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Dec 22 2017, 12:30 PM
DSFL Times
Issue #1

DSFL Draft grades
The DSFL draft wrapped up last night. Congrats to all the new rookies (see the next section for interviews with some of these rookies). I’m sure you will all do wonderful if your new DSFL homes! I’ll only do the first few picks for each team because there are some inactives or picks that don’t really matter.
Grade: A

I’m going to try to keep the bias out of this. But I am a Luchadores legend and I did help with some of these picks, so that might be hard. To start Tijuana had two options, if Borkus Maximus fell to pick #2 they would pick him, but if he went #1 they would trade back to #4. Maximus went #1 and so, the Luchadores went to pick 4. With that pick they selected the Linebacker out of Colorado, Elvin Enchant. This is a great pick by Tijuana because Enchant is an active LB with a good build. Tijuana’s next pick would be a true stunner. With the #7 pick they picked the running back Little Bot. Honestly I don’t think anyone saw this coming. This is a true boom or bust pick and I really don’t have anything to say about it, so lets move on. Brian Mills would go at pick #9, another Linebacker. Unlike Enchant who is a power rusher, Mills is a balanced Linebacker and the two should compliment each other well. The final pick I would like to talk about is the wide Receiver, Antonio Legion. Now it’s pretty obvious what team Legion would like to play for in the NSFL, but for now he should be a reliable target for the new QB Mantis Toboggan.
Grade: B-

Look. I like the defending DSFL champs, but how are you supposed to repeat when you have next to no mid round picks? Of course it was this same way last year, but to be honest John Wachter and Carlito Crush carried that team (how often are you going to get two 200+ TPE players in the same draft?), and in my opinion this draft isn’t anywhere near as deep as last years so those middle rounds are very important because you are not going to find an active guy like Isaac Brown in the 6th in this draft. But on to the picks that they did make. Norman Bagwell well pretty much be the best rookie defensive lineman this year. He’s already above 100 TPE and should terrorize offensive lines the whole season. Their next pick wasn’t until the 4th round and it was the Tight End Glenn McPoyal. He is a steal. McPoyal was active in the Tijuana Luchadores discord because they picked him up off of waivers last season, he just wasn’t active on the site.
Grade: A-

Kansas City did not have the season they hoped to have last year, but it is looking like that will change. The Coyotes offense will be scary. At #1 they selected Borkus Maximus III and complimented him with the WR Jerry Ricecake. Maximus was the clear #1 pick coming into the draft and will be an active amazing QB. Ricecake is no slouch at WR and could possibly have a season like John Wachter did last year (receiving triple crown). They also picked up the kicker Micycle McCormick. McCormick hasn’t yet created his update page but otherwise he does his activity checks and if he can get money to purchase equipment he should be one of the top kickers/punters in the DSFL this year. The only thing I question about this team is defense. Did they draft enough defense to hold opponents to low scores? Or do the Coyotes hope that their offense will be able to outscore any other offense? They did pick up the DT Deez Nutts (haha) but the question remains if they did enough defensively to win games.
Grade: B+

San Antonio has been the most successful franchise so far in the DSFL’s early years. Appearing in both of the DSFL championship games and winning one. They looked to build on this success in the draft. With the number 3 pick, the San Antonio Marshals selected… Storm Woods? Don’t get me wrong, I like Woods, but you’ve good a 163 TPE corner in Jonathan King and Jason Williams at 162 TPE. I don’t like this pick at #3 for San Antonio. But Woods is an active corner and he maybe, just maybe will be a good replacement for Gregory Fletcher. At the number 5 pick the Marshals selected Gustav Rodriguez. Great pick, he is an active DT, with a strange update page. The last pick I will talk about for the Marshals is the Wide Receiver Gray Slax. He went at pick 14 to them and I like this pick. Steal in my opinion. An active wide receiver who did his mock draft, and did training?! Thank you! I have no clue how Stax fell this far into the draft.


Rule Changes!

The DSFL GM’s met and voted on new rules. The rules where just announced by our commissioner iamslm22

Now DSFL players can participate in training camps instead of having to wait until they make it to the NSFL. A lot of people wanted this rule change as it would allow for new players to get a quick TPE boost and improve the level of play in the DSFL.

The other important rule change is that actives now have to play. This will definitely help player retention because no one wants to sit behind some stupid bot.

Rookie interviews

Joining me today will be two of the newest members of the Tijuana Luchadores. Elvin Enchant and Brian Mills!

So lets start off with Elvin Enchant!

Q: Before the draft what teams did you have interest in?
A: Well, in terms of DSFL teams, I think the team I had the most interest in were the Pythons. They seemed to really want me, so I turn got excited to play for them. I was fully expecting to be picked fourth by them as the draft started. Of course, they pulled up and got Normal Bagwell instead, which I didn't expect at all. I still went fourth to the Luchadores though, which also came as a surprise to me. I don't think I was really contacted by them at any point, at least not extensively.

The other team the interested me were the Formerly Kansas City Coyotes. I lived in Missouri before I got drafted and so that was certainly a bonus, however they never really contacted me much either.

One team that did though, was the Seafolks, who of course didn't draft me, or anyone, but before they were dismantled they did contact me showing some interest in drafting me. My thoughts about them sorta ended pretty quickly when it was announced they would be a player team no long though.

Q: Are you happy to be in Tijuana?
A: I'm more than happy. See, I didn't really pay too much attention to them pre-draft, but after the Pythons moved up and took someone else, I was afraid I might not get drafted at all, let alone where I expected, but then they came around and took me with their first pick, so for that I was already pretty happy. After talking with some of the people in tis franchise, and especially after seeing my good friend Brian get drafted by them too, I couldn't be happier to have been picked by this team. I dunno what is it, but I already feel at home in that locker room, and with all those guys. It's great.

