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Jan 15 2018, 06:28 AM
Noticed a fair few people mentioned something to automate player creation/updates in the Changes PT so I basically just nicked most of the code from the SHL player builder that Bojo made, and adjusted it for NSFL. I had to build in each archetype's base stats, otherwise it would be inaccurate, so someone will need to nudge me if we change archetype base stats in future (or add new ones etc).

Anyway, I've put it online here for now.

Let me know if you notice any problems.
Jan 4 2018, 04:13 PM
Back to Earth-616 for the fourth and final chapter of our Alternate Reality journey with Alt1. Having just signed an extension in 2027 that would likely see him through to retirement, Alt1 picks up where he left off in New York.

Leading the Towers to a 9-7 record with 1,403 yards and 13 touchdowns, Delacour once again made the Pro Bowl, but the New York team missed out on the playoffs on a tiebreaker. Edging them by one more in-conference win, Tampa Bay went on to face Detroit instead.

Heartache aside, it was a record-breaking year for Alt1. He moved up to fourth in the league's all-time career receiving yards leaderboard -- with nobody ahead of him still active -- and took the top spot in the career receiving touchdowns leaderboard with 120.

During the offseason, rumours of a trade surfaced, with the previous season's losing Super Bowl team -- Jacksonville -- seeing their Super Bowl window closing. As a result, they were looking for a marquee receiver to help their leading wideout Edmund Kelly and put them over the top. But what could they possibly offer New York for a former number one draft pick and four-time Pro Bowler seemingly in the peak of his career?

Negotiations dragged on for weeks, and ultimately soured. New York press reported a "derisory" final offer from Jacksonville for the star wideout, while Jacksonville press reported "unreasonable demands for a thirty-four year old". Preseason began with Alt1 staying in New York, and picking up a cheekbone fracture at Oakland that rendered him doubtful going into the last game before the season proper began. Against Jacksonville. Alt1 sat the game out while the Towers picked up the win, but the real showdown was a week later, when the two teams faced off in Florida to open the season.

Alt1 was back in action, and led the Towers in receiving with 107 yards from 6 catches. Jacksonville dominated the score, however, sending the Towers back to New York on the wrong end of a 20-3 defeat. Predictably, this did not help the trade negotiations. New York maintained that this proved Delacour's quality, while Jacksonville pointed to the injury trouble leading up to the game and that he had three crucial drops -- two of which would have extended drives and put the Towers in field goal range. While the latter point could not be argued, Alt1 was approaching his seventieth straight start, which certainly brought the durability issue into question.

As if to underline his quality, Alt1 picked up 126 yards and two touchdowns against Carolina, re-opening the trade debate. Then, in an attempt to remain impartial, no doubt, he played a shocker against Dallas, picking up just two receptions for 19 yards. Jacksonville wouldn't budge on their valuation of Delacour, and neither would New York. It had reached a point where the only way the trade was going to take place, was if Delacour himself forced it through. "We don't think he wants to leave. If he did, he'd have come out and said it by now." Said Towers Head Coach Andre Dixon. "If he came to me and said he wanted to go, I wouldn't stand in his way. But I like to think he's staying here." Dixon was right. Delacour committed to New York, picking up another two touchdowns ahead of bye week. The trade deadline passed, and Alt1 was still wearing blue.

After the bye, however, came a three game skid for the Towers, and a disappointing return of under 150 yards and a single touchdown for Alt1. Newspapers changed their tune quickly, and it suddenly looked like both Alt1 and the Towers had missed a trick. Despite all the criticism, Alt1 still finished with 1,103 yards and 14 touchdowns (the Towers' leading receiver) but the Towers would watch the playoffs from home. Again.

He'd deny it in the off-season, but seeing Jacksonville reach the Conference Championship round while his Towers narrowly missed the post-season for a third consecutive year must have stung. He didn't even get the consolation of the Pro Bowl, instead losing out to his would-be teammate in Jacksonville, Edmund Kelly.

