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Apr 14 2018, 05:01 PM
writers note: under the weather so making this short and sweet

The press conference is going well until the monstrous sabercats running back approaches opens his mouth and says: "At the end of the season I will be testing Free Agency. More details will follow." and walks away.
Apr 8 2018, 08:00 AM

Make a sig explaining why tlk sucks at following the timelines he sets for himself. Make a sig explaining which rookie in either the NSFL or DSFL will light it up.

Entries close on 4/30

Please be sure to check the rules to ensure your entry is eligible.
Apr 2 2018, 11:42 AM
We all know the supposed story, a typo was made and the Liberty selected Kroetch instead of Smallwood which denies the most amazing dynasty in Las Vegas. But what if the pick was made without the typo? What’s cool is their careers in terms of position have a similar trajectory, so we can do a lot with this.

For those who do not know, Wraiths GM Spike Crown was really high on Kroetch, so much so that he wanted the Outlaws to get him and trade them Smallwood, but that’s a story for another time. Instead we see Smallwood become the WR opposite Fox North instead of Josh Garden, and Kroetch dawn the Wraiths Black. Season 2 plays out relatively similar, as the Outlaws win again, and do so with newly acquired WR Bailey Cook. That’s right, San Jose still trades Hackett to the Wraiths, but Cook doesn’t follow him. Wraiths are still coveting their WR in Kroetch, and the price that San Jose wants is too steep for them, so instead of going to Yellowknife, San Jose ships him off to Arizona for their second round pick and Mayran Jackson. In the season 3 draft, the Sabercats still end up going for Bayley, but instead of Blewitt, the Sabercats don’t have tlk clamouring for a kicker as they are unable to gauge what their offense or defense really look like because special teams is killing them and instead opt for Charlie Law. Blewitt instead returns to the Legion in the 4th round.

Noble still gets suspended, but instead of trading for Pierno, San Jose sweetens deal and trades Augustine and Longshaw in a package deal for a 1st. But beyond that, the rosters are still similar, except now Pierno is still on the Wraiths roster, active and performing at a high level in the DSFL. Augustine shows flashes but nothing too great. Everything else is pretty much the same, and s3 doesn’t get any more interesting. Without a connection with the Wraiths, Smallwood doesn’t get suspended but everything else holds. Oles is groomed to be the successor, tlk is engaged as points out his tenure is limited.

Let’s jump to season 4, where stuff gets interesting. The Outlaws do not make the 10m dollar man, They got Cook, Evans and Chess. Instead Garden signs up in…Las Vegas. That’s right, the linemen change has happened and Garden gets paid but it’s more and it’s in Vegas, giving Wallace Stone the weapon he needs and reuniting LeClair with his old WR buddy. The Legion light the world aflame, the defense still can’t stop anything but they end up changing a few fates, including a huge upset again the Hawks. The Sabercats are looking strong with QB Jordan Yates and running back Damien Kroetch, but the roster is looking weaker at defense as LB Vincent Sharpei has decided to join QB Chris Orosz in…Baltimore. Starting Tabula Rasa, the Wraiths still keep Akselsen under center, but they don’t trade Orosz, they lose in Free Agency and the Kennedy plan springs up earlier and with no Cook, the Wraiths are relying on great WR John Ross, who left in Free Agency, to keep them afloat. Legion also go cap heavy and get a few other key pieces to their roster including Phillipe Carter & Wyatt Fulton. With no mass retirement on the rise and a lot of active players, the Legion get hot. With Wallace Stone throwing the rock to Garden and LeClair, Savea is able to shine on offense, and with the Kennedy program sped up, Las Vegas is able to follow suit with their own man, Ardie Savea. Although the run game stumbles a bit, the Legion sign Durden off waivers and have the ability to compete. With seven wins, the Legion nearly compete for the Ultimus after upsetting the Outlaws twice, and the Sabercats are sitting last in the ASFC. In the NSFC, the Wraiths cannot compete, and it becomes a race for the championship for the NSFC as the Hawks and Liberty compete for first in the division. The Hawks run away with it as the Liberty still collapse on defense with a 7-7 record, but with the Liberty win in week 10 and the Hawks win in week 7 and 10, the NSFC champion host the Otters in the Ultimus as they have a 9 win season after the upset in Arizona. But Rove cannot compete on the road and the Hawks walk away with the Ultimus.

