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ralz9 let me know if you use it so I can get you a smaller size.
Jan 21 2018, 06:30 PM
Antonio Sandoval

S6 - $1,000,000

S7 - $1,000,000

S8 - $1,000,000

Jan 16 2018, 11:41 AM
Welcome to Sapp’s Season Six Mock Draft, version 2.0. Here I will discuss where I believe each prospect will land and with what team. Since we are now 6 games (at time of writing) into the season at the time of writing this, we can now predict who will be picking in what places (Thank you Wraiths // With talent ranging from the first to the last pick, GMs will have to decide on if Quantity or Quality will be a deciding factor in who gets drafted where. With some prospects making a name for themselves early on with both their play on the field and the media they write, it will be interesting to see who will be the Cream of the crop, who will be the busts, and who will be the hidden Gems of this draft class. Enjoy!

(Via Outlaws)
Round 1: 1st Overall:
Norman Bagwell || DT || Portland Pythons || + 0
Norman stays in the top spot of this mock draft by leading the DSFL in Sacks by a rookie, recording 5 sacks in just 6 games. However, He will now be drafted by the Legion who swapped spots with the Yeti after a disappointing loss in week 5. Bagwell still leads his fellow draft classmates in TPE, however they are starting to close the gap on him. The legion need a lot of help on the Defensive line as their best two players so far on the line are both toying with the idea of Retiring at the end of the season. It will be a large learning curve for Bagwell when he shows up and the Legion are hoping to be able to drag some veteran talent in to catch him up to speed much quicker. 2nd Overall:
Dwayne Aaron || WR || Portland Pythons || + 6
Making the largest leap into the first round is WR Dwayne Aaron, being selected at #2 by the Colorado Yeti. The Yeti have the worst offense in the NSFL and maybe NSFL history, scoring almost half as many points as the 2nd worst offense in the league. The main problem seems to be Nicholas Pierno, and whether this is because he is not a good quarterback, the talent around him is quite up to par, or if this a combination of both, the yeti need to find a way to turn things around and Aaron may be that guy, recording the 2nd most Receiving yards and the most TDs for rookies in the DSFL. He will almost instantly become the #1 Wide Receiver in Colorado and hopefully will jump start this offense to a competent degree. 3rd Overall:
Cordell Joshua || DE || Chicago Coyotes || + 0
Cordell Joshua stays put at #3 as he falls to the hawks, who need a little bit of help on the defensive side of the ball. Their Linebacking corps, who seemed all-pro during their first three years in the league, have now dropped off severely and the hawks better fix that fast if they want to compete again soon. He leads the DSFL in tackles for a loss and has also recorded 2 sacks and a safety in just 6 games so far. He is a force on defense, and hopes to bring that ferocity to the NSFL. 4th Overall:
(Via Outlaws)
Brian Mills || LB || Tijuana Luchadores || - 2
Brian Mills is the only player to fall in this draft yet remain in the first round of the mock draft. The prospect out of Michigan and playing with the Luchadores of Tijuana has taken the league by storm, recording 64 tackles in just 6 games so far this season, and leading the league the other rookies by a wide margin. He has also recorded a Tackle for a loss as well as 2 sacks. The legion need as many defensive players as they can grab in this class, and pairing both Bagwell and Brian Mills together will make the middle of the field a nightmare for anyone trying to run up it. 5th Overall:
Willy Nyquist || RB || San Antonio Marshals || + 0
The Liberty stay with their projected pick from the first mock draft and Take Willy Nyquist with the 5th overall pick. Willy is by far the best Running back prospect so far in the draft, leading the DSFL in Attempts, yards, and Touchdowns. His workhorse ability in the DSFL typically translates well to the NSFL, allowing the teams to use him at a rate that may tire out others much sooner. Willy has yet to find his hands though, only catching 2 balls so far this season for a total of 27 yards. Hopefully he will be able to find them by the time he makes it to the NSFL as Rove looks to be the next star QB of the league and a RB with hands will be a great addition to his arsenal. 6th Overall:
Grey Slax || WR || San Antonio Marshals || + 1
Grey Slax is the first duplicate position player off the board, following the other top WR prospect in Dwayne Aaron. Despite having a slightly more yards and a higher yards per catch average, Aaron has not been able to peel away from Defenders as easily as he did while playing for the Eagles down in Fort Myers, but this is also not Division I-AA football that we are playing in the DSFL. If he wants to continue his rise to the top of the board, he will need to gain separation from his defenders and hold onto the ball when it is thrown his way, or he might slide down like he did earlier this year in the DSFL draft. 7th Overall:
Elvin Enchant || LB || Tijuana Luchadores || + 4
Elvin has had a phenomenal year so far as a coverage Linebacker, Recording 3 pass deflections and an Interception to go along with 46 tackles and 3 sacks. The wraiths are in need of a lot of star power on the defensive side of the ball, as they have had trouble wrapping up receivers and tight ends after the catch, specifically on Dermot Lavelle’s side of the field. He has been a serviceable corner, but has not lived up to his #1 overall selection, and the wraiths do not want to whiff on this pick as well like Marcus Williams on Stefon Diggs this past Sunday. It looks like most teams have figured out their offense, and need to continue to round out their defense, so do not be surprised if you see Elvin climb a little higher on the draft boards before the season is over. 8th Overall:
Bobby Ruckus || S || Portland Pythons || + 6
Bobby Ruckus Climbed the boards fast after he absolutely shut down opponent’s wide receivers in the past 4 games and recording his first interception of the season. He is becoming more and more like Cameron Taylor and making a lot of these so-called experts look very smart for finding the not-so-hidden comparison. The otters would like an upgrade on their current safety lineup as Tegan Atwell seems to have found her place cover slot Receivers in the Otters defense. Being able to get drafted by the defending champs in both the NSFL as well as the DSFL draft must feel pretty special for Bobby and we hope he lives up to the high expectations set for him.

