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Nov 20 2017, 05:03 AM
One of the biggest changes of the off-season came in the form of overhauled offensive lines. Teams were now able to buy bots to play on the offensive line and it changed the league dramatically. Some of the best talent in the league now switched positions. We have seen new Quarterbacks, new running backs, new defensive player. Overall, offensive lines have gotten dramatically better, as we have these bots in place now. With all the changes in the league, one player has suffered the most: Superstar Jayce Tuck.

Jayce Tuck has been arguably the best player of the NSFL since the creation of the league. No player has dominated his position as obviously as Jayce Tuck has.

In three seasons, Tuck leads the league with 71 sacks. Sabercats Dan Miller is second on that last with 45. Just look at what a difference that is! Jayce Tuck has two of the three best sack seasons and three of the top ten sack seasons. Last year he destroyed his own record when he got 32 sacks in one season.

So what has Jayce Tuck done since the rules have changed? Well, he has been stifled. He doesn't look like that same dominant player right now and Arizona has suffered a bit through that. After 8 games, Tuck has a disappointing four sacks this season, an output that he had in several games last year. But this year, he is struggling. Right now he is still third in the league in tackles for loss, so he is not completely falling off, but his sacks have been lacking. He also has many less tackles than last year.

So what does this mean? Well, it means offensive lines are doing what they are supposed to now. Will they be forever dominating Defensive Ends? I doubt it. We will see Jayce Tuck strike back eventually. But it is an interesting change. From 32 sacks to less than 10 in a season (at least most likely).

How will he react to this struggle? Will he try even harder to get back to the top? We have only seen him have dominance and success, never struggle and failure.

I personally believe we will see Tuck back soon enough. Maybe even this year in the playoffs. Tuck is still a superstar, no matter what and teams will game-plan against him.

Arizona still leads the league in sacks but the league as a whole is having a much lower pace for sacks. The offensive line changes really are making a huge difference.

So far this year, there have been 6.625 sacks per game (both teams combined), while last year there were 9.410 sacks per game. So basically every game has three sacks less. It is easy to see what a huge difference this rule change made. Overall though, I do think this is a good step for the league and makes the league more competitive and realistic.

One other thing is also clear, if these rules are continued, Jayce Tuck will easily have the all time record for sacks in a season forever. No one will ever even get close to 32 again. And I have a feeling he will still continue to grow his lead on the all time sack list well and once his career is over, he will have an incredible lead on anyone else on that list.

Jayce Tuck is a superstar, no doubt about it. Even with these struggles, I doubt anyone feels differently. I think he will end up with 9 sacks this year, but bounce back next year with 15 sacks and lead the league again.

What are your own predictions?
Nov 2 2017, 06:10 AM
Well, we don't have much else to do, so let us take a look at the first two weeks of pre-season and make completely irrational statements on how we expect the season to go based on those! Sounds fun right?

First off, let's take a look at the completely changed circumstances with Quarterbacks in this league. We saw several guys take their first snaps behind center and we should look at the results of that.

A. Blocksdale is one of the new Quarterbacks, leading the Baltimore Hawks to two wins in the pre-season, one on the road against a decent Sabercats team. He had two impressive performances, with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception in the two games. As said, he lead the team to two victories as well. He seems to have a good connection to C. Christmas, who lead the team in receptions both times and yards once. As far as the Hawks are concerned, they should be happy. Blocksdale looks like the real deal. And despite the team going through massive changes, they won both games. Their former Quarterback S. Kyubee, now on the defensive side, had an interception in both games. Even if he does not continue to be quite so dominant, this seems like a switch that was good all around. Another big change comes at the Running Back position where O. Taylor replaces D. Farlane who had lead the league in Rushing Yards just two seasons ago and was still solid last year. Taylor had 194 yards in two games and two touchdowns.

