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Jun 30 2018, 07:02 PM
- Baltimore, MD

Alexandre LeClair has narrowed down his selection to 2 teams, as per multiple sources. The 8 season veteran wide receiver from Montreal, Quebec had been contact by 5 teams during the off-season, Outlaws, Hawks, Second Line, Yeti and Wraiths. Contract talks heated up as soon as another big name Free Agent in Dermot Lavelle, re-signed with Yellowknife.

The Wraiths pulled out of the race early on and the Outlaws poked around but did not pursue too hard as they could not meet the conditions set in place by LeClair.

The Yeti reportedly offered the largest contract but ultimately were unable to convince LeClair that they would be able to contend for the Ultimus this coming season.

Baltimore and New Orleans are still in contract talks with LeClair. The Hawks signed Josh Garden, LeClair's S1 former teammate on the Wraiths. It is know that the two receivers do not particularly like one another. The Second Line traded for Paul DiMirio at the trade deadline last season. It is also known that both players do not particularly enjoy one another's company.

Ultimately, LeClair's future is not yet decided at may rest on signing for the team he thinks has the lesser of two evils.

iamslm22 bovovovo
Jun 28 2018, 10:42 AM
Alexandre LeClair's agent has informed the Baltimore Hawks that his player would be testing out Free Agency. He has however, not ruled out returning to the franchise that saw him score a career high of 14 TDs.

Analysts & Rumour Mill posters speculate that time is running out for LeClair and with not many more seasons left in him, he would be looking for short term, high pay and/or a contending team. There was no response from either player or agent at the time of posting.

Current Hawks GM, iamslm22 was quoted saying "We would love to bring LeClair back but we don't know if we'll be able to fit him in our budget at his price. We'll see what we can do."

LeClair has previously played for the Wraiths (S1), the Legion (S2-S4), and the Hawks (S5-S8).
Mar 24 2018, 07:50 AM
Hello everyone!

Another season done. Another Voting to do so lets get started! The S6 DSFL Pro Bowl Voting & Most Outstanding Player Voting will be done here!!!


This is an opportunity for each division to send it's best on the field and see which division reigns supreme!

Like last season, write out the amount of players listed next to the role (so you pick 3 WR's to participate from the North and South). Also please make sure to add what team the player is on (eg: John Wachter)

- NFC -

- SFC -

- Most Outstanding Player -

Vote for the player you think is the season's MVP


Voting closes Sunday March 31st @11:59PM EDT


Most Outstanding Player Award:

- NFC -
:seawolves:  :pythons: :coyotes:

1 QB:
2 RB:
2 TE:
3 WR:
4 DB:
3 LB:
2 DT:
2 DE:
1 K/P:

- SFC -
:marshals:  :luchadores:  :solarbears:

1 QB:
2 RB:
2 TE:
3 WR:
4 DB:
3 LB:
2 DT:
2 DE:
1 K/P:
Mar 22 2018, 05:39 PM
Hello everyone!

Another season done. Another Voting to do so lets get started! The S6 NSFL Pro Bowl Voting & Most Outstanding Player Voting will be done here!!!


This is an opportunity for each division to send it's best on the field and see which division reigns supreme!

Like last season, write out the amount of players listed next to the role (so you pick 2 QB's to participate from the NSFC and ASFC). Also please make sure to add what team the player is on (eg: Josh "The Reason" Bercovici)

Also, just as a sidenote, we're lumping all DB's (Corners and Safeties) together. (Same as every season)


- Most Outstanding Player -

Vote for the player you think is the season's MVP


Voting closes Friday 30th March @11:59PM EST (yes. Eastern time. Deal with it)


Most Outstanding Player Award:

- NSFC -

2 QB:
2 RB:
2 TE:
4 WR:
6 DB:
4 LB:
2 DT:
2 DE:
1 K:
1 P:

- ASFC -

2 QB:
2 RB:
2 TE:
4 WR:
6 DB:
4 LB:
2 DT:
2 DE:
1 K:
1 P:
Feb 17 2018, 07:08 PM
[b] Ready for Grading - 7200 Words. Top 10 in 2nd post [/b]
Payout: 40% Zoone16 / 20% iamslm22 / 20% unicorn / 20% Leafer (they all helped me write the entries to speed this up)

NSFL Top 50 Players of Today

Season 6 Edition

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of NSFL Top 50 Players of Today. I would like to preface this by stating that these rankings are very subjective and some people will definitely produce enough salt to help Northern USA / Canada to salt their roads for months to come. I thank you for your considerations right now.

