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Apr 23 2018, 07:59 AM
Week 5 (04/23)

Week 5
:outlaws: @ :liberty:
:otters: @ :wraiths:
:hawks: @ :yeti:
:sabercats: @ :secondline:

Just pick the winner.

You will receive 0.5 TPE for each correct prediction.

NOTE: Half TPE always round up. 0.5 becomes 1, 1.5 becomes 2 and so on. An even TPE will stay the same.

Deadline: 15 minutes before start of sim.
Apr 23 2018, 04:42 AM
The Special PT is back again, same thing as when it first appeared in season 5. Simply follow the parameters and be on topic for credit. There isn't a graphics option for this unfortunately. It will replace this week's (April 23rd - April 29th) week and weekend PTs. This PT will run until the end of the season to allow as much feedback as possible.

Written: Write 1 thing that you would like added to the league, 1 thing that you would like removed, and 1 thing that you currently like. Each part requires 100 words to be written to receive credit for it.

Please write as much depth as possible for your reasoning for each, as HO will be reading and using these suggestions. Please do not half-ass a response just to get 5 TPE.

This PT is worth 5 TPE, and does not require a claim thread, just link your response in your update thread and as long as you meet the requirements

Full Payout = 5 TPE

Deadline: End of Season
Apr 21 2018, 10:42 PM
We are signing Stanislaw Maddox

S7: 500,000
Apr 20 2018, 06:27 AM

Written: Must Include 150 Words. Not everything has to be about sports, we've seen a plethora of entertainment releases that have caught the eyes of everyone. Whether it's a movie that's receiving critical acclaim, a once in a generation gaming experience, or anything else, there is bound to be some sort of entertainment besides sports that has caught your attention(note, e-sports is not included). Write about one of these other sources of entertainment.

Graphic: Make a graphic showing this entertainment. Do not just rip off a poster of a movie or game, and include your player render and at least one other thing related to the entertainment. If it's a movie you can show your player looking at a poster for it, or watching it and eating popcorn, get creative.
Full Payout = 2 TPE

Do not claim this TPE until a post is made in the claim thread.

Deadline: Sunday Night, April 22nd, 11:59 PST
Apr 16 2018, 04:42 PM

Written: Must include 200 words. Was your original goal to be a football star? Well some people have other goals, and they don't always pan out the same way, some wanted to play in other sports. Write about what sport your player would be playing if you weren't in the NSFL.

Graphic: Create a sig for your player in the other sport. Include your render and something to signify that you are in a different sport (a baseball bat, lacrosse stick, golf club, etc)

Full Payout = 3 TPE

Do not claim this TPE until a post is made in the claim thread.

Saturday, April 21st, 11:59 PM PST
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