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Yesterday at 07:20 am
Hello everyone. To be Brief we have recently had two rookies who smartly took advantage of our equipment rules and were able to buy two sets of equipment before their NSFL draft. That gave them a substantial advantage over their competitors. In the future this will not be allowed. You now cannot purchase equipment until your DSFL rookie season. Meaning if you create after the S7 trade deadline you cannot buy equipment until S8. Please let me know if there are any questions.
Apr 19 2018, 12:49 PM
Ask me anything about HO, my new Owner Role, or ask anything to Avon.

White Cornerback "How do you plan on filling the huge shoes left by the previous owner? Is it really worth even trying? Many of us share the opinion that it would be physically impossible to surpass or even equal the ground breaking sim league discoveries of the previous owner but regardless we wish you the best of luck fellow human."

Well..... The previous owner was a straight bum. Somehow they decided to also leave him as NSFL commish

timeconsumer "Plans to increase recruitment?"

This is a great question that has a tough answer. Long story short - I don't know. I cant' say for sure what our plans are to increase recruitment. There have been talks of ads on social media, trying to build up our reddit page, trying to build our youtube (we need to get on archiving those games), but I'm not entirely sure. The recruitment guys need to step up for sure, but recruiting should be a league wide effort.

TheMemeMaestro "Who has the sexiest team for the future, and why is it the Yeti?"

The Yeti certainly seem to have a bright future - but we need to see how many of these stay active and how many re-sign in Colorado. I remember the Yeti faithful saying they would be in the playoffs by season 8. Clearly that isn't happening. If you were to ask me who I think has a brighter future Colorado or New Orleans, I would definitely say New Orleans.

ExemplaryChad "Do you still plan on being as front-facing as you have been as a member of HO? How do you think your communication with the league will be affected?"

I plan on still being as open and honest as I have been. Before I got to HO they had a reputation of being secretive and not as open with the community. It was one of things I tried to change. My communication with the league won't change as much, except there may be times when I don't know the answer. I mean I will always try to be as upfront as I've always been. And most importantly I will try to rip on the liberty every single chance I can.

Supersquare04 "Favorite pick up line? What contributions to the league are you most proud about? Which member of HO is the handsomest? Why is it dwyer?"

Wow. There are just so many. I like "how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice." For a dirty one I like "is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I see me in your pants." You know they really just go on and on. What contribution to the league is tough, but I think the thing I'm most proud of is the change in the DSFL. It was extraordinarily poorly conceived at the onset - and it was entirely too early. When I was a DSFL GM there was only 1 member of HO who remotely cared about the DSFL and when I came in to HO I wanted to institute some changes. The bot teams really saved the league. We only have enough DSFL members to support 4 teams, and trying to spread those players across six different locker rooms was a recipe for failure. Obviously when talking about a contribution to the league I would be remiss to not mention the work that adam2552 and I did on the ER investigation. I often wonder where the league would be if we didn't figure out something was wrong.

As far as best looking HO member - clearly me. But if you are excluding me all four have their merits. Dermott's a sexy Irishman, Adam has luscious locks, Bayley is clearly a beaut, but as you pointed out Dwyer is majestical. It's tough.
Apr 19 2018, 10:33 AM
Hey guys! Booter has told us he's unable to continue GMing the bots in Palm Beach! Please PM me an application if you are interested! It's a great learning experience for both GMing a team in the future and to learn strats. So please apply.
Apr 17 2018, 01:21 PM
I realized we had this voting in the off season, and have already implemented a few of these changes - but have not announced to the general public

1 - Provide rookies who win a DSFL award at the end of the season with a $1.5 million bonus payment.

2 - A player is considered inactive if they do not exhibit meaningful activity on the forums within 14 days of their last meaningful post. Meaningful activity is defined by the following list (subject to other conditions and not entirely inclusive):

-Activity Check
-Weekly Training
-Equipment Purchases
-Update Page post
-General question post (ex: asking about where to find something or how to do something, etc.)

When a player is considered inactive, they may be dropped from all formations in the depth charts and may be freely cut from the roster. At this point the respective team has dropped all rights to the player and they are considered a free agent.

3 - An active player must start over an inactive player in depth charts based on their position on offense or defense. This is the proposed breakout of starting in a specific number of formations:

Offense (except QB): must start in a minimum of 4 formations
QB: must start in a minimum of 2 formations*
*new QB must see playing time and should be starting in formations that will see playing time

K/P: must start in a minimum of 2 formations on special teams:

Defense: must start in a minimum of 2 formations based on the team's respective defensive scheme
4-3: must start in 2 of the following formations: 4-3, Nickel, Dime
3-4: must start in 2 of the following formations: 3-4, 3-3-5, Dime

Special Teams and Misc. formations are not subject to this rule except as a K/P.

4 - Players can only play 4 seasons post NSFL draft season in the DSFL. Ex. a S5 NSFL-draft season player, who may have played S4 in the DSFL, cannot play in S9 in the DSFL. (Use the formula that players can play in S(x-1) to S(x+3), where x = their NSFL draft season).

5 - If an active player has played a number of seasons in the DSFL equal to the current limit (So as to be flexible given we have proposals on the table for that) and is sent down by his NSFL Team or is an NSFL FA he may petition for one extra year in the DSFL. This eligibility can only be claimed once per player, and only by an active player. DSFL Commissioners/HO reserve the right to veto a Fifth Year Senior petition (and will only grant in special circumstances).

6 - DSFL/ NSFL Coordination. Essentially rules that are passed in the NSFL are grandfathered in to DSFL if applicable. Rules like the equipment rules/ the RB listed as FB if playing WR and RB are also deemed to be in the DSFL rule book.
Apr 16 2018, 11:23 AM
Hello everyone. I am announcing at this time that this will be my final season in the Head Office. Now I obviously will not be leaving the league, and in fact I will be moving in to a different position within the league - owner. This is a title that was previously vague, and sadly the last person to have this job title who was not in the head office abused his power. It never had a specific list of responsibilities, so along side my other 4 head office members we have laid out specific job duties for the Owner.

1 - Keep update the forum lead by/ permission groups for NSFL

2 - Update the ticker

3- Utilize Root Admin to ensure that the Head Office/ other people in power are not abusing admin or mod rights

4- Assist head office in matters when they ask for advice.

5- Field complaints from the users if they have any on the Head Office or any other member of the site.

Obviously this means we are going to be hiring another Head Office person. I am going to remain on the head office team for the remainder of the season, however we ARE willing to hire another immediately and go to 6 people in the Head Office for the remainder of the season. So please send your applications in to myself or another member of the head office. If you have any questions regarding the position, please feel free to reach out to me.
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