How this goes:
(Note: I did not vote on this)
I had 5 experts in the NSFL give a rating to players on a scale of 50-99. But to make sure that they weren't giving us 50 players in the 90s ratings they had a maximum amount allowed as you can see in the image below if you want to give it a try yourself:

After this, the Average Grade for each player was taken and sorted from highest to lowest. Below is the Top 50 players as voted by the experts. Disagree with them? Come cast your ballot next season then. You have a voice!

Schedule: I'll be posting these as follows:
50-41 Saturday Evening
40-31 Sunday Morning
30-21 Sunday Afternoon
20-11 Monday Morning
10-1 Monday Afternoon

I'd like to thank iamslm22 Unicorn Leafer for helping me write these entries in such a short time to get it going before the regular season begins. Without further ado... Your Top 50 Players of Today!

50. (S3) DT – Ricardo Sandoval - – Average Grade: 78.60
We start the top 50 with Defensive Tackle Ricardo Sandoval. The Yeti player had a decent season amassing 60 tackles, 9 of those for a loss in yardage as well as 9 sacks. Ricardo Sandoval has had a rough off-season between S4 and S5, jumping from the Hawks to the Legion to the yeti, all within 3 days, in trades that sent many established players move around. Sandoval has established himself as a reliable in the Yeti defensive live alongside his brother.

49. (S2) LB – Micah Hendrix - – Average Grade: 78.60
At 49 we have Micah Hendrix of the Liberty. Hendrix had a solid 82 tackles, 2 for losses as well as a forced fumble. His 6 sacks were average for the league but he made his name with 15 passes deflected in a defensive system that had several Liberty players high up in that stat category as well as 2 interceptions. With the way the league is currently set-up, the pass deflection/interception game is sure to bring these types of players up in the list.

48. (S2) CB - Darnell Turner - - Average Grade: 79.00
At 48 we have Darnell Turner from the Baltimore Hawks. Turner produced a below average season compared to his others, but was still able to put up respectable numbers. Turner recorded a slightly below average 56 tackles and 3 interceptions with one touchdown, but was able produced an above average 14 pass deflections. The Baltimore Hawks have a very young defense that is constantly growing, expect to see more from Darnell Turner next season.

47. (S5) CB – Terrell Brister - / - Average Grade: 79.00
At 47 we find one of the youngest players eligible for the Top 50 in Terrell Brister. His rookie season has been a huge success on his end as he ended the season with 44 tackles but more importantly, 21 pass deflections (best in league) as well as 4 interceptions and a touchdown. The Legion, now known as the Second Line, is a young rebuilding team that to watch for in the near future and I wouldn’t be surprised to see players like Brister lead the league in multiple categories.

46. (S3) WR - Budda Browning - - Average Grade: 79.20
At 46 we have a star star receiver. Before the start of the S5 season Bubba Browning was traded from the Philadelphia Liberty to the Arizona Outlaws for Star Wide Our Josh Garden. Expectations were high on the S3 player and he did not disappoint. With 1555 Yards and 9 Touchdowns Bubba was a Pro Bowl level player and was able to slide in as the favorite target of QB King Bronko. Browning was a HUGE reason the Outlaws were able to shock people during a rebuilding year and make the playoffs for the fifth season in a row.

45. (S3) CB - Benson Bayley - - Average Grade: 79.60
Coming in at 45 we have cornerback Benson Bayley from the Sabercats, who came up 2nd in the league in Pass Deflections with 19. With 60 tackles, 1 sack and 4 interceptions, Bayley was pretty damn good in most defensive aspects on the field. What differentiates him from those below him is his one forced fumble and one fumble recovered. With the Sabercats improving a lot in the past couple of seasons, Bayley could be set for an improved stat line come Season 6 as the San Jose franchise looks to make the playoffs for the first time in team history.