And speaking of new Quarterbacks, M. Akselsen gave his first two starts behind center as well, though with slightly more mediocre results. In the two games, he had 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. If he will turn the ball over this much, that might be an issue. The Wraiths still his bad game decisively, 38 to 10 against the Legion, despite him throwing four picks. After losing Josh Garden this off-season, the Wraiths look for Bailey Cook to step up and dominate the league. He proved his worth in these two games, leading his team in receptions and yards both times, showing a good rapport with Akselsen already. The Wraiths also let E. Kennedy run the ball in these two games, with limited success against the Otters.

While Chris Orosz is not a new Quarterback, he does play for a new team now. Orosz lost both games, though he played a fantastic game on the road against the dominating Arizona Outlaws, where he had 350 yards and two touchdowns, without an interception. Despite having this great game, the Outlaws won on a late Ronaldo field goal. Then the Sabercats lost at home against the Hawks. Go figure?! They also sport a new Running Back in J. Yates, who had solid games.

The Legion are also starting a new Quarterback in W. Stone. While in the first game the Legion could do barely anything on offense, despite the defense getting four interceptions, they managed to win the second game at home against the Yeti. Both teams are not expected to be any good this year, despite the Legion improving in free-agency.

The Outlaws struggled surprisingly, winning against the Sabercats barely and then losing against the Liberty. But don't worry, the Outlaws know exactly what they are doing. With many Offensive Line changes not in the game yet, the Outlaws will still be dominating this year. One thing to consider is this: How happy do you think Dustin Evans and C.A. Chess are right now, after the shocking acquisition of Josh Garden in the off-season? While Josh Garden had 237 yards in the two weeks, Evans and Chess had 175... combined!

That's all I have for now!
Oct 20 2017, 05:00 AM
This was a lot of work compiling the list and comparing the two years, so I again used my brother to help me. Please give @StevenO'Sullivan 50% of the payout!

With the season over, I wanted to look at how the top 10 career leaderboards have changed from season 2 to season 3.

Passing attempts:

M. Boss - 1504 (+3)
C. Orosz - 1502 (-1)
S. Kyubee - 1421 (-1)
E. Hunt - 1200 (+2)
K. Bronko - 1021 (+2)
J. Bercovici - 974 (+2)
L. Noble - 915 (-4)
J. Christ - 854 (-4)
C. Rove - 514 (N/A)
V. Draxel - 444 (-1)

In most quarterback categories we will see a similar trend every year, with active QBs rising up higher and inactive ones falling down. Noble and Christ were the main losers in this season, while Mike Boss jumped up from 4th to 1st.

Passing Completions:

M. Boss - 910 (+2)
C. Orosz - 899 (-1)
S. Kyubee - 838 (-1)
E. Hunt - 675 (+2)
K. Bronko - 581 (+2)
L. Noble - 513 (-2)
J. Bercovici - 499 (+1)
J. Christ - 459 (-3)
C. Rove - 286 (N/A)
V. Draxel - 228 (-1)

Very similar to attempts obviously. We just see very slight differences.

Pass Completion Percentage:

M. Boss - 60.5 (+1)
C. Orosz - 59.9 (-1)
S. Kyubee - 59.0 (-)
K. Bronko - 56.9 (+2)
E. Hunt - 56.2 (-1)
L. Noble - 56.1 (-1)
C. Rove - 55.6 (N/A)
J. Christ - 53.7 (-1)
V. Draxel - 51.4 (-1)
J. Bercovici - 51.2 (-1)

This is an interesting category as it will likely evolve slower over time than others since it is not a quantity based category.

Passing Interceptions:

S. Kyubee - 47 (+1)
M. Boss - 47 (-)
J. Bercovici - 43 (+2)
C. Orosz - 37 (-)
N. Pierno - 35 (N/A)
E. Hunt - 32 (+1)
L. Noble - 28 (-4)
C. Rove - 24 (N/A)
K. Bronko - 23 (-1)
J. Christ - 21 (-4)

Obviously this is not the leaderboard you want to be on, but it will still be interesting to keep an eye on. Nick Pierno had an absolutely horrendous season after being pushed into a starting role he was not ready for. With just one season, he immediately jumped into 5th place and is set to maybe take the lead in this category next year.

