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Dec 7 2017, 03:40 PM
Hey everyone,

As you know by now, I'm stepping down from the head office.

I definitely think my time at head office has been valuable for the league, However I think it would be better for the league if an additional applicant is allowed to step up to head office, especially with all of the amazing applications.

For my time in the head office, I was very much the main person behind archetype and position/balance changes, from tight end buffs, to defensive line tweaks to the entire OL overhaul. I was pretty much the guy offering ideas, testing and bringing findings back to the HO.
This is definitely something I enjoy and I think I'm pretty good at.

I never really enjoyed hunting down suspicious activity, figuring out punishments, and handling permissions and other day to day activities. That's not to say I'm bad at these things, (Well maybe I'm not the best with permissions), but I still stand by all of the decisions I've made and decisions the head office has made. Even when I've been in the minority vote on a head office decision, I respect the process and would argue for what the majority voted for.

Anyways, I thought it would be better overall for the league to get another head office member and have myself step down to a new Sim/Position/Archetype balance role.
Before this decision was final, I checked to see if timeconsumer would also be interested in joining that new position with me and he agreed as long as the role name doesn't blow.

I reached out to TC because he is definitely super qualified and we had like 20 PMs between us trying to solve the offensive line problem. If there was anyone else who was made for this new position, It's definitely him.

Don't take this as a sign as me withdrawing from the league. I really do enjoy my time here a I'm not going anywhere.

As far as information on the new position, There aren't a lot of details on it. The idea is that if anyone has balance changes or suggestions, it would go to us. We would test, tweak and research changes and then present that to the HO for the off-season changes.
I'm not really sure what this position will pay. The HO will have to figure out those details. I said I'd be fine doing it for free but the pre-hire HO disagreed with that.

The end goal is: I'm bringing what I feel I was best at during my time at HO, to the league, and the head office gets help on the other tasks with the new hire that replaces me.

The head office is in great hands. I have the utmost respect for AsylumParty Dermot and iamslm22 and wish BayleyIsland and adam2552 the best of luck.

And if this announcement is confusing, go here: 2 Head Office Hires

Anyways, feel free to ask me any questions.


Dec 4 2017, 02:11 PM
Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately Sweetwater is unable to give the necessary time needed to be a part of the head office at this time.

Because of this, We are looking to hire a new head office member to help us with the current off season work as well as learn the ropes before the season ramps up.

Please feel free to submit an application to myself or Dermot AsylumParty iamslm22 via personal message.

Feel free to include any of the following:

Why you would like to be a part of the head office?
What do you think you could bring to the table?
Or anything that could help us determine the best candidate.


Nov 22 2017, 10:45 AM
Today I'm going to be talking about defensive players in the league.

We already have a scoring system in place to see how well offensive players do every year in fantasy, lets see who is the fantasy defensive superstar.

Below are my weights and values for the following stats.

Tackle - 1 point
Sack - 4 points
TFL - 3 points
Safety - 10 points
Interceptions - 6 points
Pass Defended - 1 point
Forced Fumble - 4 points
Fumble Recovery - 2 points
Blocked punt - 6 points
Blocked Extra point - 3 points
Blocked Field Goal - 6 points

These values we're chosen to try and normalize defensive positions. If you disagree, write your own article //

*Note, this is using the data for the first 9 games of the season.

