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 *S3 Regular Season Weekly Passing Data
 Posted: Oct 20 2017, 01:59 PM

Extremely Rude Boi

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So in a follow up to the season-long ANY/A I did a few days ago I broke down the individual games:

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Top 5 ANY/A performances:
1. Chris Orosz, week 13 against the Legion (nearly 3 standard deviations above average )
2. Mike Boss, week 6 against the Legion.
3. Mike Boss, week 8 against the Hawks.
4. Ethan Hunt, week 8 against the Legion.
5. Josh Bercovici, week 10 against the Sabrecats.

League averages:
ANY/A - 4.75
AY/A - 6.18
NY/A - 5.45

Percentage of games above average (ANY/A):
King Bronko, 78.57%
Mike Boss, 71.43%
Chris Orosz, 64.29%
Scrub Kyubee, 64.29%
Ethan Hunt, 57.14%
Clifford Rove, 42.86%
Josh Bercovici, 35.71%
Nicholas Pierno, 14.29%

Percentage of games at least 1 standard deviation above average (7.96+ ANY/A):
Mike Boss, 21.43%
King Bronko, 21.43%
Chris Orosz, 14.29%
Scrub Kyubee, 14.29%
Ethan Hunt, 7.14%
Josh Bercovici, 7.14%
Nicholas Pierno, 7.14%
Clifford Rove, 0.00%

Percentage of games at least 1 standard deviation below average (<1.53 ANY/A):
King Bronko, 0.00%
Chris Orosz, 0.00%
Scrub Kyubee, 0.00%
Mike Boss, 7.14%
Ethan Hunt, 14.29%
Josh Bercovici, 14.29%
Clifford Rove, 21.43%
Nicholas Pierno, 57.14%

Sometime this weekend I'll flip this data around and see which defenses allowed the best ANY/A performances against them and which forced quarterbacks into bad performances. I've got a whole bunch of trivia like the above lists that I can pull now so let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see.

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