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Jul 4 2018, 07:44 PM
Hey everyone!
I will keep this short. Joining as a S3 draftee, it was very fun and being a underdog pick. Now, as I get later on my career as Bayley, it is time to let someone else take the ropes. There are many good guys to lead the league, those guys don't need me.

In case you were wondering, I did much of the numbers for regression, FA stuff, as well as other stuff such as doing some research for NCAA.

It was a pleasure, but my time in HO has run its course. I want to thank all of the people in HO that I had the time to spend a ton of time around. It was fun, but it's time for me to go and other people to get their chance. I'll still be around, I still have stuff here to do and prove.

With that said, thank you to everyone and giving me this opportunity. You are in good hands. I wish everyone luck.

Jun 27 2018, 09:41 AM
Season 9 Free Agent List Colorado Yeti
Kyle Cobb - RB
Brian Wheat - WR
Kenny Omega - WR
Eidur Gustavsson - DE
Dental Dam - DE
Storm Woods - CB
Grey Slax - WR Arizona Outlaws
QB King Bronko
WR CA Chess
WR Cooper Christmas
WR John Watcher
DL Andreas Waiters
DL Mark Ramrio
LB AC Hackett
LB Jack Dwyer
LB Wallace Stone
LB Luke Tiernan
CB Jogn Floggity
CB Allen Davis
Fonz Nuno
Hammer Jack
Alexander Overholt Yellowknife Wraiths
RB - Willy Nyquist
WR Johnny Rocket
DE DeezNutts
DE Ugandan Knuckles
DT Gustav Rodriguez
LB James Wright San Jose Sabercats
Mayran Jackson - WR
Damian West - WR
Chidubem Okonkwo - DE
Mark David - DT
Justin Davis - K Orange County Otters
RB Erlich Burnsman
WR Carlito Crush
DB Jonathan King Baltimore Hawks
WR Alexandre LeClair
RB Seth Wallace Philadelphia Liberty
RB - Kieran O'Connell
WR - Josh Garden
WR - Blessed Storm
OL - Francois Lamoreux
DE - Norman Bagwell
DE - Adamle Tomlinson
DE - Ottokar Von Gerhadt
LB – Jaylon Lee
LB - Luke Chunk
S - Ragnar Kronen
K/P – Stephen Harris NOLA Second Line

Jun 14 2018, 12:06 PM
Hi everyone, welcome to another addition of me posting important stuff. We are always looking for ways to improve the league. One aspect in this league that Head Office thought could use some changing was that of the Graphics Scale. We would like to thank everyone that was involved in the project of creating a Proposal to bring to us.

With that said, we were brought something that we thought would highly improve the league as well as encourage people to create great graphics. We want to encourage creativity, so with that said, here is what the new pay will look like.

New Graphics Pay Scale!

NO GRAPHIC CAP – the max pay uncapped is 850k to get 5/5, details below, requires a significant amount of effort, that would be comparable to a handful of hours of work, work that is if anything less a pay/hr than a 600 word media piece.

The new rubric – bear in mind that some, not all, may be needed for specific tiers.
1/5 – 150k– low effort, no blending between the text, image and the products looks like the effort was simply an image with text pasted on
2/5 –300k –Blending attempts made – there is signs of effort but not so much on delivery. Depth is provided and the text blends with the image.
3/5 – 500k – Render editing is present, text begins to blend and the image altogether, looks clean and crisp but lacking motion or depth to really catch the eye.
4/5 – 720k – The is detail, motion, render work and overall there are only minor problems that really set the sig back.; text being slapped on at the end, for example.
5/5 – 850k – from the rendering to the blending, this sig has no issues, pops and is a great image all around.

