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Jan 18 2018, 09:23 AM
From day one he has been a perfect fit in the locker room and has brought the Hawks offense to new levels. He is currently enjoying a career year and surpassed his entire S4 receiving yards total through 7 games this season and is one of the top producing WRs in the NSFL. Happy to have you with us long term Zoone16 !

S6- 5.5M
S7- 6.0M
S8- 6.0M
Dec 31 2017, 09:18 PM
Getting great production from late draft picks is one of the great feelings a GM or fan could have. These players help you win games and make you look like a genius in the process. For this article I'm defining a "late pick" as a player who was selected in about the final 1/3rd of their respective draft. Let's get to it in reverse order!

QB/S Torque Lewith - Hypodynamic
S2 Draft - Pick 87 in the 11th round by COL
Current status: Active
TPE: 281

The journey of Lewith has been a fascinating one. We all knew he was an active player heading into the S2 draft, but the problem was that nobody needed a QB yet, and Lewith didn't seem thrilled about a potential position change. Eventually he switched to safety where he played a season for the Yeti before being traded to the Sabercats. Once in SJ he really showcased how versatile a player he was. He had a great season playing the weak side linebacker position by picking up 120 tackles. He also has three career defensive touchdowns, which is tied for 6th most all time.

LB Stephen Harrison - Noppadet
S1 Draft - Pick 101 in the 17th round by BAL
Current status: Inactive, last log in 11/27
TPE: 383

Harrison has played at the heart of the Baltimore defense since day one. He is a balanced type of linebacker with very good athleticism and is currently 3rd on the NSFL total career tackles list. Early in his career he was thought of as a future hall of famer, although he has slowed down a bit I think he still has some great football left. He was a very late pick and the production he has shown so far has far exceeded his expected value. He was a former co-GM and one of the most knowledgeable members the league had.

QB Nicholas Pierno - ralz9
S3 Draft - Pick 45 in the 6th round by YKW
Current status: Active
TPE: 307

Nicholas Pierno aka QB1 plays the most important position for the young, rebuilding Colorado Yeti. He was not an original Yeti draft pick though. If I remember correctly after being drafted by the Wraiths he was sent down to the DSFL to work on his mechanics and progress without pressure. Then a nuke dropped on the Yeti. Their current star QB Logan Noble was suspended for the season for performance enhancing TPE use. The young, recently drafted Pierno was then dealt to the Yeti to kickoff their rebuilding project. He was thrown into the fire, and in turn he has thrown the ball to the defense many times. Steady progress has been made though according to those in the Yeti organization. We'll be watching to see if the young man's game managing skills catch up to his great athleticism.

WR Budda Browning - Rindiee
S3 Draft - Pick 43 in the 6th round by PHI
Current status: Active
TPE: 392

Browning has developed into a very good 2nd or 3rd WR after being a late pick in the S3 draft. Similar to Lewith, he dropped in the draft largely due to being a QB at the time. The Liberty drafted him and patiently developed him into what he is now. Last season he eclipsed 800 receiving yards as the 3rd option on the Liberty. After being part of the Josh Garden blockbuster, he will be catching passes from King Bronko of the Outlaws and has a good chance to surpass Chess as the #1 WR in Arizona. The Outlaws organization must be very high on his potential to be comfortable trading away the league best WR Garden.

DE/TE George Wright Jr. - Player1
S1 Draft - Pick 108 in the 18th round by OC
Current status: Inactive, last log in 10/17
TPE: 487

George Wright Jr. started his career off as a blocking style TE. He played a very valuable role player for the Otters offense by working the middle of the field as a pass catcher, opening lanes as a run blocker, and giving Boss another pass protector up front. He was in the conversation for the best TE in the entire league for the three seasons he played the position. After that, to the surprise of everyone outside of OC, Wright made a switch to defensive end. The Otters needed help in their front 7 and he was willing to switch and help them out. The early returns have been great. In his first season on defense he amassed 17 tackles for loss and 8 sacks.

S Dominic Verns - Roshambo
S1 Draft - Pick 121 in the 21st round by OC
Current status: Inactive, last log in 11/21
TPE: 422

Verns is arguably the most versatile defensive weapon in the entire NSFL. He has been lined up and performed well all over the place: strong safety, free safety, cornerback, and weak side linebacker. Whatever OC's biggest need is at the time that's the position he plays. There were 138 picks in the S1 draft, and this guy went 121. If you look back at that draft the players selected around Verns are nowhere to be found in the NSFL. Verns is top 10 on the NSFL career interceptions list and has the 4th most interception return yards ever. One of the seasons he spent at LB he had 127 tackles, which is the 6th highest amount ever in a season. Verns is the current single game record holder for most total tackles with 20. He even had a cup of coffee in the OC front office.

