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Apr 18 2018, 06:07 AM
Forgot that starting GM players were at 70 TPE not 50 TPE. The base build is 50 TPE right now, so I'm updating 25 TPE here.

+20 TPE from base build miscalculation
+5 TPE from W1-4

+25 Speed: 70 > 75
Apr 18 2018, 06:06 AM
Forgot that starting GM players were at 70 TPE not 50 TPE. The base build is 50 TPE right now, so I'm updating 25 TPE here.

+20 TPE from base build miscalculation
+5 TPE from W1-4

+25 Speed: 73 > 78
Apr 16 2018, 07:34 AM
Darren Morris is a pretty quiet guy, he's never really made a big fuss about himself. So it was a surprise to many when he signed a two-year $6.5 million extension, including no trade clauses, with the Arizona Outlaws this offseason prior to his final year of his original rookie contract. After the extension and before the beginning of the S7 season, Morris held his first press conference - open to questions from the gallery.

In addition, questions regarding the Marshals and DSFL are welcome.


Many are predicting the Outlaws to finish 3rd or 4th in the conference this season - agree with that sentiment?

I don't think there's a doubt that the ASFC is an elite competitive division. The Otters are repeat Ulimus champions and the Sabercats came infamously short to beating them in last season's ASFC Championship game. If we are to have a chance of beating those predictions, coming in 2nd, then we'd have to beat some of the best NSFL teams. Do I think its possible? Sure, any given Sunday right? But the odds of 14 of those Sundays staking up aren't great for our team this year. And that's an honest assessment. Credit to Orange County and San Jose for building those teams to compete this season.

But, where I see hope and why I signed with the Outlaws this extension, is that we are a team that is going to develop and compete in a short amount of time. Beyond the Siberian Swatter draft pick by the Otters this season, if I look at what those two powerhouse teams have lined up for S8 and beyond, I think the Outlaws have a real shot at not only competing in this division but dominating.

Our biggest competition, looking ahead to S8 and S9 will be the New Orleans Second Line. They have a young roster, younger than ours, that is really starting to click. When the older guys start to slow in Orange County, San Jose, and even here in Arizona, they are going to be hitting their prime. I think out of those three teams facing them, only Arizona has the type of S5+ talent to compete right now.

Odds SA repeats?

The DSFL has become a league of parity. After eligibility kicked in this offseason and we lost huge pieces of our defense, including Isaiah Rashad, Jorge Masvidal, and Rafael Reyes, the path ahead looked pretty stormy for the Marshals to repeat.

But I can't be more pleased about what our team is gearing up to look like. I'm honestly excited about the Marshals offense, and its potential dynamism, this season. How often have you been able to say that? I think last season Run and I turned the team from a perennial defensive-focused team, built on the foundations of yourself, kolbe and bovo, and added and offensive element to it. That was the biggest change, in my opinion, is that we suddenly weren't only focused on the ground game and defensive stands.

So this draft, grabbing guys like DJ and, afterwards, Wallace, and then having Catcherman and Chipmunk return to us with Vick behind the line, is a huge win for us before even hitting the field. Our secondary is heavily depleted, but with LBs BWIII and Ramero, there is potential for it to still work enough to stop our opponents.

So tl;dr, better than 50% but definitely not a lock. And I love that - the more competition the better. Especially big shout out to TIJ for their work to turn that team into someone we need to actively gameplan for and strategize around.

Any player you model yourself after in the league?

You know its funny, I don't think there is a specific player I modeled after in the NSFL. Obviously there are guys like Molarpistols Ian Bavitz and Beaver Blackford Oates who are high performing safeties in the league, so I definitely was aware of how they developed and the importance of maxing speed in the position. But as a playmaking safety, and someone committed to maxing playmaker, I realized early on that I would have a different development path than those centre-fielders.

I do keep attention on the other safeties, including CDub2 Cameron Taylor. I love how he's gone All Around build and developing that type of safety, which is different and unique enough that I really appreciate it. Huge nod to him, and Bavitz, also splitting the Breakout Player of the Year Award. Its great seeing safeties getting more recognition, perhaps from GMs starting to gameplan their skills better.

Last mention here, but I'm keeping an eye on speculadora Jaylon Broxton has a guy quickly developing as a centre-fielder. Great to see so many high-skilled safeties in the league.

Will the Marshals repeat this year?

See above on iamslm's question on the odds of SA repeating this season for a longer explanation, but I'll put a brief summary here again. The DSFL is growing in parity, which you very well know being the co-GM for one of the team's that is really making savvy moves and is going to one of our huge obstacles to repeating this season. We also lost a lot of talent in the secondary to eligibility restrictions this season.

That said, I love our Marshals offense and we have some very high level talent in the front seven, so I have high hopes for this team. I'm above 50% odds on us repeating, although not significantly. While I'm excited to see the damage we can do, I'm excited for hopefully even more competition this season from every team - this could be a whole new level of gameplay for the DSFL.

