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 Positional Excellency Awards
 Posted: Oct 31 2017, 08:30 PM


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Description: This is awarded to the top player at each position during that season.

Season 1:
Top DSFL P- Brent Lane
Top DSFL K- Brent Lane
Top DSFL DB- Mark Bowden
Top DSFL LB- Hingle Mcringleberry
Top DSFL DL- Andres Waiters
Top DSFL OL- Guy Worthy
Top DSFL TE- Rich Gucci
Top DSFL WR- Hunter Mason
Top DSFL RB- Shawn Ariel
Top DSFL QB- Shawn Brady

Season 2:
Top DSFL P- Sean Guy
Top DSFL K- Dean Jackson
Top DSFL DB- Gregory Fletcher
Top DSFL LB- Matt Edilio
Top DSFL DL- Andreas Waiters
Top DSFL OL- Crith Coalrange
Top DSFL TE- Carlito Crush
Top DSFL WR- John Wachter
Top DSFL RB- Connall O'Sullivan shared with Sydney Spinelli
Top DSFL QB- Jameis Christ

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