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Jul 7 2018, 03:45 PM
RB - Ricky Adams - TheDangaZone
S9: 4,000,000
S10: 6,000,000*
S11: 2,000,000*
* - Team Option

QB - Gus T.T. Showbiz - Molarpistols
S9: 4,000,000
S10: 500,000
S11: 500,000

DE - Young Spaghetti - Vulgar
S9: 4,000,000

WR - Ricardo Jones - ruvimk98
S9: 4,000,000
Jul 1 2018, 12:35 PM
A Look Back at the Impact of the Season 6 Draft Trades sends: S6 1st sends: S6 1st and S7 1st

Then: On the surface it seems like San Jose wanted to bolster their defensive line and Cordell Joshua looked to be the best prospect in the draft at the position. They paid an outrageously hefty price to move up, but the team was in win now mode and knew their window was on the brink of closing. That season they ended up winning 10 games and giving the Otters quite a run for the conference title, but ultimately fell short. Colorado, meanwhile, was in the early stages of a second rebuild and knew they were targeting Aaron as a target for struggling quarterback Nicholas Pierno. My best bet is that they played a convincing bluff and led the Sabercats to believe that they would be taking Joshua if they held put at the number 2 spot. You could argue that in the season following the deal, things worked out for both teams, but losing their Season 7 first rounder ultimately set San Jose back.

Now: The pick the Yeti received from the Sabercats was one of a host of first round choices the team had, and was that back end of a run of four consecutive picks for Colorado. So it’s hard to point to that specific pick and say it’s what San Jose gave up, but if we were to do that we’d be looking at cornerback Desta Danger. A semi active with some upside at the time, Danger hasn’t made much of an impact as an NSFL player. Picked after that 6th pick was linebacker Mason Brown, a favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year and a player who refused to play for Colorado but might have joined the Sabercats. Otherwise it’s difficult to say the Sabercats missed out on much by giving up that Season 7 first. I would certainly say they were lucky things turned out that way. Even so, this is a deal the Sabercats ultimately lost. They had a chance to draft a lot of good players at the 2nd pick, but opted for defensive end Cordell Joshua who has since gone inactive. The Yeti, meanwhile, picked up their top target in Dwayne Aaron and at least had a shot at drafting a solid active in the following draft. sends: S6 2nd and S7 3rd sends: S6 2nd

Then: Philadelphia, knowing they had to take Blessed Storm with their 2nd rounder in this draft, made a nice move here to trade back and pick up a lottery ticket in the 3rd round of the Season 7 draft. Orange County, on the other hand, aggressively targeted a fairly interesting prospect at this point in the draft. Bogdan Wojcik was more or less a semi-active at that point in time but had been highly productive in his time with the DSFL’s Tijuana Luchadores. The Otters certainly place an emphasis on their defensive linemen and Wojcik was no exception. Possibly the only player worthy of taking over him at that point was Robby Rainey, but Orange County was more than secure in their backfield situation and opted for the more immediate help.

Now: Wojcik was a force in Orange County’s subsequent recent title run, but his activity soon faded and he was flipped to Baltimore for cap relief. Ultimately that was the best outcome either team really got from the trade. Blessed Storm quickly fell into inactivity and the Otters’ 3rd round pick, acquired by Philadelphia, was slotted 24th in a draft without much depth. The Liberty ended up selecting Nash Teller, a wide receiver who never made it past the DSFL. sends: rights to Jack Dwyer, S6 3rd sends: S6 3rd, S7 1st, S8 1st, rights to Robby Rainey

Then: It would have been nearly impossible to put a positive spin on this at the time of the draft and it quickly became clear that Arizona had made an enormous mistake. The Wraiths traded a 3rd round pick that turned into Rob Anderson and Jack Dwyer, two then semi-active linebackers, for an Arizona 3rd that turned into runningback Willy Nyquist. The Wraiths also picked up Robby Rainey at the time of the deal, who had been named Kansas City’s co-general manager and was quickly becoming a prominent figure in the league. Trading Rainey alone seemed to be a mistake as he was coveted by some other GM’s, but adding two first round picks and losing Rainey was a knockout punch.

Now: Yellowknife’s end of the deal was resolved on draft night, and even in hindsight they’d probably have been thrilled to get Robby Rainey (and Nyquist, although he went inactive) for Dwyer and Anderson as a deal on it’s own. Instead they also found themselves picking 5th in the Season 7 draft, a pick they flipped to the Yeti as part of a deal for superstar linebacker Boss Tweed, and 5th in the Season 8 draft, which turned into another excellent linebacker in Chad Pennington. Ultimately this turned out to be one of the most lopsided trades in league history and one that really set the Outlaws’ plans to rebuild back for quite some time. Only Dwyer is still on their roster. The final tally of players directly attributable to this deal? Robby Rainey and Chad Pennington for Jack Dwyer and Rob Anderson. Yikes. sends: S7 4th sends: S6 4th

Then: It’s actually difficult to track what the Yeti did with their end of this simple 4th-for-4th swap. The Season 6 Draft topic actually still shows New Orleans as selecting cornerback Egan Winter with their own pick. For the sake of this I’ll assume his rights belong to Colorado, but it’s ultimately irrelevant as Winter never made it out of the DSFL. New Orleans, meanwhile, bet on an equally strong class and equal pick in the 4th round the following season by picking up a pick from the Yeti.

Now: This deal turned into a non factor for both sides. Winter never turned into much, nor did New Orleans’ end. They took Jake Gore the following season, who also went inactive. Ultimately the Yeti had a deeper and better pool to select from, but it wouldn’t have mattered either way as none of the players left at that point amounted to much.

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May 28 2018, 03:00 PM

May 23 2018, 08:10 PM

with a bonus free agent pitch special:
May 20 2018, 08:19 PM
DT - Ryan Fitzfatrick
S8: $500K
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