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Jul 14 2018, 01:04 AM

Tana Keïta, former linebacker for the Ohio State university has been working out at the Luchadores DSFL facilities in Tijuana as reported by multiple sources.
Keïta played four seasons for the Buckeyes before declaring for the EFL S5 draft. He went undrafted due to a perceived lack of commitment to the sport and was picked up as an UDFA by the San Antonio Wolfpack although he never saw the field for the side. The Wolfpack released him before the S6 season and he hasn’t played professional football since.
He completed a degree in criminal justice while attending Ohio State and it has been revealed he has been working as a police officer in his hometown of Cleveland since bombing out of the EFL and professional football.

Coming out of Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Keïta was a five star recruit. He became a part of a revered defense at Ohio State where in his four years he played alongside players such as the Bosa brothers, Denzel Ward, Marshon Lattimore, Malik Hooker and most importantly Ryan Shazier who he lined up beside as MLB.
Keïta had 95 and 92 solo tackles in his sophomore and junior years respectively before he lead the country in tackles with 114 in his senior year. Add three sacks, 12 tackles for a loss, and five pass deflections to that in his senior year and it’s hard to see how he was not seen as a top prospect in the EFL draft.

If these sightings of Keïta in Tijuana mean anything what can we expect from the EFL dropout in the DSFL? Does this mean he is looking to be claimed on waivers by the Mexican team as they make a push to repeat their Ultimini success this season? Will he declare for the S10 DSFL draft? Will he still be looking to play linebacker as he had done in the past?
We will answer these questions for you as more information becomes available.

I’ve been Poppy Harlow for PewNews. Thank you
337 words
Jul 7 2018, 01:19 AM
S2 Prospect Game Champion Pomona Mongoose
Where are they now?

Back in my day we didn’t have fancy DSFL with drafts and bot teams and all this extra nonsense. We had two prospect teams and you got put on one team and you lived with it. The team I got randomly assigned to was the Pomona Mongoose(s/Mongeese). Is the plural of mongoose mongeese or mongooses? This is the subject of many a debate back in S2. We will leave it up to you to decide.
Naturally after being randomly assigned to a team no one else in the league cared about, myself and a few others went full on Pomona fans as if this was the team we had grown up supporting. The baddies of this story or the other team players were randomly assigned to were the Flint Sun Tropics. No one likes the Sun Tropics, I’ll try to avoid talking about them as much as possible.
There were 4 prospect games played which involved a lot of punts and not much action. Also we had PBP’s and had to wait for each post to see what happened drive by drive none of this fancy streaming and coloured dots and what not. God you don’t know how good you’ve got it you young bloods. Back in my day we had to deal with so much more than you. Did you see how well that draft was presented last night? We never had anything like that in S2. Anyway, after these games the teams were tied at 2 wins a piece so a final championship game was to be played. Obviously the Pomona Mongooses won the championship and that’s why they are so widely known and celebrated within the NSFL. Let’s take a look at that championship team and what become of the players careers after being drafted.

Team 2
QB: Shawn Brady
RB: Darlane Farlane
RB: Ardie Savea
WR: Matthew Vincent
WR: Johnny Rocket
WR: John Baker
TE: Paul DiMirio
TE: Perry Tucker
OL: Braden Sharp
OL: Tim Pest
OL: Alonzo Charles
OL: Tyron Smith
OL: Brokk Lee
DE: Chidubem Okonkwo
DE: Owen Taylor
DT : Joshua Ortega
DT : Bork Björnsson
LB: Bert Macklin
LB: Kevin Cushing
CB : Dermot Lavelle
CB : Dwayne Barton
CB: Kristoffer O'Sullivan
S: Allen Davis
S: James Lillico
P: Jayce Jerek
K: Rashad Tarkenton

A quick look at the team reveals not much. Recognise many of those names?

Our QB was Shawn Brady. He was drafted to the Liberty with a seventh round pick to be Philly's QB of the future, but he went inactive and spent his career in the DSFL, winning a QB of the year award with the Kansas City Coyotes before retiring.

A backfield of Ardie Savea and Darlane Farlane made for a real thunder and lightning duo. These two backs fed off each other and had a great friendship off the field. Darlane went on to win OROY as Baltimore Hawks workhorse RB before ultimately going inactive (I miss you) while Ardie Savea went on to years of mediocrity at Las Vegas/New Orleans before switching to TE to make room for a real RB; Darren Smallwood (who didn’t even play in the prospect games)

Matthew Vincent wasn’t the primary receiver but once in the NSFL he showed he was the receiver with the most talent. He had a brief career with the Baltimore Hawks before retiring and becoming GM of the Colorado Yeti. Both other WRs stayed active for a short while after the draft, going over 50 TPE, although neither had much NSFL success, unlike Vincent.

