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Oct 22 2017, 05:45 PM
Keyg_an and I are very happy to announce a massive signing and trade for the Legion while also continuing in our goal to sign as many SHL friends as possible.

First enigmatic

Phillipe Carter (CB)
S4: $2,000,000
S5: $2,000,000 (Player option)

And a trade with the Wraiths for incitehysteria

Legion receive:

Wyatt Fulton (LB)

Wraiths receive:

S4 $3M cap space
S5 $3M cap space (provided Fulton opts in to player option)
Oct 16 2017, 03:05 PM
I'm proud to announce the new Co-GM of the Legion as someone who has already made a huge impact on the performance of the team both as a player and in strategies etc.

Keyg_an time to turn this team around

Thank you for the interest from others who were interested in this position. I felt it was right to reward a guy who had already shown he wants to put in the work to help this team win, but some applications didn't make the decision easy.
Oct 13 2017, 03:18 PM
Kyle Cobb (RB)
S4: $500,000

Jack Stats (RB)
S4: $500,000

Gabriel Tenzini (TE)
S4: $500,000

Rolf Larsendorf (TE/FB)
S4: $500,000

Sagittariut Jefferspin (OL)
S4: $500,000

Tim Tebow (OL)
S4: $500,000

Brandon Walsh (K)
S4: $500,000

Vinz Lockkeu (DE)
S4: $500,000

Ash Saginaw (DT)
S4: $500,000

Brady Stropko (LB)
S4: $500,000

Sinjin Flimjollywop (LB)
S4: $500,000

Stanislaw Maddox (CB)
S4: $500,000

Leon Morgan (CB)
S4: $500,000

Tyler Grant (CB)
S4: $500,000

Devin Speed (S)
S4: $500,000
Oct 4 2017, 06:33 PM
Very excited to extend same key players on both sides of the ball after our first win in a long time!

Alexandre LeClair @Zoone
S4: $4,500,000
S5: $5,500,000*

* Player option

Vinny Cox Gooney
S4: $4,000,000
S5: $4,000,000
S6: $4,000,000

Timote Shoate LT21
S4: $4,000,000
S5: $1,000,000

Jordan Weal samee
S4: $4,000,000
S5: $1,000,000
S6: $1,000,000
Sep 9 2017, 04:07 PM
Vinz Lockkeu (DE)
S3: $500,000

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