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Yesterday at 08:20 pm
Even weakened, the Arizona Outlaws have always posed a threat to the Philadelphia Liberty. Last week, the more successful of the two expansion teams traveled to what used to be the most successful of the original teams in an effort to keep their undefeated record…still undefeated. Okay, I suck at the fluff part.

Philly elected to receive, and would take the first snap from their own 12 yard line after an underwhelming kick return from Damien Kroetch. On the first play QB Tyler Oles would be sacked by LB Harrif Ernston, who would follow that up by stopping the very next play by getting a hand on the next pass. An incomplete pass would end the drive, and a mediocre punt gave Arizona the ball at midfield.

Arizona QB King Bronko dropped back on first down, finding an open Budda Browning for an 11 yard completion before Kevin Cushing would bring him down. This would begin a battle between the former teammates that would last the entire game. Arizona would then rush 5 consecutive times, with Omar Wright and and Reg Mackworthy combining for 31 yards before Arizona went back to passing. That proved to be a poor decision, as Bronko would see passes to Browning, Booter, then Mackworthy all dropped. Dean Jackson would come out and cleanly kick through the 26 yarder, putting Arizona up 3-0.

This time, Kroetch would streak down the right side for a 39 yard return, but the ensuing drive would end up almost identical, with Oles getting sacked by Ernston again before two incomplete passes. Harris would come out and give Arizona a start on their own 13 yard line, at least forcing the Outlaws to do a lot more work if they wanted to score again. Fortunately, after an incomplete pass to Browning and then Booter again, Vikain Marmeladov would come in on a blitz and knock Arizona back to their own 7 on third down, forcing a punt.

Philadelphia would start at their own 40 after a 5 yard return from Paul DiMirio, the best position so far. After an incomplete pass to Josh Garden and an 8 yard rush by Kroetch, the Liberty faced a very manageable 3rd and 2 that would fail on an incomplete pass to DiMirio. Harris would be called out for a third time, this time booting it into the end zone.

Mackworthy would lead off with back to back runs for 5 yards, but then Arizona would catch Philly off guard by rushing it with Omar Wright for a seven yard gain on a 3rd and 5. The chains moved, and Bronko passed to C.A. Chess for 6 yards before going back to Mackworthy for 5 yards, picking up the second first down of the drive. The momentum would seemingly end as former teammate Jaylon Lee would sack Bronko for 6 yards, followed by a third incomplete pass to Budda Browning. On 3rd and 16, with a punt seemingly imminent, Bronko connected to Fresh Booter for 17 yards, bringing the Outlaws into Liberty territory for the second time of the night. Another 1st down run by Mackworthy, only this one would be stopped for a yard, setting up a 2nd and long that the Arizona offense would obliterate with a 25 yard pass to Chess before an 8 yard pass to Cooper Christmas. After getting sacked again by Jaylon Lee, Bronko would target Browning for the 5th time in the opening quarter, connecting for a 19 yard TD against Kevin Cushing to put the Outlaws up 10-0.

A 26 yard return would start Philly beyond the 30 for the third straight possession. This time, down two possessions, the Liberty offense would start coming together, starting with a completion to Kendrick Hendrix for 6 yards and then to Josh Garden for 29 before going BACK to Hendrix for another 8. Having moved the chains for the first time that night and finally broken into Outlaw territory. A penalty on Garden would kill the short-lived momentum, and two incomplete passes to Fox North would result in Harris punting for the fourth time, once again into the end zone.

Bronko would unsuccessfully look for Booter on first down before finding Chess for 14 yards and then scrambling on the next play for 10 yards. The first quarter would end with Micah Hendrix sacking Bronko (his fourth sack taken in one quarter).

FIRST QUARTER UPDATE, Cushing v Browning: 5 attempts, 2 completions, 30 yards, 1 TD. Passer Rating: 100.0

Back to back runs from Mackworthy would accrue 11 yards, and Dean Jackson would be called out for a punt into the Liberty end zone, where the synch starting to form on the last drive would begin to amount to something. After an incomplete pass to Garden and a 3 yard rush from Kroetch, Oles would step up on the 3rd and 7 by completing to North for 15, then following it up with a pass to Kroetch for 46, returning to Outlaw territory. A completion to DiMirio for 8 would set up the Liberty inside the 10, but back to back incompletions to Garden and North would lead to Harris being called in for a field goal rather than another punt. The field goal was good, and Philadelphia cut the lead to 10-3.