44. (S1) DE - Kurt Hendrix - - Average Grade: 80.20
In at 44 is Baltimore Hawks Defensive End Kurt Hendrix. He is the first S1 player to make his appearance in the Top 50 as well as the first player above the average grade of 80. The self-proclaimed “Dominant Defensive End” has shown that he didn’t need to tackle often to make his presence felt as once can see from his 31 tackles this past season. However he lands among the leaders in Tackles For Loss with 10. That’s 30% of his tackles that end up costing the offense yards. Throw in an additional 3 sacks for good measure and you have a solid defensive line player. It is however off the field that Hendrix shines as a great leader for the Hawks and his way of pumping up his teammates is a stat that cannot be measured on paper.

43. (S1) DE - Fuego Wozy - - Average Grade: 80.40
The 43rd player on our list is one of the best defensive ends in the game - Fuego Wozy. Wozy is another player who changed teams last seasons - as the Long Time Yeti moved on first to Arizona and then on Yellowknife where he now signed long term. Wozy was an absolute menace in Season 5 finishing with 17 impact plays (6 sacks and 11 tackles for a loss). With the new defensive end buffs, and now getting to play along side of disgraced start Jayce Tuck, I expect Wozy to hit double digits in both Sacks and Tackles for a loss.

42. (S2) CB - Mark Spector - - Average Grade: 80.40
At 42 we find Mark Spector of the Ultimus winning Orange County Otters. Spector registered 67 tackles as well as 18 Pass Deflections (3rd best in league). His 4 interceptions are average for the league but he did run one of those back for a defensive TD, which does help him in making this Top 50. The defensive unit of the Otters was incredibly strong this season and Spector’s lower stat line is not due to his skill but more due to everyone on the Otters defense having such impressive seasons. While some shine under the spotlight, Spector did his thing quietly in the shadow of his teammates.

41. (S1) WR - Shane Weston - - Average Grade: 80.60
Wide Receiver Shane Weston comes in at 41, only our second offensive player of this Top 50 so far. Weston had yet another solid season, with 69 catches for 1256 yards (18.2yds/catch) and 6 TDs. All of these stats are between 10th-20th among Wide Receivers. However Weston did play a significant amount on special teams, being among the leaders in kick return yards (1027yds) and punt return yards (215yds). Part of the great Weston-Jackson receiving pair on the Sabercats, Weston was possibly the better rounded of the two as his overall yardage is significantly higher. There will be plenty of room for improvement as passing plays remain the most important aspect of offenses around the league.

40. (S5) DT - Ryan Sierra - - Average Grade: 80.60
The highest ranked Season 5 player in this article is the 40th ranked Ryan Sierra. This defensive tackle was an absolute monster on the best defense in football last season. Sierra tied for the league lead in sacks for a defensive lineman (with teammate Gregor Clegane), with an astounding 14 sacks. Sierra only trailed defensive beast Angus Winchester with those sacks. The young star also helped eat up blockers to let linebackers Winchester, Bavitz and O’Sullivan break into the backfield to get sacks of their own, as the Otters finished with the 5 highest individual sack totals in the league. The Rookie Sierra, former DSFL Offensive lineman, was a huge part of that being able to happen.

39. (S2) RB - Ardie Savea - / - Average Grade: 80.60
At 39 we have Ardie Savea from the Las Vegas Legion now formally known as the New Orleans Second Line. Savea slowed down in Season 5 compared to his stellar performance in Season 4. He went from leading the league in rushing yards to third. Savea amassed 849 yards on 276 attempts giving him an average of 3.1 and 4 touchdowns. His 3.1 average yards per carry gives him the lowest average with players over 200 attempts. Savea was not able to produce as well on the receiving side of the ball only producing 131 yards on 24 catches. There is some upside to this though as the New Orleans Second Line are currently in a rebuild and are a team to look out for in a couple seasons. Expect to see Savea's numbers increase greatly in the coming seasons.

38. (S2) WR - Charles Arthur Chess - - Average Grade: 80.60
Another offensive player slots in at 38 in Wide Receiver C.A Chess from the Arizona Outlaws. The S2 player has enjoyed a season out of the shade of Josh Garden, now on the Liberty, and has solidified himself as a threat, especially when it comes to scoring touchdowns as he tallied 12 TDs. With 1233yds received in 73 catches, Chess is fairly high up but not quite near the top of the statistical leaderboards but not quite in the middle of the pack, rather somewhere in between. Coming back into activity will definitely help him propel himself further up the Top 50 in coming seasons, especially if he is able to get some time on the special teams.