Passing Yards:

M. Boss - 10592 (+1)
C. Orosz - 10108 (-1)
S. Kyubee - 9280 (-)
E. Hunt - 7926 (+2)
K. Bronko - 6851 (+2)
J. Bercovici - 5677 (+3)
L. Noble - 5621 (-3)
J. Christ - 5044 (-3)
C. Rove - 3461 (N/A)
V. Draxel - 2858 (-2)

This is obviously one of the crowning leaderboards out there. Boss and Orosz are the first Quarterbacks over 10 thousand yards and Kyubee will be next. This is going to be a category that will be fought over for years to come.

Passing Touchdowns:

C. Orosz - 63 (-)
M. Boss - 62 (+1)
K. Bronko - 50 (+2)
S. Kyubee - 46 (-)
E. Hunt - 44 (+3)
L. Noble - 33 (-4)
J. Bercovici - 30 (+2)
J. Christ - 21 (-2)
C. Rove - 20 (N/A)
V. Draxel - 20 (-3)

Another very important leaderboard and the only one Orosz actually kept his lead in, but barely. We will see a lot of competition in the next few seasons over this top ten!

Passing Rating:

K. Bronko - 84.4 (+1)
C. Orosz - 83.7 (-1)
M. Boss - 82.6 (+1)
E. Hunt - 77.6 (-1)
S. Kyubee - 75.4 (+2)
L. Noble - 73.7 (-1)
V. Draxel - 73.6 (1)
C. Rove - 70.0 (N/A)
J. Christ - 69.4 (-1)
J. Bercovici - 60.9 (-1)

King Bronko with the only category he has the lead for. We have seen some great passer ratings seasons this year, so this might be a challenging list in the next few seasons.

I will skip the longest ______ categories, as it is not really a career accomplishment in my eyes.

Rush Attempts:

B. Nuck - 878 (-)
R. Mackworthy - 839 (+1)
B. Tweed - 832 (+2)
O. Wright - 771 (-2)
J. Durden - 739 (-1)
D. Farlane - 736 (+2)
A. Savea - 538 (+3)
L. Jenkins - 521 (-1)
V. Bowers - 427 (-3)
M. Robinson - 382 (-1)

Farlane makes another big step up, as did Tweed and Savea. Nuck holds his spot at the top still, though with far less of an edge than last year.

Rushing Yards:

B. Nuck - 3303 (-)
B. Tweed - 2976 (+3)
R. Mackworthy - 2934 (-)
O. Wright - 2897 (-2)
J. Durden - 2495 (-1)
D. Farlane - 2381 (+2)
L. Jenkins - 1954 (-1)
A. Savea - 1680 (N/A)
V. Bowers - 1541 (-2)
M. Robinson - 1349 (-1)

Tweed makes a huge step forward in this very important leaderboard. Farlane makes another step forward as well. Savea is a new entry on the list.

Rushing Touchdowns:

O. Wright - 19 (-)
R. Mackworthy - 18 (+2)
B. Nuck - 17 (-1)
J. Durden - 13 (-1)
E. Burnsman - 12 (N/A)
D. Farlane - 11 (+4)
B. Tweed - 11 (-2)
L. Jenkins - 11 (-)
K. O'Connell - 10 (-3)
A. Savea - 10 (N/A)

Omar Wright keeps the lead in this important category, despite a down-year in other categories. Mackworthy and Nuck are both threatening. Rookie Burnsman lead the league with 12 Touchdowns and immediately becomes a threat in this category going forward.


R. Phelps - 251 (-)
G. Wright Jr. - 225 (+4)
B. Westfield - 216 (+5)
J. Garden - 211 (-)
B. Cook - 208 (-2)
K. Hendrix - 197 (-1)
S. Weston - 187 (+2)
D. West - 182 (-1)
A. LeClair - 179 (N/A)
B. Bottles - 173 (-)

This category is dominated by the Orange County Otters, with the top three choices being Otter players. LeClair makes a new entry here. There are also two Tight Ends on the list still, though Wright Jr. changed positions now and so this might look very different next year again.

