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 POR signs inactives + FA
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 07:20 AM


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Pythons sign the following inactives for a 1 year DSFL S6 contract:

(S5) Nathan Clearwater - S
Dropped by TIJ and not claimed in the first 24 hours makes him a free agent to be claimed by anyone. TIJ Transactions - 12/24

(S4) Brent Lane - K/P
Played for TIJ in DSFL S3, but dropped in DSFL S4 and not claimed by anyone.

Signing the rights to (S4) Shawn Ariel - RB. Ariel was sent down for DSFL S5 and the rights were owned by NOR, however he wasn't picked up in the Dispersal Draft and did not play all of DSFL S5. Dispersal Draft Page

This puts him into free agent status and so we are picking up his rights and will have him on our roster should he be sent back down for S6 DSFL.

Resigning inactives we currently own the rights to:
Jameis Christ
Tim Tebow
Eric Hansen
Zed Richter
Glennie Retro
Samuel Watson
Granit Lewis
Pablo Sanchez
Adrienne Nugent
Bernard Forthward
Noah Parker
John Goose
Hingle McCringleberry
Ottokar Von Gerhardt
Francois Lamoreux
Mitchell Stars
JR Vance
David Turner
Rakim Uchiha
Nate Atasuke
Rick Sanchez
Matt Edilio
Egan Winter
Boston Ooty
Vernon Collins

NSFL Active Send Down:
Borro Gore


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