Going into the 2030 season, Alt1 was approaching his 35th birthday, and perhaps this was a step too far. Having seen his trademark speed, and overall production decline the previous year, as well as possibly missing out on his best chance at a Super Bowl ring, Delacour decided to call it a day.

After being drafted number one overall and spending thirteen seasons as a pro, in Miami and New York, Antoine Delacour closed out his career with over fifteen thousand receiving yards. In addition, he was named player of the game twenty-nine times, and played in four consecutive Pro Bowls -- all after his thirtieth birthday -- setting numerous records. Most notably, longest catch (97 yards) and most career receiving touchdowns (134).

(809 words)

Dec 21 2017, 03:05 PM
Aaaaaand we're back on Earth-616 with our hero, Alt1. Last chapter, we left Alt1 facing free agency, after his rookie contract expired without extension in Miami.

After a protracted free agency -- in which Delacour was shown little interest; teams were reluctant to commit to signing him due to those lingering injury concerns -- Alt1 finally put pen to paper on a two year deal in New York, ostensibly to replace Odell Beckham Jr.

Things started brilliantly for Alt1 with the Towers (the New York Giants proxy in NSFL '19) as he set a franchise record in his first competitive game for his new team. Three touchdowns at home against Philadelphia on opening week in the 2023 season had the media questioning the wisdom of letting him walk, and fans falling swiftly in love with their new star wideout. The following week, an offensive player of the game award added to the love-in.

Concerns resurfaced in week four, when Alt1 was listed as questionable with a stiff neck, but ultimately suited up and put in another solid performance. Later that year, Delacour would set two more franchise records; longest catch (72 yards) in week eight, and receiving yards (138) in week nine. The former of these would also be a personal best. The season would end with the Towers narrowly missing the playoffs, but the change of scenery seemed to have a rejuvenating effect on his career, seeing his productivity approach his career best again (1,157 yards on the season). As the second and final year of his contract began, Delacour knew he needed another strong year to guarantee employment beyond 2024.

As it turned out, Fortuna did not smile upon the Lafayette native. Twice he would miss time in 2024 due to injury, and ended up playing just ten games that season, as New York huffed and puffed their way to a 9-7 record, and a wildcard playoff berth. They went 1-5 without their lightning quick receiver, who returned in time to play a pivotal role in their final game of the regular season -- 113 yards, a touchdown and offensive player of the game in the win that clinched playoffs for New York -- which perhaps underlined how important he was to the team's efforts. This was only the second playoff appearance of Delacour's career to date, and started well, as he picked up another offensive player of the game award in the 24-23 wildcard win over Detroit. Sadly, New York would lose in the divisional round -- still Alt1's best progress -- to Arizona, but this seemed to be enough to convince the front office to extend him.

The off-season before the 2025 season saw Alt1 contact some specialists and switch up his training to try and alleviate the fears regarding recurring injury. He would show up to pre-season looking sharper than ever before, despite entering his thirties. In the first five weeks of the season, Delacour racked up four touchdowns and an average of over 100 yards per game. He was rewarded with four offensive player of the game awards in this time, and media outlets went nuts. "Delacour finally realising his potential", "Maybe Delacour isn't a bust after all", and "Delacour an early front-runner for offensive player of the year" were all headlines seen before Thanksgiving in 2025.

Two more offensive player of the game awards would come that season, as well as several records. A 39 yard kickoff return, 130 receiving yards, a 71 yard reception; all franchise playoff records. 65 receptions, 15 touchdowns, 1,449 yards on the season, longest catch of 79 yards; all personal bests. The last two being franchise records, too. Despite his excellent performance in the playoffs, the Towers got absolutely shredded by Atlanta. The only consolation for Alt1 following the 52-27 blowout was being named to his first pro bowl.

This improvement continued into 2026, where Delacour set another personal best in terms of production, picking up 1,576 yards on the season from 75 receptions (two personal records). The Towers went one and done in the playoffs again -- this time falling 23-20 to Minnesota despite Alt1's 125 yard, 1 TD game. Another pro bowl appearance followed, though. Notably, Delacour didn't miss a game for the second consecutive season -- though there was a scare as he left the wildcard game early with blurred vision -- putting paid to the injury concerns that had plagued his career to this point.