Receiving Yards:

R. Phelps - 3832 (-)
B. Westfield - 3570 (+3)
J. Garden - 3523 (-1)
B. Cook - 3242 (-1)
S. Weston - 3001 (+3)
K. Hendrix - 2894 (-2)
N. Stormblessed - 2712 (+2)
A. LeClair - 2665 (+2)
F. North - 2549 (N/A)
M. Jackson - 2442 (N/A)

Westfield makes a huge jump to give the category to the Otters again. Weston also makes a good jump. North and Jackson are new on the list, replacing D. West and C. Christmas.

Receiving Touchdowns:

B. Westfield - 26 (+2)
J. Garden - 25 (-1)
N. Stormblessed - 23 (-1)
R. Phelps - 19 (+5)
B. Cook - 18 (-)
K. Hendrix - 16 (-2)
A. LeClair - 16 (-)
D. Law - 15 (-2)
S. Weston - 14 (N/A)
C. Chess - 13 (N/A)

Westfield takes the lead here as well, but Garden and Stormblessed are close. Phelps makes a huge jump with an 11 touchdown season. Weston and Chess replace Jackson and Christmas.


O. Wright - 12 (+3)
D. Farlane - 11 (-)
B. Nuck - 10 (+4)
E. Hunt - 10 (-)
M. Robinson - 9 (-4)
C. Orosz - 7 (-1)
J. Durden - 7 (-1)
B. Tweed - 6 (N/A)
R. Mackworthy - 6 (N/A)
S. Kyubee - 4 (N/A)

Omar Wright sits atop this bad leaderboard. Nuck made a big jump as well. Tweed, Mackworthy and Kyubee are new on the list.

Fumbles Lost:

D. Farlane - 8 (-)
O. Wright - 8 (+1)
E. Hunt - 6 (-1)
B. Nuck - 5 (N/A)
C. Orosz - 4 (+1)
B. Bottles - 4 (+1)
J. Durden - 4 (-3)
M. Robinson - 3 (-3)
B. Tweed - 3 (N/A)
D. Kroetch - 3 (N/A)

Nuck will not be happy about entering this list so highly. Farlane and wright need to work on ball security.

And now we get to the defensive side of the ball:


I. Rashad - 16 (-)
V. Marmeladov - 14 (+1)
S. Maddox - 14 (+3)
A. Hayden - 13 (+6)
T. Oles - 13 (N/A)
A. Delacour - 12 (+3)
R. Flock - 12 (-5)
P. Carter - 12 (N/A)
D. Speed - 11 (-1)
D. Lavelle - 10 (-6)

Rashad keeps his lead, but it is closer now. Hayden with a huge jump after a seven interception year. Oles jumps into the top ten. Flock is the big loser, despite three more interceptions this year. Lavelle Is another big loser, despite two more interceptions.

Interception Return Yards:

S. Maddox - 331 (-)
D. Speed - 271 (+4)
V. Marmeladov - 268 (+6)
A. Hayden - 266 (-)
R. Flock - 265 (-3)
P. Carter - 244 (N/A)
A. Delacour - 199 (N/A)
D. Verns - 180 (N/A)
J. Williams - 168 (-6)
T. Oles - 159 (N/A)

This is a category that saw a lot of change. Maddox stays at the top, Speed and Marmeladov make huge steps forward. A few new people on the list while others are gone.


A. Selich - 352 (+1)
J. Lee - 348 (-1)
S. Harrison - 315 (+2)
J. Saint - 308 (-1)
I. Bavitz - 307 (+1)
A. Hackett - 305 (-2)
D. Verns - 295 (N/A)
W. Fulton - 280 (N/A)
H. Ernston - 275 (-2)
T. Varga - 268 (N/A)

Tackles is one of the prime categories for defense. Selich is now the leader, Harrison makes a good step forward. Verns and Fulton appear for the first time and make a big jump.


