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Sep 30 2017, 10:48 AM

The truth behind the lies

September 29th 2017
Seattle, WA, USA
Written by: Carson Shmyr

"As many fans of the Colorado Yeti, and the rest of the NSFL know, I was involved in a large scale steroid scandal prior to the start of Season Two. I received multiple injections in order to boost my athletic performance, and the results will have permanently impacted the integrity of both my team and the league as a whole. I recognize that my actions were wrong and that the punishment could have been much more severe and will be should a repeat event of this ever occur."

"There are a few points I want to make before I open the field to the player's for questioning. The initial numbers the league put forward for TPE were incorrect, the number that I figured from my calculations was actually 86 and I have been in contact with the league to make sure this gets sorted out. Second, I will not be returning to the league as the fully active member of the community I once was, because my personal life doesn't permit me the time. The main reasons I did come back is that I need to sort out my TPE reduction, issue this statement, and so that I can position switch to be of more use to the Yeti next season now that Pierno is hucking balls for them."

"I'll now take questions.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Why should we accept you back?"

"The members of the league have no choice in the matter. Following my suspension, so long as no events occur I WILL be returning to the NSFL as a member of the Colorado Yeti. While my future is unclear, I will suit up again in this league."

"Right now I'm not asking to be let back in, or for forgiveness. I understand that actions have consequences, and honestly I think that for the nature of my offense I should have been banned for longer, and combined with my previous history maybe even permanently. The fact that the league has already allowed its doors to open to me shows the integrity of the head office and their belief in their members to learn from their mistakes. Seeing as this is the first large scale scandal this league has had, I think HO handled it very well. In closing, you shouldn't. At least not yet, because right now I'm still walking out the tail end of my suspension. The healing process won't start until I am a full fledged member of this league again (S4, following Noble's suspension end).

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Why did you it?"

"Ask any athlete who has been caught and they will give you the same answer, the competitive edge. It's a great feeling to be on the top, and following a strong first season in the league I wanted to remain a top quarterback and could see my team would need it as teams like Arizona, Baltimore, and Yellowknife broke into their own in terms of offense."

"What I tried to tell myself before is that I just didn't have the time to complete all the points like I wanted to, but as has been stated before they only take five to ten minutes to complete. If I look back at my thinking process during it, I mostly just saw an opportunity to keep myself at the top of the competitive ladder with quarterbacks in the league, and because the bragging rights of being at the very top were too good to pass up on. It was a mistake, it was something I wish I could undo, but I also know if you replayed that moment I probably would have done it every time. The only reason I felt justified the whole way through is that I gave myself the idea that I was giving so much to the league in multiple ways that this was just a way the league could give back to me, which is admittedly a really fucked up outlook to have.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Do you regret doing it?"

"Absolutely. It's a hard path to stop once you start down it, because now you're getting caught no matter what. The idea just becomes, 'I've done it once and it didn't get me in trouble, so why wouldn't I do it again?' and that is what really ends up finding you trouble.

"As stated above, I do regret it. I worked hard to build my reputation here, I put in hundreds of hours in work for the league between articles, the Top 50 list, drafts, being a GM, updating, fantasy, player progression and most importantly the DSFL. I was hyper involved in the league as a whole and I ended up throwing that all away for some stupid online experience points. So yes, I regret it."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Do you feel like the cheater label will follow you the rest of your career?"

"I'm not sure. People like Lance Armstrong who was caught blood doping have taken their newfound reputation and risen above it, and I hope to do the same. This event is not what defines me as an athlete and is rather a blemish on my professional record."

"Yes. I never fully escaped the label of being the multi king coming from the SHL even when I was here, and it's unlikely I'll ever be able to leave this behind. I understand why it's like that and it doesn't upset me because I'm not defined by what people think of me. Actions speak louder than words.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "How many times have you cheated in sim leagues?"

"Two times. I had multiple accounts in the SHL and was caught and banned for three seasons plus a job suspension for like seven or something and now here. Other than that I've kept a clean record.

