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May 21 2018, 12:40 PM
Site shrinks image. Waste of my time. Here is a link to full size image.

May 10 2018, 06:10 AM
With the recent departure of Hendrix, the Baltimore Hawks have an opening for GM. You would be in charge and have the opportunity to hire in your own Co-GM as desired. All applications will be considered.
You can PM your questions or applications to either iamslm22 or ItsJustBarry.
May 3 2018, 07:23 AM
By now you may have heard about the tragic loss of a driven man gone too soon. It is with my deepest sympathy that I announce the passing of general manager Gordon Gekko aka HENDRIX.

This city of Baltimore has seen a historic turnaround. No city is without devastation but this city has been able to persevere because the Hendrix. He gave this team teeth in its fight against the league and its relentless scandals. By now, people are talking about negatively about his sudden departure and to them I say, not on my watch.

As many of you know, Gordon Gekko emerged in the NSFL late in Season 1. He took over a struggling Baltimore team who had just finished their inaugural season with a record of 4-10. Gekko wasted no time hitting the reset button as he wanted this team to be built from the ground up and have his identity.

Beginning with Season 2, the team saw Gekko’s vision and jumped on board with his plan immediately. His leadership and locker room presence was unmatched and I’m sure you will hear this echoed by any player that has shared a LR with him. He turned this team around and found himself winning the NSFC conference and landing his team in the Ultimus game.

Season 3 brought along more success as he led his team to yet another NSFC championship and another Ultimus berth. While these were good time, Baltimore wasn’t without it’s downsides. The following 3 seasons were met with a rollercoaster of success.

One thing everyone should realize should be Gordon’s eye for talent. As the free agent market was small and inconsistent, Gekko prided himself on building his team through the draft. Starting with his first draft in Season 2, Gekko was able to pinpoint and draft the future Rookie of the Year award recipient in every draft he made a pick. This draft success is an integral part in what made the Baltimore roster successful.

Gordon Gekko is survived by his teammates, who I could name individually just for easy money but that’s not what this is about, and his love for late 20th century gangster movies.

While it is not widely known, Gordon Gekko’s date of passing was also his birthday. It is this information that I motion to our [insert generic HO insult] head office members that for now and forever more, May 2 should be recognized as National Hendrix day.

Maybe right now all you need to know is that there are a dozen active players in Baltimore as a direct result of Gordon Gekko. These are job holding league members, essential cogs in the faulty machine that drives this league along. Maybe, for now, all I should say about Gordon Gekko’s death is this; it has not been for nothing.

At this time, I will also mention that applications for the General Manager position in Baltimore are being accepted at this time. You could have full control of the team and also be able to bring in your own regime if desired. You can send your applications to either myself or iamslm22. Please note that if you are currently in the DSFL, considerations would need to made to make you a member of the Baltimore family first but with a high draft pick in this coming draft, I am confident that arrangements can likely be made.

I have said all I can at this point. I will be around to field any questions you may have. I guess the only thing I can do if leave you with the final words spoken to me by Gordon Gekko himself.

Feb 15 2018, 02:45 PM
I hate to see such a generational Talent move on to a divisional rival but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Hawks receive
S7 7th round pick

Liberty receive
Rights to Lil Bot - loco


loco - in my heart, you'll always be a hawk.
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