37. (S2) DE - Bork Björnsson - - Average Grade: 80.80
At 37 we have the former Captain of the Yellowknife Wraith’s defense. This will be Bork’s final appearance on a top 50 list as he has retired. But Bork had a hell of a swan song in S5.Due to increased offensive line play Defensive Ends struggled to get after the passer in S5 but Bork was able to get after the quarterback and sack him 6 times. Additionally Bork had a nose for the ball recovering two fumbles on the year. As an S2 player Bork doesn’t have a hall of fame career, but based on all he did for the Yellowknife Organization do not be surprised if they honor Bork as their first inductee into their ring of honor.

36. (S1) LB - Ian Bavitz - - Average Grade: 80.80
At 26 we have Ian Bavitz from the Orange County Otters. Although Balvitz wasn’t able to put up as many tackles as his stellar season 4, he still put up an above average 88 tackles with a stellar 12 sacks on the season. He was also able to put up an interception with 8 pass deflections. Bavitz was on a stacked defense so his numbers didn’t shine as much as the could. The Orange County Otters still remain dominant so expect similar if not better numbers from Bavitz next season as he continue to improves.

35. (S3) DT - Eli Kamaka - - Average Grade: 81.00
Defensive Tackle Eli Kamaka makes his entry at 35 on the list. The Philadelphia Liberty player had a solid season terrorizing quarterbacks with 11 sacks and forcing 1 safety. Kamaka added 48 tackles to his tally 2 of them for a loss and 1 as a Forced Fumble. He was among stats leaders among all Defensive Tackles in all categories in a position that doesn't pump out as many stats as the secondaries. With the Liberty having gone all-in last season only to fall short, there will be more opportunities for Kamaka to lead DTs around the league.

34. (S2) WR - Fox North - - Average Grade: 81.40
At 34 we find Fox North, whose overall stats dipped a little compared to S4, receiving 10 catches & 100yds less than in the previous season. He still maintains a good stat line with 1207yds received in 75 catches. What he lost in yardage he’s made up in touchdowns though, putting 2 more in the endzone this year for a total of 10. Having lost the primary receiver role with the departure of Budda Browning and the arrival of Josh Garden definitely had an impact on his results. The question Fox North has to ask himself is if he will be able to catch up to Garden in TPE to get back his primary receiver role before regression hits. By then, the Liberty’s rebuild, or retool, might bolster his stats furthermore.

33. (S2) RB - Darren Smallwood - - Average Grade: 81.60
The 33rd ranked player in our list has at times struggled to find himself in the NSFL. Smallwood was a great player in Yellowknife to start his career, but after a trade to San Jose Smallwood didn’t get many targets as he languished as the third wide receiver on the team. Well after a change to running back before the S5 season - Smallwood became a bonafide star. Smallwood led the league in Rushing Touchdowns by a mile. His 11 was 5 more than his next closest competitor. Smallwood was also a threat through the air catching 4 TDs and going for 483 yards through the air.

32. (S2) LB - Vincent Sharpei - - Average Grade: 83.80
In the first major jump in average grades (a whole 2.20 poits more than the previous entry), we have Vincent Sharpei coming in at 32. Sharpei led the league in tackles with 117 including 4 for a loss, 5 sacks and 1 forced fumble. He has also shown that he can stop both the run game and the passing game as we see from his 5 pass deflections. Interestingly enough, his stats have remained fairly similar to S4, leading us to believe that he might have plateaued already. S6 might be a defining season for Sharpei as the Sabercats look to make that extra push to finally make the playoffs for the first time in their history and an improvement in defence will be beneficial to both team and himself.

31. (S2) CB - Tyler Oles - - Average Grade: 83.80
At 31 we have Tyler Oles from the Philadelphia Liberty. Oles had a very good soon putting up an above average 68 tackles with 1 tackle for loss. Oles only had one interception on the season but was able to make up for it with an outstanding 17 pass deflections. Oles improved greatly compared to last season, and expect to see the same in Season 6 as the Liberty continue to improve.