A strong return from Mackworthy set up the Outlaws on the 36, but 3 straight incompletions to Chess, Christmas, and Booter would result in a punt from Jackson. Oles would fail to find DiMirio, then hit Noth for 8 yards, before failing a second 3rd and 2 with a drop from Kroetch. Stephen Harris, on his fifth punt of the night, would pin Arizona on their own 2 yard line.

The Outlaws handed it to Mackworthy, who would get stuffed by Drew Davidson for a safety! Now 10-5, Arizona kicked off to Philly, setting them up at mid field. They handed off to Kroetch who would get 11 yards and a first down on 2 carries, then spell the back with Carter Bush, who rushed for 5. Oles attempted to follow that up by getting him his first catch as well, but he dropped it. Ernston broke up a pass to DiMirio, and Harris punted into the end zone again.

Bronko passed it to Mackworthy for an incomplete, then handed off to him for the same yardage before checking down to Booter for a 4 yard pass on 3rd and 10. A 50 yard punt by Jackson and a -2 yard return by DiMirio backed up Philly from smelling blood.

Oles looked to DiMirio on the drive-opening play, but came up empty. However, he would then find Garden for 18, DiMirio for 9, and North for 21 to bring the Liberty in to field goal range. Seemingly attempting the safe play, a 7 yard pass to Kroetch got intercepted by Allen Davis, and Arizona would start on their own 36.

Mackworthy began the drive with a 2 yard run before Bronko found Chess for 15. Omar Wright would make it 1st and 15 with a motion penalty, then almost make it irrelevant with an 11 yard rush. Bronko would look for Browning for the first time in the second, but Cushing got a hand on it, setting up a 3rd and 4. Arizona gave it to Mackworthy, but he only got 3, resulting in another punt from Jackson.

With only 1:58 remaining in the half and 80 yards from pay dirt, Oles found DiMirio for 14, immediately calling a time out. He’d then go incomplete to North before trying him again, successfully the second time, connecting for 18. Another time out followed by a 9 yard pass to DiMirio and the final timeout. Philadelphia had 11 seconds remaining from the Outlaws 39. Unsure of their ability to get off another play, the Liberty brought out Stephen Harris, who barely cleared the posts for a 56 yarder, cutting the lead to 10-8 at the end of the half.

SECOND QUARTER UPDATE, Cushing v Browning: 1 attempt, 0 completions, 0 yards. Passer Rating: 39.58

Second half began with a short, 16 yard return from Mackworthy, but Bronko immediately found Booter for 21. After a 5 yard run from Mackworthy, Bronko went right back to him, the second time for 41. He then found Christmas for 11, but trying again proved unsuccessful. On second and 10, though, Reg Mackworthy found a huge hole and rushed down the field for 32 yards and a big touchdown, bringing the lead back to two possessions at 17-8.

A 40 yard return by Kroetch gave Philly a short field, made 10 yards shorter after back to back runs. Oles hit DiMirio for 6 yards, then a bomb to North for 36 before going back to the tight end DiMirio for a 6 yard TD, cutting the lead back to 2 at 17-15.

Browning fielded the kick return for 13, but the long field wouldn’t daunt Bronko, who immediately completed to Mackworthy for 14 before handing it off to him for another 7. He then went back to Booter for 6 and then back to Mackworthy for 6 more, with Wright completing the devil’s mark. On 1st and 10, Wright moved the chains with a 10 yard carry, but Philly would finally stop a play with a 0 yard run after from Mackworthy. Unfortunately, Arizona wasn’t done, and Bronko hit Chess for 25 yards before following up to Browning for 9 yards and a TD! 24-15 Outlaws with 5:26 left in the 3rd.

A deep kick would be returned to the 19 by Kroetch, who would then carry for 3, catch for 18, then carry again for 5. Bush would spell him for another 5 yard carry, then QB Oles would sneak for no gain and Kroetch would follow the example. A long bomb to Garden on 3rd and 10 would net Philly 41 yards, with a blitz immediately following forcing a throw away. Kroetch carried for 4 and then Bush caught for 4 more, leaving a 4th and 2 on the 1 yard line, with Harris kicking the field goal to make it 24-18.

After a 43 yard return from Browning, back to back carries from Mackworthy net 9, ending the third quarter.

THIRD QUARTER UPDATE, Cushing v Browning: 1 attempts, 1 completion, 9 yards, 1 TD. Passer Rating: 143.75

The final quarter began with an incomplete pass to Mackworthy before a Jackson touchback punt.

