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Apr 11 2018, 07:16 PM
As a lot of you know I study sports management and came into this league with aspirations of becoming a GM and trying to put those skills to use in some way. Lately my real life sports management obligations have been getting in the way of my NSFL obligations as a GM and that’s not fair on bovo. Plus I’m just super lazy and when bovo is doing such a great job it’s easy to just sit around and meme and watch as he does what I had always wanted with this team.

When I became GM of the then Legion we were in a bad spot. With no draft capital and little assets, it looked like it was going to be a long rebuild. My theory was that if we built through having a fun locker room it would increase and sustain activity and that eventually would translate to results on the field. I managed to get a couple steals in the S3 draft such as evok and keygan and started to put together a team of people who knew each other from the SHL. Which in retrospect was not a good way to do it but at the time activity in the locker room was high.
Just before I left for Europe for 2 months we’d just brought in enigmatic and incitehysteria along with trading for waters to team the two Cox’s up as well as loco and possibly others I can’t remember. Gooney was the lifeblood of our team lol. I was feeling very positive about the future and thought I’d come back to an improved team, even if the RB had been inactive for 2 months (scrub).
While I was travelling I wasn’t on the forums but I did check in to discord every now and again and it was obvious that things weren’t right. Keygan took a lot of the blame for the mass retirement but I can definitely tell you that something like that was brewing for a while beforehand. Our team were unhappy with how things were going in the NSFL and my plan of bringing together SHL members in order to increase each other’s activity was almost having the opposite effect. A lot of members wanted to quit but didn’t want to let me down. When I got some time I told them that if they weren’t having fun then I didn’t want to be the reason they were sticking around, they could feel free to do what they wanted. I don’t have any resentment against the people involved in the mass retirement and although I wasn’t around to properly see the events leading up to it, I can understand feeling burned out and over a sim league. In regard to Keygan’s involvement he literally just made the post that reflected the feelings of a majority of the team. I can’t really speak on his actions as simmer and not keeping in contact etc. but as my co-GM while I was around he was great and a huge part of the half-rebuild we completed. I think he came in too hot and just burned himself out on the league, something I can relate to a bit (look at my activity in the first few seasons compared to now).

SLM got in contact with me and discussed bringing in an interim GM to take control until I was back home. When cosbornballboy was selected I wasn’t unhappy with the choice, Chase was someone I had got on with in the past and I thought he’d shown signs of being able to perform well in a GM spot. Unfortunately I think he just tried to rush things a bit and force a turn around, when rebuilding a team is always going to be a long process. There was also a personality clash in the locker room and as we all know his GM term was short lived. I hope that wasn’t what caused him to become inactive as I haven’t seen much of him since I’ve been back.

Next up was bovo and let me tell you I was over the moon with this idea. Bovo was one of the first people I ever interacted with on the site way back in our Pomona Mongoose days in the prospect games. I had a lot of respect for the way him and bzer had managed the Wraiths and knew he would be more than up to the task of smoothing things over after the turbulent few weeks the Legion had before his arrival. Bovo was awesome at keeping in touch with me even while I was jumping from country to country and pretty bad at replying with any sort of urgency. Every step of the rebrand he checked in with me and took any advice or ideas on board. From the team side of things bovo was making brilliant decisions of course and taking the first few steps in the rebuild of the team as we transitioned from the slightly tainted view of Las Vegas to the new exciting future of NOLA. Beaver is the one remaining (active) member from the SHL era or pre Europe era or however you want to call it, and what an MVP he is for sticking through the tough times.

Bovo has built this team in exactly the way I first envisioned as GM of the Legion. He took over the team in arguably worse shape than when I had, but our locker room right now is the best it has ever been and we have an awesome group of guys and girls. Shout out to the entire NOLA team, thanks for buying into the vision and the rebuild. I often say the best contribution I made to this team was stepping back and letting bovo do his thing (either that or the cuties channel I made in our discord so everyone can share their doggos and other fav animals).
Now that I have a shiny new contract (with a no-trade clause so bovo the lil snek can’t trade me away from my favourite team and do what he wants) I think it’s time for me to step down as GM. I’ll miss my name being in light blue on the forums and being able to feel important but bovo deserves someone to better help him take our team to the next level. We have plenty of great options on our team to fill my spot (shout out to tbone who did so while I was away) and as always I’m sure bovo will make the right decision on this.
I’ll still be helping out in whatever way I can and when we win our first ultimus think back to this and remember I was in the background timeconsumer style pulling strings so don’t give bovo all the praise ok.

Ok time to get off bovo’s dick I’m getting sick of saying his name. Did you guys know that the reason his name is bovovovo on the forums is because he forgot the password to his first account “bovo” and had to make a new one. Then the stupid fucker did the same thing again with “bovovo” so this account is actually his third! So there ya go he can’t do everything right.
I’ll finish with some wise words from the man of the hour himself;

“my man”

1230 words
Jan 28 2018, 02:32 AM
Oct 22 2017, 05:45 PM
Keyg_an and I are very happy to announce a massive signing and trade for the Legion while also continuing in our goal to sign as many SHL friends as possible.

First enigmatic

Phillipe Carter (CB)
S4: $2,000,000
S5: $2,000,000 (Player option)

And a trade with the Wraiths for incitehysteria

Legion receive:

Wyatt Fulton (LB)

Wraiths receive:

S4 $3M cap space
S5 $3M cap space (provided Fulton opts in to player option)
Oct 16 2017, 03:05 PM
I'm proud to announce the new Co-GM of the Legion as someone who has already made a huge impact on the performance of the team both as a player and in strategies etc.

Keyg_an time to turn this team around

Thank you for the interest from others who were interested in this position. I felt it was right to reward a guy who had already shown he wants to put in the work to help this team win, but some applications didn't make the decision easy.
Oct 13 2017, 03:18 PM
Kyle Cobb (RB)
S4: $500,000

Jack Stats (RB)
S4: $500,000

Gabriel Tenzini (TE)
S4: $500,000

Rolf Larsendorf (TE/FB)
S4: $500,000

Sagittariut Jefferspin (OL)
S4: $500,000

Tim Tebow (OL)
S4: $500,000

Brandon Walsh (K)
S4: $500,000

Vinz Lockkeu (DE)
S4: $500,000

Ash Saginaw (DT)
S4: $500,000

Brady Stropko (LB)
S4: $500,000

Sinjin Flimjollywop (LB)
S4: $500,000

Stanislaw Maddox (CB)
S4: $500,000

Leon Morgan (CB)
S4: $500,000

Tyler Grant (CB)
S4: $500,000

Devin Speed (S)
S4: $500,000
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