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Jan 4 2018, 06:05 AM
Welcome welcome welcome ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between! Your host the ever gracious, the best, and not to mention the most handsome, The_Hero welcomes you to the first coin toss predictions post!(Of this season) Last season I only did a handful of predictions mostly because I had plenty of money doing a podcast. However my host has disappeared and so I am back to doing these, shame ain't it? Anyway enough stalling for word count let's get down to brass tacks. For those of you that are new let me just give a brief overview of what I do here. Using a scientific formula that was meticulously researched by NASA/Cia/Nsa/Fbi I predict the outcomes of games! To boil it down in laymen terms I will be flipping a coin for each match. Best two out of three wins the game with home team always getting tails (Tails never fails.) Once the winner is determined I roll some dice to get the score. So now that that's hot of the way let's predict some games shall we?

First up is the Chicago Blues at the San Antonio Marshals. The winner is........ Chicago Blues! In a brutal match Chicago takes the lead with San Antonio coming back only to lose out at the last minute. Final score: 16-13

Next up is Kansas City Coyotes at the Tijuana Luchadores. The winner is..... Kansas City!! In another away game victory Kansas City pulls an easy against the Tijuana Luchadores. Final score: 22-10

Last but not least is Portland Pythons at the Norfolk Seawolves. The winner is...... Norfolk Seawolves! A tough match but Norfolk secures the victory over the Portland Pythons. Final score: 28-22

And there you have it folks the first week super accurate predictions for the Dsfl. Choosing these results will guarantee a 100% result 50% of the time. Perhaps I will see you next week with more amazing predictions or perhaps I will find an easier way to earn money stay tuned folks!

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Dec 13 2017, 10:42 AM
A post championship lose Gregory Fletcher steps onto the raised platform and takes a seat at the center of the table next to a large grouping of microphones. A spokesperson stands up and addresses the crowd... "Marshals corner back Gregory Fletcher will be answering any questions. Let's keep things civil and on track." Gregory raises his head and looks to the crowd expectantly.

Hit me with dem questions for my boy G. Fletcher #1 CB in the Dsfl

Nov 9 2017, 09:39 AM
Welcome welcome welcome! Ladies and gentlemen to another fantastic coin prediction post! So before we get started with weeks 3 and 4 which will be played tonight let's go over the results from last week shall we?

So first game that was predicted was TJL @ Kc and just as the super advanced prediction machine predicted Kansas did in fact beat Tijuana! The final score being 39-14. This should dispel any rumors of my prediction method being "crap" as I am now at 100% accuracy!

So now the next two games we come at a little bit of a hitch. You see good readers I made a small mistake in the divergence calculations and so my next two picks were only predicted with 20% accuracy and not the 99.99% that I claimed. So first up we have Norfolk @ Portland. The machine predicted a Norfolk win but unfortunately Portland pulled the win at 22-21. The next game was Chicago Blues @ San Antonio Marshals. Now as I'm sure you are all aware there was a bit of controversy over the results of this game. I for one will not be discussing these here but we will be using the final HO approved results for this piece. So the machine predicted a Chicago Blues win but it was in fact San Antonio Marshals that pull the win! The final score was 23-12

Now on to week two my beautiful readers. Here is where things get spicy. After the last two incorrect predictions I recalibrated the Flux capacitor on the A.D.G and returned to 100% accuracy! Just a quick reminder for anyone new reading. I input the calculations into a highly advanced computer then flip some coins. Best 3 out of 5 and tails always being for home field advantage. The first game of week two predicted was Norfolk @ Chicago with Norfolk being victorious. What do ya know Norfolk came out and defeated the blues 27-9.

Next up was Tijuana @ Portland with the machine predicting a Portland win. Almost as if a divine hand came down and guided Portland they won 16-14

Last but not least was Kansas @ San Antonio. The machine predicted a San Antonio win and just like that they did 29-13.

So dear readers despite a small hiccup in the coin prediction method we obtained a 4/6 or 66% accuracy, exciting huh? Now let's move on to the main event predicting week 3 and 4!!

