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Mar 20 2018, 07:51 PM
As the sixth season of the NSFL is coming to a close, me (PaytonM_34) and PFTN are gonna dive into the S6 NSFL draft and give our opinions on the picks that the teams made. Each pick is going to be individually analysed, and graded. No need to thank us for this wonderful job we did, we’re just doing this for the money.

#1 - Brian Mills - LB - PaytonM34 (PFTN)

There was some mystery surrounding this pick leading up to the draft, as so many of the draftees were making a play for the title of first overall pick. It wasn’t until late in the offseason that linebacker Brian Mills separated himself from the competition. Mills certainly had the on field production to justify the newly rebranded New Orleans Second Line using the top draft choice on him. As a member of the DSFL’s Tijuana Luchadores, Mills had an outstanding season with 142 tackles (3 for loss), 5 sacks, and an interception. The Second Line were undoubtedly looking for a field general to build their defense around and Mills fit the bill. While this wasn’t a shocking pick, the Second Line successfully scouted Mills as being a notch better than the rest and deserve credit for making the right choice here.

Grade : F

Payton: Too high of a grade in my opinion...

#2 - Cordell Joshua - DL - Drizzy (Payton)

With the number two pick in the NSFL draft, the San Jose Sabercats traded up with the Colorado Yeti to grab their guy Cordell Joshua. This trade was interesting, as it was already assumed that the sabercats would be able to land Joshua at #3. The price of moving up one spot was the Sabercats’ Season six first round pick, which currently looks to be anywhere from picks five to eight. Joshua was the DSFL’s best defensive lineman, recording a league high 17 tackles for loss. Joshua was highly active and was one of the top TPE earning players in the draft, and was pumping out graphics almost every week. Currently, Joshua sits just under 300 TPE, and recorded 8 Tackles For Losss and 2 sacks in his rookie season. With the current outlook on the S7 NSFL draft, I think the price of a late first was worth it to get their guy, especially one who looks to be a long term solution to their defensive line.

Draft Grade : A-

PFTN: While I agree that San Jose made a fine pick in a vacuum, the cost incurred in trading up should not be ignored here. It seemed to be a poorly kept secret that Colorado were looking to draft Dwayne Aaron, so giving up a future first round pick felt like a panic move by the Sabercats. It is certainly possible they believed Philadelphia (or another team) would trade ahead of them for Joshua, but it’s equally possible that they were bluffed into believing the Yeti would take Joshua here.

#3 - Dwayne Aaron - WR - SuperSquare (PFTN)

Every keystroke I made typing this grade hurt more than the last. It causes me a great deal of pain and agony to admit that the Yeti made a very good pick here. The Yeti passing attack left a lot to be desired last season and they added the DSFL MVP to supplement that weakness. That is about as much as you can hope for for a team in their position. Aaron posted a ridiculous 82 receptions for 1073 yards and 7 touchdowns for the Portland Pythons in the DSFL, but his success did not carry over to the NSFL. Most of his lack of success can be attributed to the errant throws of Nicholas Pierno and the Yeti’s run heavy scheme, however. Moving forward I think we can expect this pick to pay off for Colorado. All of this comes without even mentioning that Colorado absolutely fleeced the Sabercats, trading down a pick and picking up a future first while still getting their guy. Great first round for Colorado.

Draft Grade : A+

Payton: yeti sux lul

#4 - Norman Bagwell - DL - Bagwell (Payton)

Norman Bagwell was one of the highest TPE earners in the DSFL, as he was around for the end of Season 4 to get a head start. In the Season 5 DSFL draft, Rashaad Brooks traded up to grab his guy, who began his career with the Pythons at the end of Season 4, and was immediately one of the league’s best players. Through the end of the season, Bagwell hadn’t missed too many TPE opportunities, and was thought to be a safe pick in the NSFL draft. Bagwell recorded 11 sacks in his final DSFL season, including one for a safety, and was the cornerstone for the almost Ultimini champions. However, as the draft moved closer there were signs that Bagwell had lost some interest in the league, and it was apparent that his activity level was slowly diminishing throughout Season 6. I am still not entirely sure if the league has seen the last of Bagwell, but if he comes back and continues to build his player, he has a good chance to be a part of the Liberty’s prime years. There are a lot of players who the Liberty could have taken here who would have been more of an immediate help to the team.