Two premier Tight Ends helped the Mongeese win in both the running and the passing game. Back then Paul DiMirio actually played TE instead of slot receiver lol. Perry Tucker was drafted to the Liberty on the premise that he would switch to LB. Paul DiMirio also contributed from the TE position, before being drafted to the Liberty. Both TEs are still in the league.

Offensive line was the make or break factor back when we didn’t have bots to fill these positions and Pomona had a pretty decent one. In the NOLA locker room we counted 3 Er multis so I mean that’s a good start for a championship winning team.

You win football games at the point of attack. Our defensive line was even better than the offensive side with guys like Owen Taylor and Bork Bjornsson who was good for at least one sack every game. Also quiet performer Chidubem Okonkwoco who was drafted in the sixth round (43rd overall) by San Jose.
Owen Taylor continued the tradition of Pomona players heading to the Hawks where he eventually switched to RB while Bork was drafted by Yellowknife to have a great career before it was cut short.

Kevin Cushing joined the team for the final game where the beginning of his career was defined by an argument with teammate Ardie Savea on the sidelines. This affected draft stocks in the upcoming draft and ironically these players ended up being picked one after another at 13 and 14. Both players eventually put their blow out down to their individual competitiveness and become friends. Cushing played as a line backer for a few years at the Wraiths before switching to corner. He then moved to Philly in free agency. Cushing is perhaps best known for being a full season behind other players with a LOT more TPE.

Dermot Lavelle was on the team but we didn’t see much of him as he was too busy tearing it up with the Wraiths in the NSFL and being an entire season of TPE ahead of the rest of us. The corruption begun before he was commissioner :eyes:
Obviously he was then drafted first overall in the S2 draft.

So in conclusion; The Pomona Mongooses where are they now? Either retired, inactive or fading into shells of their former selves as regression hits.
Was this all a waste of time? Probably.
Maybe one day the Pomona Mongeese will return as a DSFL rebrand or something of the like. Until that day they live on in our hearts as prospect game champions.

1029 words, give some to Numbers who helped with some of the things I'd forgotten about
Jun 18 2018, 06:13 PM
Dear PT people


(Im kidding, I love a lot of guys on this site)

I’m fucking tired of the shit I get from the PT people

I did not want to call out names in this post. I fact I probably wasn’t even going to make this post until today.

Leafer why do you always have to give me shit? It seems like you go out of your way to talk down on me and our team. It’s unprovoked. We are class acts in New Zealand didn’t take shit to the Legion when they were worse than us and they mass retired. But I guess you can’t expect people to reciprocate, even in a league that’s meant to be fun and games. You tried saying I didn't have an event in my Rivalry PT but neither did any of the other graphics submissions (I went and checked) Mind your own shit.

QUOTE (Leafer @ Jun 19 2018, 12:55 PM)
(S8) - PT 4 - Rivalry

The following may claim 3 TPE for completing the task unless notified

Ben 1 (need a logo and event)

QUOTE (To12143 @ Jun 12 2018, 12:39 PM)
Graphic: Create a graphic showing the rivalry taking place. Include at least two things that signify the rivalry, whether it's logos, renders, events, anything.

ANYTHING it says! I had two renders, I followed the rules.

AzhekAhriman wow. I am 99.9% sure you put up week 11 predictions when you did because you knew it was 3 in the morning in New Zealand and I wouldn't wake up until noon bc I'm lazy. Or he’s your multi. Why else would the predictions not go up all week then as I'm enjoying the stream of NOLA beating Baltimore I realise I'd missed out on more TPE? How would you know that he was going to retire the very next day in your draft grades? It's my birthday today dude, As low down shit goes that’s pretty low.

I’m just calling out a few specific people that have given us big time shit. I love this league and I love a lot of the users in it. That’s 100%.

There are a lot of good guys on this site.

I don’t want this league to go through another Archon again where he made people on the Hawks leave because of constant harassment.

Be considerate.
May 29 2018, 06:02 PM
Ardie Savea will be playing TE for the New Orleans Second Line this year.
To help with your projections for his production in fantasy this year, here are his numbers for fantasy rugby over this off-season:

Apr 11 2018, 07:16 PM
As a lot of you know I study sports management and came into this league with aspirations of becoming a GM and trying to put those skills to use in some way. Lately my real life sports management obligations have been getting in the way of my NSFL obligations as a GM and that’s not fair on bovo. Plus I’m just super lazy and when bovo is doing such a great job it’s easy to just sit around and meme and watch as he does what I had always wanted with this team.

