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Jan 18 2018, 03:20 PM
Back at it with another power rankings. Im getting burned out at this point, some one help me. Anyways this was probably the hardest power rankings to make, lets see how many people I get mad this time //

1. Orange County Otters. Record: 7-1
Finally! Now you guys can stop getting mad at me. The otters have been incredible since their week one loss to the Sabercats. They have gone undefeated, and some of their games have been huge blowouts, including their rematch with the Sabercats. The wraiths finally lost one, and now that the otters have a better record, including a better Head to head record, they get the elusive #1 spot in DeathOnReddits great power rankings! I expect them to win the ultimus because of home field advantage now.

2. Yellowknife Wraiths. Record: 6-2.
You choked. Not much else to say about your loss to the Hawks. A game you should have won, you choked and lost. It does not matter that you were playing the Hawks away. You guys were supposed to be the #1 team in the league, and beating teams like the Hawks, home or away, should be easy for you. Now you lost, and it may cost you your first ever Ultimus. Shame on you, and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

3. Philadelphia Liberty. Record: 5-3.
Maybe you were expecting the Baltimore Hawks here? If so you are wrong. The Liberty have the 3rd best record in the league, and with them having a better Head to Head against the Hawks, I decided they deserved to gain the beloved 3rd spot. They probably do not appreciate the Wraiths allowing the Hawks a chance to over take the liberty for the 2nd playoff spot in the NSFC. But with the Wraiths looking a little weak right now, maybe the Wraiths miss the playoffs in a shock twist/choke.

4. Baltimore Hawks. Record: 4-4.
The Hawks have been flying for the past 2-3 weeks, and with a shock upset over the Wraiths that no-one but them expected, they have soared to the #4 spot, with a chance of stealing the #3 spot if they beat the Liberty in Fridays sim. To be honest, they have proven me wrong. A few power rankings ago, I said they were a team you can expect a free win against, and then they went on to just win. I expect them to challenge the Liberty and Wraiths very hard for a playoff spot, and who knows. They might win.

5. Arizona Outlaws. Record: 4-4.
Now this is a spot I know will get a lot of flack, but they have the better Head To Head against the Sabercats. I will explain more on the Sabercats below, but just know this. I think at this moment in time, if the Sabercats and Outlaws were to meet on a neutral ground, the Outlaws would win.

6. San Jose Sabercats. Record: 4-4.
The reason I put the Sabercats below the Outlaws, is because the Sabercats were pounded by the Otters. This was a murder, and if these were 2 humans, the Otters would be spending their life behind bars for what they did to the Sabercats. You can complain all you want, but when you get destroyed as they did, you can't convince me you deserve to be ranked higher. Beat the Outlaws in the Friday Sims, and you'll regain your spot. But lose and you may find the #6 spot as your new home.

7. Colorado Yeti. Record: 1-7.
They nor the Legion won last week, so my rankings stay the same.

8. Las Vegas Legion. Record: 1-7.
See above ^.

So there they are. A little short again, but I've been posting these after every sim so give me a little break.

Jan 16 2018, 06:47 AM
Ok, another edition of my power rankings. Every edition except maybe 1 has been made in my math class. I am in math class right now actually. Lets this kicked off

1. Yellowknife Wraiths. Record: 6-1.
As I have said in my other power rankings, until these guys start losing they will stay at #1 until they lose. They haven't lost and because of that they will stay at #1. They've played well, and with the addition of Wozy they are easily the favorites for the ultimus. Expect them to end this season #1 and with only 1 loss as well as their first ever ultimus, and some dermotti happiness.

2. Orange County Otters. Record: 6-1.
I can tell that the Otters aren't happy with me putting them at 2 in all of the editions of my power rankings, but I dont know how I can put them at #1 when I've said they need to beat the wraiths away (or have the wraiths lose a game and they win, which I do not see happening.) in order to move up to #1. Just keep winning, and if you win all of your remaining games you will end the season #1 in the league, and back to back ultimus titles. Stop complaining about these power rankings until then you bums.

3. Philadelphia Liberty. Record: 4-3.
This was the hardest choice I've had. The Liberty did lose to the Sabercats in a rout, and they did lose to the Otters at home I believe, but I will explain why I put them above the Sabercats in the Sabercats section. Just know this, the Liberty are not impressing me at all. A team that look like they're going all in on this season/the next is stuck fighting to make the playoffs. This cant continue, or else they will have lost a lot of the future for nothing.

