yeti. The S4 4th rounder didn't exist, however, that 5th rounder is yet to be used and that 1st will come in handy in an important trade down the line.

Trade Number 4:

Yeti Receive:

QB Vincent Draxel

Outlaws Receive:

Yeti S5 7th round pick

This was nice guy ADwyer87. This trade was right after the first Noble thing, but before we got Pierno. He decided to help us out. Neither side really gained anything from this, because the Pierno trade was about to happen.

That is it for this part, I will come back with the next part. I am not saying who won and who lost these trades, just stating the situation as it appears to be now. Fun trip down memory lane.

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