Now on to the fun part.
  • Name - Position - IDP Adjusted Total - Team
  • Ernston, H. - LB - 137 -
  • O'Sullivan, J. - LB - 127 -
  • Hendrix, M. - LB - 123 -
  • Canton, J. - CB - 121 -
  • Saint, J. - LB - 120 -
  • Luechly, L. - LB - 119 -
  • Bavitz, I. - LB - 119 -
  • Fulton, W. - LB - 114 -
  • Krimlaw, A. - LB - 112 -
  • Lee, J. - LB - 112 -
  • Sharpei, V. - LB - 111 -
  • Lewith, T. - FS - 110 -
  • Winchester, A. - LB - 106 -
  • Hardrool, C. - FS - 105 -
  • Tiernan, L. - LB - 101 -
  • Shelton, L. - LB - 100 -
  • Tucker, P. - LB - 100 -
  • Broadway, E. - LB - 99 -
  • Harrison, S. - LB - 94 -
  • Dam, D. - DE - 93 -
  • Hackett, A. - LB - 91 -
  • Oakes, B. - FS - 91 -
  • Goodson, N. - LB - 88 -
  • Ridley, W. - LB - 88 -
  • Bayley, B. - CB - 86 -
  • Stropko, B. - LB - 85 -
  • Flock, R. - SS - 84 -
  • Tuck, J. - DE - 84 -
  • Washington, L. - LB - 83 -
  • Wright Jr, G. - DE - 82 -
  • Carter, P. - CB - 81 -
  • Ishigawa, H. - LB - 80 -
  • Zhang, S. - CB - 80 -
  • Hendrix, K. - DE - 80 -
  • Turner, D. - CB - 80 -
  • Petrakis, A. - CB - 77 -
  • Floggity, J. - FS - 76 -
  • Hansen, A. - FS - 74 -
  • Spector, M. - CB - 73 -
  • Brill, J. - SS - 73 -
  • Marmeladov, V. - FS - 72 -
  • Miller, D. - DT - 71 -
  • Blade, B. - DE - 71 -
  • Harris Jr., F. - CB - 70 -
  • Hayden, A. - CB - 69 -
  • Wozy, F. - DE - 68 -
  • Jefferson, L. - FS - 67 -
  • Kane, M. - SS - 67 -
  • Lavelle, D. - CB - 67 -
  • Kyubee, S. - FS - 66 -
  • Shoate, T. - CB - 64 -
  • Valentine, V. - SS - 64 -
  • Maddox, R. - DE - 64 -
  • Delacour, A. - CB - 62 -
  • Sandoval, R. - DT - 62 -
  • Bot, B. - DE - 62 -
  • Erikson, V. - FS - 61 -
  • Clegane, G. - DT - 61 -
  • Andres, J. - DE - 61 -
  • Verns, D. - FS - 60 -
  • Boggs, B. - CB - 59 -
  • Boom, J. - DE - 59 -
  • Asipi, A. - DT - 57 -
  • Kronen, R. - FS - 56 -
  • King, G. - DT - 56 -
  • Cox, J. - DE - 54 -
  • Davis, A. - FS - 53 -
  • Flimjollywop, S. - LB - 53 -
  • Davidson, D. - DE - 51 -
  • Gustavsson, E. - DE - 51 -
  • Kamaka, E. - DT - 50 -
  • Hampshireton, R. - LB - 49 -
  • Maddox, S. - CB - 48 -
  • Novel, L. - FS - 48 -
  • Ramrio, M. - DT - 48 -
  • Björnsson, B. - DE - 47 -
  • Chambers III, C. - DT - 45 -
  • Okonkwo, C. - DE - 44 -
  • Cox, V. - DT - 42 -
  • Sandoval, A. - DE - 42 -
  • Oles, T. - CB - 41 -
  • Tomlinson, A. - DE - 41 -
  • Cushing, K. - CB - 40 -
  • Metas, B. - DT - 40 -
  • Skidmarks, S. - DT - 38 -
  • Morgan, L. - CB - 35 -
  • Charlton, E. - DE - 33 -
  • McNoodle, M. - SS - 20 -
  • Fitzfatrick, R. - DT - 19 -
  • Saginaw, A. - DT - 13 -
  • Wright, J. - LB - 8 -
  • Bender, T. - DT - 8 -
  • Thomas, R. - SS - 6 -
  • O'Sullivan, K. - CB - 2 -
  • Steele, R. - G - 2 -
  • Two, B. - T - 2 -
  • Sphincter, A. - C - 2 -
  • Wright, O. - RB - 2 -
  • Van Buren, M. - G - 2 -
  • Kennedy, E. - RB - 2 -
  • Pooky, S. - G - 2 -
  • Bronko, K. - QB - 2 -
  • Bottles, B. - TE - 2 -
  • Yates, J. - RB - 2 -
  • Jenkins, L. - RB - 2 -
  • Savea, A. - RB - 2 -
  • Bot, S. - T - 2 -
  • Farlane, D. - RB - 0 -
Now we will see a few trends. First off linebackers are doing really well which seems to be the norm for IDP.

