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Jan 15 2018, 08:16 AM
Hey all,

I'm glad that people are loving the GFX submissions. However, there's been an issue that I want to bring to everyone's attention

Four different topics for four different submissions in the same week is not ok

One submission per week. I don't care really when you have it dated in the submission title, but it becomes really hard to keep track of stuff when we have people who have submitted more than one threat per week. Please try your best to do this otherwise we will only accept the first thread submitted.
Jan 11 2018, 07:21 AM
I might go bi-weekly with these, I am a bit buried at work.

And the index removed has the Otters ranked number one.

Power rankings indicate that if two teams face off with all things neutral, the higher team should win, does that happen? It’s why we play the game.

1. Orange County Otters(3-1) Δ+2
The Otters saw Akselsen as the biggest threat to the throne held by Boss, and decided to make it an air ball game. Combining for 830 yards in the air, the two went at it. Boss actually threw for less but that’s not relevant. The fact that makes the Otters so dangerous is their game planning. They’re ready for any matchup and come with the playbook that can take on anyone. Preparation is the name of the game for Orange County and it’s why they’re such a great team.

2. Yellowknife Wraiths (3-1) Δ-1
A loss at Orange County isn’t a sign of bad times coming, In fact this loss has a lot of good on it. For starts, the Wraiths went for more yards and matched Orange County blow for blow until the end of the half. Couple that with the road-game disadvantage in the sim and you got a situation where Yelllowknife could easily end with a 13-1 season. It’s a scary prospect to think about.

3. Philadelphia Liberty (3-1) Δ-1
The Liberty at 3 is not a knock on the Liberty. But I don’t see them as better than Yellowknife. I wanted to put the Liberty at 2, I honestly have been moving them back and forth, I had a write-up for each, but 2 seems like a stretch. Here’s why. Yes, the Liberty have one of the better points scored against (98) but then I had to take a step back. Two of the four games are the Yeti and Legion, and the other two games have been a win against the Hawks and the loss hosting the Wraiths. I do think the Liberty are a great team, but they have to do more when the schedule toughens up down the road.

4. San Jose SaberCats (3-1) Δ0
Ugly win is still a win. That’s usually how Baltimore matchups go. But Smallwood stood up and proved goal line was just as good for him as 1st and 10 getting three touchdowns on the ground. But there’s a lot of worry with the ‘Cats who have the lowest points scored in the ASFC, even the Legion are out doing them, so the Cats need to rally and figure out what will make this electric offense so dangerous.

5. Arizona Outlaws (3-1) Δ0
A trouncing of the legion does not a solid statement for the best team in the ASFC make. The Outlaws have the same issue that I have with the Liberty, the schedule right now is going to get harder not easier. That said there’s a lot to love about the Arizona team, such as the fact that Bronko leads the league in passer rating.

6. Hawks (1-3) Δ0
There are no 2-2 teams right now, this is weird. But onto the Hawks, who have had one of the weirdest trajectories of a team. Avon is not playing bad as a quarterback, but he’s playing really inaccurate. He sits at a 56% completion rating right now, the worst in the league. There’s a lot to say about the Hawks, because they have all the pieces to be competitive but they’re just not producing the expected results.

7. Las Vegas Legion(0-4) Δ0
Yikes. On the plus side they have actually scored a lot of points, they just need a defense now.

8. Colorado Yeti (0-4) Δ0
Double Yikes. Look forward to the marquee matchup with the Legion this Friday.

640 words
Jan 10 2018, 09:24 PM
I know, I know, the GFX team has been a little bit behind schedule.

If interested reach me by pm here or discord.

Here's what I need you to be willing to do:

- Spend an hour or two on Sunday grading stuff so we don't have a backlog of stuff
- Mention people who need to improve and then update the tracker so that we can look to improvement within submissions
- Needs an ability to work in excel
- No GFX experience necessary.
- Needs to be able to count to four.

