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Yesterday at 05:40 am
The NSFL post season is rapidly approaching. There's only 4 short games until the Post Season is upon us and it's a good time to do a quick glance at our projected playoff picture.

We'll start in the NSFC.

Yellowknife has clinched nothing. However, it would be an epic failure of catastrophic magnitude for them to fall out of the playoff race. It'd be a huge shock if they don't take the division either. Posting a current record of 7-3, and are 1 game in front of the Hawks and 2 in front of the Liberty. Their schedule is pretty good for the last 3 weeks of the season and I would be stunned if they lost any of those games. I project them to finish 3-1 over the next month and finish 10-4, and in first place.

Baltimore currently sits in the 2nd spot with a 1 game lead over Philadelphia for the final spot in the post-season. After starting abysmally at 1-4, Baltimore has rebounded with 5 straight victories and sits at 6-4. Their next 4 games will be interesting. They face the Sabercats at home, where it's never an easy win. away at Orange County can be chalked up as a loss for Baltimore, an easy win against the Yeti comes in 3 weeks. They finish the season out playing against the Outlaws who they've already beaten on the road. A home win to finish the season would be integral in keeping Philadelphia at bay. I think they also finish the season 3-1 for that 2nd playoff spot.

Philadelphia is outside the bubble, looking in. Barely. That loss last week to Baltimore was huge. They need for Baltimore to go back to playing like they did early in the season if they want to make playoffs. Their remaining schedule isn't very forgiving either. After a gimme this week against Colorado, they've got a gauntlet against the 3 top teams in the ASFC. Even with some luck by Baltimore going back to their old ways, it might be a tall order to see Philly in the post season. Maybe next year, right?

Yeti have locked up last place in the division. They're not playing against Las Vegas for that 1st overall draft spot.

The ASFC is pretty much the same story, let's take a look.

Orange County have clinched a playoff spot. Even if they go 0-4 in the last stretch, as unlikely as that may be, and if the Sabercats go 4-0, they'd finish with the same record, but due to tiebreakers (be it divisional record or points) the Otters still hold that advantage. They just need to win 1 of the next 4 games to clinch their very first Division championship.

Despite losing all of ErMurazor's multis, the Outlaws are still a strong team, and in control of their own destiny. Sitting 1 game ahead of the Sabercats, the Outlaws need to finish strong. They'll get one win against the Legion, but after that nothing is set in stone. They face the Liberty away, so that game could go either way. Then they travel on the road against Orange County and Baltimore. Both of those will be tough to win. I think Arizona goes 2-2 over the next 4 weeks to finish 8-6 by virtue of beating Philadelphia and Vegas. Is that enough to maintain their lead over the Sabercats?

San Jose needs some work to make playoffs, but it is possible. Their mid-season flub loss to the Legion is really coming back to hurt now. Their next 3 games will pretty much determine if they're gonna be around after the regular season closes. Next week they face the Hawks at home in San Jose, a very tough home game. After that they hit the road and go to Yellowknife to visit the Wraiths. This game won't be won, if we go by team trends. Then they go to Philadelphia to face off against the Liberty, who're also 5-5 currently, and embroiled in their own must win scenarios. If the Cats want to smell the post season this makes those Baltimore and Philadelphia games must wins. If they lose 2 of the next 3 games, they're not going to their first extra curricular rodeo. They finish off the season against the Legion, which despite being 0-1 against them this season, I'll give the win to. I think, unfortunately, the Sabercats fall just short and finish the season 2-2, with a final record of 7-7.

Las Vegas is eliminated and as I mentioned before, can only play for draft position. Week 12 will likely be the week we see if Las Vegas or Colorado gets their pick of the litter for next year's draft.

My projected final standings:

Wraiths: 10-4
Baltimore: 9-5
Philadelphia: 7-7
Colorado: 2-12

Orange County: 13-1
Arizona: 9-5
San Jose: 7-7
Las Vegas: 1-13

(834 words)
Jan 9 2018, 04:51 AM
It's often fun to look back at past season's drafts and see how good or bad teams drafted. Since I came into the league at Season 2, and it was a pretty sizeable draft class, I'm gonna redo the draft's first 3 rounds, knowing what we know now. Who the busts were, who retired already and also, who the multis are.


