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Mar 9 2018, 06:06 PM

Here it is folks what you have been waiting all week for. Ep 3 of the Misinformed podcast

Please split the pay 50/50 between me and Alfredo Pasta
Mar 2 2018, 06:32 PM
Join me, Alfredo Pasta and special guest Robigo as we sit back and talk about the Nsfl.

Please split the pay as following- 1.5 Mil for The_Hero 1.5 Mil for Alfredo pasta and 1 Mil for Robigo
Feb 16 2018, 06:49 PM
Here is the first ever podcast by myself and @Alfredo_pasta. Enjoy!

Please split the payment 50/50 between me and @Alfredo_pasta please
Jan 4 2018, 06:05 AM
Welcome welcome welcome ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between! Your host the ever gracious, the best, and not to mention the most handsome, The_Hero welcomes you to the first coin toss predictions post!(Of this season) Last season I only did a handful of predictions mostly because I had plenty of money doing a podcast. However my host has disappeared and so I am back to doing these, shame ain't it? Anyway enough stalling for word count let's get down to brass tacks. For those of you that are new let me just give a brief overview of what I do here. Using a scientific formula that was meticulously researched by NASA/Cia/Nsa/Fbi I predict the outcomes of games! To boil it down in laymen terms I will be flipping a coin for each match. Best two out of three wins the game with home team always getting tails (Tails never fails.) Once the winner is determined I roll some dice to get the score. So now that that's hot of the way let's predict some games shall we?

First up is the Chicago Blues at the San Antonio Marshals. The winner is........ Chicago Blues! In a brutal match Chicago takes the lead with San Antonio coming back only to lose out at the last minute. Final score: 16-13

Next up is Kansas City Coyotes at the Tijuana Luchadores. The winner is..... Kansas City!! In another away game victory Kansas City pulls an easy against the Tijuana Luchadores. Final score: 22-10

Last but not least is Portland Pythons at the Norfolk Seawolves. The winner is...... Norfolk Seawolves! A tough match but Norfolk secures the victory over the Portland Pythons. Final score: 28-22

And there you have it folks the first week super accurate predictions for the Dsfl. Choosing these results will guarantee a 100% result 50% of the time. Perhaps I will see you next week with more amazing predictions or perhaps I will find an easier way to earn money stay tuned folks!

336 words
Ready for grading

Dec 13 2017, 10:42 AM
A post championship lose Gregory Fletcher steps onto the raised platform and takes a seat at the center of the table next to a large grouping of microphones. A spokesperson stands up and addresses the crowd... "Marshals corner back Gregory Fletcher will be answering any questions. Let's keep things civil and on track." Gregory raises his head and looks to the crowd expectantly.

Hit me with dem questions for my boy G. Fletcher #1 CB in the Dsfl

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