Silver Fox is stepping down. I cannot comment how invaluable he has been to the GFX team. Seriously, a lot of good ideas, methods and practices came as a result of his work.

Finally, I'm auditing the department, I will be removing people if they are only here to cash the check and not work.
Jan 8 2018, 09:27 AM
We’re in week 2, I got sick week 1, so no power rankings, and they were gonna be hot, so here we are.

And the index removed its power ranking, so I guess they bow to me now, weird.

Power rankings indicate that if two teams face off with all things neutral, the higher team should win, does that happen? It’s why we play the game.

1. Yellowknife Wraiths (2-0) Δ +1
Let’s be clear, Yellowknife hasn’t been just killing the competition, they’re blowing them out of the water. Eric Kennedy is a top flight WR. He leads the league in yards and receptions. He has the second highest number of touchdowns, and as a result of being an RB, he is giving defenses fits. Put in a road win at Philly and you see a team that is going to be hard to beat.

2. Philadelphia Liberty (1-1) Δ +1
Here’s where I get bold, and prepare yourself for this hot take, the Liberty will miss the playoffs this year. I love the Wide Receiver combination of Garden and North and I think that if Rove continues playing as he has so far, he will beat the Mike Boss record. But that’s a tall order, and when your first game is with the Legion and the second is a much needed home win, the Liberty could lose out on a tiebreaker. But that said, the team still has to grow into it’s defense which right now is good at tackles for losses but cannot get the pressure it needs.

3. Orange County Otters(1-1) Δ-2
5 interceptions and a win. Had it been any team but the Yeti and the league favorites would be looking at 0-2. That said, the defense held strong and Mike Boss’s negative touchdown to turnover ratio will likely disintegrate over time, but what a rough start for the Otters. Pro-Bowler Jordan Yates is so far the worst featured back in the league, which makes you think that Orange County is where running backs go to die.

4. San Jose SaberCats (1-1) Δ0
Chris Orosz is having a quietly weird season. He leads the league in completion percentage and second in passer rating, and yet sits with some of the lowest yards in the league. The loss while hosting Arizona was not what the team needed, but the San Jose Sabercats find themselves in uncharted territory, usually they start off strong and finish with not enough momentum, this time they’re starting off weak.

5. Arizona Outlaws Δ+2
Ok Arizona fans, you want to know what will make me buy that this team is more than a shell of itself? Win tonight. Beating the Sabercats is well and good, but being 2-0 and one team is a home game against the Yeti is what we call soft scheduling. Anyways, Arizona has been playing decently, but Reg Mackworthy the team is also in uncharted territory, hoping Bronko will carry them. I’m not sure it’s possible. Mike Boss had to league the league in Touchdowns, Completion %, Yards and Passer rating for it to work, and that’s a tall order.

6. Hawks (1-1) Δ-1
Someone has to be treading water, and it’s the Hawks. Blocksdale has passed for the most yards thus far, and is sitting with a sub 60% completion rate. The Hawks do have a positive point differential and Taylor is second in rushing yard. But that’s kinda the problem, the offense is ticking and the defense really isn’t able to shore up what they need to.

7. Las Vegas Legion(0-2) Δ+1
Here’s something crazy, The NSFL rushing leader is Ardie Savea. He doesn’t have the advantage of playing against the Legion either. The one concern here is that Savea is suffering from Farlane Syndrome, high volume mixed results, but we shall see what happens. The Legion also have been benefiting from Noble not losing them games like Berc. But really, the team is still not where it needs to be to compete. Wallace Stone is having a quietly great season so far though.

8. Colorado Yeti (0-2) Δ-2
Back to the cellar they go. And they earned it. You have one of the best rushers in the game, Boss Tweed, and you manage to get five turnovers, that should be a win, not a loss.

780 words

Jan 7 2018, 03:21 PM
I'd like to congratulate DeathOnReddit on his new role as a GFX grader.

We will be on top of this soon I swear.

I'm also gonna start auditing this department
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