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Jan 19 2018, 11:06 AM
Hey just wanted to make a quick announcement about how updates go and what we will let slide and what we won't.

All updates occur on Saturday, but the time is up to the individual updater's schedule. Some will update in the morning, some will update late at night. All updates will be in by Saturday 11:59:59 PM PST

If you did not get your update in before the updater came by and did your team, we will not go back and update you anymore. Sorry, it just keeps everything a lot cleaner if I stop this right now.

Also, there are no claims posted on Friday or Saturday by the PPT team, so that means everyone has a full day Friday, and more than likely most of the day Thursday to spend five minutes on their update page. There aren't really any excuses for not having your update ready by Saturday.

Now, all this said, it hasn't really been a problem before but I just want to handle this before anything rises up. Also, if there are errors with your update and you alert us to that, obviously we will go back and fix that, no problem.

Anyway, happy simming tonight.
Jan 12 2018, 11:02 AM
Legion @ Wraiths

We start off the week with an intriguing matchup. Interesting in the fact that we all wonder how much the Wraiths will win by. As talked about in the week 5 preview, the Legion have by far the worst defense in the league and they aren't given much of a break now that they're going to face the unstoppable Eric Kennedy and Wraiths air attack. Will Terrell Brister be up to task? Probably not, but thems the breaks with young teams. On the other side of the coin the decent Legion attack will face a stout Wraiths secondary and unfortunately Logan Noble won't find a lot of room to operate. The Legion could rely on their #1 ranked ground game, but like the rest of the league, 3.1 YPC probably isn't going to cut it.

Will Akselsen continue his MVP hookup with Eric Kennedy, or will the Legion defense do just enough to give their offense the opportunity to win?

Hawks @ Yeti

A follow up to the first game is another interesting one between the Hawks and Yeti, if you just looked at the record it would seem that the teams might be evenly matched, but alas the Hawks have simply been unfortunate in their start of the season, and the Yeti have not been competitive yet. We've talked about the Hawks struggles on D before, and this matchup might be the remedy that cures their ills. With the Yeti having easily the worst offense in the league, expect the Hawks D to keep it that way. Perhaps leaving their corners on islands and running a permanent 4-3 is the best avenue for the Hawks, as shutting down the ground combo of Tweed and Pierno is the key to their victory. As spoken about before the Yeti D is actually a competitive unit, but that has likely as much to do with their shortening of the game as their talent level, and the Hawks O is a very talented bunch so don't expect the Hawks to get shut out of this one.

Can Blocksdale and the talented Hawks receiving core save their season against a stout Yeti D, or will the Yeti ground game run roughshod over the disappointing Hawks front seven?

Liberty @ SaberCats

Now we come to the very competitive portion of games for week 6, starting with the first ever matchup of S5 between these two teams. Both teams are extremely competitive, and are playing the best football of their respective histories so far. It's a matchup of stout defenses and strong QB play. The SaberCats have the edge in defensive play, and it isn't a fluke either, as they've played the Otters, Hawks, and Outlaws, all very strong offensive teams. However, the Liberty are no slouches either, having faced the Legion, Wraiths, and Hawks. Both teams have faced the Yeti once so with a similar sample size the defense run by Ja Brill and John Canton are the better group so far.

On offense it's an entirely different story, both QBs are playing well but in different ways. Orosz is playing a very safe, precise game, having the third fewest attempts and third fewest yards but the third highest completion percentage and only one interception on the entire season. It's a safe approach as he allows the playmakers around him to do the work, particularly Smallwood at the goal line. In a complete reversal of his career, Clifford Rove is playing at a top level, most likely due to the addition of all-world WR Josh Garden. Rove is first in touchdowns with 14 next only 5 interceptions on the season. His completion percentage isn't the best and he doesn't have the most yards but he's putting the ball into the endzone, which is what counts at the end of the day. However, with the quality play of the QBs the offense is different overall, with Liberty averaging 30.5 points per game, and the SaberCats 23.8. Orosz will need to push the ball downfield if the SaberCats want to win this game.

