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Apr 14 2018, 05:23 AM
Previously defensive ends and defensive tackles could only earn a total of 24TPE from buyin all the pro equipment, compared to the 32TPE that other positions could purchase.

Starting from S7, budget and pro gloves can be purchased by DE and DT's which will allow them to earn the same TPE as all other positions from equipment.

There are a number of changes affecting some positions for example, CB's from S7 regular season onwards will have 3 EXP to start (from creation) and gain 1 EXP per 150 to a 750 cap and do not follow the standard exp scale of every other position. Every other position progresses at the same rate. (1EXP per season played in the NSFL)

Currently I'm running tests on a way to buff punting numbers through the use of an identical duplicate player who will go down in the sim as a Punter not a Kicker and will update people throughout the week if I find a correlation in improved punting stats and this method.

Finally the requirement for a team to have atleast 6 offensive linemen will be removed which will give teams a little more cap space.

NSFL S7 Week 1 will be streamed this Monday the 16th, followed by a DSFL double sim on Tuesday the 17th.
Apr 11 2018, 11:03 AM
S7 NSFL Preseason will be simmed tonight (all 4 weeks) with the NSFL regular season beginning on Monday the 16th of April.

S7 DSFL Preseason will be simmed this Thursday night (all 4 weeks) with the DSFL regular season beginning on Tuesday the 17th of April (double sim)

Sorry for the length of this offseason, both sim files take alot of work whether it's cutting the cpu generated players, moving players from team to team or creating the rookies one by one. timeconsumer has worked tirelessly on the NSFL file to get it ready for tonight, I'm going to try my best to get the DSFL done by Thursday night, might be a little later but will update in advance.

Football is Back
Apr 8 2018, 10:23 AM
You may now purchase season 7 equipment.

A sim schedule for NSFL and DSFL will be announced in the next few days.
Apr 5 2018, 01:30 PM
With the stepping down of AsylumParty, we recently opened up applications for a 5th Head Office member, we received many high quality applications and after HO discussion we have chosen to hire AdamS who we feel is a great addition to an already committed HO panel.

AsylumParty will now be taking a role in the rookie mentor team, alongside new hire ExemplaryChad. SwagSloth and PDXBaller are stepping down from the rookie mentor team to focus on GM duties. Aenir is reclaiming his role as rookie mentor head but there is still a vacant rookie mentor opening. Please contact Aenir if you're interested.

Just to give an update on the simmer and streamer situation situation, timeconsumer has taken on the head simmer role, I will be staying on as a co-simmer. TC will also be a full time streamer while BayleyIsland and AsylumParty will be backup streamers should the situation call for it.

Finally, please welcome bovovovo to his new post of co-Media Head alongside 124715 in a job we no doubt believe he will excel in.
Apr 3 2018, 01:32 PM
The following rules will be in place, effective immediately after receiving 9 or more votes in this past weeks HO & GM rule vote summit.

1) Use EXP to buff CB's and K/P's and provide an even playing field of enjoyment. Tests will have to be ran to gauge a set amount.

2) Even out equipment purchases in a way that allows all players to evenly earn the same amount of TPE.

3) Professional Gloves only give 8 TPE like every other equipment instead of 12 TPE (budget gloves give 4 TPE) and can be allocated between hands, run blocking, and pass blocking.

4) For regression purposes, all TPE made available, via claim posts or otherwise, by the date regression percentages are posted, must be factored into the regression calculations. No hoarding of TPE until after regression is allowed. Punishments may include monetary losses, suspension, and/or TPE losses.

5) The ability to use different offensive playbooks for different down and distances, exactly like it already is with defense.

6) There will be a "Returner of the Year award".

7) There will be 2 spots on each probowl team dedicated to kick and punt returners. Players who have been voted in at a different position may also be voted in as a returner.

8) A TE or RB who plays out of position at WR for 100% of his snaps must be listed in the sim as a WR. If they flex between positions they must be listed in the sim as a FB.

Make sure to tune in for the S7 NSFL Draft here at 8PM EST tonight.
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