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Apr 20 2018, 04:48 AM
Sorry if I'm stepping on your toes, To12143, or if I missed something. I wanted to get these up so people could do them.


Week 3 (4/20)
:yeti: @ :otters:
:secondline: @ :wraiths:
:sabercats: @ :hawks:
:liberty: @ :outlaws:

Week 4 (4/20)
:sabercats: @ :yeti:
:hawks: @ :liberty:
:wraiths: @ :secondline:
:otters: @ :outlaws:

Just pick the winner.

You will receive 0.5 TPE for each correct prediction.

NOTE: Half TPE always round up. 0.5 becomes 1, 1.5 becomes 2 and so on. An even TPE will stay the same.

Deadline: 15 minutes before start of sim.
Apr 12 2018, 12:46 PM
TPE Earned: 5

Speed: 72 + 5 TPE = 73
Apr 12 2018, 12:46 PM
Username: 124715
First Name: Richard
Last Name: D'Attoria
Position: S
College: Northwestern
Birthdate: 1.19.1997
Handedness: L
Recruited By: GM player
Jersey Number: 24
Height (ft.): 6'3"
Weight (lbs.): 230lbs
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Player Archetype: Run Support (Eg. Kam Chancellor, Malcolm Jenkins)

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 0
(MAX: 80) Strength: 67
(MAX: 90) Agility: 60
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 75) Intelligence: 46
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 85) Tackling: 60
(MAX: 85) Speed: 73
(MAX: 70) Hands: 45
(MAX: 25) Pass Blocking: 1
(MAX: 25) Run Blocking: 1
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 65
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
Mar 28 2018, 08:23 AM
I play more time at TE than at slot WR.

Please don't say my stats are inflated because I'm a slot WR. That is factually untrue and a slight to all the time I've put into this league.

My stats are inflated because I have hundreds more TPE than the next highest TE.

Have a good day.
Mar 19 2018, 05:53 PM
Hello and welcome to the NSFL S6 Redraft! This will start at 9 PM with the Seattle Huskies slated to pick first overall. Who will they pick? Do they select the NSFL's most talented player, in Boss Tweed, or a defensive cornerstone such as Angus Winchester or Dermot Lavelle? Find out right here at 9 PM EST!

In case you missed the GMs:

Seattle Huskies: Rindiee
Brooklyn SFC: iamslm22
Saskatoon Nobles: bovovovo
Las Vegas Aces: AdamS
Ugandan Warriors: SwagSloth
Nicaragua Knights: Alfredo_Pasta
Detroit After Dark: nunccoepi
Seoul K-Poppers: DeathOnReddit

In case you missed the draft order:

