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Jan 6 2018, 01:40 PM

Aug 23 2017, 06:37 PM
Fuego Wozy walks up to the stage for the end of the season presser. He clearly frustrated at the result of the wraiths and the otters games but he's now ready to answer questions from the reporters. Overall, how do you think the season went?

It wasn't great at all. I think we can be a championship team with the players we have on the locker room but we had some bad lost which caused us to miss the playoffs. We had the same winning record as the three other teams that made the playoffs beside the outlaws but somehow it wasn't enough. If we haven't lost to the Legion at home, we could have been in the playoffs but thing didn't go in our way unfortunately. Are you happy or unhappy with your production?

I think I had a better production this season but I want to be the best. If I had a season like Jayce Tuck, I think we are a playoff team. Or even, win a championship but it didn't happen. So am I happy with my production? No. I signed a contract extension not because I want to stay in Colorado, it's because I thought I could lead the Yeti to another final and win this time. What are you eating on your pizza tonight?

Everything for me must be fuego so is my pizza. I love to add a lot of chilli sauce and a ton of hot chilli pepper on my pizza. The pizza is hot, I'm hot and I'm Fuego Wozy. what is the dumbest way to have a tiebreaker for football?

Well the current system is not the worst but it's definitely bad for our league. It only favor the better offensive team and it's terrible for the defensive team. The Colorado Yeti has the best defensive team while the wraiths has the best offensive team in the NFSC. But if the tiebreaker only look at the PF, obviously the wraiths will win. If we would look at the PD, we cannot prediction which team would win since they one has a strong offensive but not a good defensive team while the other team has a good defensive team but a bad offensive team. I hope the commissioner will work on this because we are currently in a disadvantage and we will probably some good defensive player for an offensive player. who is your least favorite player on the wraiths?

Mat Akselsen for sure. He's the best OL in the league and he's a wraiths. So yeah, he's the players I hate the most and the player I would to beat him so much. If I could have beat in our first game, We would have been in the playoffs. He also tamper me a lot with Vinny Cox. I hope he get suspended and doesn't in the playoffs.

Ready to grade

Aug 5 2017, 12:50 PM

Jul 17 2017, 07:15 PM
It finally happened, two new teams took some the top players from original six. Their has been some great pickup but also some bad one. So we will review now who had the best draft.

1st Overall - - CB Stainslaw Maddox from

Grade: A+

It was an easy pick for the Legion as Maddox is the best player exposed in the expansion draft. He’s a top 10 corners in the league along with Matthew Peterson.

2nd Overall - - S Vikian Marmeladov from

Grade: A+

I was very surprised when COL decided not to protect Marmeladov. There’s not a lot of talent at this position today. He’s one of the best S in the league and he’s ranked #48 in the NSFL S1 TOP 50 PLAYERS OF TODAY. He had the most interception as a safety and 2 forced fumbles.

3rd Overall - - DT Vinny Cox from
14th Overall - - RB Jack Stats from

In exchange for

4th Overall - - LB Arby Krimlaw from
5th Overall - - DT Romeo Devitt from

Grade: A for both team

The Liberty is getting two great players for OCO. They are giving away a star player but the management isn’t looking to rush the process. Krimlaw and Devitt can become an all-stars. They had a fairly good season with 69 tackles and 4 sacks from Krimlaw and 2 forced fumbles and 10 sacks from Devitt.

Las Vegas is right now a contender for the Ultimus Cup. Vinny Cox is the best NT in the league. Cox recorded 69 tackles on the season, 7 tackles for loss and 7 sacks. But his best performance was during the playoffs. He was the best defensive player during the postseason with 11 tackles and 5 sacks. With the addition of the #9 and #37 best player in the league, the Legion has the best DL.

6th Overall - - OL Saggitaruitt Jefferspin from
10th Overall - - OL Jordan Weal from

In exchange for S3 Third round selection S3 Fifth Round Selection

Grade: C for and A for

Jordan Weal and Saggitaruitt Jefferspin had a great season with 3 sacks allowed for both of them but I don’t think they worth it of a 3rd round pick.

7th Overall - - K/P Bojo Kicksit from

Traded to for

S2 4th Round Draft Pick

Grade: A

The liberty get the 31st overall and with 9 picks in 5 round for this draft, they will a lot of young talent that will have an impact in the future.

8th Overall - - CB Timote Shoate from
Grade: B

Shoate had a good season with San Jose. He had 8 passes defended, 2 interceptions and 2/2 FF/FR. Unfortunately, he won’t be starting for his new team since LVL traded for Peterson.

9th Overall - - DE Bisquiteen Croker from

Grade: C+

He’s tie third for most tackles for loss with 15 of them. He doesn’t had that many sacks as he needs to work out on his muscle.

11th Overall - - DE Lightskin Thor from

Grade: A+

The legion send Lightskin Thor back to OCO for Omar Wright, a top 3 running back in the league.

12th Overall - - WR Jonathan Shaloiko from

Grade: A

The Legion send Jonathan Shaloiko to the Wraiths from the blockbuster trade for Ramiro and LeClair.

13th Overall - - DE Greg Taylor from

Grade: D

Biggest bust so far.

15th Overall - - QB Jameis Christ from

Grade : B

He had a disappointment season with only one win in his career. I think he’s a good quarterback and
I hope he can have a great season with his new team.

16th Overall - - TE Rolf Larsendon from

Grade : C-

He was the only ok TE in this draft. He will be a good backup for Tenzini.

17th Overall - - DT Josh Cameron from

Grade : A

LVL traded Josh Cameron back to SJS for their S3 3rd round pick which is a very good deal for LVL. Josh Cameron wouldn’t have a chance to play with LVL anyway.

18th Overall - - S Samuel Watson from

Grade : D

He wasn’t very much active on the field for Arizona and I don’t think he would be part of this team for a long time. I expect them to pick a good safety in the upcoming draft.

19th Overall - - WR Adam Bennett from

Grade : D

He also wasn’t a important player for the Wraiths as he had only catch last season.

20th Overall - - RB Michael Newman from
Grade : C

Michael Newman didn’t play much time with Arizona. Now he has a chance to be the #1 with LVL but he is not that good to be a starter.

21st Overall - - S Devin Speed from

Grade : C

There’s not a lot of safety in this league yet but Devin Speed is a good one. He’s not on the same level as Flock or Marmeladov but he isn’t the worst. LVL doesn’t have a lot of pick for the upcoming draft so I don’t think they get a talented safety for this season.

22nd Overall - - DE Alistar Amir from

Grade : D

He won’t have much of an impact for PHI.

Overall, both teams have done a great job in the expansion draft. Las Vegas is in the winning mode right now and they done a great job in acquiring Vinny Cox. Philadelphia isn't looking to rush right now and they have done a good job in trading for Krimlaw, Devitt and Wright.

Jul 16 2017, 02:54 PM

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