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Are you afraid you're going to be even more terrible than you were in S2 now that you will be unable to cheat?"

"Afraid isn't the word I would use to describe it. I'm actually pretty optimistic. I'll be taking on a new position with the Yeti once everything is sorted out, and it should breathe new life into my player and outlook on the NSFL as a whole. Hopefully the position switch and life without cheating will be beneficial for me."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Are you that insecure IRL that you have to cheat in an online game?"

"I'm not sure how to answer this question to be quite honest. I would say no, because in real life I'm very confident and secure, but evidently the answer would be yes. I don't think my actions had anything to do with insecurity though, as far as I was concerned it was all just me being a cheater rather being insecure."

Avon Blocksdale - OL - Baltimore Hawks - "Would you accept a cheater back if you were us?"

"With my experience in being the person on this side, I would say yes because people deserve to be given an opportunity to improve and learn from their mistakes. If I were you though, looking at me from the outside I would say no. My actions didn't just impact my player, but have now hurt the Yeti and the reputation of head office as well as the entire league. I would not accept me back."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "What happened to 'I'm glad it happened, I wanted to quit.'?"

"It's still my outlook kind of right now. I genuinely do NOT have the time to be as active as I want to be, but semi activity might be manageable with my schedule. With me not earning TPE this season I will not need to be around the site as much and so I don't see it taking up a huge chunk of my time, therefor allowing me to remain and just discuss."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "Do you think you deserve to be allowed to play in this league ever again."

"Yes. The rules are the rules, and so I'm just as deserving as anyone else until someone perma bans me. Then I don't deserve to, and that will be respected. For now, it's just going to be a process of rebuilt trust and reputation with people as I attempt to become a member who is valuable to the community like I was previously."

Connor Tanner - TE - Las Vegas Legion - "Why are you such an egotistical asshole?"

"The simple and short answer is because I'm a fifteen year old BOY who's too popular in his city. I've put myself up on a pedestal due to my popularity in Saskatoon and so I carry it wherever I go. I'm the guy who I told myself I would never be and I hate it, so I'm trying to change it. I admit my wrongs, I attempt to correct my mistakes, and I'm listening to opinions while keeping myself open to critics. Honestly, the egotistical part just comes from, well, my inflated ego due to being at the top here, and being at the top in Saskatoon. Instagram creates a platform of instant gratification for me, and so it's hyper ego inflation at it's finest."

Jimmy Cox - DE - Orange County Otters - "Are you a pathological cheater or are you just masochistic and enjoy being hated?"

"Neither. I've cheated and that's all there is too it."

Bork Bjornsson - DT - Yellowknife Wraiths - "The Yeti have entered full rebuild mode and have acquired a new QB that they seemingly plan to be your replacement. How do you see your future in Colorado? Do you want to leave and look for a fresh start, or ride it out with the rebuilding Yeti?"

"I'm going to be staying with the Yeti unless they trade me. It's the least I can do after putting them in the position they're in right now. With my position switch Pierno can have the ball all to himself."

Bork Bjornsson - DT - Yellowknife Wraiths - "How's the Yeti locker room welcomed you back? Have you talked with the new GMs at all since returning?"

"I actually am not in the Discord anymore so I'm unsure right now, and I have messaged one of my GM's yes, but have yet to receive a reply."


Sep 29 2017, 03:07 PM
Ex Colorado Yeti quarterback Logan Noble will be addressing the league tonight in a press conference following his suspension for illegal substances. All questions will be fair game, the media can leave them below.

