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Dec 12 2017, 06:27 PM
cosbornballboy, that's a fucking low blow you did to me. I can't even think of a reason you though it was fine to trade for another player and switch them to a position where you already have someone WILLING to stay active for the team after everything that happen WITHOUT TELLING THEM.

I told you i was ready to stay active as a favor to iamslm22. I told you i would even be willing to do the CW. I am someone who's fairly open and, had you even tried, i would have most likely ended up doing the PTs for the team.

This evening, i receive a message telling me that Askins would switch to QB. Guess what, you never even talk to me about this. That's really not respectful for your players, and i hope you'll learn a big lesson with that. You arrived in a team that was already a wreak, and you probably just set it on fire even more. I was one of the last person active in Las Vegas and I was willing to do a lot for the team that drafted me, but not for you anymore.

I only have 2 things to tell you now. Fuck you and trade me. I don't even want to be associated with your team.

@ all the other GMs : I want to make him eat his socks, so i'll definitively be willing to be active for you guys. I dont even care if you want to position change me.
Sep 6 2017, 06:06 PM
0-50 - costs 1 TPE to go up 1 point
50-70 - costs 2 TPE to go up 1 point
70-80 - costs 5 TPE to go up 1 point
80-90 - costs 10 TPE to go up 1 point
90-100 - costs 15 TPE to go up 1 point
Aug 15 2017, 06:47 PM
Player Information

Username: Evok
First Name: Wallace
Last Name: Stone
Position: LB
Birthdate: February 22nd
Handedness: Right
Recruited By:
Jersey Number: 22
Height (ft.): 6'5"
Weight (lbs.): 255lbs
Birthplace: Canada
Player Archetype: Speed Rusher (Eg. Von Miller, Vic Beasley)

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 0
(MAX: 80) Strength: 74
(MAX: 90) Agility: 70
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 80) Intelligence: 70
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 90) Tackling: 72
(MAX: 90) Speed: 90
(MAX: 50) Hands: 50
(MAX: 25) Pass Blocking: 1
(MAX: 25) Run Blocking: 1
(MAX:100) Endurance: 80
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
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