Oles completed two consecutive passes to DiMirio for a combined 56 yards, then found North for 18 more. With the secondary scared, he found Carter Bush for a 6 yard pass, and Philadelphia took the lead for the first time at 25-24.

Mackworthy returned for 36, then it was Bronko’s turn to throw it away before handing it to Wright for 6. Bronko then looked back to Browning on 3rd, but he dropped it, forcing a punt that barely found the endzone.

For the first time, Philly had the lead and the ball. Not feeling safe with just a one point lead, Oles kept slinging it, not letting an initial incompletion to DiMirio stop him. Consecutive passes to Garden gave the Liberty 18 yards and a first, then a pass to Bush for 6 more, almost completely negated by a 5 yard sack from Wallace Stone. Oles would barely convert the 3rd and 9 by hitting DiMirio again for exact yardage, but on the next play, looking to return to Arizona territory, Allen Davis would strike again with his second interception, returning it to mid-field!

With 7:48 remaining, the Outlaws had only 50 yards separating them from the lead. A 6 yard run from Mackworthy and another 3 from Wright left a 3rd and short, but rather than run it Bronko would complete to Browning for 4. A 5 yard pass to Booter and 5 yard rush by Mackworthy would move the chains again, and Arizona now sat on Philly’s 27 with 5:17 to go, draining the clock to prevent another 2 minute drive. Bronko continued to trust Mackworthy by handing it to him for 7 and then passing to him for 6, then handing off again for 7 after a delay of game penalty. From the 12, with 3:48 remaining, Bronko would test Cushing again and once again find success, with Browning catching for 8 yards and setting up a first down on the Philadelphia 4 with 3:26 left to go. Naturally, the Liberty would be expecting a run and more clock killing, and Arizona decided to gamble on that by going for the kill on the one CB who had been the biggest liability in red zone coverage that night. Mid-way through the end zone Browning made his move, and Bronko aimed for him, only for Cushing to make the end zone interception, bringing it out the 8 yard line!

Back to back passes to Blessed Storm and Kendrick Hendrix would move the chains and bring the clock down to 1:31, and Philly would run it 3 times before punting it with 22 seconds remaining, leaving enough time for one gimmick play that only resulted in 5 yards. Final score: Liberty 25, Outlaws 24.

FOURTH QUARTER UPDATE, Cushing v Browning: 4 attempts, 2 completions, 12 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Passer Rating: 16.7

FINAL TALLY TO BROWNING: 11 att, 5 completions, 51 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT. Passer rating: 60.98
Apr 20 2018, 09:24 AM
Being a contender can be great as both a recruiting tool and a retention tool, but only if the players you seek to dangle that carrot in front of believe it to be true.

Tonight, the Philadelphia Liberty face a double header with very high stakes. First up is a road game against the Arizona Outlaws. The Outlaws won the first 3 Ultimus Trophies, and have historically been kryptonite to any team without a shitty logo, but have since fallen on hard times. Following a scandal that resulted in many players being banned from the NSFL, and one brave sportswriter being fined 2 million dollars, the Outlaws have since taken a significant step back. Tonight, the Philadelphia Liberty, which has always struggled offensively, will have to keep their defense on the field. QB Tyler Oles has been a significant improvement, and is coming off a big win over the Colorado Yeti, but hopefully that doesn’t make him complacent. Similarly, star cornerback Kevin Cushing is off to a great start as well, recording a pick six against the defending champion Orange County Otters in Week 1, and then allowing only one catch for 6 yards in Week 2 against the Yeti’s rookie QB. He will face a much tougher opponent in King Bronko, a veteran from Season One with some of the best performances in league history.

As dangerous as Arizona can be, the next challenge will only be more difficult. After traveling to Arizona, the Liberty return to Philadelphia where they will host division rival Baltimore Hawks. The Hawks, led by QB Avon Blocksdale, have been a consistently competitive team since their deep Season Two draft. This year appears to be no different, as Baltimore has begun the season 2-0, a record they share in common with Philadelphia. After tonight, one of these teams will be adding an L (or at least a T) to their record. There has been no comment from the Liberty front office on strategy, but Baltimore is a famously difficult team to match up against. Their defense has playmakers against the run and the pass, and their offense has talent almost everywhere that matters. Expect to see whichever receiver matches up on the opposite side of the field as Cushing to feast, though either Baltimore receiver can hold his own against the “tackle-first” corner.

