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 *Brian Mills' Thoughts 3
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:01 PM


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Disclaimer : All recorded accounts are based on the streamed version of the games, not the re-simmed "Fake News" game logs that were released afterwards

January 4th, 2018
Week 1

The day is finally here. My first game in the DSFL is against the Chicago Coyotes. I have been studying game film on the coyotes for the past week and a half and i'm pretty sure my eyes cant handle another minute of studying. All of my preparation will finally show on the field tonight, and hopefully i can celebrate a 1-0 victory with my teammates.

When we arrived to the stadium in Chicago, everyone was quiet. Dead quiet. Making our way to the locker room, we watched around us as thousands of fans were filing into the stadium. College football was a spectacle to participate in, but being in the pros was much different. The atmosphere was different, and everything was way more serious. Coaches were still discussing the game plan right up to the moment we entered the locker room. Coach gave us the typical "Do your job" speech that everyone has already heard once or twice in their career. All we had to do, was go out there and do our job tonight, and we would come out with the win.

After warmups, we get ready to take the field. The Captains go out for the coin toss. Coach tells us that we're kicking the ball to start the game.

The sound of the stadium when the Luchadores kicked the ball off was deafening, every fan in the stadium was on their feet screaming; excited for the regular season to start. We manage to stop the return at the 17 yard line, not a bad way to start the season off.

I put my helmet on and take the field. In the huddle, our team captain Elvin Enchant tells us to stay calm, read our keys, and get to the ball. The Coyotes line up in the shotgun. I keep my eyes on my key, the right guard. The Coyotes snap the ball and the right guard pulls out to the right, so immediately I follow the play to the right side of the field. Sure enough, their runningback is hitting the C gap , just outside the left tackle. Since our 1 technique tackle was on the left side of the formation, the center was coming right to the second level to get a block on me. I manage to disengage the block, and get to the ball carrier , stopping him for a gain of six yards. As i made the tackle all of the pressure of being in my first game went away, and the confidence of the defense showed. Back at the huddle, Elvin gives us the play call for 1st and 10. "4-3 Over, Zone wall. Do your job."

At this point, everything became a lot clearer. Pre-play, they were lined up in spread formation, no running back. This was definitely going to be a pass. The quarterback drops back to pass, stares down his wide out to the right side of the field, and I manage to get the pick. The atmosphere in the stadium suddenly changed, and all the fans were quiet. Coach gives me a pat on the back and tells us to get ready for the next drive. Today, it was our mission as a defense, to give our offense the ball back to let them put points up on the board.

The final score of the game was 26-3. As a defense, we did our job, and forced multiple turnovers, and held the Coyotes to only a field goal. Coach gave us another speech at the end of the game. "Guys, we followed the gameplan, everyone did their job, and we came out with a win. As long as we go into every game with the same mentality as today, we can go get that championship trophy."

I sure hope coach is right.

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