2027 was another contract year for Alt1, so he needed to maintain his lofty level of performance -- despite many suggesting he'd be sliding into age-related decline at this point -- and he did not disappoint.No more records set, but three offensive player of the game awards, alongside his 1,461 receiving yards (on 64 catches) earned him another pro bowl spot. The Towers missed the playoffs, but couldn't afford to lose their leading receiver, locking him up for three more years; meaning it's likely Alt1 will be remaining in New York for the rest of his career.

In the fourth and final chapter, we'll see out the end of Alt1's career, and see if he can win a ring, or reach the Hall of Fame.

(855 words)

Dec 20 2017, 05:14 AM
Movie posters for the first three instalments of the vaunted Outlaw Killer series

And the 2019 edition of Sim League League Simulator... DELUXE!

Dec 20 2017, 05:10 AM
Being a multi-millionaire sounds like it would be easy, right? Wrong. For professional athletes, it's a minefield. Managing a huge bank balance, ensuring all your taxes are paid correctly, and budgeting in a way that means you still have something to live on if the unthinkable happens and you're seriously injured... it's not as straightforward as you might think. NSFL cornerback Antoine Delacour explains "I have a financial advisor, but you have to really be careful. Even the guys recommended by the players' association aren't always good guys." The perennial pro-bowler employs the services of Trevor "Trey" Richards, who he (and several of his teammates; also clients of Richards' firm) "affectionately" calls "Three Dicks", or "TD" for short.

"TD is great. He's got a lot of contacts and has advised me to diversify. So he's got me invested in gold, cryptocurrency, a few small businesses... then there's some really interesting properties across the south." Delacour explains. "He recently put me in contact with some promising start-ups where I feel I can make low-risk high reward investments, you know? Small amounts with the potential to make big returns."

Richards remains silent through most of this, with just a faint smile. When asked how he decides on investment opportunities, he is a little apprehensive. "There are a lot of factors to consider, really..." He says, trailing off a little. With a little more encouragement, he does agree to reveal one of his tricks, though. "It doesn't matter how good an investment it is if you can't capture the interest of your client. You have to capture their interest."

This is a particularly pertinent point for Delacour. The computer science grad is known to be something of a gaming enthusiast, and while the prestigious contracts with the likes of EA Sports, who produce the official NSFL game every year, are perhaps beyond his reach -- "We kinda get screwed over on that kinda stuff in Baltimore, especially defensive players," he laments "we're just not popular enough, apparently." -- Richards has put him in contact with smaller game developers with games Delacour legitimately enjoys. "I figured these smaller, indie developers who could benefit from an investment boost would be decent options. Especially since Antoine likes their games, and has faith that they will get a lot bigger." Richards explains. "It all started when I got him the sponsorship deal for SLLS, and he got into a long discussion with one of the developers about future features. I got back in contact with them later and asked if they'd consider an investment deal. Now Antoine owns about 35% of Third Eye (the developer's company), and they got a sizeable investment that gives them the opportunity to buy certain licenses and hire staff to develop features that, I'm reliably informed, could result in a breakout hit for them, sales-wise."

Delacour really plays these games, and is set to appear in-game as a rival in the 2020 edition

Other investment opportunities that Richards has urged Delacour to jump on also involve some of his Baltimore Hawks teammates, we're told. The Baltimore-based film studio 187 Pictures has produced four surprisingly popular B-movie features starring the Hawks' kicker, Turk Turkleton, which have made a reasonable amount of profit. "When 187 got a lot of success with the first Outlaw Killer movie, we kind of wanted to get involved from that point. Antoine was happy to help them fund a sequel, and Turk appears in the movies at pretty much no cost. He just gets a cut of sales after release instead." Richards tells us. "I'm currently working on a deal that would see a few guys on the team, including Antoine, ultimately end up owning about half of the studio. There's been a lot of excitement about it, and I think the hard part on this one is negotiating a fair price."