ROUND 2: 9th Overall:
(Via Legion)
Austin Roenick || QB || Portland Pythons || + 8
Austin Roenick is the first QB taken off the board once again in this version of the mock draft. The Wraiths acquired the pick from the Legion in a trade that landed them Philip Carter in exchange for Joseph Askins, a 4th rounder, and a player sent down to the DSFL. Austin has been very impressive so far this season, leading the rookies in Percentage of completions as well as passer rating. He also has the lowest amount of interceptions of starting QBs. The Wraiths have said they are looking for a QB of the future and Austin may be that guy, however, it will be hard to dethrone Akselson who is leading the league in passing yards so far this season. 10th Overall:
Borro Gore|| RB || Portland Pythons || + 11
The largest climb in the second round belongs to Borro Gore, who is selected by the Yeti at the 10th overall spot. He has started the year off slowly, only recording about 12 carries per game, but boy does he make them count. He has gotten into the endzone 3 times this season and hopes to continue his climb to the top of the running back leaderboards. The Yeti already have two great Running backs in Boss Tweed and S2 Rookie of the year in Darlane Farlane, but adding to the backfield will help take more pressure off of Pierno throwing the ball. 11th Overall:
Bogdan Wojcik|| DT || Tijuana Luchadores || + 9
The Hawks grab another great defensive player in the draft by selecting Bogdan Wojcik out of Robert Morris and playing with the Tijuana Luchadores. They lost Ricardo Sandoval in a trade to the Legion where he was quickly traded to the Yeti, so being able to fill up the middle would be a great way to get back to the promise land for the hawks. With only having 2 sacks and 20 tackles so far this season, the hawks are hoping that the hype coming out of Tijuana comes to fruition and Bogdan is much more than what his stats are projecting. 12th Overall:
(Via Outlaws)
Storm Woods || CB || San Antonio Marshals || - 3
Storm Woods falls a bit here to the Wraiths at 12th overall. His commitment to the league seems to have gotten people a little bit worried, but we were assured by his GM that everything is fine and he is ready to roar back in the coming weeks. The Wraiths pick up a very good player here at 12. Having 2 interceptions along with 2 pass deflections and a forced fumble really shows how well rounded this player is and may help round out the wraiths secondary. 13th Overall:
Blessed Storm || WR || Portland Pythons || + 0
The Liberty are practically dead set on selecting Blessed Storm here at the 13th pick. They believe that he is right in the middle of reaching and being considered a steal in this draft. His stats have fallen quite a bit since the last mock draft, where he was ranked #5 in receiving yards, which he has now fallen to #10 in just 4 games, and is still without a touchdown on the season. Despite all this, the Liberty are sure they can tap into his potential and guide him right once he gets to the league as they are happy with his size compared to others in this league. 14th Overall:
(Via Sabercats)
Arbin Asipi Jr. || QB || Tijuana Luchadores || - 2
Arbin Asipi Jr. is having a really rough go of it in the DSFL so far this season. He has 2 more interceptions than touchdowns, he has the least passing yards by over 200 yards and he has the second worst completion rate among starters. At this point, it might be best if he switched positions as he is really struggling to find his receivers and is leaning quite heavily on the least efficient rushing game in the DSFL. Something needs to change in Tijuana if Arbin wants to see his name called in the second round, let alone at all in this draft. 15th Overall:
(Via Wraiths)
Borkus Maximus III || QB || Chicago Coyotes || - 5
At 15, the legion select Borkus Maximus III with a pick they just received in a trade form the Yellowknife Wraiths. Borkus is probably the 2nd best QB in this draft class but falls just beyond Arbin Asipi Jr. due to the fit that each player brings to the teams. The Legion are very happy with the decision the Outlaws made as they get their guy a pick later. He has done very well maintaining the game and has come up big late in close games. The Legion are hoping to groom Mr. Maximus behind Legion Legend Logan Noble before he is ready to take the reins, but the league should be on watch for when he steps onto the gridiron. 16th Overall:
Rob Anderson || LB || San Antonio Marshals || + 9
The third Linebacker of the draft goes at the end of the second round to the Orange County Otters. Rob has recorded 4 sacks so far, tied for first among rookie prospects, and has also recorded a respectable 31 tackles this season. Although he did climb 9 spots between mock drafts, he is about where he should be projected, and a team found him that he should fit into well schematically. If he continues to improve, look for him to keep sliding his way to the top of the second round.