The legion now go aggressive in Free Agency, and with the Yeti buddies he knows, the Legion get Fuego Wozy. The team is on the up-and-up and instead of the mass retirement, Keygan extends everyone, trades their second round pick for Jefferson and build up the defense into the monster it is. But this story is far from done, with the multi-case hammer about to drop, the Outlaws are scrambling. Dwyer has been essentially burned out and instead of needing to start from scratch there’s a legendary QB in the DSFL who is about to be traded to Arizona, Nate Pierno. Though not as good as Bronko yet, Pierno has been sitting there, stockpiling TPE and waiting on the bench in Yellowknife. In a 3 way trade, the Legion First for the next two seasons goes to Yellowknife, the Wraiths seeing a rebuild is needed now being 3 seasons out of the playoffs, package Bovo to the Legion, Bronko to the Legion, and Pierno to the Outlaws and Chess to the Wraiths. Wallace Stone converts to DT, and gives the roster the last bit of bite it needs to ruin Mike Boss in the season, stump the Otters defense and hoist their first Ultimus.
Mar 4 2018, 03:06 PM
In light of the recent “CoLOLrado” articles, I thought the Shadow GM that is me, would offer insight. In my power rankings, I often rail on the Yeti, saying it is a mess, so I get that this may be met with some hostility.

Before I get into it, I want to say, that I’ve had the been watching the Yeti from the falling short of the Ultimus to season 1 to the collapse that followed from s3 onwards, I also had the pleasure to interview Sapp during the s4 draft cast. In that interview, he stated a 3 year plan to turn the Yeti around into the contenders. So far, we’re in year two, and it’s not looking too great. So to take from my colleague and friend BayleyIsland, I want to give a few pieces advice as what I would do if I were GM of the Yeti.

1. Tell everyone I draft they’re in for a long few seasons; so make the community great.
When I came in to San Jose, we knew the season was over the moment Cook went away, and while we felt we could contend in s3, it was a long shot. One of the things that Miller, Sharpei, and Canton did to really help build a strong community from the get go was a lot of games of Heroes of the Storm. We ran into the draft with the belief that “activity breeds activity” it kept us together when the seasons were bad, and a great rapport with each other was created.

2. Tweed, Crush, Ishigawa, Saint – Pick 2.
Each one of these four is great, Saint and Tweed are the tops of their field, and Ishigawa and Crush are the future. Right now though, none of those four can carry the team to the wins it needs. The Yeti need to get picks, and if a player is unlikely to resign, now is the time to get value while they can. These are first and second round picks of value that the team can get. All teams would improve with one of these four on their rosters, and would likely pay a hefty price for them.

3. End the Pierno project.
Ok, here we go. The big one. As the former favorite mediocre Wide Receiver, ralz9 can get all the yards on the ground he wants, but the team would be better using him as a RB and Boss Tweed as the QB. Pierno is not spending his TPE right, and allocating them poorly. He’s still putting things into speed and shirking accuracy, arm and intelligence while they are all lacking. Ralz can get all the TPE he wants, but the team needs a QB who will put the team success ahead his need to get yards on the ground. He’s averaging 2.9 YPC on the ground to boot. He’s a jack of all trades and good at none. The Yeti need a QB who is willing to work for the team, Pierno is showing that he’s not. The team needs to give their troubled QB and ultimatum – 90 in accuracy, arm and/or intelligence, or else the team is going to look to draft another quarterback.

4. Scout, Scout, Scout.
Any team is as good as their draft class. And if the Yeti want to succeed, they have the reach out and interview any and all DSFL prospect there is, they cannot just hit in the first round, they have to hit in the second round, and third if possible. It’s on the Yeti to get the players they need, they need to draft not just the positions they need, just the best player available. They cannot afford to pick an inactive d-lineman while letting an active RB walk to another team.
Mar 1 2018, 03:41 PM

We all know the guy, they show up right after being drafted, bright eyed and bushy tailed, saying they have forgotten more about sim leagues than you will ever know, looking like a sure fit who is going to light the league on fire. Two days later, they are never heard from again.

Entries close on 3/31

Please be sure to check the rules to ensure your entry is eligible.
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