Pick 1: - Dermot Lavelle (CB)
This pick remains the same. Dermot has been one of the best players in the league. Both on and off the field. He's now the Commissioner because Noble cheated like a mofo.

Pick 2: - Paul DiMirio (TE)
This was Blaster Blade, and at the time, everyone loved this pick. And for a couple seasons, Blade was a great player. But he went inactive and looking back, there's a better value. DiMirio has been the arguably best TE in the NSFL since the day of this draft. And for sure the best in the last 2 years. Colorado needs offensive playmakers.

Pick 3: - Vincent Sharpei (OL)
This was Tim Pest, and up until it came to light that Pest was secretly ErMurazor in disguise, this was the best pick in the draft, in my opinion. But now that we know Tim never should have existed, I have the Outlaws taking Sharpei. Vincent was OL at the time, and even in season 1, he was a damn good one. He's since converted to LB and is still wrecking it.

Pick 4: - Micah Hendrix (OL)
This was Sharpei, a great pick for SJS, however in this mock, he's gone. So, looking at the careers of the other OL drafted, Hendrix has had the next most impact. Again, now a LB because of the introduction of the OLineBot-5000s he's out there making the most of every down.

Pick 5: - Kevin Cushing (LB)
Not that their first pick of Bork Bork was bad, it's just... he retired already. He was a solid player but here I have the Wraiths taking here, who they took in Rd 2, Cushing. He's a very active guy who seems to really love this league. Can't have enough users like kckolbe in this league, I say.

Pick 6: - Avon Blocksdale (OL)
Not a knock on Clegane. I think you're great. But Blockdale is a TPE monster. I considered him at 4 for the Cats, but went with Hendrix. Avon is now the star QB of the Hawks, which doesn't fit OCO because Boss is still the Boss. But Avon's willingness to swap to position of need shows he could do what Clegane has for us, and be an amazing LB.

Pick 7: - Fox North (WR)
As I recall, he was forced to be picked here because he was the GM of the Liberty at the time. But even if that weren't the case, he's a top flight WR and a damn good pick here. There were only 4 good WRs in this class and it's tough to say he's worse than Evans, personally. And he's definitely better than Smallwood and Chess.

Pick 8: - Torque Lewith (QB)
He immediately switched from being a QB to a FS and was a huge impact. He was drafted originally in the 11th round because he was a poor archetype as a QB and all the teams were set at QB at the time. But knowing he'd switch and the impact he'd make, he's a great pick here.


Pick 9 - Darnell Turner (CB)
It's tough here to see who is the best CB in the draft remaining after Dermot. Turner was the pick at this time and I cant say for certain Oles or I are a better pick here. So, I'm going with Darnell.

Pick 10: - Gregor Clegane (OL)
Here's my boy, Clegane. He dropped a bit but really that's not a knock on his talent because he's still very much a useful player. Once a great OL stud, now is a LB just like many other OL studs in this draft became.

Pick 11: - Ardie Savea (RB)
Savea is a steal here. Given that this pick was Jordan Yates, who converted from OL to RB and then left via FA, looking at the available RB prospects, Savea's impact on the NSFL has been tremendous and would have provided a solid run game from here on out. Ardie has beed, possibly, the best player LVL has had in franchise history. A good pick for the Sabes at 11.

Pick 12: - Dustin Evans (WR)
To compete against the Hawks and Wraiths, the Liberty needed offense. They got 2 stud WRs in this draft with Fox and Dustin. A much better option than Hunter Mason as their S2 WR2. And considering they won't get DiMirio, he makes up for that production loss as well. This was Oles, but Evans makes a bit more sense here, to me.

Pick 13: - Owen Taylor (DE)
Owen Taylor is a great pickup here. The Wraiths wanted to address D-Line this draft, as evidenced by their original 1st rd pick of Bork Bjornnson but looking at the rest of this draft, and the players available on the defensive front, Taylor is the last one who's still active. Yes, he's a Running Back now for the Hawks, but he easily could have stayed a DE or position changed to the DT they needed.

Pick 14: - Tyler Oles (CB)
As much as I'd like to say I'm better than Oles, the numbers don't lie. Over the course of the last 3 seasons, he's been better. The pick of Savea here scratched a lot of heads as he was traded right after the draft to LVL. Considering they had Leroy Jenkins, they didn't need a RB. So, they went CB and picked up Oles who is a fantastic dude.