Surprisingly outgrossed the cult classic Gibson's Story by a wide margin

The current owners of 187 Pictures, a "Doctor" Romelle Andre and Calvin "Snoop" Dogg, would rather arrange a deal for rights to specific productions, over part-ownership, but Richards is insistent that the latter is a better option for all involved. "Most importantly, it's better for my guys." He adds. Prior to the production and release of the first Outlaw Killer movie, subtitled "Birth of a Legend", the studio had a cumulative profit of fewer than ten thousand dollars, through twelve films. Outlaw Killer I alone brought them more than five times as much in profit, and the subsequent two releases totalled in excess of two hundred thousand dollars. A fourth in the series is scheduled for release next week, and a fifth is in pre-production, with total profits expected to approach the one million mark. "We know that this is getting big right now, and we gotta get paid if we're gonna give up ownership," asserts Andre. "This is something we built. From the ground up, you know? We can't give it up easy."

Outlaw Killer IV: Wings of Death comes out next week. Allegedly, Outlaw Killer V: Tag Team of Termination will feature Avon Blocksdale

All this talk of investment and business venture is refreshing in a way. Delacour's generally low profile -- despite arguably being the most popular name on the team last year, according to jersey sales -- is in stark contrast to the often lavish lifestyles of professional athletes. "The day will come when I can't make the same kind of money, and nobody knows when that is." Delacour admits. "I did the things I wanted to do, like buy Grandma a nice extension to her house, since she wouldn't let me buy her a new house. Got my mama a good car, laid down roots with my wife in a decent sized house for our family, and put aside trust funds for the kids, and enough to put them through school. Things like that. Got the charity, the non-profit, going well. Giving back, you know? But I knew I had to make sure I could afford all that stuff. So I had to put money away somehow."

Delacour's house is surprisingly modest, given that he makes somewhere approaching fifteen million dollars per year, from his salary, endorsements and investments combined. It's still a large house, in a nice area, but it's not the borderline mansion that you'd expect a pro athlete of his means to live in. "We got this house because we liked the area, mostly. Size-wise, it's big enough for what we have planned family-wise, too." Delacour reveals. His wife, Jasmin, is currently pregnant with their second child. "We don't plan on having more than two. Two is enough." He says, laughing. "So we tried to find a place with five or six bedrooms, a decent sized basement, garage and driveway, and roof space. That's all we need. More than we need, actually, but it's comfortable." Before buying this house, though, Antoine and Jasmin lived in a standard two bedroom house not far from The Aviary. "His rookie year, we lived near the stadium in a pretty standard house. We didn't have the money for anything else, and I told him we needed to save cash before we started looking at anything bigger." Jasmin chimes in. Antoine shrugs. "That's how it happened."

It also transpires that Antoine's interest in Third Eye and 187 Pictures isn't entirely based on financial potential or even his interest in what they produce. "I'm looking at possible career paths for when I'm done playing ball," Antoine reveals. "I can't play forever. I got maybe another four or five years in me, I reckon. Maybe six at a push. And that's assuming I don't pick up a nasty injury or something like that. A lot can happen in half a decade, so I need to know I have options." Already holding a degree in computer science, Delacour has been weighing up whether to enrol on a Masters degree course in game development or going for a second bachelors in filmmaking. "I actually have the prerequisites for filmmaking, but computers have been my thing for a long time. I've been talking to the guys at Third Eye and they're totally down to show me the ropes if I get the game dev degree though, so I'm leaning that way. I have the money put aside, ready to go." His wife, Jasmin, a schoolteacher, is also considering her career long-term. "Teaching is a great vocation, but it doesn't pay well for what you have to do, so I've been looking at transitioning into management roles within the education system." She says. "But Antoine thinks I should go back to school, and aim for a position as a lecturer at a college." He interjects at this point "she could do it, no doubt." Her concerns seem to be on the children, though. Whatever the Delacours opt to do, it seems like they're definitely thinking well ahead, and making careful decisions.

(1503 words)

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