Facing the weaker team on the road, and the stronger team at home, both of these games are very winnable for Philadelphia, but both very losable as well. They are also very important games for Philadelphia, who faces a much more difficult schedule down the road and needs to take advantage of all of their winnable games. In earlier seasons, gameplanning was very much a weakness of the Liberty’s, one that almost cost them the retirement of Kevin Cushing back in Season Four. Now, in the final year of his contract, Cushing has been reluctant to re-sign. According to some sources, the cornerback has stated he would accept an extension if Philadelphia managed to start the season 4-0.

With their 2 point win over Orange County in Week 1, and a much larger victory over Colorado in Week 2, the Liberty are on track to fulfill that requirement. Should they complete the perfect start, they would be cementing themselves as a worthy contender, retaining the best player in the league to not ever make the Pro Bowl once (thanks voters), and looking to be a favorite for a strong Season Eight performance, as other teams get hit harder by regression. First, though, they have to show they can get the job done.
Apr 17 2018, 03:16 PM
Like the title says. This will likely be painful, but I am gonna need the money before long. Ask away.
Jan 17 2018, 06:33 AM
I am sure plenty of these will be done, but why not do my own (I am burning through money fast, after all).

#1: San Antonio Marshals
Honestly, I could see other rankers going with other teams here, but the Marshals have the best record and a respectable point differential (3rd). Even with bringing in a new starter in Mike Vick, the Marshals still scored 30 points over those two games. It’s a drop from what they are used to, but certainly not something crippling the team. There’s no way this team misses the playoffs, and no one wants to face them there. Why would they? San Antonio is the only team without a losing record at home or on the road this season.

#2 Portland Pythons
Sure, they’ve taken a HUGE step back from last year, having lost more games in 8 weeks than they did in 14 last season, but the owner of the 2nd best point differential and being the only team with a winning record against the Marshals two years running is never a team you want to move down too far. Fun fact: the Pythons, despite being tied for the conference lead, currently have the worst conference record. Additionally, they are the ONLY team to not have faced the Fuller problem. Should the league decide to remedy that (and I hope they do), the Eastern conference could get a LOT closer.

#3 Tijuana Luchadores
Well, here’s another team with a positive point differential. Are they #1? Nope. Tijuana has the fourth best differential. Honestly, I don’t see how they do it. They have forced 1.5 interceptions a game, allowing what has been the worst offense in terms of yards to put up the 3rd most points. Realistically, I think they only have the 2nd best defense in the league, the Marshals being first, but Tijuana is definitely the best at taking advantage of it, and that counts for a lot. Extra credit for them facing Fuller twice, once as an RB and once as a WR, and not losing either game.

#4 Norfolk SeaWolves
This is what a bot team should be. This is proof that good building, test sims and strategy can make up for a significant gap in TPE. The SeaWolves have actually had one of the hardest schedules this year, mainly due to having had to face the Solar Bears twice, and both times with Fuller slotted in at RB. They lost both of those games, and I think they would have won one or maybe both had that exploit not been allowed. Still, they have a 4-4 record, and currently lead the conference due to their 2-0 run over Portland. Hats off to them for that. I’ve played Portland 4 times in the last two seasons (once at home, three times on the road) and I have won ZERO of them. So…fuck you run_CMC, but also thanks for giving me a chance at home field in the playoffs. I’d put them higher, but bot teams get weaker as the season goes on, so they will drop off more with the next update. BEST case scenario appears to be a 7-7 finish, which would be impressive, but 6-8 seems a LOT more likely.

#5 Palm Beach Solar Bears
Let’s get this out of the way. They have had an illegal player for 6 games. They went 3-2-1 in those 6 and outscored opponents 184-101. In the games without him, 0-2 and were outscored 39-26. I think that shows clearly how much the QB exploit matters. Fuller, who led the league in yards after 2 games as a WR, now leads the league in rushing after 4 games as an RB. I think his 8.8 YPC might be a factor in that. I hope they get to use him against Portland, just so the Pythons get that experience as well. I think that Palm Beach would still only get 5 wins total. They just aren’t good.

#6 Kansas City Coyotes
Maximus makes this team, more specifically his offense, and much more specifically his offensive line, look a LOT better than it is. The Coyotes have the worst OL in the league, and it’s not even close, yet are only 4th in sacks allowed thanks to their QB’s amazing ability to get the ball out on time. Aside from that, though, this team has almost nothing going for it. They’ll have the first overall pick next season, but I don’t know what they are gonna do with it. I will admit that I am terrified of Maximus next season, but hopefully he’ll still have nothing around him.

Jan 2 2018, 12:04 PM
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Jorge Masvidal - GSD -
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