Draft Grade : C+

#5 (VIA ) - Poopyface Tomatonose - TE - Speculadora (Payton)
After being picked first overall, I was excited to see who my new team would take with the 5th overall pick. I was hoping for a defensive player to help my side of the ball, but was happy that our GM, Borkus Maximus III, picked a player who had not missed (and still hasn’t) a TPE opportunity. With Poopyface Tomatonose being a tight end, Joseph Askins was willing to switch positions to defensive tackle to aid our defensive line, leaving Tomatonose the starting tight end spot on the team. PFTN recorded the 4th most receptions and 4th most receiving yards among tight ends while with the DSFL’s Kansas City Coyotes. Having shared a locker room with him, Borkus was sure that Poopyface would be a top tier player in the NSFL. In his rookie season, he was the league’s second best tight end in terms of statistical output, only being outdone by his former GM Paul Dimirio. With New Orleans’ receiving corps led by a soon to be regressing Dustin Evans, PFTN will be a great receiving option for Borkus for years to come. On top of all of that, he memes pretty hard in the Second Line locker room, which is basically a requirement in New Orleans.

Draft Grade : A++ (totally not biased)

#6 - Austin Roenick - QB - Leafer (Payton)
Following one of the draft’s biggest steals in PFTN, the Hawks were able to grab a steal of their own. Austin Roenick was a quarterback for the Portland Pythons in the DSFL, and was very consistent in earning TPE. Already having Avon Blocksdale, the Hawks did not need a quarterback, so they had Roenick position switch to linebacker. He was one of the league’s top defensive linebackers in Season 6 as he recorded 102 tackles, 9 sacks, and 5 pass defenses and is the presumptive favorite for the Season 6 Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. The Hawks were able to grab a consistent TPE earner who was willing to change positions to fit their team’s needs here. Great pick.

Draft Grade : A+

#7 - Borro Gore - RB - Goretron (PFTN)

The fourth Portland Python selected in the draft’s first round, Gore looked to be the preeminent running back in the draft class. He led the Pythons’ rushing attack, finishing with 715 yards and 8 touchdowns on the season. After coming out of the offseason looking ready to make his mark in the NSFL, Gore was sent back to the DSFL for another season and his activity level has unfortunately plummeted. While Gore has been a godsend for me as the Pythons’ Co-GM, the Wraiths were likely hoping for a little more out of their top draft pick. That being said, there weren’t really any guarantees left at this point in the draft, so I can’t be too harsh here. Plus, if Gore can return to his pre-draft activity level, this draft pick will look just fine for Yellowknife.

Draft Grade: B+

#8 - Elvin Enchant - LB - ElvinEnchant (Payton)
I played with Elvin in Tijuana and he was a great teammate. He was active in the locker room and was an above average TPE earner. His presence was felt in the discord chat, and he kept the team encouraged throughout the season. Approaching the draft it had seemed as though Elvin’s activity level was dropping a bit, and as of today, he is sitting at 206 TPE. Although he is not the highest TPE earner in this rookie class, Elvin has been a playmaker throughout his entire career. He recorded 7 sacks, 10 pass defenses, 2 INT’s, and 4 Tackles For Loss’s in his DSFL season and made a case for the NSFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award with 3 forced fumbles, an interception, and 5 pass defences. Regarding Elvin Enchant’s value as the draft’s 8th overall pick, I think that he will have to get back to earning TPE on a consistent basis for this to pay off for the Otters. Considering some of the players left on the draft board at this point, the grade for this pick sits in the middle of the pack.

Draft Grade : B

#9 (VIA ) - Glenn Mcpoyal - TE - Alfredo_Pasta (PFTN)

In my opinion this was the first true “steal” of the season six NSFL Draft. Many teams were taking less than sure things at this point in the draft, but former Python Glenn McPoyal has proven that consistency is the name of his game. In terms of statistical output, McPoyal was arguably the DSFL’s best tight end, reeling in 58 receptions for 438 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Wraiths’ tight end at the time, Franklin Harris Jr., had gone inactive and they were looking to move slot machine Eric Kennedy into more of a lead back, so McPoyal helped Yellowknife solve two personnel problems. He got off to a hot start with his new NSFL team and, while he cooled down as the season went on, he posted a statline eerily similar to his DSFL one with 48 receptions for 434 yards and 2 touchdowns. Glenn McPoyal has also been the best TPE earner outside of the draft’s first six picks, so the Wraiths get very good marks for their excellent pick here.