30. (S1) RB - Reg Mackworthy - - Average Grade: 84.20
Reg Mackworthy of the Arizona Outlaws comes in at 30 as the only running back in the league with significant yardage in both rushing and on special teams. Mackworthy was a victim of the tilt toward a passing game as his stats dropped from 809 yards in 230 attempts, including 10 touchdowns in S4, to 652 yards in 188 attempts with only 6 touchdowns in S5. He did however make up the lost yards by being the primary receiver, that’s right, on the special teams, registering a whopping 1146 kick return yards (2nd best in league), including a beautiful 108yd TD run. With builds being adjusted with a focus on bringing the league back to a more NFL style of play, Mackworthy could see his running game go back to where it was in S4 and perhaps even improve upon those numbers.

29. (S1) CB - John Canton - - Average Grade: 84.20
At 29 we have John Canton from the San Jose Sabercats. Canton put up an above average 61 tackles and 13 pass deflections. He was able to put up an above average 4 interceptions and taking one of them back for a touchdown. Although these numbers were not as dominant as Canton’s stellar season 4 season he still was able to put up very good numbers. The Sabercats were very close to making a playoff berth last season, so expect similar or better numbers from Canton next season as they continue to improve.

28. (S1) FS - Clee Hardrool - - Average Grade: 84.40
Clee Hardrool checks in at 28 with a consistent performance season after season. The free safety of the Yellowknife Wraiths has once again put his name out there in discussions for best safety in the game. His 81 tackles performance, including 1 for a lot and 2 forced fumbles, was a slight improvement on his 74 tackles in S4. Where Hardrool remains one of the most dangerous players in the game though is in his ability to intercept the ball (6 ints) and return it all the way, with 1 touchdown this season, a total of 4 in the past 2 seasons combined. The Wraiths are looking to go back to the Ultimus this season and Clee Hardrool will have to continue on his excellent pass-stopping game to help them do it all over again.

27. (S1) CB - Antoine Delacour - - Average Grade: 84.60
At 27 comes the the Hawks Cornerback who is of course Antoine Delacour. His team lucky enough to make the playoffs but still a pretty important season. Him at 27 is still solid. He has unbelievable speed and a smart man. He had pretty good where he had 74 tackles, 1 interception and of course 16 pass deflection. He is one of the most important players defensively. He will still be improving and the veteran leadership from him to the rookies. Like mentioned before about his team making the playoffs with a strong defense and now has gotten better after the season and Delacour will be a threat to the opponents. He for sure got better than last season and though he is a cornerback, he is still a very good player and a very beneficial player. Would not be surprised to see him surprise everyone and make good plays with no mistakes.

26. (S1) LB - Jaylon Lee - - Average Grade: 84.80
Coming in at 26 is one of the best LB in the league and that is Jaylon Lee. He won the top LB last season but this season he did not but he was very close and still had a fabulous season. He’s got solid strength, speed, and good tackling. He had 104 tackles, 5 TFL’, 13 pass deflections but also 13 sacks which is amongst the top in the league. It was disappointing for his team to miss the playoffs by the Hawks but he still played like a top LB in some games. Though he did have better stats than S4 which means he did get better and so in S6 he will be dynamite. He’s very beneficial with his team and looking to the contributor to the playoffs. Won’t be surprised to see him be a defense machine next season. He has good potential of being the best like he did few seasons go and like I said, his stats got better meaning he will be better. A good 26th rank and top 5 LBs in the league. That is really good.

25. (S2) RB - Owen Taylor - - Average Grade: 85.40
Baltimore Hawks running back Owen Taylor makes his appearance on the list at 25, to start the second half of this Top 50. It’s been a tough season for running backs as a whole and the stats don’t lie, 992yds in 268 attempts (3.7yds per carry on average) for only 4 touchdowns is a stark contrast to his S4 performance where he amassed 1200yds in 349 carries for 12 touchdowns. However, the stats in S5 do show that he was among the most effective rushers in the game. With the build changes coming in during the off-season we can expect to see a rise in stats for all running backs to values estimated at around the same as in S4. If that does happen, watch out for Owen Taylor as he attempts to defend his award of Top RB for a second season running.

24. (S1) DT - Dan Miller - - Average Grade: 85.40
At 24 we have Dan Miller from the San Jose Sabercats. Miller took a big step back from his outstanding season 4 performance, but was still able to make a big impact of the field and come in at number 24 on the list. Miller amassed a below average 34 tackles and 1 tackle for loss. He was able to force a fumble, but was unable to recover it. Miller put up an above average 11 sacks on the season and was able to get a safety. Although Miller’s stats were as dominant as his season 4 stats, he should be able to make a come next season as he continues to improve.