4. San Jose Sabercats. Record: 4-3.
Really. Really. Do you like to make me look like a fool? Is this because of all the trash I talked about you before? How do you lose to the Legion? I dont care it was away, THE YETI BEAT THEM AWAY. ARE YOU BETTER THAN THE YETI? Yes. So there should have been no reason to lose to them. If you lost to the Hawks, the liberty, literally every other teams than the Yeti and Hawks, you would've been 3rd right now. But no. And you better not complain, because you're lucky you aren't lower.

5. Baltimore Hawks. Record: 3-4.
Congrats to the Baltimore Hawks, they finally made it out of 6th. They did beat the Outlaws, who I will talk about below, but they beat them away. They deserve to make it, and with the Liberty only being 1 win ahead, they are still right in the hunt for playoffs. They need to continue to win, but if they stumble at any point, it could be the end for their playoff hopes. I have nothing against them, and they are really underperforming expectations. Hopefully this win propels them forward.

6. Arizona Outlaws. Record: 3-4.
The outlaws, my dear beloved Outlaws. After the Wozy-Floggity trade the Outlaws GM even admitted this season was over. They have decided to build for the future, but even with that I expect them to still easily beat the Yeti and Legion. Expect them to miss the playoffs for the first time in the history though.

7. Colorado Yeti. Record: 1-6.
Dont expect the Yeti to end the season with any more than 2 wins. They aren't good enough right now to upset any teams, and it tells you what the league thinks of them when they were surprised they beat the Legion. You do you though Yeti. You do you.

8. Las Vegas Legion. Record: 1-6.
Congrats to the legion for upsetting the Sabercats. They proved me wrong when I thought they would end the season winless. I still dont expect them to win any other games though. Good luck in the future friends.

And thats it. As you can tell I got lazy towards the end. Thoughts, comments, why Im an idiot and wrong?

Jan 15 2018, 03:14 PM
S6 $1,000,000
S7 $1,000,000

Jan 13 2018, 06:57 AM
Ok, back at it again with the power rankings! There will be a lot of changes this time.

1. Yellow Knife Wraiths. Record: 5-1
Again, this may be a hot take to some of you, but I just can't bring myself to move them down. They went 2-0, and I don't seem how I can lower them for winning two games. Until they start losing, I will probably still be keeping them here in the #1 spot. And looking at their schedule, there are only 2-3 games they might lose, otherwise they may end the season 13-1 and a really good chance of winning their first ever ultimus.

2. Orange County Otters. Record: 5-1.
Some otters, such as Timeconsumer, may not agree with this and point to them going 2-0 over the friday sim, as well as being able to beat the Wraiths. But as I said in my last rankings, they were home and barely beat the Wraiths, and with both teams going 2-0 I don't see a reason to bump the otters up for it. If they're able to keep winning, and go on to beat the Wraiths away, then I could move them up, but until then I expect to see them in 2 for a while.

3. San Jose Sabercats Record: 4-2
The first change of my power rankings, the Sabercats go from 4th, to 3rd. They went 1-1 over the friday sim, losing at home to the Wraiths, and dominating the Liberty at home. The spots of 3, 4, and 5 are still very close, and can change over a week, but the Sabercats seem to have put a little space between them and whoever is 4. Whether or not they make playoffs will depend on how they do on the road, with 3 of their next 4 coming on the road. They could cement themselves at 3, possibly make it up to 2, or fall all the way to 5.

4. Philadelphia Liberty Record: 4-2
Another change in a exciting game at home against the Outlaws, which should've been game of the week. They barely won by the skin of the teeth, but it was still a win. They went on to get destroyed away at the Sabercats, but they're looking a little shaky, but I still expect them to make playoffs. Before getting obliterated at the Wraiths.

5. Arizona Outlaws Record: 3-3
It hurts me to see my beloved team drop all the way down to 5, but going 0-2 over the Friday sim means they deserve to drop so low. They had a chance to beat the Liberty and give themselves a good chance of making the playoffs, but they lost and then at home lost another close match with the Otters. A game they were up 21-7 and went on to choke away. They need the Sabercats to lose a few of their road games but the Outlaws are lucky to be home for their next 3 of 4, with the only away game being at the Yeti.