EDIT: I will be answering some questions OOC, some questions IC and some both.
Sep 13 2017, 10:08 PM
I - GM Rules

A. Conflict of Interest

- Limit of 1 (One) Co-GM per team
- A GM or Co-GM can not hold an NSFL Head Office or NSFL GM/Co-GM position

B. GM Recreation

- All re-creating GM's or Co-GM's must use their team's highest second (2nd) round pick in the proceeding DSFL Draft on their own player.
- If both the General Manager and Co-General Manager are recreating, the team must give up their own first (1st) round pick and their own second (2nd) round pick, if they wish to continue to GM that team.
- If a GM or co-GM attempts to circumvent this rule by recreating after the draft, they will lose their GM status and a 2nd round pick will be forfeited in the next season's draft (at HO's discretion)

C. Player Discipline

- If a drafted player is banned before the season begins, that player will be ineligible for the season.
- If a player is banned during the season, or is found to be a multi prior or during, that player may continue to play on the team for the remainder of the season, but cannot be updated, and will be auto-retired at the end of the season
- Due to the potential varying circumstances between cases, additional penalties may be issued on a case by case basis.

D. Waivers

- The DSFL Waiver Wire will run on a system based on ranking which is the same as each season's draft order (not including traded picks).
- Once a team has picked up a player through waivers, they then fall to the back of the order.
- Once a player has fallen into the DSFL waiver wire, all GM's will have a 24 hour period in which they may lay a claim. If the team with first priority passes or fails to make a claim within the 24 hour period, the next claim will be accepted, following the priority order that is currently meant to take place.
- All free agent waiver claim contracts will be worth $5,000,000. This contract will be a 1 year signing and is an automatic signing and not a debate between player and GM.
- In the case of a player not wanting to play where they are signed. A trade must be implemented at the earliest time available. Holding a player hostage will be grounds for the league to step in and mandate a trade of less then equal value for the GM preventing the trade.
- If a newly created player goes unclaimed for 24 hours after he is entered into DSFL waivers he is free to be claimed by any DSFL team on a first come first served basis. This claim will not lose a team their spot in the waiver order.
- If a team puts a waiver claim in they may not remove that claim if there is less than 3(three) hours until the waiver is processed.
- If a DSFL team releases a player he goes through a 24 hour waiver period. During this time he may be claimed by the other teams in the league. Waiver order will be the same that is used for newly created free agents. Claiming a released player will use your waiver claim and put you at the back of the order.
- If a DSFL team claims a player on waivers they take on the contract that he had before being released.
- If a DSFL team releases a player they will be penalized for half of his contract value per season for each season that was remaining on his contract.
- If a player enters a draft and goes undrafted a team may claim him on waivers. This player will NOT be entered into the following DSFL draft and will instead stay with his team.

E. Player Contracts

- First year DSFL players will have a set salary of $5,000,000
- DSFL teams will not have a salary cap
- When a player is sent down to the DSFL the DSFL team will pay the send downs contract that was signed with the NSFL team
- If a player is sent down and has a contract that exceeds $4,000,000 the DSFL team will pay $4,000,000 of the contract and the NSFL team will pay the remainder against their NSFL salary cap.
- If a player that was previously sent down to the DSFL gets released by their NSFL team, the rights are then owned by the DSFL team. If another team wants to sign him they would need to trade for his rights.

F. Roster Eligibility

- Roster spots may be filled by filler players created by the HO that start with 30 TPE if there are not enough players in the DSFL system. These filler players will be free (pursuant to S5 rule summit change).
- Players may play a maximum of four (4) seasons in the DSFL. If a player is sent down by their NSFL team at the beginning of their fourth year of eligibility, they may be claimed by any other NSFL team as a waiver acquisition (meaning the selecting team will lose their waiver wire position and fall to the back)
- Previous years played in the DSFL before entering the NSFL count for years played, meaning a player created in S1 who is sent down in S3 will have two (2) years of experience before playing an NSFL game.
- Players may not be called up or sent down after the NSFL trade deadline.
- The maximum applied TPE a player in the DSFL can have is 250. If a player exceeds 250 TPE, they may bank the remaining balance to apply when they enter the NSFL
- A player may not play in the DSFL after they have played 14 or more games in the NSFL