J. Tuck - 71 (-)
D. Miller - 45 (+5)
M. Ramrio - 42 (-1)
H. Ernston - 40 (-1)
F. Wozy - 39 (+1)
J. Saint - 37 (-2)
V. Cox - 33 (N/A)
B. Bjornsson - 31 (N/A)
B. Metas - 30 (+1)
W. Fulton - 30 (N/A)

In what might be the most impressive and surreal lead of any category, Jayce Tuck is ages better than anybody else. His lead is essentially almost an elite season worth of sacks. D. Miller makes a huge jump to get to second place.

Forced Fumbles:

J. Saint - 6 (-)
W. Fulton - 5 (+1)
D. Miller - 5 (N/A)
A. Delacour - 4 (N/A)
F. Wozy - 4 (+3)
M. Ramrio - 4 (N/A)
B. Bjornsson - 4 (-3)
J. Tuck - 4 (-3)
H. Ernston - 4 (-3)
I. Bavitz - 4 (N/A)

Not much to say in this category, this will be more interesting in ten seasons. I will skip Fumbles Recovered, Fumble Return Yards and Defensive Touchdowns for that reason.

Punt Return Yards:

O. Wright - 1025 (+1)
R. Mackworthy - 992 (-1)
S. Weston - 767 (-)
B. Westfield - 760 (+2)
D. Lavelle - 508 (N/A)
A. Delacour - 429 (N/A)
N. Stormblessed - 409 (-2)
A. Hayden - 404 (-4)
B. Tweed - 323 (N/A)
D. West - 298 (-3)

O. Wright is the first player with over 1000 punt return yards. There was less change here than I might have imagined.

Kick Return Yards:

N. Stormblessed - 2337 (-)
O. Wright - 1932 (-)
S. Weston - 1912 (-)
A. Hayden - 1686 (-)
B. Westfield - 1475 (N/A)
L. Jefferson - 1339 (N/A)
J. Garden - 1302 (N/A)
A. LeClair - 1227 (N/A)
L. Novel - 1182 (+1)
R. Phelps - 1171 (N/A)

This Is an interesting category. No change in the top four positions and the rest of the spots is almost completely new.

Field Goals Made:

T. Turkleton - 78 (+1)
A. Booter - 71 (-1)
C. Ronaldo - 64 (+2)
B. Kicksit - 53 (-1)
S. Harris - 41 (+3)
I. Blewitt - 39 (+4)
K. Laces - 38 (-3)
B. Walsh - 29 (+1)
A. Sims - 26 (N/A)
A. Nugent - 25 (-4)

Turkleton is safely at the top. Ronaldo, Harris and Blewitt with some nice gains. Sims is here for the first time.

Extra Points Made:

C. Ronaldo - 82 (+3)
A. Booter - 81 (-)
T. Turkleton - 79 (-)
B. Kicksit - 69 (-3)
S. Harris - 60 (+3)
A. Sims - 55 (N/A)
I. Blewitt - 48 (+1)
B. Walsh - 37 (+2)
K. Laces - 36 (-3)
A. Nugent - 36 (-5)

Cristiano Ronaldo takes the lead in this category already. Harris and Sims made huge jumps.

Punt Average:

C. Ronaldo - 46.8 (+1)
I. Blewitt - 46.0 (+2)
S. Harris - 45.5 (-2)
J. Langdon - 45.4 (-1)
B. Kicksit - 45.3 (-)
A. Booter - 45.2 (+1)
J. Darkapple - 45.2 (-1)
T. Turkleton - 44.6 (+1)
J. Lombardi - 44.1 (N/A)
K. Laces - 43.3 (-)

Ronaldo also has this category lead, but Blewitt made a good jump upwards as well.

Punt Yards:

S. Harris - 14743 (-)
A. Booter - 12327 (-)
C. Ronaldo - 12064 (+1)
I. Blewitt - 10635 (+3)
B. Kicksit - 10058 (+1)
T. Turkleton - 9137 (+3)
A. Nugent - 7376 (-4)
B. Walsh - 6791 (N/A)
K. Laces - 6361 (-4)
J. Darkapple - 5016 (-2)

Harris and Booter still in the lead, Ronaldo, Blewitt, Kicksit and Turkleton all make jumps upwards.