Draft Grade : A+

Payton : I agree 100% with this being the biggest steal of the draft, McPoyal is currently sitting at 326 TPE which is higher than quite a bit of picks taken before him. Solid pick for the Wraiths, gg bzer

#10 - Bobby Ruckus - S - Ghostfacethrilla (Payton)
Bobby Ruckus was one of the DSFL’s biggest defensive names in Season 5 and looked like he was going to be a very active player. That activity dropped off quite a bit after the draft, reportedly due to real life getting in the way. This was a guy who was pumping out medias left and right during his DSFL tenure, and he initially looked to be a real steal with the 10th pick in the draft. Unfortunately for the Yet, however, he has not been online for over a month and is currently sitting at just 176 TPE. If he ever decides to come back, I think he will come back with a bang and hopefully pick back up where he left off. At the time, I think that this was a good pick as I did not think Ruckus would fall all the way to pick number ten. Unfortunately the pick did not work out for the Yeti, but I’ll be a little bit more lenient on the draft grade considering the circumstances.

Draft Grade: B

#11 (VIA ) - Arbin Asipi Jr. - QB - DeathonReddit (PFTN)
What is there to say about a pick that the Outlaws had to make? Had Asipi been available to the rest of the teams in the league he would likely have been drafted in the first round, potentially within the top five picks. In that sense the Outlaws got a great value here. Asipi position switched from quarterback to defensive end shortly after the draft and has been solid for the Outlaws thus far, although his sack total leaves something to be desired. Overall, this pick worked out well for Arizona as they were able to get a very good TPE earner at one of the thinner positions in the draft with a 2nd round pick.

Draft Grade : A-

#12 - Bogdan Wojcik - DT - Squamish (Payton)
Yet another one of my teammates in Tijuana who ended up with Orange County. Squamish was decently active in the locker room, but was never a huge TPE earner. He did a great job eating blocks at the defensive tackle spot and allowed me and Elvin to flourish in Season 5. In the NSFL, defensive tackle is a shallow spot, so taking a flier on someone who could potentially be active at the position is a good pick in my opinion. That being said, I think that the value of the pick was a bit too low this early in the draft. Surprisingly enough, Wojcik has managed to compile 12 tackles for a loss and forced a fumble despite his somewhat low TPE total of 160.

Draft Grade : B

#13 (VIA ) - Wraiths - Jack Dwyer - LB - Neckbishop (PFTN)

Yellowknife originally selected Dwyer with this pick, however, they flipped him to Arizona in a draft day trade. In return they received a king’s ransom that wipes out pretty much any compliments I had for this pick. Let’s start with Jack Dwyer, however. A teammate of mine from my days with the Coyotes, Dwyer was reasonably active both as an updater and discord member. It seems as if Arizona is getting roughly that out of him which, at this point in the draft, is a huge plus for them. Dwyer had an impressive rookie year with the Outlaws, recording 97 tackles (2 for loss), 5 sacks, and 4 passes defended and he should continue to be a solid player for Arizona going forward.

Now let’s address that trade. Either Bzerkap had some kind of crazy blackmail on the Outlaws or I’m missing something big. The Outlaws side of the deal included Jack Dwyer and the 17th overall pick, which belonged to Yellowknife, later used to draft Robigo Anderson. What they gave up was: Robby Rainey (taken with the subsequent pick) and TWO future first round picks. First, Rainey is a DSFL GM. That alone guarantees some money for equipment purchases and an active enough presence on the forums to do activity checks and predictions. Next, even if you have the foresight to predict a weaker draft in Season 7, what are you doing giving up your Season 8 first on top of it? If you’re going to sell away your future, you have got to get more out of it than two decent linebackers.

Draft Grade : B
Trade Grade : F-

#14 - Robby Rainey-RB- Ahriman (Payton)
This pick originally belonged to the Arizona Outlaws, but the rights to Robby Rainey were traded to Yellowknife as part of the highway robbery mentioned in the previous pick. The Wraiths grabbed a potential successor to Eric Kennedy in Rainey. Ahriman (as he’s known on the forums) took the Co-GM spot in Kansas City last season, so the Wraiths have managed to acquire a player they know will be active for the next handful of seasons. He might not make his NSFL debut until Season 7 or 8, but when he does -- watch out. He is currently sitting at 249 TPE, just under the DSFL cap, so expect him to start banking his TPE and make a splash once he moves up to the pro level.