6. Baltimore Hawks Record: 2-4
I still dont know why the Hawks are doing so bad. Their only wins are against the 2 worst teams in the league, the Yeti and the Legion, and while their games are "somewhat" close, they are losing a lot of games. A team i thought would be able to challenge the Liberty for the 2nd spot in the playoffs, is turning out to be a team that most of the others teams in the league can look at for a free win.

7. Colorado Yeti Record: 1-5
I'll tell you another thing I did not expect. The Yeti going into Las Vegas, and beating the Legion. Probably everyone but the Yeti thought they were the worst team in the league, and might even have gone winless, but now they're showing that at the very least they are better than the Legion. And I have to give them props for that, even if they will probably end the season with only 2 wins.

8 Las Vegas Legion Record: 0-6
I shake my head at you, LV. I shake my head at you. This was your chance, you could have finally gotten your first win of the season, and it would have been a huge momentum boost, and you may have even been able to upset a few other teams later on in the season. Instead you blew it. A game you should have won at home, turned out to show you, and not the yeti, were the worst team in the league. There is now a very good chance that YOU turn out to go winless, and that is surprising.

And there is my Week 7 Power Rankings. Thought? Anything you agree with, disagree with?

Jan 11 2018, 07:02 AM
Thats right, Ive decided to do my very own power rankings. TLK has been doing them for a while now, and I decided that someone else should do their own as well. Ill be doing it weekly as well, that way you can have another ranking to look at and talk about. His will probably be better still.

1. Yellow Knife Wraiths. Record: 3-1
This may be a hot take, but in my opinion they are better than the Otters. They did lose to them, but it was away and only by 6 points. They've beaten the; Outlaws, Liberty, and Hawks. Depending on how those teams finish the season this could've been really impressive, or expected. But I believe as of right now they are the best team.

2. Orange County Otters. Record: 3-1
As I said above they did beat the Wraiths, and that may be enough for you to put them at #1. But for me, I believe that because it was home, and they lost to the Sabercats home, I just cant put them at #1 for now. Obviously if they win more, and the Wraiths lose I will put them at #1 . But I cant do it right now.

3. Arizona Outlaws. Record: 3-1.
I know, I know what you're going to say. "You only put them at #3 because you're biased!" You may be right. But hear me out, their schedule hasn't been the hardest. Legion and Yeti make up 50% of their schedule, and they lost to the wraiths. But they did beat the Sabercats away, and I do believe they are a tiny bit better than the Liberty. They play the Liberty and Otters on friday night, so this could change.

4. San Jose Sabercats. Record: 3-1.
Another possible hot take. But they have beaten the Otters away, as well as the Hawks away. (And the yeti, but they dont count) They play the Liberty friday night, so again this could change. But as of right now I do believe the Sabercats are better.

5. Philadelphia Liberty. Record: 3-1.
Kckolbe, and to124434232324 will probably not like this, but if they beat the sabercats and Outlaws tomorrow night, the #3 spot, and possibly #2 is theirs. But they have not shown me enough yet to be placed above the other 2 teams, even if they are the same record as them.

6. Baltimore Hawks. Record: 1-3.
This surprised me, I did not expect them to be 1-3. They will probably complain about the sim, or their schedule but they can not deny that they have underperformed expectations. There is a chance that after going to the ultimus s2 and s3, they will miss the playoffs 2 times in a row. And to be honest, I can not tell you whats going on in Baltimore, but perhaps it is time for some trades to be made.

7. Las Vegas Legion. Record 0-4.
They have lost every game so far, but they have performed better in those games than the Yeti have. The good thing about the schedule we have is that both teams can not go winless, unless they tie. (Is that possible) And I dont think that is going to happen.

8. Colorado Yeti. Record: 0-4.
They have sucked. Some said they were good now, and that they would win a few upsets, but that does not look like it is going to happen. Then they give Pierno more than 8 million dollars, which is a LOLcow. With Pierno as their QB, I believe they will stay at the basement for the rest of his career.

There's my rankings. They probably suck, but hey. I get money.

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