Pick 15: - CA Chess (WR)
After the Liberty snagged the best 2 receivers in this class, the Yeti take CA Chess here to be their Number 2, across from Kendrick Hendrix. Knowing what we know now about Logan Noble and his multis, who the QB would be for the Yeti remains a mystery. But whomever took the helm, they'd need a good second receiver. Chess is that.

Pick 16: - Marc Spector (CB)
I don't like this, but it's where the cookie crumbled. I'm the next best CB on the board. They originally took Evans here but he's in Philly now. They could go Smallwood or Kroetch, but pure player value says I'm slightly better than them. So, I guess I'm an Outlaw. I feel dirty.


Pick 17: - Jordan Yates (OL)
In Season 2, the Liberty acquired the rights to Omar Wright, who was part of the Season 1 RB duo in OCO. Yates would provide good blocking for him until he faded into non-existence and the OL Bot switch happened, where he'd take over as the primary RB for the Taco Bells. Smallwood has higher value overall, but he's a WR and they already have 2 top tier ones this draft.

Pick 18: - Darren Smallwood (WR)
Here's Checkers! Baltimore had Cooper Christmas and picked up Matthew Vincent in this draft to make a pretty solid WR duo. But Christmas flew the Coop, and Vincent followed suit. This forced the Hawks to go get Trey Willie in S3. Having Smallwood here makes sense because he'd become the defacto #1 in a good offense when those 2 faded into obscurity. And if the chips fell the same way, he could transition to RB and be their RB now as well.

Pick 19: - Bork Bjornnson (DT)
Yes, he's since retired. But given the remaining talent, he's still the best pick here. It could be argued that he's worth it higher even if he was only around for 3 seasons. The Swede (or Icelander? I can't remember... Some Scandinavian country that produces large burly men) was their 1st round pick in this draft so getting the performance of those 3 years at a 3rd round value is great. Just... not for any longer than that, sadly.

Pick 20: - Ragnar Kronen (S)
Ragnar was active for 2 seasons and helped the Otters defense, but he came down with the unfortunate inactivity bug and was dealt away in the recent offseason. But for the duration he was active, he was a great pickup. Much better than Jorge Masvidal was. That's who the Hawks originally took here, at Safety. Even as an inactive, he's a competent starter in the league right now.

Pick 21: - Big Bot (DE)
Big Bot retired. That really sucks. But part of me thinks he retired because it was the thing to do in that Las Vegas locker room at the time. If he was on a team that actually cared about itself, he might still be here. But as it stands, he's retired, and even though he only gave 3 years to this league, he's a great pick here for Philly who needs some defense after the 3 offensive sided picks they took already.

Pick 22: - Eric Kennedy (RB)
The Otters had Leroy. No need to get a 2nd RB. But in this draft, we know Leroy will retire. And that Burnsman, who lit the league on fire in S3 would fade faster than he came on, so this would leave a HUGE hole at RB for the Otters at RB which is now filled with Jordan Yates. Given what he can do as a passing threat as a running back, he's the perfect fit for the west coast style offense that OCO employs. He fell this far because he's really kinda been... mediocre. But he's still active, so that's important.

Pick 23: - Blaster Blade (DE)
How the might fall. He was the 2nd overall pick in this draft, but at least he is being picked here in this 3 round mock draft. He was useful for a few seasons before falling off the face of the earth. Coupled with Big Bot, Philly could have had a somewhat solid defensive line for a while. Better than what Von Gerhardt and Davidson gave them before they also went inactive.

Pick 24: - Damien Kroetch (WR)
He's semi-active, and because the Outlaws didn't get Evans, like in their original draft, they snag Kroetch who isn't nearly as prolific, but at least still checks in from time to time. It's hard for the Outlaws to keep their crown knowing the future won't let them draft the best OL in history, have Luke Leuchly "fall to them" in Round 5 and Cristiano Ronaldo booting 50 yarders 2-3 times a game. So, they have to make concessions, like settling for a semi-active and not an ErClone.

After this round, there's not a whole lot of talent left. Enchilada Charlton is considerably useful and would be taken in the 4th. So would Isaiah McGinn and Matthew Vincent. You could argue Vincent instead or Kroetch at 24, because Vincent was a better receiver the first 2-3 seasons but as I said, Damien is at least semi-active. So, I prefer that. Madad is still around semi-active too, as a kicker for the Otters. But a barely active kicker isn't top 3 round worthy, I think we can all argue. Drew Davidson and Otto Von Gerhardt are other inactives who'd be 4th round worthy.