Draft Grade : A

#15 (VIA ) - Borkus Maximus III. - Bovo (PFTN)
This was the second GM pick of the second round as Borkus Maximus III spends his downtime as general manager of the very up-and-coming New Orleans Second Line. Even considering that fact, this is a pick that I can confidently say the Second Line hit out of the freakin’ ballpark. For starters, Borkus forms one third of the Second Line’s draft class triumvirate, who sit at a very spooky 1 TPE apart from each other after each weekend’s update. That alone is worth an A+ because Bovo clearly planned things that way. That’s just part of Bovo’s value to the team, however. Borkus Maximus III also brings tic tac toe to the New Orleans Second Line’s game nights, where he discusses all of the intricacies of tic tac toe strategy with his New Orleans Second Line teammates. In all seriousness, Bovo would have been a likely top three pick if he were available to all teams, so the Second Line made out like bandits here.

Draft Grade : A

Payton: Bow down to the Lord

#16 - Blessed Storm - RFFO (Payton)
The final pick of the second round was another GM pick, as RavensFanFromOntario is the Co-GM of the Philadelphia Liberty. His player, Blessed Storm, is sitting at a measly 126 TPE and he hasn’t logged in since early March. Looking back at the draft this pick might as well have been a skip unless RFFO returns, and even then, will take a while for him to get to a high enough TPE count to start in Philadelphia.

Draft Grade : Kevin spilling his chili all over the ground (C-)


Since the third round and beyond is mostly comprised of inactive players, we will talk more about the draftees potential should they come back and resume being active. I don’t know, call it activity chance or something

#17 - Rob Anderson - LB (PFTN)

For what it’s worth, Rob Anderson is a bit better than most players taken from this point on. This was the second pick the Outlaws acquired in their draft day trade with the Wraiths and they used it to grab another linebacker. Anderson is sitting at 131 TPE and last logged in about a week ago. He’s been able to make some amount of impact for Arizona in the NSFL this season and if he can continue to get in the occasional update then this pick will look really good for the Outlaws.

Draft Grade : B+

#18 - Micycle McCormick - K/P (Payton)
Picking up an active kicker all the way in the third round is a great pick for the Yeti, particularly since most of the players taken after this point wound up inactive. Micycle is in the high 200’s in terms of TPE and should be the Yeti’s long term solution at kicker. He is tied for the longest field goal made this season at 56 yards and went 3 for 5 from beyond 50 yards.

Draft Grade : A

#19 (VIA ) - None Forfeit - K/P
Back to back kickers here as the Wraiths pick up the first-nameless Forfeit. More amazing is that two active players were drafted consecutively this late, speaking to the strength of this draft class. Forfeit had a very solid season for Yellowknife, going 46 for 47 on extra points (2nd among qualified kickers) and went a solid 19 for 22 on his field goal attempts. Now sitting at 269 TPE and still updating, Forfeit was a great pick for the Wraiths here.

Draft Grade : A

#20 (VIA VIA ) - Willy Nyquist - RB - Sleepy (Payton)
In the DSFL, Willy Nyquist and Carter Bush were easily the top running back duo, providing a powerful one-two punch. Early on in Season 5, Nyquist looked to be earning TPE at a good rate, breaking the century mark by the start of the regular season. Unfortunately, Sleepy’s activity dropped significantly. Sitting at about 120 TPE right now and currently playing in the DSFL, Nyquist is a prospect who the Wraiths hope will return to activity, as he was once an active member in the community. He is now on his second player and it seems like people usually don’t return for a third time.

Draft Grade : Do you know the physical toll three vasectomies have on a person? Snip Snap Snip Snap Snip Snap

Activity Chance: 3.5/10

#21 (VIA ) - Storm Woods - CB - Sopath

To be honest, I didn’t know who this guy was until I researched it. After doing some digging, it’s definitely a disappointment that this guy never stuck around. When he first joined he looked like a great prospect, pumping out medias and getting all of his updates and weekly trainings. He got up to 102 TPE and had 56 tackles and 3 interceptions in his first DSFL season. It has been almost a month since he logged in and over two months since his last post, however, so it seems unlikely that he’ll ever come back. If he does, the Yeti might have a pretty good player.

Draft Grade : Andy punching a hole in the wall
Activity Chance: 2/10

#22 - Michael Vick - QB (Payton)
The mobile QB who was courageously signed by the Marshals last season, Vick is still in the DSFL and has been an integral part of San Antonio’s run toward the Ultimini this season. He has benefitted from the offseason changes that buffed mobile quarterbacks, but his activity level is unfortunately below average. Still, he makes for a good flier pick considering he still pokes around the forums every now and again.