When I became GM of the then Legion we were in a bad spot. With no draft capital and little assets, it looked like it was going to be a long rebuild. My theory was that if we built through having a fun locker room it would increase and sustain activity and that eventually would translate to results on the field. I managed to get a couple steals in the S3 draft such as evok and keygan and started to put together a team of people who knew each other from the SHL. Which in retrospect was not a good way to do it but at the time activity in the locker room was high.
Just before I left for Europe for 2 months we’d just brought in enigmatic and incitehysteria along with trading for waters to team the two Cox’s up as well as loco and possibly others I can’t remember. Gooney was the lifeblood of our team lol. I was feeling very positive about the future and thought I’d come back to an improved team, even if the RB had been inactive for 2 months (scrub).
While I was travelling I wasn’t on the forums but I did check in to discord every now and again and it was obvious that things weren’t right. Keygan took a lot of the blame for the mass retirement but I can definitely tell you that something like that was brewing for a while beforehand. Our team were unhappy with how things were going in the NSFL and my plan of bringing together SHL members in order to increase each other’s activity was almost having the opposite effect. A lot of members wanted to quit but didn’t want to let me down. When I got some time I told them that if they weren’t having fun then I didn’t want to be the reason they were sticking around, they could feel free to do what they wanted. I don’t have any resentment against the people involved in the mass retirement and although I wasn’t around to properly see the events leading up to it, I can understand feeling burned out and over a sim league. In regard to Keygan’s involvement he literally just made the post that reflected the feelings of a majority of the team. I can’t really speak on his actions as simmer and not keeping in contact etc. but as my co-GM while I was around he was great and a huge part of the half-rebuild we completed. I think he came in too hot and just burned himself out on the league, something I can relate to a bit (look at my activity in the first few seasons compared to now).

SLM got in contact with me and discussed bringing in an interim GM to take control until I was back home. When cosbornballboy was selected I wasn’t unhappy with the choice, Chase was someone I had got on with in the past and I thought he’d shown signs of being able to perform well in a GM spot. Unfortunately I think he just tried to rush things a bit and force a turn around, when rebuilding a team is always going to be a long process. There was also a personality clash in the locker room and as we all know his GM term was short lived. I hope that wasn’t what caused him to become inactive as I haven’t seen much of him since I’ve been back.

Next up was bovo and let me tell you I was over the moon with this idea. Bovo was one of the first people I ever interacted with on the site way back in our Pomona Mongoose days in the prospect games. I had a lot of respect for the way him and bzer had managed the Wraiths and knew he would be more than up to the task of smoothing things over after the turbulent few weeks the Legion had before his arrival. Bovo was awesome at keeping in touch with me even while I was jumping from country to country and pretty bad at replying with any sort of urgency. Every step of the rebrand he checked in with me and took any advice or ideas on board. From the team side of things bovo was making brilliant decisions of course and taking the first few steps in the rebuild of the team as we transitioned from the slightly tainted view of Las Vegas to the new exciting future of NOLA. Beaver is the one remaining (active) member from the SHL era or pre Europe era or however you want to call it, and what an MVP he is for sticking through the tough times.

Bovo has built this team in exactly the way I first envisioned as GM of the Legion. He took over the team in arguably worse shape than when I had, but our locker room right now is the best it has ever been and we have an awesome group of guys and girls. Shout out to the entire NOLA team, thanks for buying into the vision and the rebuild. I often say the best contribution I made to this team was stepping back and letting bovo do his thing (either that or the cuties channel I made in our discord so everyone can share their doggos and other fav animals).
Now that I have a shiny new contract (with a no-trade clause so bovo the lil snek can’t trade me away from my favourite team and do what he wants) I think it’s time for me to step down as GM. I’ll miss my name being in light blue on the forums and being able to feel important but bovo deserves someone to better help him take our team to the next level. We have plenty of great options on our team to fill my spot (shout out to tbone who did so while I was away) and as always I’m sure bovo will make the right decision on this.
I’ll still be helping out in whatever way I can and when we win our first ultimus think back to this and remember I was in the background timeconsumer style pulling strings so don’t give bovo all the praise ok.

Ok time to get off bovo’s dick I’m getting sick of saying his name. Did you guys know that the reason his name is bovovovo on the forums is because he forgot the password to his first account “bovo” and had to make a new one. Then the stupid fucker did the same thing again with “bovovo” so this account is actually his third! So there ya go he can’t do everything right.
I’ll finish with some wise words from the man of the hour himself;

“my man”

1230 words
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