First up we have Portland @ Chicago
And the winner is.... Portland with 3-2!! A close game but Portland finishes off the Blues with a final score of 27-22

Next up the one and only San Antonio @ Norfolk.
Another close game but the winner is Norfolk!! At 3-2 Norfolk wins with a final score of 21-19

Final game of week 3 is Kansas City @ Tijuana.
The winner this round is Kansas City!! At 4-1 Kansas dominated Tijuana with a final score of 29-6

Now on to week 4 starting with Kansas City @ Chicago.
And the winner is.... The Blues with a 5-0!! In a major upset the blues have it with a final score of 6-0

Second game will be Portland @ Norfolk.
The winner will be.... Portland! Another close game 3-2. Final score is 24-12

Our last match of week 4 is Tijuana @ San Antonio
The winner of the last match up is...... San Antonio!! That's right at 3-2 these two teams will have a close match but San Antonio pulls the win with a 21-12 score.

And that's all folks! Your weekly DSFL coin predictions! Remember if the games outcome are different then what I have predicted you have slipped into an alternate time line and may God have mercy on your soul. Till next time folks!

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Nov 7 2017, 02:30 PM
Well folks I have made a terrible terrible mistake. Thats right me.... The_Hero has made a mistake..... I forgot week 1 and 2 were on the same night!! So week 2 coin predictions start right here right now. So in case you have forgotten how this works I will use a top secret method developed by NASA and DARPA to predict the week 2 DSFL games with near 100% accuracy! So now that I have wasted enough time lets get started!!

So first game of week two is @ lets see how these two teams stack up and remember home team always gets tails....
And the winner is... The Seawolves! in an extremely close game Norfolk takes the lead with the Blues catching up but ultimately falling short at 3-2. Final score: 17-13

Now onto game two @
And the winner is... The Pythons!! in the first ever blowout the Pythons win 5-0
Final score: 36-0

Game three coming up now @
And the winner is.... The Marshals!! a solid win by the Marshals at 4-1 defeating the Coyotes
Final score: 31-14

There you have it folks a good series of games including our first ever blowout. A shame some people doubt the accuracy of the "Coin method" but rest assured faithful reader any results that are not the above are simply lies in reality, merely a divergence to an incorrect timeline if you will. If you find yourself in this incorrect timeline simple ignore it and continue on your daily lives. Good night and good luck in the picks to come!

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Nov 6 2017, 05:39 AM
I know what you're thinking. "Oh come on The_Hero! We have a million prediction posts! Why do we need another? Why should we even care? Also how are you so good looking?!" Well first off you should care because I've devised the most accurate way humanly possible to predict the outcome of every single DSFL game! And to answer your other questions well stop asking and just read. Every week I will be posting my game predictions with what I calculate to be 99.999999% accuracy! I don't want to give away too many secrets but I'll give you the laymen terms. Every week I will be flipping a coin! The home team always gets tails (Cause tails never fail aka home field advantage.) The results will be best 3 out of 5! Then depending on the results from that I will be rolling dice to determine the score (Or I'll make up a number just depends on how lazy I feel that week.) Now with this super accurate prediction method I predict that to predict a prediction will be predicted at a prediction rate of predictonion. Got it? Good let's start!

Week 1 game 1 @
Remember home team is always tails. The advanced prediction machine has completed its very first results and the winner is...... Kansas City!!!
Coming in 3-2 Kansas it was a tight game with Kansas taking the lead however TJL quickly makes a come back before Kansas City finishes it!
Score: 43-14

Next up game 2 @
And the winner is..... The Seawolves!! An easy victory for the Seawolves at 4-1
Final score: 24-9

Game #3 @
And the winner is........... The Blues!!!
In the tightest game yet the Blues and the Marshals tie it all up with the Blues just barely squeaking by a win with 3-2
Final score: 28-24

And there you have it folks the most accurate predictions for week one! There is absolutely no one else out there that will be able to give you more accurate predictions than me. Everyone else wants to try and use "stats" or "strategy" but we all know the most accurate of predictions come from the toss of a coin. I promise you that if you follow my predictions you will get every pick correct right or my name isn't Ryan Reynolds! Keep an eye out for week 2 predictions where I'll once again accurately predict the next set of games with a near 100% efficiency! Till next time folks.

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