G. Trades

- Once either GM has posted a trade in the transactions, that trade is accepted by said team. The other team involved in the trade must go in the thread and accept as well for it to be final.
- You may not trade draft picks more than 2 seasons ahead. This goes from off-season to off-season. So in S3, you can only trade up to S5 picks, that is until the off-season which you would now be allowed to trade S6 picks.
- Rookie DFA's acquired after the DSFL trade deadline who will be apart of the following season's DSFL Draft cannot have their rights traded.
- Players who have been recently drafted and have not been sent down to the DSFL may still have their rights traded by their DSFL team.
- If a GM or Co-GM is named from another DSFL team, said player must be traded at the earliest opportunity. If a compromise cannot be found, the league reserves the right to step in and do what is necessary to make the move fair and easy.

H. GM Vacancy

- Should a Head GM step down with no Co-GM appointed, the new Head GM will be decided by the DSFL Head Office and not the past Head GM.
- Head GM's are not required to appoint Co-GM's but it is strongly encouraged.

II - Player Rules

A. Equipment

- Each piece of equipment may be purchased one (1) time per season

B. Team Training Camp

- DSFL players may complete TTC up until the last game of the regular season. Once playoffs begin, TTC is closed.

C. Post Trade Deadline

- If a member joins between the trade deadline and the playoffs, they will be entered in 24 hour DSFL waivers just like pre trade deadline players. After the playoffs, they will be released from their team and entered into the DSFL draft.
- These players WILL NOT do TTC, PTs, Championship Week, or purchase equipment. They MAY do weekly training and activity checks.

D. Recreate TPE

- Points earned by or awarded to the previous player before the new player was created or that are unavailable to other incoming players may not be used for the recreated player.

E. Positional Eligibility

- Any player may play any position. For example, If you have a Mobile QB who is riding the bench and your team is starting an inactive WR you could move the Mobile QB instead out to WR. Players are still restricted by the attributes of their build.
- One (1) time per career a player may choose to switch positions. If a player chooses to switch to a new position they must have their GM post in the DSFL GM area that the player is officially changing positions.
- If a player chooses to switch positions they, or the team (from the teams salary cap) must pay $4,000,000 to make the switch.
- If a player changes positions they will be allowed to move 50% of their total TPE to new attributes. No attribute may go over the maximum value allowed with the new build, even if it was above it before the position switch.
- If a player needs to add or drop weight to fit the new position they may do so as much as is needed
- If a player is too short or tall for the new position they may change their height to the minimum required height (if they were too short before the switch) or the maximum allowed height (if they were too tall before the switch) for their new position archetype
- One (1) time per career a player may choose to switch archetypes. If a player chooses to switch to a new archetpe they must post in their update thread that the player is officially changing archetypes.
- If a player chooses to switch archetypes they, or the team (from the teams salary cap) must pay $4,000,000 to make the switch.
- If a player changes archetypes they will be allowed to move 50% of their total TPE to new attributes. No attribute may go over the maximum value allowed with the new archetype, even if it was above it before the position switch.
- If a player needs to add or drop weight to fit the new archetype they may do so as much as is needed
- If a player is too short or tall for the new archetype they may change their height to the minimum required height (if they were too short before the switch) or the maximum allowed height (if they were too tall before the switch) for their new archetype

F. Undrafted Players

- If a player is undrafted in the NSFL Entry Draft, they return to the DSFL as a DSFL Free Agent. They can be signed by any team on a first come-first serve basis, unless they are over 200 TPE and inactive, in which case the team must own their rights. If they are active, they may sign with the team of their choosing, and they will be eligible for the next DSFL Draft
- They are NOT considered send-downs. This means they do NOT qualify for any NSFL Point Tasks, Training, or anything that a Send-Down would normally be entitled to. They are also not DSFL Rookies. They may do DSFL weekly training and Activity Checks only, and are not eligible to do DSFL Point Tasks
- A DSFL player must enter the NSFL via draft. A player may not bypass the DSFL and sign directly to an NSFL team. A player may not declare themselves ineligible for either the DSFL or NSFL Draft (i.e. may not declare themselves Free Agents). This does not apply to players who create post-draft.