23. (S1) WR - Mayran Jackson - - Average Grade: 86.00
At 23 comes the Wide Receiver known from the sabercats to be Mayran Jackson. Okay, his team missed the playoffs by the tiebreaker again but he is one of those WR that still played like the best. Being ranked as the top 10 WR in the league because of his plays, his catches and his stats of course. He is a very speedy player, big agility and great hands. Compared to S4, he got miles better to S5. He had a total of 1514 total yards received, 10 touchdowns and 65 receptions. Now that is basic stats for a Wide Receiver and why he is in the top 10 ranking. He was one of San Jose's phenomenon. Getting passes from Orosz and completing the passes is his job to do and he does not let his team down. He is a veteran for his team and like a captain. When the sabercats make the playoffs, all eyes on Jackson.

22. (S1) WR - Alexandre LeClair - - Average Grade: 86.20
At 22 we have Alexandre LeClair from the Baltimore Hawks. LeClair showed a huge improvement on his new team compared to season 4. LeClair put up an outstanding 1567 yards on 83 catches with his first season with the Baltimore Hawks. This was double the amount of yardage he was able to put up on his former team, the Las Vegas Legion. He was also able to produce an above average 11 touchdowns. You can expect more from LeClair next season as he himself and the entire Baltimore Hawks offense continues to grow.

21. (S2) K - Turk Turkleton - - Average Grade: 87.00
At number 21 we have the undisputed best special teams player in the NSFL and bonafide outlaw killer Turk Turkleton. Turkleton is only kicker/ punter on this list and for good reason. Turk has the most Field Goals made in NSFL history, the most extra points made, and has the longest field goal in NSFL history. Additionally he has longest punt in NSFL history (non multi division). Turkleton is an integral part of the Hawks team that has made the playoffs 3 times in the past 4 seasons as the team does not have to worry about special teams with his studly leg able to put points on the board and give them great field position.

20. (S1) FS - Vikian Marmeladov - - Average Grade: 87.00
At 20 is a Free Safety and the top in the NSFL safety known to be Vikian Marmeladov. There are not a lot of Safeties in the top 50 but he is one of them and actually the best one arguably. He had a very good performance this season and an improvement. With 67 tackles, 1 for 1 in forced fumbles, 3 sacks but get this, 7 interceptions. He got lower tackles than before but other than that, he was improving. He is known to be a playmaker and what is known for him is his agility and speed. He was solid this season and would not be surprised to see him be the best safety out there. Of course his team not making the playoffs this season was a difference maker but he’ll do anything to make it once again and compete for that Ultimus.

19. (S1) WR - Bailey Cook - - Average Grade: 87.20
77 catches, 1401 yards and 11 touchdowns. That’s the basic stat line performance of wide receiver Bailey Cook of the Yellowknife Wraiths, coming in at 19th in this Top 50. A solid improvement on his previous season as he caught for less but ran for more and scored more. Cook is in that small group of wide receivers that are just below the greats but above the rest. To add to his stats he’s also been performing among the best on the special teams with 1037yds returned from kicks, including a touchdown that went for 103 yards. With the threat of superstar Eric Kennedy rushing or receiving the ball, Bailey Cook has enjoyed having more room ahead of him and he’s definitely made the most of his chances.

18. (S3) WR - Trey Willie - - Average Grade: 87.60
One of those young talented player coming of course from the Hawks who is already having himself a career already. Willie isn't silly because he is only one Willie. He is like Flash because he is fast and speedy. He would not give up and catches if he can and almost all successfully. 1344 total yards received , longest gain at 74 and 15 touchdowns received which is one of the tops in the league. Though Leclair is on the same team, if leclair is not open, there is Willie who is as good. There is no biased towards. He won the top Offensive ROTY and by the day now, he still improving becoming a star. No question ranked at number 18 and one of the best WR in the league already. He is enjoying himself in Baltimore and he deserves it.

17. (S2) RB - Jordan Yates - - Average Grade: 88.20
Former Offensive lineman Jordin Yates was moved all around the formation in S5. Playing as the main Running Back in a pass heavy offense doesn’t sound like a feature role but for Jordin Yates it absolutely was. Yates was a monster for the Otters going for over 400 yards on the ground but almost 1300 through the air. Yates had a nose for the end zone as well scoring 21 touch downs on the year. Yates’ efforts were realized by the players in the NSFL as he was voted the player of the year by the NSFL Player’s Association. The Otters have won back to Ultimus Trophies, and if they want to win a third their offense is again going to heavily rely on Yates’ back.