S Vikain Marmeladov - Vikain
S1 Draft - Pick 87 in the 15th round by COL
Current status: Active
TPE: 507

This next player may be a surprise to some people. In my opinion he is one of the most underrated players in the league. He is a ball hawk safety that has played on the Liberty for the past three seasons. He played his rookie season for the Yeti but was left unprotected in the S2 expansion draft where he ended up as the 2nd overall pick. He is tied for first in total career interceptions with 17 and total defensive touchdowns with 5. He could be found with the 2nd most interception return yardage as well. As it turned out he was very undervalued in the S1 draft and wasn't even protected from the S2 expansion draft, it's time for people to pay attention to this turnover forcing machine.

DT Dan Miller - 7hawk77
S1 Draft - Pick 88 in the 15th round by SJ
Current status: Active
TPE: 649

Here is where we find the best defensive tackle in the league. He is equally adept at pass rushing as he is run stuffing. The league is currently a little shallow in DT talent, so getting Miller with such a late pick has proved to be a huge boon. We could find Miller in the top 5 of the following career total lists: 2nd most career sacks, 3rd most forced fumbles, and 4th most fumbles recovered. In season 3 he accumulated 24 sacks, the 2nd most ever in a season. In that same season he forced 4 fumbles, which is tied for the most ever in a season. He has proven to be a force on the field and a great league member off the field, even serving in the league head office.

RB Eric Kennedy - SwagSloth
S2 Draft - Pick 93 in the 12th round by YKW
Current status: Active
TPE: 585

I remember the S2 draft well, it was my first one as GM. I sent out a ton of interviews to all sorts of players and used the responses to help construct a draft board. I don't remember specifics of my interview with Kennedy, but looking back at my old documents, I see that I put a star next to his name in my excel sheet, signifying I thought he gave an impressive response. He was a RB, so it was a good bet he was going to fall in that particular draft. And if I remember correctly he didn't log in for a bit before the draft. But damn, look at what teams were doing at that stage of the draft. Picks were being used on 50 TPE inactives and some picks were even forfeited. Early in his career he was the backup to star RB Bubba Nuck, but he set a goal and worked toward it. Look at him now, with proper guidance and development he's a top 5 RB in TPE and is the co-GM of the Wraiths. Very impressive stuff. Expect big things from Kennedy this season.

RB Boss Tweed - PigSnout
S1 Draft - Pick 99 in the 17th round by COL
Current status: Active
TPE: 821

Our top late round draft pick of all time is Boss Tweed. His massive 821 TPE is the second highest in all of the NSFL. This guy has shaped the Yeti's offensive identity by pretty much being the entire Yeti offense. He is a speed back that carries a massive workload. Just last season he expanded his skill set by becoming a weapon as a receiver. Tweed's name is all over the record books and top 10 lists. He has the record for most rushing yards in a game with 146, the most rushing yards in a season with 1375, most career rushing attempts, 2nd most career rushing yards, and he is top 10 in total career punt and kick return yardage. I'm not sure what the story behind him falling so far in the draft was, but wow, this is one lottery ticket that paid out extravagantly.

Ready for grading.
Word Total: 1,621

Dec 23 2017, 11:37 AM
I did the best I could. Anyone who has updated since the playoffs should be listed here correctly. People who haven't updated since playoffs, I took the TPE number on your player page.

Graders: I didn't know where to put this, but it took long AF to put together. //

Here is the Top 30 Overall:

Dec 22 2017, 08:35 PM
Dec 19 2017, 09:33 PM
- North -

1 QB: Justice
2 RB: O'Sullivan / Goose
2 TE: Crush / Kamby
5 OL: Coalrange / Tebow / Schmarcheype / Hamilton / Ingram
3 WR: Wachter / Omega / Booter

4 DB: Bakari / Lonzac / King / Richter
3 LB: Edilio / Sanchez / Calhoun / Mccringleberry
2 DT: Thor / Pierce
2 DE: Waiters / Benford

1 K/P: Leg

- South -

1 QB: Isaac Brown
2 RB: Spinelli / Stats
2 TE: Carter / Tkachuk
5 OL: Robicheaux / Walters / Weal / Deluca / Sierra
3 WR: Banyard / Michaels / Demar / Sean

4 DB: Fletcher / Bly / Brister / Woods
3 LB: Paz / Oaks / Acolyte
2 DT: Medved / Ortega
2 DE: Amir / Barnhardt / Ifdemi

1 K/P: Jackson

*Some extras due to ties
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