I think using hindsight, it's fun to mock who went where. Don't take it personally if I drafted you later than you think you're worth. It is also entirely possible that I completely missed someone who's secretly been active and contributing and I overlooked them.

Knowing what happens to Noble, how poor Bercovici and Christ would be, or that Scrub would go MIA and Hunt would stop caring altogether, it's possible if Christian Adams and Shawn Brady had stuck around a bit longer, they'd be where Blocksdale, Stone, Rove, Pierno or Akselsen are now as starting QBs. That is one thing this draft class had almost no effect on, the QB position. Certainly now that Blocksdale is a QB we can say it sort of did, but we definitely didn't draft any here to be QBs. Lewith is the only drafted QB left from this class and he never threw a single pass.

Plus this class had quite an impact when it came to Multis. Pest, Lee, Leuchly, James, Ronoldo, Pancake, Smith and Doddgy all were drafted this season. Some of those players really shaped the way this league ran for the next 3 seasons. Leuchly, Pest, Pancake and Ronoldo were Pro-bowlers every season. Maybe if he hadn't cheated, this league, and draft class could have totally been shaped differently.

(2,136 Words)

Dec 10 2017, 03:27 AM
Las Vegas gained popularity in the 50s for tourists who could enjoy gambling and watch mushroom clouds go off to the northwest of the city as the United States military tested their nuclear weapons in the desert. Another large bomb went off this week.

If you haven't heard by now, the majority of the Las Vegas Legion retired. Their reasons at this point are of no consequence. The fact is, they did it, and they left Ben and anyone else who is active (Beavers, I think. Unless he quit too and I missed that.) in quite a pit. This not only screws them over for a considerable future, but it actually destroys a lot of the league's future and credibility. The team is literally worse now than they were when they were granted expansion a few seasons ago. At least after the expansion draft they had some active guys.

I know we've had some really shitty things happen to teams in the past. Noble cheating and getting suspended for the Yeti has had some dire consequences for that team. But that was one guy who screwed up. It sucked for the team but they could rebound from it. This is literally a whole team saying "peace, Fuck y'all." and we can't let that sink this league. It gives zero incentive for Ben or anyone else to ever be on the Legion. I'm a free agent and I really don't think I'd want to go there and begin afresh unless I had a bunch of other people to come with me. Enough that it'd actually be a locker room. Not just Ben and I talking to ourselves in the mirror.

Here's my idea to rebuild Las Vegas up.

1. Give them a single season stipend to lure free agents in. This money could be used to front load contracts to get big name faces who are hitting the Free Agency market a reason to join their rebuilding effort. Mind you all of this stipend money MUST go to free agents, and not resigning current players or inactives on their roster to extensions. Also, this extra money MUST go into the first year of the contract and any contracts signed to multiple years, those extra years must count against the normal salary cap. At least 2 Million of each FA Contract must come out of the team's salary cap as well. So if they offer me 6M for 1 year, 4M comes from the stipend, 2M comes from their salary cap. if they offer me 6M for 2 years, it's same as above but then they're liable for the 6M next year, as $0 on that comes from this stipend.

2. Delay the first round of the draft a season. By this I mean give them this season's entire first round. Any traded picks that were acquired get shifted a season. So, say if the Yeti have the 3rd overall pick this year, they'd just get the 3rd overall next season. This gives them, hopefully, some fresh young guys with decent starting TPE to build with. On top of any Free Agents who wish to sign there, this should make them competitive in this league, which we all agree is a good thing. We don't want any team being a free gimme win.

Now, I understand this means giving up a lot. I expect people to outright reject this idea because it's unfair to the 7 teams who didn't have a cultist kool-aid party this off season. But that's the point. It's not about what's fair to us, but what is right by the Legion. It's not fair to Las Vegas, who is already in the biggest hole ever, to have to trade their future away to try to get enough team members to field a full team. Given their current state, it is very likely that most FAs won't want to join a team who won't sniff playoffs for 3 more seasons, and that is if they do everything right. I think there's one thing to be said of everyone who plays this game. We love the NSFL and we want it to be the best it can be. And it's time we stand up and do what is right, even if it means making some concessions to each of our team's plans this year. What's more important? The health and longevity of this league, or trying to benefit from the misfortunes of Las Vegas.