16. (S2) WR - Dustin Evans - / - Average Grade: 88.20
Catches, kick returns, punt returns. Dustin Evans of the New Orleans Second Line does it all. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the low quantity of touchdowns (only 4) he had this season as this has been a constant problem of the Legion before they moved the franchise. Evans’ 81 catches for 1504yds have him in that group of receivers just below the very best. His kick return yards (1264) are the best in the league by a football field and his punt returns (314) are only slightly behind the leaders. A surprising fact that now many may know, is that Evans is the player that ran the most all stats combined. In fact, if you add all his yardage together he’s run for just over 3000 yards this past season only. Other teams beware the day that the Second Line become competitive in the near future, Dustin Evans might very well be in contention for MVP.

15. (S2) DT - Greg Clegane - - Average Grade: 88.80
Coming in at 15 we have Greg Clegane from the season 5 champions, the Orange County Otters. Clegane put up similar numbers to his dominant season 4 season. Although his amount of tackles may not shine, it’s his sacks that separates him from the others. Clegane amassed a below average 24 tackles, but put up a very good 7 tackles for loss. Clegane really shined in his outstanding 14 sacks on the season. You can expect the same from Clegane next season as he continues to show that he is one of the core players on this stacked Otters Defense.

14. (S1) WR - Robert Phelps - - Average Grade: 89.40
At 14 comes from the defending back to back Ultimus champions, Robert Phelps from the Otters. There have been a lot of WRs in the top 50 and question whether they deserve it or not, well Phelps obviously is in it especially the top 15. He has speed, hands and agility and all that to achieve what he is supposed to be doing. He has Westfield the other side of the field but still, Phelps is impressive player. 1246 yards, 16.8 average, okay okay but 69 Lg's now that is boosting. He can do it, he can do anything. He can run with the ball, make an impossible ball, he can do anything and I do not discriminate either because loving all is fine as well and Phelps is top on the list. being the 14th best player in the league should be an honour from winning best offensive player and Ultimus cups, now that is a good career.

13. (S2) TE - Paul DiMirio - - Average Grade: 89.40
There are few NSFL positions where there is NO debate as to who’s number 1 at the position. You have Turk Turkleton at kicker and punter and at Tight End the clear answer is Paul DiMirio. DiMirio has the most receptions by a Tight End in NSFL history, and has the most catches for anyone S2 and later (he’s 5th overall). With New Quarterback Tyler Oles moving in to the Quarterback position DiMirio is sure to be an immediate safety blanket for the Quarterback. The Liberty have made the playoffs only once in DiMirio’s career, but he’s going to do his best in S6 to try and drag them to it. WIth over 100 receptions in S5, over 1200 yards and 7 TDs, DiMirio is an incredibly dynamic weapon.

12: (S2) CB - Dermot Lavelle - - Average Grade: 90.20
The NSFL is a passing league and in order to be successful you need to be able to have players who can hang with the best receivers. Dermot Lavelle is that corner who can do that. The first overall pick in the season 2 NSFL draft has been incredible since joining the league. Lavelle hasn’t just been a lock down corner, he’s also a ball hawk. Lavelle’s 19 career interceptions are good for fourth all time. Lavelle also tied for the league in interceptions by a corner in S5 with 4 of them. Yellowknife is trying to make its third Ultimus in a row and if they wanna make it there they are again going to rely on Dermot to shut down his side of the field yet again.

11. (S1) LB - Harrif Ernston - - Average Grade: 90.20
At 11, close to cracking the top 10 is from the Outlaws known to be the wall, Harrif Ernston. He said there will not be anyone like him and he was damn right there is no one like him because he is a big monster. His job is to cover his man to make no catch and the receiver going near him freaks him out. He has 100 tackles, 2 interceptions, 13 pass deflections but look, 12 sacks. He loves hugging the QBs. His team's top defensive player and without him, the outlaws defense would not exist. He is very passionate and extremely talented. He has got speed, agility and he is smart, He knows what he is doing. S6 will not only be his team's year but also his year and teach the otters a lesson. He will improve in the following season and be in fantastic chape.
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