ROUND 3: 17th Overall:
Lil Bot || RB || Tijuana Luchadores || - 11
Lil Bot has fallen quite a bit, in fact, this is tied for the 2nd largest fall of any prospect in this draft. Part of this is due to less activity recently that has scared some GMs away, another part is his position which is a very tricky one to get right in the league, and also his personality, which will only fit with certain teams. With all of that in mind, we see him falling to the legion at 17. He has had a very mediocre start to the season, only averaging 3 yards on 94 carries, but hopes to bump that up to increase his draft stock in the coming weeks. 18th Overall:
Glenn McPoyal || TE || Portland Pythons || - 14
The Yeti Select Glenn McPoyal here at #18, making it the third TE on their depth chart. 1 season after drafting Carlito Crush at #1 overall, are they ready to move on? There have been talks of position changes and how the players fit into their lineup better, but the yeti are banking on Best player available at this point, which Glenn, if he continues his activity, would be an absolute steal at 18. Expect him to move back up draft boards after the next few games. 19th Overall:
Poopyface Tomatonose || TE || Chicago Coyotes || + 8
The 2nd Tight End off the board, and the 2nd consecutive one as well. Poopyface Tomatonose, a name you would most likely hear on a Key and Peele skit, has really been struggling of late, but finds a home with the Baltimore hawks at the 19th pick. The hawks have lived by putting bulky wide receivers in at the tight end position, but here they go with a full-fledged TE. His blocking ability will allow their running game to get going even more and he will help Blocksdale in the passing game by having those short-intermediate routes to bump up Blocksdale’s completion percentage. He seems to be the best fit for the hawks at this point in the draft. 20th Overall:
(Via Outlaws)
Micycle McCormick || K || Chicago Coyotes || + 13
The Yeti traded for a kicker at the beginning of the season and ended up with Peg Leg, who has been perfect on FGs and has only missed 1 extra point so far this season. However, they may be looking to having a kicking competition come training camp next season. I believe they can work it out for both players having split duties, but Peg Leg better watch out as Micycle is coming up quick. 21st Overall:
(Via Liberty)
Jack Dwyer || LB || Chicago Coyotes || - 5
Jack Dwyer was passed over at 16 in favor of Rob Anderson, and he will definitely have a chip on his shoulder for that. Jack has produced slightly more than Anderson in almost every category, but teams are unsure of how he will continue to progress going into the future. He definitely has the potential to make it in the big leagues, but he will have to bump those numbers up if he wants to regain that respect from the GMs. 22nd Overall:
(Via Sabercats)
Vernon Collins || DE || Portland Pythons || + 1
The Wraiths add another defensive weapon in Vernon Collins at the #22 pick in the draft. They need to fill the hole the Bork is leaving them after he plans on retiring at the end of the year. Collins is the 2nd leading rookie in tackles for a loss and is quickly making a name for himself around the DSFL. 23rd Overall:
(Via Wraiths)
Robby Rainey || RB || Chicago Coyotes || + 8
The outlaws need a running back to fill in for mackworthy who seems to have dipped in production the last few years. Robby Rainey may be a late round pick, but he can definitely be a difference maker in the right system. The outlaws are in some sort of limbo right now of both going for the playoffs and building for the future, and somehow I believe that Rainey can fit into either situation and produce how the outlaws need him to. Great late round pick up. 24th Overall:
(Via Otters)
None Forfeit || K || Tijuana Luchadores || - 9
With the 24th pick in the draft, the Legion select None Forfeit who has been kicking field goals the past couple of years in the National Home School Football League. He did drop quite a bit in this draft, but rest assured, it was only because he needed to find the right fit. Most team are happy with the kickers they have at this point, but the legion may need to fill in. Gooney will be retiring after this year and we are unsure of Bojo’s future with the team as he has already missed 2 extra points this season and may already be on the backend of his career. Regardless, Forfeit will find a home in the NSFL and hopefully become a Grade-A Kicker in the near future.