Draft Grade : That one episode where Dwight kills Sprinkles.
Activity Chance: 5/10

#23 - Gustav Rodriguez - DL - samee
Samee seems to be a known commodity from other sim leagues, but he has never put things together here in the NSFL. He was a DSFL draft bust after the then Chicago Coyotes used a high draft pick on him but he never lived up to his billing. He has made a couple of updates and lurks in the league discord, but I would not expect much from him.

Draft Grade : Dwight cutting the face off of the CPR dummy
Activity Chance: 1.5/10

#24 (VIA ) - Antonio Legion - WR - Keygan (Payton)
The Second Line took a late round flier on the infamous Antonio Legion. Also known as Keygan, Legion led the Las Vegas Legion’s mass retirement before Bovo took the reigns and relocated the team to New Orleans, making this an odd fit. He is sitting at about 120 TPE and hasn’t been active since about early January, but there are talks in the discord locker room about some possible future updates from this wide receiver. Currently, Keygan is a send-down player to the DSFL and could possibly spend the next couple seasons there unless he ever decides to update or recreate.

Draft Grade: You miss 100% of the shots you dont take
-Wayne Gretzky
-Michael Scott
Activity Chance: 4/10


#25 CB - Egan Winter
Egan Winter could have been a solid player for some team, but was forced into inactivity by the dreaded “real life”. I would guess he recreates if he ever returns, but that looks unlikely.

Draft Grade: Michael outing Oscar as gay
Activity Chance: 0/10

#26 Grey Slax - WR - Jonstradamus (Payton)
The Yeti take another WR here. Slax was one of the better WRs in his time in the DSFL, but has since gone inactive like the rest of these picks.

Draft Grade : You can’t eat cats…… You can’t eat cats, Kevin….

Activity Chance: 2/10

#27 (VIA ) Vernon Collins - DE - LDarke

With just 14 total posts and his last login coming on January 31st, I’m not going to waste time pretending this guy will suddenly return. On a positive note, he was a beast on the defensive line for my DSFL team this season.

Draft Grade : Dwight falling during the coal walk
Activity Chance: 1/10

#28 (VIA ) Jerry Ricecake - WR - M4TTSA (Payton)
This guy was a DSFL bust, as he was one of the highest picked players in the draft but soon burned out and became inactive. As a once highly active DSFL prospect, it looks like there are no signs of return for this wideout.

Draft Grade: The worst thing about prison was the… was the dementors! They were flyin all over the place and they were scary and they would come and suck the soul right out of your body… and it HOIT!

Activity Chance : 1/10

#29 (VIA ) Lil Bot - RB - loco

The most interesting thing that will happen in Lil Bot’s NSFL career is the outrageous trade chain he was involved in after the draft, where he was passed from team to team like a blunt or some other, less savory simile.

#30 - RB - Carter Bush - adam2552 (Payton)
The hawks picked a seemingly inactive Carter Bush in the 4th round. As the other half of the San Antonio one-two punch at running back, Bush had a pretty successful DSFL career. Unfortunately for the Hawks, they traded away Bush for a 3rd round pick in the Season 8 draft, and now adam2552 is back in business and racking up TPE. Bush sits at about 180 TPE as of right now and is showing no sign of slowing down. This would've been the best value pick in the draft had the Hawks not traded away the running back. The Liberty now have a potential call-up a couple seasons from now.

Draft Grade: Meet new friends, Tie some yarn, And that’s how you do the Scarn

Activity Chance: 10/10

Trade Grade: A+ for Liberty, C- for Hawks


4323 words, 50/50 split between PFTN and myself
Feb 17 2018, 01:07 PM
First Name: Larry
Last Name: Allen
Position: OL
College: University of Biami
Birthdate: N/A
Handedness: R
Recruited By: N/A
Jersey Number: 73
Height (ft.): 6'7"
Weight (lbs.): 340lbs
Birthplace: Mt.Olympus
Player Archetype: Athletic Lineman (Eg. Trent Williams, Tyron Smith)

Player Attributes
+45 TPE Strength (75 > 82)
+5 TPE Pass Block (62 1/2)

