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Jan 20 2018, 05:21 PM
Simply link your account and I will scrape your twitter page for any tweets or replies from 1/21 - 1/27.

Jan 17 2018, 07:41 AM
Rule Proposal: Get rid of inactives in the DSFL. Rights can still be held by respective teams if the player should return and they are to remain in the DSFL (ex: NSFL team wants to keep player XYZ in DSFL even after they return to the site)

The focus of a DSFL GM should be to:
-Engage new players and maintain activity level throughout the DSFL season
-Prepare new players by ensuring they understand: how to update their player, attributes to focus on, and assisting with ideas or materials for media
-Be available to answer any questions
-Provide a positive locker room environment

Why get rid of inactives?
-High TPE inactives are highly sought after and this adds overhead to GMs to monitor any activity regarding inactives. This creates another aspect of GMing in the DSFL that is unnecessary.
-It's very challenging to manage inactive player contract lengths, salary, and fitting that into the DSFL salary cap. We run into situations like this season where SA was unable to pick up Mike Vick due to lack of salary cap and HO had to step in to provide cap relief. We don't want to leave active players hanging and should locate them to an active team ASAP.
-Many inactive players fall under weird circumstances and the rules haven't been enforced consistently (ex: player cannot be in DSFL if they played 14 games in the NSFL, but this rule wasn't enforced until this season so POR can have Otto Von Gernhardt since they picked him up last season but no one can pick up Gadget Tech this season)
-Managing inactives does not align with the focus of a DSFL GM and the goals listed above.

Allow GMs to create a new roster of players after the DSFL draft. This would give them a chance to architect a team that is geared towards their active players' strengths and help with weaknesses. This would also allow teams to create an offensive and defensive identity that would make for interesting matchups (best passing offense vs. best rushing offense).

GM Players can still be implemented starting at 70 TPE and building 5 TPE a week, while the a rest of the bots can start at 50 TPE and a specific number of bots (maybe 2 players) can increment twice a season (ex: +15 TPE after week 4 and +15 TPE week 8). Keep in mind these are rough values that I came up with and did not test.

Fun Example: I draft 2 runningbacks and no wide receivers or quarterback (NSFL bound) in the next draft. Knowing that my passing game won't be a big focus of the offense and that I will probably be creating a bot QB and bot WRs, I would build my OL with higher run blocking values than pass blocking values to focus my offense on running more than passing. After week 4, I notice my team is great at getting to the goal line but my bot kicker isn't doing so well so I decide to buff him using the 15 TPE boost and maybe I pick my Center for more strength and run blocking. Maybe after week 8, I decide that the league is becoming more pass heavy so I buff a CB and DT to help. These are small increases that help a team improve, but not so much that it makes an active player useless.

Get Rid of Salary Cap
An addition to this idea would be to get rid of the DSFL salary cap. Managing the salary cap is a major component of an NSFL GM's job, but is unnecessary for the DSFL since most of our teams are composed of inactives or bots. It makes no sense for us to manage a salary cap and detracts from the core functions of a DSFL GM. Rookies should receive a flat salary when they start in the DSFL.

Before the migration to bots, we can post on each Inactive Roster Page and tag the user with information on how to contact the commissioner or GMs if they log back in (create a DSFL Contact Page that we can maintain as roles change so they can reach out and be relocated back to a team). The rights can still be held by the original team should the player decide to come back and continue their player's career.

I wholeheartedly volunteer to help setup the sim file, pages, or anything else necessary to grow the DSFL.

Thoughts? Feedback or concerns? I'd love to hear everything!

Jan 16 2018, 09:55 AM
Week 7
Palm Beach Solar Bears at Chicago(Kansas City) Coyotes
The Solar Bears take a trip to Kansas City as the Coyotes haven’t fully finished their renovation of the Blues stadium yet. These 2 teams met in the preseason with Palm Beach demolishing their opponents 49-3 and will look to replicate their preseason performance in week 7. The Coyotes come off a 30-0 shut out loss against the DSFL champions from last season and are looking to redeem themselves at home this week. Borkus Maximus hasn’t quite lived up to the hype of being the number 1 draft pick, but has a decent passer rating of 63.4 with a 51.5% completion rating and 6 touchdowns so far this season.

Tijuana Luchadores at Norfolk Seawolves
The Luchadores head to Norfolk to face Daryl Washington and the Seawolves. This will be their first meeting since the preseason and the Luchadores have developed one of the best linebacker corps in the league with Brian Mills, Elvin Enchant, and Manny Paz leading the stable. Their quarterback, Arbin Asipi Jr., isn’t doing so well and is sitting at a dismal 50% completion rate for 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. The Luchadores did pull off the upset in week 6 against San Antonio on the road so things are looking up for the Luchadores as they head into week 7.

San Antonio Marshals at Portland Pythons
This will be the first regular season matchup from last year’s Ultimini championship game as the Marshals head to the Northwest to face the Pythons in their highly anticipated matchup. The Marshals recently picked up a new quarterback, Mike Vick, and will be starting him over Adams moving forward. The young quarterback will have his hands full against the Pythons, but luckily for San Antonio their run game of Willy Nyquist and Carter Bush have been almost unstoppable so far and have contributed to the Marshals current best record in the league. The Pythons offensive trinity is in full effect now as Roenick will have plenty of passing targets in Dwayne Aaron, Blessed Storm, and Glenn McPoyal.

Week 8
Norfolk Seawolves at Palm Beach Solar Bears
Norfolk suffered a devastating loss at home against Palm Beach in week 6 and will be looking to pay them back in week 8 as they visit the Solar Bears in Palm Beach. This should be another interesting matchup of the bot teams as the Solar Bears feature the best passing offense in the league. The Solar Bears are better than their record suggests and should be on the upswing after their victory in Norfolk. Norfolk have been able to defeat their division rivals, but have fallen short against teams from the other division every time.

Portland Pythons at Tijuana Luchadores
The Pythons head down to Tijuana in week 8 to face off against the Luchadores again. In their week 4 matchup, the Pythons managed to secure a 17-10 victory at home while cranking up the defensive pressure on Asipi Jr. and the run offense of Sydney Spinelli and Lil Bot. Brian Mills and Elvin Enchant performed well and stopped Portland’s run game, but couldn’t stop the passing attack as Roenick threw 201 yards for 2 touchdowns that game. Much ‘banter’ has gone back and forth between both teams’ quarterbacks so there is no love lost between these two teams. Can the Luchadores wrangle the Pythons for a 3 count or will Portland 'Cobra-Clutch' their way to steal a win on the road?

Chicago (Kansas City) Coyotes at San Antonio Marshals
In another highly anticipated matchup, the Coyotes face the Marshals on the road after defeating them at home 24-19. San Antonio’s defense racked up 5 sacks, but the Coyotes defense stunned everyone as new defensive draftees Jack Dwyer and Cordell Joshua contained the Marshals’ run game to only 150 yards. Borkus managed to score 2 touchdowns against a formidable Marshals secondary and the Coyotes are hoping to make it out of San Antonio with another win over the Marshals under their belt.

669 words

Jan 13 2018, 09:28 AM
Simply link your account and I will scrape your twitter page for any tweets or replies from 1/14 - 1/20.

Jan 6 2018, 07:50 PM
New process this week. Simply link your account and I will scrape your twitter page for any tweets or replies from 1/7 - 1/13.

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