Overall DEs outperform DTs.

John Canton is also a major player at the CB position. He's rated fourth overall and the next CB is at #25. This is definitely due to his 7 interceptions and 2 touchdowns.
Cool to see the top two IDP CBs on the

Comparing FS to SS, it seems like FS looks to be performing a bit better.

Also, Bronko is the best defensive QB with one fumble recovery.

Anyways, that's about it for today. Hopefully you enjoyed this.

Nov 21 2017, 12:30 PM
Recently, it was brought to the attention of the Head Office that there was reason to be suspicious of Er.
On November 16th a post made by Yoloswag420 (Luechly) stating that he uses a VPN was deleted. We could not find motive on why this post was deleted, however, after checking the moderator logs and noticing that Er had only 5 total actions at the time, all of which on the 17th and afterwards, we decided to verify and he had deleted his own logs.


We received confirmation via admin logs [pictured below] that he had emptied his logs several times. We couldn't find motive for this either, but we do believe that during a time of active investigation on yoloswag420 that deleting anything related to his history, as well as erasing your own moderator logs is a punishable offense that we want to make clear will not be tolerated as leniently in the future.


After extensive speculation and investigation, we have concluded that we lack suitable evidence to prove anything other than Er deleted moderation logs. Technically we can’t even prove they were his own, however, it is safe to assume so. We also lack any evidence that he had deleted Luechly’s post, as we can’t read trashed mod logs, as per jcink support team. Furthermore, even if we did have evidence that he had deleted the post, as far as we can tell it was inconsequential and irrelevant to the investigation.


After some deliberation as to which action would be most fitting in this case, we have decided to temporarily restrict Er from taking over as Owner. For the duration of season 5 Dermot will be given Root Admin (owner) designation and assuming Er maintains a clean record from now until the conclusion of season 5, he will then be given the choice to take over as owner of the site. We hope you'll agree with our decision as Er has such an outstanding track record of work ethic and desire to see the league succeed, we'd like to empower him to make a positive impact while making it known that any abuse of power will not be tolerated, with or without motive.


We appreciate everyone’s continued desire to make this league as fair a place as possible and if you have any questions or concerns regarding our results, feel free to let us know.

Nov 17 2017, 10:00 AM
Recently, as many of you know, there have been a slew of accusations tossed around regarding multis and rigged sims.

Some circumstantial evidence was provided, but not in a positive manner. This evidence was released to the entire league without going through the proper protocol (consulting the Head Office and waiting for a full and proper investigation to be completed before airing it out to the league.) When this approach is taken it detracts us from the investigation and we have to spend our time discussing and elaborating to many different individuals rather than making progress with the situation at hand.

We believe this hurts the league because public opinion DOES make a difference. Not only does it give a bad image to incoming players about the integrity of the league without providing us the proper time to address the issue, but it is very mentally taxing on the individuals involved in finding a solution.

After thorough and extensive research of the matter at hand, we've found no reason to believe that any of these claims hold enough water to confirm the serious accusations presented.
Sweetwater is currently working but he can further explain the technical details later by editing this post. I'll try and give a brief summary of it.