TPE Available: 50
(MAX: 100) - Strength: 82
(MAX: 85) - Agility: 50
(MAX: 25) - Arm: 1
(MAX: 80) - Intelligence: 55
(MAX: 25) - Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 60) - Tackling: 35
(MAX: 85) - Speed: 45
(MAX: 50) - Hands: 20
(MAX: 90) - Pass Blocking: 62 1/2
(MAX: 90) - Run Blocking: 60
(MAX: 100) - Endurance: 60
(MAX: 25) - Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) - Kick Accuracy: 1
Feb 15 2018, 06:21 PM
Username: N/A
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Mills 2
Position: LB
College: N/A
Manufactured: 02-15-2018
Handedness: Right
Recruited By: N/A
Jersey Number: 50
Height (ft.): 6'5"
Weight (lbs.):265lbs
Birthplace: Evil Laboratory
Player Archetype: Balanced (Eg. Luke Kuechly, Sean Lee)

Player Attributes

(MAX: 85) Strength: 70
(MAX: 85) Agility: 55
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 85) Intelligence: 50
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 95) Tackling: 70
(MAX: 85) Speed: 80
(MAX: 55) Hands: 30
(MAX: 25) Pass Blocking: 1
(MAX: 25) Run Blocking: 1
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 65
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
Feb 15 2018, 06:01 PM
Username: N/A
First Name: Mandy
Last Name: Ross
Position: WR
College: N/A
Birthdate: 02-15-2018
Handedness: Right
Recruited By: N/A
Jersey Number: 84
Height (ft.): 6'2"
Weight (lbs.): 215lbs
Birthplace: Booter's Factory
Player Archetype: Route Runner (Eg. Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen)

Player Attributes

(MAX: 65) Strength: 30
(MAX: 100) Agility: 72
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 90) Intelligence: 50
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 35) Tackling: 20
(MAX: 95) Speed: 80
(MAX: 90) Hands: 70
(MAX: 35) Pass Blocking: 10
(MAX: 35) Run Blocking: 10
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 60
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
Feb 10 2018, 08:39 AM
Just got drafted #1 overall to the New Orleans Second Line, and currently a Co-GM for the Tijuana Luchadores, ask me anything about my role in the NSFL or DSFL.

Would you agree that Tijuana develops the best defenders in the league?

100%. If you look at last seasons DSFL team, DROY Terrell Brister and first round pick Ryan Sierra came off of great seasons in Tijuana, and are dominating in the NSFL right now. This season we had myself, Elvin Enchant, and Bogdan Wojcik on defense, and was probably the most dominant defense in the league, besides maybe the terminators in Palm Beach. We're always looking for defensive talent in Tijuana, and it wouldn't be crazy to say that next seasons defense could be even better than the previous 2 seasons.

If one team you are a part of is guaranteed to be champion for 4 of the next seasons, the other team is guaranteed 4 wins over the next four seasons, and you cannot alternate, which do you pick for which?

I would have to say, just because of goals/priorities, that i would assign NOLA to the 4 champions, and Tijuana for the 1 win per season. The reasoning behind that, is that as a DSFL GM, wins are not always the #1 priority for the team. Developing a great rookie locker room, getting players familiar with the site, guiding them through things like updates and point tasks are way more important than competitiveness. I think in order to come out with 4 rings in 4 seasons in the DSFL, i would have to somehow sacrifice those priorities. And in the NSFL, wins are basically why you are here, so bringing 4 ships home in 4 seasons would be pretty awesome.

Are you as excited to play on the defense with me, as I am with you?

For sure, its a shame ill be stealing all of your tackles and picks though //
Seriously though, watch out for NOLA defense next year, we're gonna be scary AF

Are you looking forward to the matches against the Otters, since Elvin and I are both there, and it'll be a reunion of sorts?

OCO games are gonna be circled on my calendar // definitely looking forward to the match up, just take it easy on my QB guys. Sucks that we cant go back and play on Lucha together for the next couple seasons, we could've had a defensive dynasty going on!

What advice would you give to S7 rookies that hope to go #1 overall like you did?

Stay active in your DSFL teams locker room. Talk with your GM's about everything possible, talk with other players, be a leader in the locker room. It's important in the DSFL that everyone is helping each other out to build the best team possible with the pieces you're given, it's gotta be a team effort. Next advice I would give is to stay on top of those teps. If you go an entire season without missing a PT, and you buy all of your equipment for the season, youll definitely be high enough in TPE to be considered for #1 overall. Last piece of advice is to talk to people outside of your DSFL team. This includes rookie mentors, NSFL GM's, other DSFL GM's, and everyone in between. Get your name out there, because if you aren't putting stats up on the boxscore, theres no other way to get yourself known.

Ready for grading
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