Pick 1(Seattle Huskies): QB Mat Akselsen
Pick 2(Brooklyn SFC): QB Avon Blocksdale
Pick 3(Saskatoon Nobles): QB Mike Boss
Pick 4(Las Vegas Aces): QB King Bronko
Pick 5(Ugandan Warriors): QB Tyler Oles
Pick 6(Nicaragua Knights): QB Chris Orosz
Pick 7(Detroit After Dark): LB Angus Winchester
Pick 8(Seoul K-Poppers): RB Boss Tweed
Pick 9(Seoul K-Poppers): WR Bradley Westfield
Pick 10(Detroit After Dark): RB Eric Kennedy
Pick 11(Nicaragua Knights): WR Dustin Evans
Pick 12(Ugandan Warriors): CB Dermot Lavelle
Pick 13(Las Vegas Aces): WR Trey Willie
Pick 14(Saskatoon Nobles): RB Owen Taylor
Pick 15(Brooklyn SFC): LB Johnathon Saint
Pick 16(Seattle Huskies): WR Bailey Cook
Pick 17(Seattle Huskies): DE Kurt Hendrix
Pick 18(Brooklyn SFC): DT Eli Kamaka
Pick 19(Saskatoon Nobles): RB Darren Smallwood
Pick 20(Las Vegas Aces): RB Jordan Yates
Pick 21(Ugandan Warriors): WR Mayran Jackson
Pick 22(Nicaragua Knights): TE Paul DiMirio
Pick 23(Detroit After Dark): QB Logan Noble
Pick 24(Seoul K-Poppers): WR Josh Garden
Pick 25(Seoul K-Poppers): WR Fox North
Pick 26(Detroit After Dark): WR Shane Weston
Pick 27(Nicaragua Knights): CB Antoine Delacour
Pick 28(Ugandan Warriors): DE Jayce Tuck
Pick 29(Las Vegas Aces): DT Dan Miller
Pick 30(Saskatoon Nobles): DT Greg Clegane
Pick 31(Brooklyn SFC): LB Micah Hendrix
Pick 32(Seattle Huskies): CB Marc Spector
Pick 33(Seattle Huskies): LB Vincent Sharpei
Pick 34(Brooklyn SFC): S Ian Bavitz
Pick 35(Saskatoon Nobles): DT Joseph Askins
Pick 36(Las Vegas Aces): DE Fuego Wozy
Pick 37(Ugandan Warriors): WR Alexandre LeClair
Pick 38(Nicaragua Knights): S Vikian Marmaledov
Pick 39(Detroit After Dark): CB Benson Bayley
Pick 40(Seoul K-Poppers): K/P Turk Turkleton
Pick 41(Seoul K-Poppers): WR Robert Phelps
Pick 42(Detroit After Dark): CB Kevin Cushing
Pick 43(Nicaragua Knights): DE Ricky Maddox
Pick 44(Ugandan Warriors): CB Andre Bly Jr
Pick 45(Las Vegas Aces): RB Reg Mackworthy
Pick 46(Saskatoon Nobles): S Clee Hardrool
Pick 47(Brooklyn SFC): WR Charlie Law
Pick 48(Seattle Huskies): WR Budda Browning
Pick 49(Seattle Huskies): CB John Canton
Pick 50(Brooklyn SFC): TE Carlito Crush
Pick 51(Saskatoon Nobles): WR Charles Arthur Chess
Pick 52(Las Vegas Aces): DT Godfrey King
Pick 53(Ugandan Warriors): LB Jaylon Lee
Pick 54(Nicaragua Knights): RB Ardie Savea
Pick 55(Detroit After Dark): LB AC Hackett
Pick 56(Seoul K-Poppers): CB Philippe Carter
Pick 57(Seoul K-Poppers): CB Darnell Turner
Pick 58(Detroit After Dark): WR Dwayne Aaron
Pick 59(Nicaragua Knights): WR (none) Stormblessed
Pick 60(Ugandan Warriors): S Ja Brill
Pick 61(Las Vegas Aces): LB Julian O'Sullivan
Pick 62(Saskatoon Nobles): S Ryan Flock
Pick 63(Brooklyn SFC): RB Damien Kroetch
Pick 64(Seattle Huskies): S Vincent Valentine
Pick 65(Seattle Huskies): CB Clifford Rove
Pick 66(Brooklyn SFC): DT Ryan Sierra
Pick 67(Saskatoon Nobles): DT Ricardo Sandoval
Pick 68(Las Vegas Aces): S Cameron Taylor
Pick 69(Ugandan Warriors): DE Antonio Sandoval
Pick 70(Nicaragua Knights): LB Harrif Ernston
Pick 71(Detroit After Dark): S Blackford Oakes
Pick 72(Seoul K-Poppers): LB Wallace Stone
Pick 73(Seoul K-Poppers): S Alex Hansen
Pick 74(Detroit After Dark): TE Poopyface Tomatonose
Pick 75(Nicaragua Knights): CB Gregory Fletcher
Pick 76(Ugandan Warriors): TE Franklin Harris Jr
Pick 77(Las Vegas Aces): S Darren Morris
Pick 78(Saskatoon Nobles): CB Alex Hayden
Pick 79(Brooklyn SFC): CB Terrell Brister
Pick 80(Seattle Huskies): DE George Wright Jr
Pick 81(Seattle Huskies): LB Haruki Ishigawa
Pick 82(Brooklyn SFC): CB Tegan Atwell
Pick 83(Saskatoon Nobles): S Dominic Verns
Pick 84(Las Vegas Aces): CB Johnathan King
Pick 85(Ugandan Warriors): LB Noah Goodson
Pick 86(Nicaragua Knights): LB Luke Tiernan
Pick 87(Detroit After Dark): DE Chibudem Okonkwo
Pick 88(Seoul K-Poppers): S Marcus Kane
Pick 89(Seoul K-Poppers): LB Stephen Harrison
Pick 90(Detroit After Dark): DT Calkewlated Chambers III
Pick 91(Nicaragua Knights): DT Mark Ramrio
Pick 92(Ugandan Warriors): LB Brian Mills
Pick 93(Las Vegas Aces): TE Glenn McPoyal
Pick 94(Saskatoon Nobles): LB Perry Tucker
Pick 95(Brooklyn SFC): RB Bubba Nuck
Pick 96(Seattle Huskies): K/P Dean Jackson
Pick 97(Seattle Huskies): RB Robby Rainey
Pick 98(Brooklyn SFC): S Michael Tillman
Pick 99(Saskatoon Nobles): S Jogn Floggity
Pick 100(Las Vegas Aces): CB Samuel Zhang
Pick 101(Ugandan Warriors): S Allen Davis
Pick 102(Nicaragua Knights): WR Kendrick Hendrix
Pick 103(Detroit After Dark): K/P Iyah Blewitt
Pick 104(Seoul K-Poppers): LB Austin Roenick
Pick 105(Seoul K-Poppers): DE Arbin Asipi Jr
Pick 106(Detroit After Dark): DE Drew Davidson
Pick 107(Nicaragua Knights): DT Erasmo Broadway
Pick 108(Ugandan Warriors): DE Cordell Joshua
Pick 109(Las Vegas Aces): DE Andreas Waiters
Pick 110(Saskatoon Nobles): LB William Ridley
Pick 111(Brooklyn SFC): WR John Wachter
Pick 112(Seattle Huskies): TE Steven O'Sullivan
Pick 113(Seattle Huskies): LB Elvin Enchant
Pick 114(Brooklyn SFC): QB Borkus Maximus III
Pick 115(Saskatoon Nobles): WR Fresh Booter
Pick 116(Las Vegas Aces): WR Howard Miller
Pick 117(Ugandan Warriors): DE Norman Bagwell
Pick 118(Nicaragua Knights): LB Rob Anderson
Pick 119(Detroit After Dark): S Scrub Kyubee
Pick 120(Seoul K-Poppers): QB Nicholas Pierno

There you have it! Starting right here, it's the NSFL S6 Redraft!
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