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Dec 22 2017, 07:40 PM

Dec 20 2017, 12:21 PM
A high school standout who then single handedly turned a winless college football team into an undefeated champion has decided to take his talents to the DSFL this year to compete against a bunch of other worthless schleps. Grey Slax, a wide receiver out of Florida Gulf Coast University, will surely be drafted early this evening during the DSFL draft. While he doesn't have any expectations about where he will end up, the pressure to perform will be immediate. In high school, he was nothing short of a superstar with massive potential. He was involved in almost every play on both sides of the ball, and was a consistent force on the field. He led the team to 3 straight State Championships, before signing on to turn the winless Florida Gulf Coast football program into a powerhouse. Now, some of you may be thinking, "I've heard of Florida Gulf Coast University, but I didn't know they have a football team." Well, thats because they don't. So, when I say that they were winless, they really were. BUT, when Slax left the school to turn to the DSFL, they were undefeated! Yes, they were also still winless, but it sounds a lot better to say that Slax never actually lost a college game. That just means he's awesome, and will now transfer that awesomeness over to the DSFL. College was a rough time for Slax. He wasn't able to get the playing time he deserved. Theres something about a team with no coach, no facilities, no field, and no budget that will certainly humble a star like Slax. He has nowhere to turn but the sticks of his Playstation. But that experience has turned Slax into what he is today, which is a future NSFL superstar and perhaps hall of famer. How do we know this so early? Well, we don't. And we won't know for sure for many seasons to come. But what we do know is that his agent, Jonstradamus, is one of the hardest working agents to come across this league since, well, no-one. His client in the PBE, Johnny Runakiwi, is evidence of his hard work and dedication to success. With no experience at all, he's turned that guy into a model player, and Slax seems primed to return the same results. Now, since the only tape we've got on this guy are high school films, what do we really know about Grey Slax? He is around 5'11", 190 pounds, and can run routes like a wild man. Initial scouting reports say that he should have the ability to run circles around established defensive backs in the DSFL. You won't see him doing too much blocking, but as far as a possession goes, he's got the hands to make every catch. No quarterback is going to need to thread any needle to get to Slax' hands. What we also know is he talks a ton of smack, without any results to back it. Hell, he may even end up having a terrible year, but he'll run his mouth for as long as he has any say. Slax is here to take the DSFL and make it his own. Rumor is there are already NSFL teams sending scouts to watch his every move, trying to plan when they should grab Slax and introduce him to the NSFL. This is a pretty impressive feat for someone who has no competitive experience under his belt for the last 4 years. Nonetheless, Slax' appearance into the NSFL/DSFL should be an exciting one, and it is certainly a blessing that he's decided to continue his career in this league. It will be fun. Be prepared.

---- 614 words

Dec 16 2017, 11:44 AM
Reddit Upvote (topic is closed, so I can't link, but its listed on the Open Opportunies post) +3
AC 30 +2
First Free Training +5
AC31 +2
Weekly Training +5
DSFL Training Camp +10

Total new TPE: 27

TPE Available: 50
(MAX: 65) Strength: 30 —> 31 (+1)
(MAX: 100) Agility: 74 —> 76 (+2, 10TPE)
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 90) Intelligence: 50 —> 53 (+3, 6TPE)
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 35) Tackling: 20
(MAX: 95) Speed: 70
(MAX: 90) Hands: 70
(MAX: 35) Pass Blocking: 10
(MAX: 35) Run Blocking: 10
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 60 —> 65 (+5, 10TPE)
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1

Total TPE: 77

0-50 - costs 1 TPE to go up 1 point
50-70 - costs 2 TPE to go up 1 point
70-80 - costs 5 TPE to go up 1 point
80-90 - costs 10 TPE to go up 1 point
90-100 - costs 15 TPE to go up 1 point
Dec 16 2017, 11:18 AM
Player Information

Username: Jonstradamus
First Name: Grey
Last Name: Slax
Position: WR
College: Florida Gulf Coast University
Birthdate: 12/25/96
Handedness: R
Recruited By: iamslm22
Jersey Number: 8
Height (ft.): 5'11"
Weight (lbs.): 190lbs
Birthplace: Trenton, NJ
Player Archetype: Route Runner (Eg. Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen)

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 1
(MAX: 65) Strength: 31
(MAX: 100) Agility: 80
(MAX: 25) Arm: 1
(MAX: 90) Intelligence: 54
(MAX: 25) Throwing Accuracy: 1
(MAX: 35) Tackling: 20
(MAX: 95) Speed: 75
(MAX: 90) Hands: 71
(MAX: 35) Pass Blocking: 12
(MAX: 35) Run Blocking: 12
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 69
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
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