The fourth and fifth rounds of this draft are still a toss up and people could go literally anywhere. If your activity bumps up, you will no doubt move into the top 3 rounds. 25th Overall:
Carter Bush || RB || San Antonio Marshals || - 6 26th Overall:
(Via Yeti)
Antonio Legion || WR || Tijuana Luchadores || - 2 27th Overall:
Mike Vick || QB || San Antonio Marshals || + 3 28th Overall:
(Via Outlaws)
Egan Winter || CB || Portland Pythons || - 6 29th Overall:
(Via Liberty)
Jerry Ricecake || WR || Chicago Coyotes || - 11 30th Overall:
(Via Sabercats)
Tor Tuck || TE || Chicago Coyotes || - 2 31st overall:
(Via Wraiths)
Clown Baby || TE || Tijuana Luchadores || + 5 32nd Overall:
Emanuel Bryant || WR || N/A || color=red]- 3[/color]

ROUND 5: 33rd Overall:
Gustav Rodriguez || DT || Chicago Coyotes || - 7 34th Overall:
Deez Nuts || DT || Chicago Coyotes || + 0 35th Overall:
Wendell Blye || DE || Chicago Coyotes || - 3 36th Overall:
Manson Killer || CB || Tijuana Luchadores || - 1 37th Overall:
Mantis Toboggan || QB || Tijuana Luchadores || + 0 38th Overall:
Max Dalton || QB || N/A || + 0

words: 3,350

Jan 8 2018, 05:02 PM
Welcome to Sapp’s Season Six Mock Draft, version 1.0. Here I will discuss where I believe each prospect will land and with what team. With talent ranging from the first to the last pick, GMs will have to decide on if Quantity or Quality will be a deciding factor in who gets drafted where. With some prospects making a name for themselves early on with both their play on the field and the media they write, it will be interesting to see who will be the Cream of the crop, who will be the busts, and who will be the hidden Gems of this draft class. Enjoy!

Round 1: 1st Overall:
Norman Bagwell || DT || Portland Pythons
Norman is the clear leader in TPE so far this year and has produced 2 sacks and 7 tackles in 2 games played. Adding Norman to the Yeti will give them one of the best defensive lines in the league, joining the Sandoval brothers in their quest to dominate the line. Norman did pull a similar stunt as Andre Bly Jr. did when he entered the DSFL, and there may be a link between the two players, which may have pull with the GMs to keep their former #2 overall pick happy and to stick with the Yeti come free agency. 2nd Overall:
Brian Mills || LB || Tijuana Luchadores
Brian Mills is close Behind Bagwell in TPE and has performed very well so far this year, racking up 2 sacks along with 13 tackles. The legion need a lot of help, so going with a High TPE gainer is the right move here. Once the can settle on a competent defense, their offense will round itself out and they should be competing for the playoffs in no time at all. 3rd Overall:
Cordell Joshua || DE || Chicago Coyotes
The hawks take a bit of a stretch here hoping that he pays out in the long run as he has yet to prove himself on the field yet. The Hawks are known for their already great defense, and adding a nice pass rusher in Joshua, they will be extremely scary going into the 6th season of the NSFL. 4th Overall:
Glenn Mcpoyal || TE || Portland Pythons
The first Offensive player off the board, just like in the S5 draft, is a TE. Glenn has had a rough go of things, only racking up 4 catches and recording 2 pancakes in his two games played so far this season. The Sabercats are always looking for offensive talent to help their already decent defense, and Glenn may be the final piece needed to vault them into the playoffs. 5th Overall:
Willy Nyquist || RB || San Antonio Marshals
Willy Nyquist is the first of many running backs coming off the board and for good reason. He is currently leading the DSFL in rushing yards as well as tied for first in rushing TDs. Maybe he isn’t the most efficient back in the draft, but he has definitely put in work. He will have to work on his blocking as he has had trouble picking up blitzes, but should help the Liberty who have had trouble finding and retaining good Running backs over the past 3 years. 6th Overall: (Via Outlaws)
Lil Bot || RB || Tijuana Luchadores
The Second Running back off the board is a relative of the all famous big Bot, and the Legion hope they score again with this pick. They do have the current leading rusher in Ardie Savea, but they are in desperate times and will need to grab the best player available, which they do with Lil Bot. 7th overall:
Grey Slax || WR || San Antonio Marshals
The wraiths, two years removed from losing Josh Garden in Free Agency, need to get Akelsen some help. While Kennedy and Cook have been very good this year, Gosh Jarden, famously changing his name when he replaced Josh garden as the number 1 wide receiver in Yellowknife, has been atrocious this year, only catching 6 passes for 66 yards in 2 games. For a team that passes as much as they do, he may turn out to be a bust and might want to switch back to quarterback to save his career. 8th Overall:
Aaron Dwayne || WR || Portland Pythons
Another Wide Receiver comes off the board at 8 and the otters keep bolstering their offense with amazing talent. Dwayne is currently the 3rd leading receiver in the DSFL and has 2 touchdowns so far in his two games played. He will line up as the otters #3 wide receiver, and be looking at creating the best receiving trio, and maybe quad if you include O’Sullivan, in the league.