Will Orosz shed his 'too-safe' ways and push the ball downfield, or will Rove continue his resurgent season and throw a few more touchdowns?

Otters @ Outlaws

Our primetime matchup sees the top two contenders in the ASFC for the past four seasons squaring off for the first time this season. This has been one of the best and most watched rivalries in the leagues since inception. The Outlaws have won the vast majority, but many around the league tout ill-gotten advantages as the reasoning. Whatever the truth is, expect a strong matchup. This truly is a matchup of strength vs strength, the Outlaws #1 offense against the Otters #1 defense.

Outlaws QB King Bronko lost his top two targets in Garden and Evans to trades in the offseason, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the scoreboard. The Outlaws are averaging a health 36.3 points per game, and Bronko far and away has the best passer rating in the league at 111.2. Some of these stats are inflated with Bronko having faced the Legion defense already but, he crushed them and that's what good QBs need to do against weak competition.

Weak competition is not a way to describe the Orange County Otters defense however. Averaging 19.5 points against, this Otters D has the markings of a historically good outfit. Strong enough to carry a middling offense to the Ultimus. The strength of this Otters D is their front seven, with superstars Winchester, O'Sullivan, Bavitz, Clegane, and Wright Jr. all having impressive seasons. They are surrounded by a strong supporting cast and their secondary anchored by Marc Spector and Dominic Verns do enough to keep the ball in front of them. Not that opposing QBs have much time to throw it into the secondary; the Otters are averaging 6.75 sacks per game, so if a team can figure out their protections and challenge this secondary there might be an avenue for success there. Bronko might just be the one to do it.

Will King Bronko test the secondary and will his team to victory, or will the Otters stout front seven confuse the protection schemes of the Outlaws and overwhelm the offense?

1031 Words

Jan 11 2018, 11:11 AM
Outlaws @ Liberty

The week starts off with a very intriguing matchup of two 3-1 teams. This is their first meeting of the season and should give us a very explosive showing. The two highest scoring teams in the league are squaring off in an attempt to seal 1st place in their respective conferences. Which offense will show up and compete, which defense will stiffen and hold? With the Liberty having a top 3 defense and the Outlaws having a bottom 3 the question may already be answered, but we still must play the game to find out.

Wraiths @ SaberCats

Another matchup of top 3-1 cross-divisional contenders, and another matchup of strong QB play. All world flex player Eric Kennedy looks to increase his stranglehold on the leagues reception crown. Could he break the record of 101 catches set by Paul Dimirio last season? It seems likely at this point. If the SaberCats stout front seven can successfully shut down Kennedy, the Wraiths still have Cook on the outside to threaten the game vertically.

The Sabercats are no slouches on the offensive side either, with the safest QB in the game Orosz under center, and two world breakers in Shane Weston and Mayran Jackson on the outside. Recent backfield convert Darren Smallwood has filled in admirably for the recently departed Jordan Yates with 5 touchdowns on the season.

It will be a clash of styles as the Wraiths play a wide open, explosive air raid attack, and the SaberCats play a more conservative, ball-control style of offense. Who will win? Tune in to find out.

Otters @ Hawks

It has been a disappointing start to the season for the Hawks to say the least. At 1-3 many fans are searching for answers while Hawks management is as calm as ever, vowing to find the root cause of the struggles. The offense hasn't been the issue in Hawk land, no, it is the absolutely abhorrent defense they trot out on to the field, only the Legion are worse. What once was a calling card of the Hawks, as recently as S3, has now become their Achilles heel. Answers will need to be found soon if they want their season to turn around.

Luckily, and unluckily, the Otters come into town. I say unluckily as no one wants to face Boss and the murderers row of receivers he has at his behest, however, they are also lucky in that the strength of the Hawks D are their two corners, and everyone knows that Boss' kryptonite is the pick six, so there's a chance here. The Hawks will really need that chance too as the Otters have the most impressive defense fielded this short NSFL season.

Boss or Delacour/Turner? Who will come out on top?