As an Otter (I know I'm a FA*, but until I sign that contract with another team, I bleed Orange) it only benefits us to let Las Vegas fester in the desert sun and die every season. It means we only have to worry about Arizona and San Jose. But I'm putting that aside to think about how we can make that team, and this league, competitive after that bomb went off in the Nuclear City. If you value this league and want this league to remain competitive, then you'll think on this and consider things from an objective point of view to try to make something work, because as it stands, the Legion will seemingly never get to where any of the current teams are, including the 1-13 Yeti.

*I do understand that this may look bad, coming from me as a Free Agent, to suggest an incentive to pay Free Agents more than usual. However, I can assure you that this is NOT from a personal gain point of view. I love this league, and I desperately want to see it get to the point where any given year we can have any of the 8 teams be the best. After what happened as St. Keyg_an played his little pipe and led the snakes out of Ireland, we need something to set this straight. I assure you that this does not come from a place of self interest or personal greed. I am definitely not that type of person.

What are your thoughts, opinions and possible alterations, additions or subtractions to make something like this work?

[1011 Words]

Dec 9 2017, 11:22 PM
Marc Spector has played out his entire rookie contract that he signed when he was drafted by the Otters. He overtook Anthony Petrakis on the depth chart part way though his second season with the team and in his third season, he had more interceptions than he had in his first two seasons combined. There seems to be no sign that his skill is gonna diminish and he is definitely a talent that is going to be an asset to whatever team signs him this off season. But before anyone fields offers to him, here is what he is looking at when he diagnoses each team.

Yellowknife Wraiths

Marc thinks that Yellowknife is the future team to beat and the creme de la creme of the NSFC for the foreseeable future. It was no mistake they were in the finals this season and are trending upwards moving forward. They're proven winners and despite not having any championships, they're still one of the strongest teams in the league and it is only a matter of time before they hoist an Ultimus of their own.

Marc wants to continue being the #1 CB for a team, and the Wraiths have Dermot Lavelle and he's going to be their #1 CB if he is there next season. It has kind of been a low key thing for Marc to compare himself to Dermot because he was the #1 CB picked in his draft class and he uses him as his measuring tape of how good he should be. If he becomes the #2 CB in Canada, he's basically saying he's always playing second fiddle to him.

Philadelphia Liberty

A team on the rise. They made playoffs for the first time this season and they seem to be competing with Baltimore as that second best team in the NSFL. They're only a strong offseason away from really challenging Yellowknife for the top seat. They have a lot of great players and a great management.

Tyler Oles. He is the same story as Dermot Lavelle in Yellowknife. Oles has been rather outward with his contention that he's the top CB in the NSFL and rightfully so. He's dominant. But Marc's personal quest is to be the best. Not be beside the best. He's never been a fan of the "Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em" philosophy. So, unless Oles leaves Philly in free agency, he doesn't seem to be interested in being second to him. This is a matter of respect for Oles and not a disrespect for Philadelphia as a whole.

Baltimore Hawks

Baltimore was the top dog for the prior 2 seasons before giving up the throne to Yellowknife. It's a setback for sure but the team is definitely still in the mix for the playoffs and can get there with a good draft and off season. It is another positive that WR Trey Willie and Defensive tackle Ricardo Sandoval play there. He has a tremendous respect for them from their days playing for the Otters.

Like with Philly and Yellowknife, the Hawks have a top flight CB that he might have to play second fiddle to. Darnell Turner is a beast of a defensive back and yet another big CB from Marc's draft class. It would seem as if there are a lot of great CBs to come out of the S2 draft. Marc has great respect for Turner, but playing next to him doesn't appeal.

Colorado Yeti

Colorado is in dire straights. They're easily the worst team in the NSFL after getting only one win all of season four. But this means they're a team in rebuild and need multiple positions. This is something that appeals greatly to Spector. Having Alex Hayden as a team mate wouldn't be terrible and would give a solid 1-2 CB tandem. Spector does view Alex as a slightly weaker CB to himself, and would demand the #1 CB spot if he signed there. But, he would like Alex to know that it's not by very much that he is ahead of his fellow CB.