Have a great rest of your Thursday. Head Office
Apr 24 2018, 08:11 AM
Season 8 Free Agent List Colorado Yeti
Bubba Nuck - RB - FA
Eidur Gustavsson - DE - SIGN
Andre Bly Jr. - CB - SIGN
Michael Tillman - S - SIGN
Vash Erickson - S - SIGN
DeAndre Green - WR - FA
Bubba Beau-Boucher - S - SIGN
Victor Ball - WR - FA
TE Steven O'Sullivan - SIGN Arizona Outlaws
QB - King Bronko - SIGN
WR - C.A. Chess - SIGN
WR - Cooper Christmas - SIGN
DT – Mark Ramrio - SIGN
LB - AC Hackett - SIGN
CB- Alex Hayden - SIGN
S - Allen Davis - SIGN
S- Jogn Floggity - SIGN Yellowknife Wraiths
RB Cesar Milan - SIGN
TE Franklin Harris Jr. - SIGN
WR Johnny Rocket - SIGN
OL Bender Rodriguez - RETIRE
DE Ricky Maddox - SIGN
DE Deez Nutts - SIGN
DT Egor Medved - TO ARI
DT Bert Metas - RETIRE
LB Luke Tiernan - SIGN
LB William Ridley - SIGN
LB James Wright - SIGN
CB Dirk Cutter - RETIRE
DE Jayce Tuck - SIGN San Jose Sabercats
Darren Smallwood - RB - TO NOLA
Denzel Diaz - RB - SIGN
Mayran Jackson - WR - FA
Damian West - WR - SIGN
Break Bottles - TE - RETIRE
Tor Tuck Jr. - TE - SIGN
Busters Brownce - OL - RETIRE
Ja Brill - S - SIGN
Alex Hansen - S - SIGN
Torque Lewith - S - SIGN Orange County Otters
DT Greg Clegane - SIGN
K/P Bradley Madlad - SIGN
CB Marc Spector - SIGN
DT Ryan Sierra - SIGN
CB Tegan Atwell - SIGN
DE Fuego Wozy - TO NOLA
DE Dental Dam - TO COL
DE George Wright Jr - SIGN
RB Erlich Burnsman - SIGN
TE Carlito Crush - TO OCO Baltimore Hawks
WR John Wachter - SIGN
LB Stephen Harrison - SIGN
FS Scrub Kyubee - SIGN
WR Lucas Hendricks - FA Philadelphia Liberty
GM DT – Eli Kamaka - SIGN
QB - Sam Penner - FA
WR - Josh Garden - SIGN
WR – Fox North - SIGN
WR - Kendrick Hendrix
WR - Nash Teller - FA
TE – Paul DiMirio - SIGN
DE – Drew Davidson - SIGN
DT – Godfrey King - TO YKW
LB – Perry Tucker - SIGN
LB – Micah Hendrix - SIGN
LB – Jaylon Lee - SIGN
CB - Stanislaw Maddox - RETIRE
S – Ryan Flock - SIGN
K/P – Stephen Harris - SIGN NOLA Second Line
RB Conall O'Sullivan - SIGN
WR Stormblessed - SIGN
WR Antonio Legion - TO SJS
WR Kenny Omega - FA
WR Jake Gote - FA
K/P Peg Leg- SIGN
S Dominc Verns - SIGN
S Ragnar Kronen - FA
CB Samuel Zhang - TO YKW
DE Jimmy Cox - FA
DE Ugandan Knuckles - TO YKW
DE Juan Andres - SIGN
DE Adamle TOmlinson - FA
LB Luke Washington - TO SJS

Mar 28 2018, 10:49 AM

Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:00 PM EST


Draft Order

#1 Howard Miller - WR - Benlongshaw
#2 (via Verso L'Alto - TE - nunccoepi
#3 (via via Vladimir Fyodorovich - CB - majesiu
#4 (via Mark Grau - WR - keanex
#5 (via Ryan Lefevre - LB - feve10
#6 (via Desta Danger - CB - destadanger
#7 Ryan Applehort - QB - Daybe
#8 Mason Brown - LB - Fire-bred

#9 Mike Miles - CB - Awkwardcowboy
#10 (via Football Catcherman - WR - cpetrella
#11 (via Cole McCoy - QB - TrueTexican
#12 (via via Stone Hans - WR - Official DT
#13 (via Alvin Chipmunk - TE - andybj
#14 Thomas Kane III - LB - greygoosevodka
#15 (via Zach Skiinner - DE - Titan127
#16 Danny Vranos - CB - dannyxv17

#17 Bubba Beau-Boucher - Safety - Angels_Otani
#18 (via via Joel Schroeder - CB - Shrodawg
#19 (via Dustin DeMarco - WR - Ramrod18
#20 Niraj Garrett - LB
#21 (via via DeAndre Green - WR
#22 (via Ugandan Knuckles - DE - bennyboy_456
#23 Sam Penner - QB - Pens
#24 (via Nash Teller - WR - Nash

#25 (via Jake Gore - WR - Super50
#26 PASS
#27 Lucas Hendricks - WR - Tlindstrom15
#28 PASS
#29 PASS
#30 (via PASS
#31 PASS
#32 PASS

#33 PASS
#34 (via PASS
#35 PASS
#36 PASS
#37 PASS
#38 PASS
#39 PASS
#40 PASS

Liberty receive:
#9 overall
S8r2 from yeti

Yeti receive:
#7 overall
Conditional pick in S8
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