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 Luchadores S5 Inactive Extensions/Cuts
 Posted: Dec 24 2017, 03:51 PM


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Extend the following inactives for the Luchadores:
QB Tony Flygare - 500k
RB Sydnee Spinelli - 500k
RB Zach Muntex - 500k
WR Jordan Banyard - 500k
WR RFFO Mademe - 500k
WR Wes Washington - 500k
TE Carmel Gibson - 500k
TE Josh Davidson - 500k
OL Jett Winter - 500k
OL Jordan Danvers - 500k
OL Scott Timlin - 500k
OL Connor McManus - 500k
OL Saggitariutt Jefferspin - 500k
DE Alistair Amir - 500k
DT Frederick Smith - 500k
DT William Nasher - 500k
DT Egor Medved - 500k
LB Den Bavis - 500k
LB Rickey Mills - 500k
LB Manny Paz - 500k
CB Kiko Bakari - 500k
CB Artist Boogie - 500k
CB Mark Bowden - 500k
S Mike McNoodle - 500k
S Eddy Kim - 500k

Total: $12,000,000

Inactive plus Active Total: $12,000,000 + $35,500,000 = $47,500,000

WR Jordan Smith
TE Emerald Wednesday
OL Matt James (Retired)
CB Tanner Hendrix
CB Henri Rivere
S Nathan Clearwater
K/P Joey Langdon

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