III - Playoffs

A. Rules and Format

- The top 4 teams from the regular season make the playoffs.
- First round #1 DIV 1 seed vs #2 DIV 1 seed and #1 DIV 2 seed vs #2 DIV 2 seed
- Winners of first round advance to the championship

IV - Entry Draft

A. DSFL Draft

- A traditional draft style will be conducted with regular season standings determining the draft order.
- Once a player is drafted to a team they must be signed to a contract. If they refuse to sign a contract they will not be able to play in the DSFL. Their only option is to sit out until they have a contract signed.
- If a player sits out an entire season and does not sign with the team that drafted them they may re-enter the following draft. These players may ONLY do activity checks and weekly ITC until they are under contract.

V - Player Development

A. Update Scale
- A player must follow the update scale which is as follows:

0-50 - costs 1 TPE to go up 1 point
50-70 - costs 2 TPE to go up 1 point
70-80 - costs 5 TPE to go up 1 point
80-90 - costs 10 TPE to go up 1 point
90-100 - costs 15 TPE to go up 1 point

B. Weekly TPE
- Once per week a player may claim the activity check for 2 TPE
- Once per week a player may purchase weekly training of $500,000 to earn 3 TPE OR $1,000,000 to earn 5 TPE

C. Retirement
- If a player retires after the off-season has begun (after the Championship has been awarded), that player will play one final season and the user can recreate, thus having two players in the league for the retired players final season
- If a player retires after the season has started he will finish the season on his team and be retired at the conclusion of the season.
- A user may never have more than two players in the league at the same time due to retirement and recreation. This means if a user retires and recreates he may not do so again until after their first player finishes the season
- Players have up to 72 hours after their retirement to reconsider. Should they retract their retirement, they must pay a 20% TPE penalty before being re-entered into the sim.
- The contract of the player in question will be reinstated to the team which held the rights at the time of retirement, for the same dollar value and length as before retirement

VI. Other
- No multis. If caught the multi will be deleted and the player will be subject to discipline.
- Any cheating will result in discipline based on the decision of the Head Office
- A user may change their username for the cost of $1,000,000. Please post this withdrawal in your player transactions area and tag a commissioner.
- A player may change their players name one (1) time during their career for the cost of $4,000,000. Please post this withdrawal in your player transactions area and tag a commissioner.
- A users bank account may not go below -$2,000,000. If the user can show that they have media waiting to be graded the banker may allow the account to temporarily go below but only if the media will get the user back out of negative balance.
- Players may make bets with their NSFL money, but they must post bets publicly in the bank before it takes place. The league reserves the right to deny any bet they see as an attempt to circumvent any rule.
- If a user has not signed on for 2 weeks they will be deemed inactive.

VII. Tampering
- Tampering is defined as a player or GM approaching a player under contract with another team or who's rights are owned by another team outside of the public forums, with the purpose of persuading them to join your team, request a trade, or hold out on contract negotiations.
- Doing draft scouting on a player in the upcoming draft who was claimed on waivers will not be considered tampering if the discussion is only about scouting for the draft.
- This includes any private discussion involving leaving the team with whom the player is under contract with the purpose of joining the offender’s team.
- Punishment: Will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but may include a fine, loss of draft picks, or loss of GM position.
- Tampering accusations may only be reported by the player who had been tampered with or his current GM or Co-GM

DSFL Rule Summit Additions

1 - DSFL Depth Charts will now be invisible. Only the HO and GMs of the teams will be able to see the DC of the other teams.

2- 30 TPE bots will have no salary cost

3 - Active Players cannot sit behind inactive players or bots. They must play unless sitting behind another active. This does not force people to play out of position. An active QB does not have to start at Offensive line.