Round 2: 9th Overall:
Storm Woods || CB || San Antonio Marshals
With the first pick of the second round, the Yeti take Storm Woods. They had just acquired Andre Bly Jr. and Michael Tillman in the season 5 draft, and will need bolster their secondary once again with the retirement of Brice Boggs. The Yeti Still struggle offensively, but they are trying to Trust the Process. 10th Overall: (Via Legion)
Borkus Maximus III || QB || Chicago Coyotes
The wraiths make a very suprising pick here, but there seems to be talks between them and the Las Vegas Legion about acquiring this pick so that Maximus III can be groomed behind Logan Noble before he is ready to take the reins. Regardless, Bork will hope to continue his fine play into the NSFL hopefully after he wins the Ultimini in his first season in the DSFL. 11th Overall:
Elvin Enchant || LB || Tijuana Luchadores
Elvin Enchant has fallen a bit over the past couple of weeks, but still stands firm in the second round. The hawks grab a player that fills their only other need on defense, and will be very scary for any team trying to score on them next year. He may be up for the Defensive MVP award if he boost his numbers a bit, but he has already recorded 15 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 interception over his 2 games. 12th Overall: (Via Sabercats)
Arbin Asipi Jr. || QB || Tijuana Luchadores
With King Bronko reaching his prime very soon, it looks like the Outlaws will start to groom someone behind him, and that person will be Arbin Asipi Jr. His father, who was a Defensive Tackle converted from Offensive line, and a mediocre at best career, and was carried by his team to three ultimus trophies. His father planned on retiring at the end of this year because he did not want to hurt his son when he entered the league. However, there have been talks that Sr. may take on a coaching position if it is offered to him at the end of the season. 13th Overall:
Blessed Storm || WR || Portland Pythons
Blessed Storm just dropped a huge update that vaulted him from the lower rounds and he was already #5 in receiving yards before the update, and will hopefully continue to climb as he progresses through the season. 14th Overall: (Via Outlaws)
Bobby Ruckus || S || Portland Pythons
Bobby Ruckus has had many comparisons but the most true one would have to be Cameron Taylor, the #4 pick from the NSFL season 5 draft. Both have done great at bending-not-breaking on the defensive side of the ball and containing wide receivers as they streak down the field. He has yet to record an interception but that will hopefully change as the season goes on. 15th Overall:
None Forfeit || K || Tijuana Luchadores
Not quite a first round pick like Dean Jackson, but the wraiths need help in the kicking game and Forfeit is here to help. So far he is a perfect 3/3 on both extra points as well as Field goals, but has yet to attempt one over 34 yards. With just 2 kickers in this draft, he will have to outduel McCormick as the best kicker, or he may see his draft stock fall harshly. 16th Overall:
Jack Dwyer || LB || Chicago Coyotes
With the last pick in the season 6 NSFL draft, the otters pick Jack Dwyer, Line backer from the Chicago Coyotes. This is definitely a reach for them, but may be the piece needed to finally solidify that defense. If Jack continues to produce stats and update every week, he will definitely hear his name called on draft night.