The technology necessary to place every accused party within a reasonable distance of each other to justify suspicion isn't available to the general public. Thus, we're forced to speculate based on incomplete and loosely connected data that someone may or may not be spending a significant portion of their lives every day cheating a fake football league with no tangible rewards.
The main concern is players being assigned an IP address from the same cell phone tower. This doesn't determine anything because a single cell phone tower covers a wide area, specifically 45 miles in one direction (90 miles). We have a large amount of users and it's possible that some of them are from the same area, especially the Los Angeles, San Jose area which is host to approximately 5 million people.

I'm not sure if people are familiar with the pigeonhole principle but I think it could help people understand how a "coincidence" of players being in the same area is actually more likely to happen than to not happen.

If 367 people are in a room, we know that at least two people in that room share a birthday. However if a room has 23 individuals, it's more likely that two of them share a birthday than no one sharing a birthday.

Now applying that to our league, we have have around 200 active users. (We've had 166 actives in the past 24 hours).
Lets say we have 5000 possible cities/locations that our users can be in (which is probably a huge overestimation).
With that many users and locations, there is over a 98% probability that two users are from the same location.

Now, when we factor in friends, this has to go up. I recruited Calkewelated Chambers the third and I know he's from my city. I'm sure other people are similar, like Deuosolis and RainDelay.

Anyways, I just wanted to highlight how we can't prove anything by being connected to the same cell tower.

Now lets get on to further solutions.

First off, no more witch hunts. If you have evidence like this, bring it up to the head office and we will investigate it to the best of our ability. We did this when presented with the Noble Dusty evidence, we did it when presented with the recent evidence and we will do it again in the future.

Second, It's possible some people are unsatisfied with this, so I think the best way to handle this is have a meet up through discord voice chat where a few head office members will be in attendance and we can host anyone else who believes there is some sort of cheating that is going on. I believe if we live stream this chat and allow live Q&A, we can get through this quickly and have an easier time explaining which will allow the league to move forward.

Feel free to comment in this thread. However, keep in mind to refrain from witch hunting. Also, if you are asking for technical details, it would probably be best to wait for Sweetwater to answer.

Sweetwater's Tech-splanation:

IP addresses are an interesting thing in that they are similar to street addresses, but not quite the same, and because of how they are generated, don't necessarily give the same locational accuracy when searched using a standard checker as Google maps would with a street address.

This is compounded with cell phone towers. Each tower has a unique IP, and will assign a version of that IP to a cellular customer accessing it. However, because of how they must broadcast, especially to the amount of customers using a tower at the same time. So a few hundred customers may appear to have the exact same IP address at the same time, because we don't get to see the full IP address for a cellphone.

This site intentionally leaves out a section of an IP address to help prevent doxxing and stalking. It leaves off the port number. So if two people had the displayed IP of, and this came back as being a cellular service located in Dallas, Texas (all hypothetical here), we'd assume they were the same person. But, because Dallas has a few million people in a very dense area, it could be that they just happen to live within the service area of a same tower, and we can't see that one of them is and the other is Two different customers accessing the same tower at the same time, but being ported to a different access point.

What we have seen with the 208.**.*.*** Is that the displayed IPs don't match exactly, so this would mean 2 different towers.

Dan said earlier that a cell tower has an access radius of around 45 miles. This means they cover an area of over 6000 square miles. Now, these could be located along a 135 mile stretch of the California coast, including the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Los Angeles. A population of around 15,000,000. According to their 2016 data, T Mobile has just under 70,000,000 subscribers in America that access their wireless network. That means around 1 out of every 5 Americans owns a TMobile subscription. That's not taking into account people who don't own cellphones. So, following that math, of the around 15,000,000 residents of the coverage area, an estimated 3,000,000 own T-Mobile cellphones.

I'm a fan of Occam's Razor for most situations. For those unfamiliar: among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

In an area that's home to 4 NFL teams, 2 out of 3,000,000 people finding a site advertised every month on the football forums of the most popular internet site ever, is almost statistically likely.
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