Q: What made you want to play Linebacker?
A: My hands. I always felt I had the build of a running back or a tight end, but I could never, for the life me, catch a ball. I'm just not good at it, it's not my strong suit. So, what better place to play with a build like a tight end who can't catch? Pass-Rushing is something I can excel at, so that's how I picked Linebacker. That, and, my role model, Von Miller. Guy is a legend among men.

Q: What have you taken from Von Miller and applied to your game?
A: Well, I suppose I still have a bit to go till I can do it like him, but the guy is just so quick off the snap. When you don't block him right, he can be in the backfield when the QB first touches the ball. It's crazy. I've seen replays where he'll jump right as ball is snapped, and the refs call offsides on him even though he wasn't. He's too fast for the refs. That's something I'm doing my best to get better at.

Also, this guy manages to fight through having two guys on him every game. Now that's impressive in and of itself, but what I like seeing is how he affects that offense. When you have to take a second guy and put him on someone, that changes things for the rest of the defence. Guys on his team get more sacks because he takes an extra guy who might've blocked them. I wanna be a guy who when he comes on the field, I help my teammates by changing the offenses play-calling just standing there.

Q: What is your goal this season?
A: My goal this season is to get noticed by the other teams. Somehow some way I want to get them to make me a variable in their schemes. If you're talking numbers, I don't know, ten sacks. twelve, fifteen, doesn't matter too much to me, as long as it's enough to get noticed.

Alright, now on to another Linebacker and Enchant’s teammate Brian Mills!

Q: What teams were you interested in being drafted by?
A: Early on , I was interested in playing for the Portland Pythons. PDXBaller was very active in the rookie discord helping out us rookies, so I knew they had a good GM who cared, and we're also the S2 DSFL champs. A couple more days into the start of my NSFL career, I also contacted San Antonio and Norfolk. San Antonio had showed off their defense and made it a very attractive landing spot as a linebacker. Since Norfolk had become a bot team, I actually wasn't aware that the gm I was in contact with at Norfolk had become the GM at Tijuana. Landing in Tijuana was a little bit of surprise at the moment I got drafted, but after figuring that out, things started to make a little bit more sense, especially since the two people I have been in contact the most, Elvin and Brister, were players/alumni of the team.

Mills also said “Someday I hope to be the linebacker equivalent of Mr.Brister in the city of Tijuana”

Q: What are some of your goals heading into the season?
A: First and most importantly is bringing a championship to the Luchadores. Winning isnt everything, it's the only thing. I guess my second goal would be to work with Elvin and create the best linebacking corp the DSFL has ever seen. Personal stats aren't really my focus, as long as we are stuffing the run, defending the pass, and creating takeaways as a defense.

Q: How well do you mesh with Elvin (he is a power rusher and you are balenced)?
A: I think we will mesh great, seeing as his strengths will cover my weaknesses and my strengths will cover his weaknesses. I think we will both play in our roles and hopefully he can create some big time pressure so that the quarterback throws some picks my way. Being a power rusher he will also be a brute in the run game, hopefully getting into the backfield or filling his gaps, and giving me the opportunity to clean up the trash.
Q: Who was your role model growing up?
A: Growing up I was a huge fan of Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis. They both exhibited different ways on how to be an elite middle linebacker, Urlacher with his deep cover 2 coverage, and Lewis with his ferocity. Both had superior playmaking abilities and led their defenses for over a decade each. Watching those two play has made middle linebacker such an appealing position, and I have learned a lot about my position through watching film of them play.

Q: How do you feel about Tom Brady juking Brian Urlacher?
A: Hahaha , I mean I don't think anybody expected Brady to pull off a juke, not even Bill Belichick. It's always the pocket passer quarterbacks who are deceptive in their scrambling ability that give linebackers the most trouble. With QBs like Wilson, Kaepernick, Vick, Tyrod, you are always keeping it in the back of your mind that they can break it loose at any time. I think Urlacher was half expecting Brady to slide, of course this was all me just bullshitting to try and defend my hero linebacker //

Alright that concludes our player interviews!

Hot Takes
Nothing here yet. Post your hot takes and they will appear in the next edition of DSFL times.

Need a logo!

DSFL Times needs a logo! PM me if you are interested!

Ready for grading words: 2238
Please pay PaytonM34 and ElvinEnchant 750k each for their interviews.

Dec 18 2017, 07:58 PM
We would like to welcome M4TTSA to the recruitment team. All of us agreed that he would be a great fit for our team, an we expect big things.
Dec 15 2017, 07:19 AM
Hello all!

We from the recruitment team are working hard in getting ready for the DSFL draft and we need some more prospects! So we have decided to call in the help of our community. For one week (ending December 22 at 8PM EST) we will be accepting YouTube videos helping introduce people to the NSFL and getting them to sign up. You will earn 2 Million in cash.

Your video should include

-The link to the website
-What the NSFL is (Voice and/or text)
-Explain how the sim works
-That our games are streamed on twitch
-A link to the rookie guide

The video must be at least 30 seconds long, and there is a payscale for a bonus based on the amount of views. The payscale is pretty simple.

Every 50 views adds a bonus 100,000 dollars. (Example: 150 views=bonus of 300,000 dollars)

Post the link to your video in the discussion post and you will be paid after December 22nd.

Post any questions here.
Dec 15 2017, 07:19 AM
All submissions for Recruitment videos should be posted here. Here is a link if you have no clue what I'm talking about.
Dec 14 2017, 07:06 PM
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