Tackles for Loss:

J. Tuck - 51 (-)
A. Tomlinson - 45 (+3)
B. Crocker - 40 (-1)
F. Wozy - 38 (+2)
B. Blade - 38 (-1)
J. Spearhead - 31 (-3)
D. Dam - 26 (-)
C. Okonkwo - 25 (N/A)
J. Saint - 23 (N/A)
D. Davidson - 22 (N/A)

Tuck has another category here and he will not give it up easily. Tomlinson made a big jump forward though, as did Wozy.


A. Winchester - 190 (+1)
M. Akselsen - 178 (-1)
T. Pest - 177 (+1)
B. Longshaw - 157 (-1)
J. Floggity - 154 (-)
G. Clegane - 144 (+4)
C. Hamilton - 134 (+2)
S. Jefferspin - 131 (+1)
B. Rodriguez - 125 (-2)
A. Thomas - 122 (N/A)

Winchester takes over the lead. Clegane makes the biggest jump. This category will be fought over hard still.

Sacks Allowed:

A. Bennett - 29 (-)
B. Rodriguez - 27 (-)
T. Tebow - 25 (+7)
A. Thomas - 22 (+1)
B. Longshaw - 21 (N/A)
D. Ferguson - 21 (-)
T. Bullard - 20 (N/A)
V. Sharpei - 19 (N/A)
G. Tech - 19 (-1)
S. Walters - 18 (N/A)

Tebow makes a massive jump as one of the worst offensive linemen, but Bennett and Rodriguez are still at the top. Several new entries for this list as well.

And that concludes this comparison. Hope it was as interesting to you as it was for us!

Oct 19 2017, 07:39 AM
Because of the argument in regards to making Offensive Line not playable anymore, because supposedly it is not fun and many people stop being active, I thought I would check if that claim is correct since no one actually bothers to check if it is correct, they just blindly say things.

Here are totals for every position based on the NSFL rosters update page. There may be one or two mistakes, but most is pretty clear. I defined middle as someone who has updated in the last two to three weeks and often before then but not this current week:


Active: 6
Middle: 1
Inactive: 5


Active: 7
Middle: 2
Inactive: 10


Active: 17
Middle: 1
Inactive: 11


Active: 6
Middle: 1
Inactive: 9


Active: 16
Middle: 5
Inactive: 20


Active: 13
Middle: 2
Inactive: 22


Active: 11
Middle: 3
Inactive: 16


Active: 12
Middle: 1
Inactive: 14


Active: 8
Middle: 1
Inactive: 10


Active: 4
Inactive: 5

If we consider middle to be null for this statistics, here are the percentages from most active to most inactive:

WR: 60%
QB: 55%
CB: 46%
OL: 44%
S: 44%
K: 44%
RB: 41%
TE: 40%
LB: 40%
DL: 37%

With the exception of Wide Receiver and Quarterback, every position is under 50% activity rate. Offensive Line is actually fairly near the top, which is surprising given the large number of players needed to fill a roster with (40 total) while a position like Kicker only needs 8. Positions like Running Back, Tight End, Linebacker and Defensive Line are all less active than Offensive Line.

Sure, one can argue that other positions would start being more active if we eliminate Offensive Line. But why eliminate offensive line and not defensive line based on these numbers? Just cause someone somewhere thinks that Offensive Line makes people go inactive more often, which clearly is not the case, despite all the OL men that switched positions to it in order to play and then never logged on again. And still OL is more active than some other positions.

Yes, other positions will be more active if the active OL men are forced to switch, but I believe that is a drastically wrong move and I pinpointed here why. The fact of the matter is, Offensive line does not appear to be any less fun or keep people active or inactive as other positions.

Oct 19 2017, 03:27 AM
This was a lot of work. Thank you to StevenO'Sullivan who should get 50% of the payout.

