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Jul 13 2018, 07:10 AM
As per the new incentive program, post here with your links to 4 approved and flaired subreddit posts and you will earn 2 TPE.

To be approved, all posts must be approved, flaired and posted between 07/08 and 07/15, or the current week.

The subreddit team will check the links and edit "Approved" + the week onto your post. You can then directly claim onto your update page.

You must also have your reddit username registered here for your TPE to be approved.

Money bonus payouts for post and comment karma will be paid out separately.

Questions should be posted in the announcement of the incentive program.
Jul 11 2018, 02:03 PM
As you might know, we are launching the NSFL subreddit as an additional platform to engage with our community. The objective of the subreddit is the be the "front page" and curated news platform for the NSFL, with discussion and comments. Through fulfilling this goal, we're hoping to leverage the subreddit on reddit recruitment and to introduce and redirect new members to the league as a whole.

To foster activity on the subreddit an incentive plan has been created in conjunction with AdamS and HO.

Here's how you can earn 2 TPE per IRL week with the plan:
  • Register your reddit account (or new reddit account) here.
  • Post a link to your media / link to your graphic / commentary on recent event or your player, etc. on the subreddit (located here).
  • If you post media that is flaired by moderation* 4 times in one IRL week, you earn 2 TPE
  • You must post links to your subreddit posts here:
*Moderation will only be flairing content that a) was created by the user, and b) adds value to the subreddit or community. This isn't a high standard necessarily, but spam or junk content won't be approved and flaired and you won't be able to add a link to someone else's media article.

Approved content could include: link to a media article on the forum, a graphic or sig, or a reddit post commenting your perspective on recent news involving your player/events (ie, why you decided to go somewhere in free agency).

In addition, players can earn up to $1 million in weekly payouts from commenting on the sub.

Users who comment will have their karma in the subreddit tracked. Every week:
  • The user with the highest karma that week earns $1,000,000
  • 2nd place karma earns $500,000
  • 3rd place karma earns $250,000
Jul 11 2018, 02:03 PM
Post your reddit username below to opt-in to the new incentive program.

NSFL username = reddit username
Roly = rolynsfl
Jul 10 2018, 07:47 AM
Hello all, welcome to your Fantasy Group for Season 9!

Each group will have 6 users who will draft their team. You will be awarded $1,000,000 for completing your draft. This is currently a short group of 5. If a new waitlist member is added, they will be given the 6th seed in the draft and allowed to catch up on picks to the current location.

Top half finishers in each group will receive a TPE reward.

1st Place: 5 TPE
2nd Place: 3 TPE
3rd Place: 1 TPE

Rosters will consist of the following
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (RB or WR or TE)
1 K
1 Team Defense

Scoring system can be found here:
Note that as of S9, Fumbles Lost will no longer constitute -2 fantasy points.

The serpentine draft order is as follows:


There is a 12 hour limit for each pick (you will just be skipped and can pick whenever) and the draft may start immediately.

Please both tag the next user after you pick and send them a Private Message, so we can really be timely about this. Thank you.



RB: Taylor, O
WR: Crush, C
WR: Atwell, T
TE: DiMirio, P
FLEX: L'Alto, V
K: Madlad, B


QB: Akselsen, M
RB: Smallwood, D
FLEX: Rainey, R


QB: Boss, M
RB: Mackworthy, R
WR:Westfield, B
WR: Browning, B
TE: Harris Jr
FLEX: Yates, J


QB: Maximus III, B
RB: Denzel Diaz
WR: Law, C
WR: Bush, C
TE: McPoyal, G
FLEX: Chess, C.A.
K: Blewitt, Iyah


QB: Blocksdale, A
RB: Grau, M
WR: Willie, T
WR: LeClair
TE: Crindy, B
FLEX: Weston, S
K: McCormick , M


QB: Applehort, R
RB: Darlane Farlane
WR: Miller, H
WR: Evans, D
TE: Savea, A
FLEX: Zapp Brannigan
K: Turkleton, T
Jul 10 2018, 06:34 AM
I've talked it over with BWIII and we've decided to run a new pilot group for fantasy football each season. This group will be called Group X.

There is no monetary payout for completing the draft, there is no TPE available for winners. This is just to test new models and features for NSFL fantasy football.

For Season 9, we are testing IDP (individual defensive player) leagues. That means instead of regular DST (defensive/special team drafting) we do now where you select a team defense, you'd instead select individual defenders to roster.

Pilot programs are leaned on by organizers to evaluate new ideas. If you sign up, I'll be interviewing you after the draft and the season to get your thoughts on how things went. We'll then use your experience to either scrap the idea or roll it out to the wider NSFL community.

Current pilot group members:If you're interested in taking part in Group X and NSFL Fantasy Football pilots, either post here or PM/DM me on the forums or Discord.

I'll add details of how S9 IDP Group X will work below.
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