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Jun 27 2018, 09:57 PM
DT - Nick Pierno
S9: $2,000,000

S - Vash Erikson
S9: $500,000

DE - Jimmy Cox
S9: $500,000

LB - Rob Anderson
S9: $500,000
Jun 11 2018, 06:13 PM receive: S9 1st S10 1st S10 2nd receive:
Eli Kamaka S9 1st

If Kamaka isn't on the Yeti in S10, the pick gets returned to COL, but if he is, PHI keep the pick

kckolbe PDXBaller

Glad to bring in such a great player and a great member to the team and the LR, thank you to kckolbe and PDX for easy negotiations and glad to further the next chapter of the Yeti franchise. #YetiNoises

Edit: there was some discussion about the pick in question.
1. If kamaka is traded, the clause follows him. The Colorado S10r1 would then be tied to the new team. If he does not opt in/re-sign with the team before the draft, the new team receives the COL S10R1 pick. If the team claims this pick, they may not re-sign kamaka after the draft.
2. If kamaka opts in or re-signs with yeti without being traded before the S10 draft, Philly keeps COLs pick.
3. If he opts out, Colorado may claim the pick, but may not re-sign kamaka.
4. In all scenarios where kamaka opts out, he may sign with any team except for the one that he ended the season with if the claim the pick in question.

May 25 2018, 10:50 PM
LB - Rickey Ramero - Ramero

S8 - 2M
S9 - 2M

S - Nick Sharper - JaPetFlo

S8 - 500k

S - Harry Balzac - Blazer

S8 - 500k
May 23 2018, 07:33 PM
The Yeti announce the return of one of the leaders of their team, the patriarch of the Yeti Family.

Andre Bly Jr. sapp2013
S8 - $3mil NTC
S9 - $3mil NTC PO
S10 - $3mil NTC PO

If he waives his NTC and gets traded, the PO's disappear, but NTC stays intact.

We were so nervous we were gonna lose him but he had returned and all is right. #YETINOISES
May 16 2018, 06:00 PM
We are happy to announce the re-signing of one of our young stars, defensive captain and Pro Bowl Safety Michael Tillman

S8 - 2M
S9 - 2M
S10 - 2M

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