One big detraction would be the transition from a team with a winning atmosphere to one that is in a complete rebuild. Spector has made playoffs every season with Orange County, and expects a winning atmosphere wherever he goes. But a winning atmosphere doesn't necessarily mean wins weekly, but a team who, through thick or thin, has a thirst for wins, a desire to better themselves and an insatiable hunger to get that Ultimus.

Orange County Otters

This has been his home for his first 3 seasons. He knows the team, the management and loves being in Orange County. He's voiced his desire to be an Otter in the future. It is now in the hands of the front office. He won a championship with this team and he'd love to be instrumental in getting them a second.

Spector has expressed in the locker room his desire to remain with the team but as of now, no contract has been signed or extension granted. This is the whole reason for this statement being made. Marc fears that the Otters might be conserving their funds for a new Running Back and a couple Defensive Tackles in this free agency, which might make Spector expendable in the long run.

San Jose Sabercats

The Sabercats have made the biggest changes in the last 2 off seasons and look very strong moving forward. Adding any piece could put them in the same echelon as the Otters and Outlaws. Being a part of a growing organization pleases Spector and San Jose has really been quite a growth as of late.

John Canton and Benson Bayley. This is already a very dynamic CB duo. In fact it is the best in the NSFL. So there's no room for Spector to join a team which has no need for a man of his talents. Marc doesn't seem too keen on a position change at this stage of his career so the idea of signing him and transitioning him to WR or Safety looks to be off the table at this juncture.

Las Vegas Legion

This team has had a slew of problems and recently more have arisen. There's not a lot that is very alluring to Free Agents. However Marc knows he'd immediately be a veteran leader if he were to go the Las Vegas this off season. Plus even with their current cast of CBs, he'd be better than them both. If there's one theme this article has, it's that he wants to be a top CB. Las Vegas definitely affords him the opportunity to do so.

After the most recent retiring of multiple active players in the Las Vegas locker room, he's not entirely sure there's much of a positive attitude in the locker room at this point. But I guess whatever members are left, want to be there, and they're out to prove that this team can be fruitful despite everything that has happened. Perhaps if he can be convinced that the locker room will be a winning atmosphere, he'd field offers.

Arizona Outlaws

Three Ultimus trophies speaks volumes. Despite rumors of multis and rigging of sims, it is firmly believed by Spector that this is those who are tired of seeing a franchise dominate creating controversy over nothing. He's a firm believer of innocence until proven guilty. The team definitely has a winning atmosphere and has no signs of slowing down their pursuit of their 4th Championship.

Marc sees the Outlaws as his primary foes and it would be hard to stomach being on the team that he has seen as rivals since the first day he started playing in the NSFL. It would be tantamount for a player who has been on the Yankees his whole career up and fleeing to Boston. There's a level of disdain that would be very difficult for Marc to overcome if he would join that team. Of course the right amount of money can ease anyone's transgressions. What is that amount though? Well, it's likely to be higher than any of the other 7 on this list.


Marc wants to stay with the Otters. He wants to remain a part of that franchise because it is what he is familiar with. However, he must formulate a contingency plan on the event that he can not reach an agreement with the Otters to remain there. If he has to play second fiddle to a "better" Corner, he will if there's no other option. But he would definitely like to remain a top CB in that first position. Beggars can't be choosers though, you know? He has no qualms really with joining a team in rebuild as long as he's not the only man there with a true passion for winning. Atmosphere plays a key role in his decision to join a franchise. Maybe even more so than who his fellow DBs are.

It seems unlikely he will play for Arizona though. While his options are open, it would take a great amount of persuasion for him to join what he views as his rival team. Perhaps that's simply because he's spent his entire career in jealousy. Who knows, but his heart definitely isn't in the great state of Arizona.

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Oct 6 2017, 01:02 AM
Mike Boss has made it quite clear in the Orange County Locker Room that he's not content with the contract negotiations and is going to seek a paycheck elsewhere. I intend to examine all the possible landing places for Boss, even if they don't make much sense.

1. Colorado Yeti

The Yeti clearly have reason to need Mike Boss. Logan Noble violated rules and was suspended for all of season 3. The replacement Nicholas Pierno has given his best effort, but as of right now, he has 4 TDs and 29 interceptions. Hendrix and West have been pretty much non-existent in the offense due to the poor QB play and Boss Tweed can only do so much on his own. Mike Boss would immediately make this team into a contender again. Especially if Noble and Pierno swap positions and continue to help the franchise grow as key players.