Now that season 3 is in the books, let's take a closer look at some of the many records broken this year and then a closer look at the career records as well at a later point.

In general this season has been absolutely record-breaking. So far every season has been. It will be interesting to see how many seasons it will take before that will slow down.

Passing records were mainly shattered by Mike Boss. He put up new records in:

Most Passing Attempts (624 - beats 546 from J. Christ last season)
Most Passing Completions (380 - beats 332 from C. Orosz last season)
Most Passing Yards (4649 - beats C. Orosz 3663 from this year and 3657 from last year)
Most Passing TDs (30 - beats 28 from C. Orosz this year and 25 from K. Bronko last year)
Passing Rating (91.9 - beats 91.6 from K. Bronko this year and 84.1 from C. Orosz last year)

Additionally, he had the 2nd best Pass Completion Percentage, one of the few records that was not broken at all (63.6 by C. Orosz from last season still is the record).

Other passing records were broken as well! N. Pierno with the sad record of Most Passing Interceptions (35 - beats 24 from C. Rove from this year and 23 from J.Bercovici from last year). Additionally E. Hunt had the longest Pass ever (71 yards, beats 54 from K. Bronco from last year).

Of the four Rushing Records, three were beaten as well, with the Longest Run being the exception. Buck Tweed had the most Rush Attempts (400 - beats 376 by D. Farlane from last year) and Most Rushing Yards (1375 yards - beats 1267 from D. Farlane from last year). Additionally, E. Burnsman had a record-breaking 11 touchdowns (beats 10 by R. Mackworthy this year and 9 by O. Wright from last year), despite only getting less than 600 yards.

All four receiving records were broken, a record list that is mainly dominated by the Otters. G. Wright Jr. beat his own record from last year of most receptions at 88 (86 last year). B. Westfield had a phenomenal season and added 1625 yards (beats 1406 by R. Phelps last year) and 12 Touchdowns (beats 11 by R. Phelps this year and 9 by K. Hendrix last year). S. Weston from the Sabercats had the longest catch at 71 yards (beats 56 by M. Jackson from last year).

Neither fumbles nor fumbles lost was broken, with teams being much more secure with the ball this year in general.

Interceptions, interception return yards and tackles were also not broken.

Sacks was broken in a big way, with last year's MVP Jayce Tuck getting an unfathomable 32 sacks (beats 24 from D. Miller this year and 23 from himself last year).

Forced Fumbles, Fumbles recovered, Fumble return yards and defensive TDs were all not broken.

D. Lavelle broke the record for most punt return yards with 508 (beats 457 from R. Mackworthy last year). A. Delacour and D. Lavelle both had a touchdown from a punt return which ties the record. A. Delacour also had the longest punt return ever with 88 (beats 84 from B. Westfield last year).

N. Stormblessed (and three others) beat the record for most kickoff return yards at 1019 (beats 980 from B. Westfield this year and 823 from A. Delacour last year).

Kickoff Return TDs was also tied like Punt Return TDs at one. Longest Kickoff return was not broken.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record for most FGs attempted and made at 45 and 39 (beats 37 by T. Turkleton last year and 33 by T. Turkleton last year). The longest field goal was not broken.

A. Sims broke the record for most XP attempted and made at 48 and 46.

J. Lombardi was the first kicker ever to get 100% field goal percentage in a season.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record for best Punt Average at 48.6 (beats 47 by A. Booter from this year and 46.6 by S. Harris from last year).

I. Blewitt had the most total Punt Yards at 5608. Cristiano Ronaldo had the Longest Punt at 81 yards.

A. Tomlinson broke the record for most Tackles for loss at 22 (beats 20 by J. Spearhead from season 1).

T. Pest had the most pancakes ever at 75 (beats 73 by B. Longshaw last year).

And finally T. Bullard allowed to most sacks at 20 (beats A. Bennett at 17).

In general what we can see is the trend that offenses are getting much better while defenses are slowly regressing overall.

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