4 - General Managers will each get a player they can create at the beginning of the season. They will earn a set amount of TPE and earn up to a set number of TPE. This player will be erased at the end of each season. The General Manager can create a new player each off-season. The players will start with 70 TPE and will gain 5 TPE per week.

5- The DSFL Championship game is now called the Ultimini

6- All DSFL GMs must post the salary amount for each player currently under contract for the team, and the length of that contract


The Fuller Rule - Quarterbacks CANNOT play any position except for quarterback and holder


The conferences are the now the Northern and Southern Football Conference.

Bot players cannot win awards if there are actives at their position

New DSFL players may position switch / Archetype switch for free (does not count as their one in their career) once in their DSFL rookie season.

Teams may have offensive line bots. The exact TPE and number will be determined by HO each offseason.
Sep 9 2017, 09:08 AM
deadendpath27 has gone inactive and PigSnout is not going to be able to fill the role to the best of his abilities so for the past while a job hunt inside the Yeti organization has been conducted by myself. We had one guy step up who's not exactly new to the locker room, but has made an impact around the league and will go down as the first ever offensive lineman to go first overall in an entry draft. The new GM of the Colorado Yeti has been selected and it is....


Sep 9 2017, 09:00 AM
Total Amount: $65,000,000
Season Three Spending: $65,000,000 (0m left)
Season Four Spending: $36,500,000 (29.5m left)
Season Five Spending: $26,500,000 (38.5m left)
Season Six Spending: $5,000,000 (60m left)

QB - Logan Noble (Noble)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000 + PO
Total: $6,000,000

CB - Alex Hayden (Rich)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

LB - Johnathon Saint (jparks98)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $4,000,000
Season Five: $4,000,000
Season Six: $4,000,000
Total: $14,000,000

Clauses: One butt slap per sack, One cookie per five tackles.

DE - Fuego Wozy (TheWoZy)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

Clauses: Double butt slap per interception

WR - Kendrick Hendrix (deadendpath27)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

RB - Boss Tweed (PigSnout)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $1,000,000
Season Five: $1,000,000
Season Six: $1,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

WR - D.J. Law (Law)
Season Three: $3,000,000
Total: $3,000,000

LB - Steve Austin (CampinKiller)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

K - Bojo Kicksit (Bojo)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

S - Roman Thomas (TheDangaZone) - Accepted
Season Three: $3,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

OL - Shjom Finkenlarkin (Big Country)
Season Three: $5,000,000
Total: $5,000,000

TE - Sebastian Joyce (The_King)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

OL - Antonio Sandoval (TheMemeMaestro)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

OL - Rico Rodriguez (Elhomi)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

LB - Brice Boggs (Daybe)
Season Three: $4,000,000
Season Four: $5,000,000
Season Five: $5,500,000 + MO
Total: $14,500,000

OL - Bender Rodriguez (BenderRodriguez)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

DT - Shi'terrick Marks (Armagetiton)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

DE - Bisquiteen Crocker (KalaVouna)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

S - Vash Erikson (Zeegee)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Season Five: $2,000,000
Total: $6,000,000

QB - Vincent Draxel (701)
Season Three: $3,000,000
Total: $3,000,000

QB - Nicholas Pierno (ralz9)
Season Three: $2,500,000
Season Four: $2,500,000
Season Five: $4,000,000 + MO
Total: $9,000,000

S - Mike McNoodle (TheLoopster)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

DSFL Send-Downs

OL - Daniel Robicheaux(Electraspace)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

WR - Santana Moss (Tyfeld93)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

TE - Mark Hargrove (Viktor1980)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

K - Jimmy Darkapple (TheAliensAreCumming)
Season Two: $2,000,000
Total: $2,000,000

TE - Rich Gucci (7Sports)
Season Three: $2,000,000
Season Four: $2,000,000
Total: $4,000,000

OL - Jughead Jones (GilfredTheGreat)
Season Three: $500,000
Total: $500,000

Will be updated with more contracts as they are agreed on!

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