Yeti @ Legion

Our primetime matchup is finally here. Now this should be a very intriguing showdown of the only two winless teams left in the league. The Yeti have a surprisingly average defense to lean on, but a even worse than predicted offense slowing them down. The Yeti rely on ground and pound unlike any other team in the league but perhaps they should attempt to pass a little more often, 56 points on the season is not even close to good enough.

On the opposite side of the field and opposite side of the philosophical spectrum the Legion come in with a very competent offense, led by fan favorite Logan Noble. Their offense is just under Otters level, but their defense is absolutely horrendous. 169 points given up is far and away the worst mark in the league.

Which side will break first? Which side will break the most? Legion will probably not have enough time on the field to score a lot, but can the Yeti even move the ball on this defense? It's a close matchup and the only guarantee is that one of these two will get their first win of the season.

648 words
Jan 4 2018, 09:47 PM
Currently the 1% is dominating the NSFL landscape, hoarding all the jobs for themselves. This has to stop! We need to redistribute the wealth of the NSFL and remove it from the greedy hands of these elite few!

Seriously, we need more than like 10 people to handle all the jobs on this site. That's my suggestion.
Dec 26 2017, 09:13 AM

The Offense


Mat Akselsen Bzerkap

S5 $1,000,000
S6 $1,000,000


Bubba Nuck NUCK

S5 $2,000,000
S6 $2,000,000

Eric Kennedy SwagSloth

S5 $4,000,000
S6 $2,000,000
S7 $2,000,000


Franklin Harris Jr. Apache_Chief

S5 $7,000,000 + $1,000,000 for Position Change
S6 $4,000,000
S7 $4,000,000 Player Option


Bailey Cook RainDelay

S5 $5,500,000
S6 $6,000,000

D.J. Law Law

S5 $1,000,000
S6 $1,000,000

Ethan Hunt daBenchwarmer

S5 $2,000,000
S6 $2,000,000


Bender Rodriguez BenderRodriguez INACTIVE

S5 $500,000

5 Bots

S5 $22,500,000

The Defense!


Jason Spearhead BasedPooter INACTIVE

S5 $500,000

Ricky Maddox SimmerDownBruhh

S5 $1,000,000
S6 $1,000,000

Jayce Tuck ErMurazor

S5 $1,000,000 SUSPENDED
S6 $1,000,000 Player Option

Blaster Blade Blaster

S5 $5,000,000
S6 $5,000,000 Mutual Option


Bork Björnsson bovovovo

S5 $1,000,000 RETIRING

Ryan Fitzfatrick runrunpasspunt

S5 $2,000,000

Egor Medved Walder Frey

S5 $1,000,000
S6 $3,000,000
S7 $2,000,000 Team Option


Lindarius Shelton EvanR123 INACTIVE

S5 $500,000

Luke Tiernan Ltsmashie

S5 $5,500,000

William Ridley MacTonight

S5 $3,000,000


Dirk Cutter CaptainCats INACTIVE

S5 $500,000

Dermot Lavelle Dermot

S5 $2,000,000
S6 $2,000,000
S7 $2,000,000

Kiko Bakari luckymumbo - DSFL Send Down

S5 $1,500,000

Phillippe Carter enigmatic

S5 $2,000,000 LEGION PAYS
S6 $2,000,000
S7 $2,000,000
S8 $2,000,000


Clee Hardrool Saliva^

S5 $5,000,000

Jogn Floggity Jogn

S5: $2,000,000


Marcus Kane Dangles13

S5 $1,000,000
S6 $1,000,000
S7 $1,000,000

Cameron Taylor CDub2

S5 $2,000,000
S6 $2,000,000
S7 $2,000,000 Team Option

The Special Teams


Joseph Lombardi bluesfan55

S5 $2,000,000

Dead Money

Cap Penalties & Considerations

S5 - $5,000,000 PENALTY

Total Budget

S5 $80,500,000 **** Total Space: $80,500,000
S6 $33,000,000 **** Total Space: $76,000,000
S7 $6,000,000 **** Total Space: $75,000,000
S8 $2,000,000 **** Total Space: $75,000,000
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