2. Las Vegas Legion

Josh Bercovici has put in a good two years, but the result has been pretty bad. It might be time for Vegas to call it on the Berc Experiment and proclaim him the Osweiler of the NSFL. Boss would walk into what was once enemy territory and turn the division upside down. Alexandre LeClair, who is already one of the best WRs in the game, would easily dethrone Phelps or Westfield as the top WR, and it wouldn't even be close. It would make Connor Tanner a household name at TE and it would open up the game for Ardie Savea to go wild. Las Vegas would definitely walk out of the basement and into the #2 team in the division by landing here. Question is, does Las Vegas have the money Boss wants?

3. San Jose Sabercats

Ethan Hunt has made huge strides at QB this year, and I'm not going to knock his progress here one bit. He's a star and deserves recognition for his work, but signing Boss and trading Hunt to either Colorado or Orange County would really give the Cats a massive edge. Shawn Weston, Darren Smallwood and Break Bottles are great players and with Boss in the bay area, the Cats would replace Orange County and be the favorites to get that second playoff spot every year. They might only need a few key pieces on defense to overtake the Outlaws. Dare I say it, the Sabercats could be one solid offseason from being Ultimus Contenders, but that all starts with luring Boss to San Jose.

4. Orange County Otters

Mike isn't gone yet. Sure, contract negotiations are definitely at a stand still and it's looking bleak at this point, but let's look around the NSFL. What other offense has the weapons that work for Boss? He knows Bradley Westfield and Robert Phelps help him just as much as he helps them. Same for George Wright Jr. If Boss comes to his senses and sits down to the table with a clear head and realizes that pieces are already in place, and the management realizes that without Boss at QB, this team would be mediocre, a deal can get done. It will take some ego checks on both sides, but let's not rule it out at this point.

5. Arizona Outlaws

Whoa... Could you imagine? Like San Jose above, they do not need Boss. But the Outlaws are winners and winners get better at any position when possible. Boss is an upgrade to Bronko. Evans, Chess and Law are outstanding but would really be something if Boss went to the desert. It's not impossible either, because Arizona is one of the most well managed teams in the NSFL and could definitely find the cap space somewhere to pay Boss the salary he commands. Plus, Boss might take a cut just to be the guy on a team that would be almost a guaranteed 3+ Ultimus Cups with his presence there.

6. Philadelphia Liberty

Rove has had about as good of a rookie season as anyone could have imagined. Philadelphia is clearly a team on the rise and a lot of their young talent would greatly benefit having an arm like Boss settle in Eastern Pennsylvania. Fox North was once one of the most feared WRs in the NSFL, and he'd immediately re-assume that role with the signing of Mike. The problem I see is I really think the management has its heart set on developing Rove into their star, otherwise I'd have had them up higher on this list.

7. Yellowknife Wraiths

I don't see this as a likely spot either, since Orosz already is the #2 QB in the NSFL and could overtake Boss next year as the #1 if he lands on a squad with weaker WRs than Phelps and Westfield, which is most. It makes no logical sense to me why they'd waste the money on Boss for such a minor upgrade to the position. It'd require a position change by Orosz or Boss for him to sign in the tundra of Canada.

8. Baltimore Hawks

Baltimore is also very content on their situation. The Hawks have built up their entire offense around Scrub Kyubee and it would be a fool's errand for them to waste the cap on Boss when they need to address other positions, like finding active WRs to compliment Willie. It would reunite Trey with his old QB, but that's really the only upshot of the idea of Boss going to Baltimore. Hawks are already a threat to win the Ultimus, and the reason they didn't wasn't QB play. I'd be utterly shocked if Boss ends up here.

9. Retirement

I said I'd cover all outcomes. This is one. Not a likely one but I have to cover all my bases. He's going to shatter the records for Yards and TDs this year, for sure. Maybe, with a bit of post-season luck the Otters claim the Ultimus and he decides to walk off into the sunset, like Peyton Manning and John Elway. I really think that's the dumbest thing he could do, but hey, you never know. Plus this theory requires the Otters to beat Arizona at home, in the Playoffs. Pssh, yeah right.

Discuss, where do you think he'll end up?

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