950 words
Apr 15 2018, 12:37 PM

Marshals banner designed by OptiimusPR1ME

End of Preseason, S7 - The San Antonio Marshals are preparing for the kickoff of DSFL action this Tuesday at 8 pm EST after a hectic offseason that saw changes in both the front office and on the field. After the eligibility of multiple cornerstone defensive veterans ended, the season promises to bring anew a challenge for the reigning DSFL champions.

Last season saw the San Antonio Marshals take home the Ultimini in a championship showdown with the Kansas City Coyotes lead by first overall prospect Howard Miller. However, for many of the key defensive players on that team, it was their last championship run with San Antonio. Defensive cornerstone majesiu Vladimir Fyodorovich, known as the Siberian Swatter, has been called up to the NSFL's Orange County Otters to start the season and will be absent from the Marshals secondary. Other key defensive players Isaiah Rashad, Rafael Reyes, and Jorge Masvidal have all been forced off of the Marshals lineup due to their eligibility ending.

However, the team quickly addressed those glaring defensive failings in drafting stud linebacker prospects Ramero Rickey Ramero and BWIII Brock Weathers III. Ramero's relative Guillermo Ramero was hired by the Marshals in the offseason as the newest co-GM, after Dean Jackson was promoted to the NSFL and hired by the Arizona Outlaws. Skeptic pointed to the hiring as solidifying the Marshals shot at the young Rickey, but General Manager Roly insisted to reporters that Guillermo was the best candidate and brings new strategic insights to the team. The young Ramero and BWIII will be tasked with shutting down the slot for opposing offenses, getting into rushing lanes and using their college-touted strength and tackling skill to keep opponents honest.

On offense, Marshals star quarterback MVick Mike Vick will be returning as the go-to QB1. After his counterpart Ryan Applehort was traded to the Pythons and then called up to the Colorado Yeti in the NSFL, Vick will inherit the every down responsibilities for the Marshals offense. Rookie incitehysteria Alexander Overholt will begin the season playing QB2 and in relief of Vick. Team sources indicate that if Overholt steps up his training, he could begin to get looks with the ball and split some duties with Vick.

Returning star receiver cpetrella Footballer Catcherman will be the primary receiver for the Marshals this season, especially after they raised eyebrows at the draft not selecting highly touted offensive prospect Viggo Squanch. Relying on Catcherman, they will use William Sean on the last year of his DSFL eligibility to play outside receiver. At TE, the team has andybj Alvin Chipmunk once again starting for them, although observers point out that Chipmunk could see a shortened season if his training is successful and he shows potential on the field, getting the callup to the NSFL.

In the backfield, returning Ultimini 70 yard rush winning runningback Sleepy Willy Nyquist will be sharing duties with draft prospect OptiimusPR1ME DJ Riddick and ISiegel Seth Wallace. Riddick has the talent to play both in the slot and behind Vick, so Marshal fans can expect the rookie to be heavily leaned on during every down. Wallace has more strength and power, so analysts are expecting the Marshals to get him involved in short downs and red zone touches. In general with such strong RB talent, experts expect the Marshals to leverage all three players to keep players fresh.

The Marshals have announced their Season Seven slogan to be No Yield. No Limits. According to team sources, it represents the team's desire to not yield their reigning DSFL championship title and exceed perceived limitations. The path ahead is difficult as fellow SFC TiJuana Luchadores have made several savvy moves this offseason and look to present a new challenge to the Marshals traditional SFC domination. Regardless, the San Antonio Marshals looked prepared to defend their championship against their DSFL rivals in the SFC and NFC with fresh talent and legs on both sides of the ball in what is arguably one of the most balanced Marshals teams in their history. For a twice-winning franchise like San Antonio, that could spell trouble for the rest of the developmental league.

Marshals action begins Tuesday with a double home stand against the Palm Beach Solar Bears and the Kansas City Coyotes, live on Twitch at 8 pm EST.

718 words
Apr 12 2018, 09:40 AM
Player Information

Username: Bot
First Name: Holy
Last Name: Hollerson
Position: OL
College: Filler U
Birthdate: 01/01/2018
Handedness: Right
Recruited By:
Jersey Number: 10
Height (ft.): 6'1"
Weight (lbs.): 340lbs
Birthplace: The City
Player Archetype: Athletic Lineman (Eg. Trent Williams, Tyron Smith)

Player Attributes

TPE Available:
(MAX: 100) - Strength: 80
(MAX: 85) - Agility: 50
(MAX: 25) - Arm: 1
(MAX: 80) - Intelligence: 55
(MAX: 25) - Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 60) - Tackling: 35
(MAX: 85) - Speed: 46
(MAX: 50) - Hands: 20
(MAX: 90) - Pass Blocking: 66
(MAX: 90) - Run Blocking: 66
(MAX: 100) - Endurance: 60
(MAX: 25) - Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) - Kick Accuracy: 1
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