Round 3: 17th Overall:
Austin Roenick || QB || Portland Pythons
The 3rd QB and second consectuve one picked falls to the 3rd round and the Yeti. With Pierno Struggling lately, they may want to bring someone in to light a fire under him. both QBs are able to position change, so only 1 will be stay at QB while the other finds a complementary position. I believe Austin has the most potential in this draft as a QB. He has shown his athletic ability and may be in for a position switch, but has all the tools necessary to become a top tier QB in this league. 18th Overall:
Jerry Ricecake || WR || Chicago Coyotes
The Legion take a WR to help out Maximus in the passing attack. Jerry is one of the better WRs in the DSFL, ranking 4th in both Receiving yards and Receptions. Hopefully he finds the endzone soon to pump those rookie numbers up. 19th Overall:
Carter Bush || RB || San Antonio Marshals
Carter Bush has dropped off recently and that is why we see him fall to #19 in the draft. Every team can always use a good running back now and then, and Bush can definitely bee that guy for the hawks. He will have some serious competition, but will be a nice pick up so late in the draft. 20th Overall: (Via Sabercats)
Bogdan Wojcik || DT || Tijuana Luchadores
The wraiths secure another defensive lineman as they did with Medved last year. He hasn’t quite panned out the way that they had hoped, so hopefully Bogdan can fill the hole left by Bjornsson as he retires at the end of the season. 21st Overall: (Via Liberty)*
Borro Gore || RB || Chicago Coyotes
Borro Gore will fill in nicely behind Mackworthy as the number 2 guy in Arizona. Mackworthy has been declining however, so Borro may hear his number called sooner rather than later. With the permanent suspension of Jaxon Tuck, The outlaws will definitely need to find an answer for the future, and Borro can be that guy. 22nd Overall: (Via Outlaws)
Egan Winter || CB || Portland Pythons
The Yeti take another Defensive back here as the best player remaining at this point. Hoping that at least one of their draft picks pans out, or they may switch him to safety to fully round out their young but optimistic secondary. With just 8 tackles and 1 pass deflection so far, the Yeti hope that he sticks to this draft position as he may be a steal when looking back a few seasons from now. 23rd Overall: *
Vernon Collins || DE || Portland Pythons
The Wraiths again add to their defensive line as they take the best player remaining in the draft, however, there is some legal wording with this pick as they are able to trade this pick with the Outlaws for the better pick. For now, it will remain the Wraiths, in which they will create a young, yet strong defensive line that will be a force in a couple seasons time. 24th Overall: (Via Otters)
Antonio Legion || WR || Tijuana Luchadores
At the end of the third round, the legion select the first of their 3 consecutive picks, and they take Antonio Legion, Wide Receiver from the Tijuana Luchadores. There has been some linkage between him and the former GM of the legion, who is blacklisted by some of the community, which may be the reason for the steep fall in draft stock. However, the former GMs interests have always been for the betterment of the Legion, and may have a say in where Antonio may land.

For Rounds 4 and 5, I did not add any comments for individual players as things could change quickly depending on activity level and other outside forces.

Round 4: 25th Overall: (Via Yeti) Rob Anderson || LB || San Antonio Marshals 26th Overall: Gustav Rodriguez || DT || Chicago Coyotes 27th Overall: Poopyface Tomatonose || TE || Chicago Coyotes 28th Overall: (Via Sabercats) Tor Tuck || TE || Chicago Coyotes 29th Overall: (Via Liberty) Emmanuel Bryant || WR || N/A 30th Overall: (Via Outlaws) Mike Vick || QB || N/A 31st Overall: (Via Wraiths) Robby Rainey || RB || Chicago Coyotes 32nd Overall: Wendell Blye || DE || Chicago Coyotes

Round 5: 33rd Overall: Micycle McCormick || K || Chicago Coyotes 34th Overall: Deez Nuts || DT || Chicago Coyotes 35th Overall: Manson Killer || CB || Tijuana Luchadores 36th Overall: Clown baby || TE || Tijuana Luchadores 37th Overall: Mantis Toboggan || QB || Tijuana Luchadores 38th Overall: Max Dalton || QB || N/A

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Jan 4 2018, 05:52 PM
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J.J. Reigns - WR

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Thomas Mango - RB

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