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Feb 3 2018, 08:09 PM
Finally, the end of the season. I was only late by a couple of days. Not bad. The end of the season saw the Wraiths take on the two worst teams in the league for a nice playoff warm-up. then, for the second straight year, the Wraiths make it to the Ultimus Championship only to fall to the dang Orange County Otters again.

Week 13 - @ LVL

The Wraiths travel on the road to take on the Legion. The last meeting between these two team was a bit of a blowout, but the Wraiths didn't play very well despite the large lead on the scoreboard. With the playoffs coming, the Wraiths were looking to lock up home field advantage and play a couple of good games to prepare for the playoffs. Well, despite the 31-17 win in week 13, it still wasn't that great of a game. But at least we locked up home field.

The Wraiths were actually out played for the most part. Both teams had about 50 yards on the ground, Noble had a better completion percentage and QB rating than Akselsen, and the Legion had 2 penalties for 15 yards while the Wraiths took 8 penalties for 55 yards. Both teams were about 25% 3rd down completion percentage and LV actually had nearly 10 more minute in time of possession than the Wraiths.

This game was really decided by turnovers and special teams. Wraiths had no turnover and 4 kick returns for 206 yards and a touchdown. That a 50 yard per return average. Even removing the 103 yard return for touchdown by Bailey Cook, Lavelle still averaged 34 yards per return. Lavelle also averaged 7 yards per punt return. When the Legion punter is only kicking it about 38 yards, a 7 yard return puts the Wraiths in great field position. The Legion, on the other hand, threw an INT and fumbled it once, and only had 170 yards on 6 returns.

And those are the reasons why I think some of the Wraiths stats don't look very good. We got a quick score off the kickoff, we had great field position which resulted in short drives, and Noble's INT way on the LVL 13 yard line which resulted in a pretty easy touchdown. So when we see the lack of run game, the poor TOP stat, and the average Akselsen stat line, it's likely due to just not haveing the ball for very long. Otherwise, the Wraiths played okay, but we still need to up our game.

Verdict: This is a tough one to judge because the stats are in LVL favour. But there's no real reason the Wraiths shouldn't have won. Sim Gods got it right.

Week 14 - @ COL

The final game of the season, the Wraiths went to COL and beat up on the young Yeti for a pretty brutal 44-3 score. No one was expecting a COL win, but a 41 point differential is a little extreme. Let's see if the stats line up with the scoreboard of if the Sim Gods were just in a bad mood.

COL must have done something bad, because I don't think they deserved this. You know, fumbles are a weird stat in this league. They just happen once or twice per game. There's no "Carrying" stat like in other platforms. So to have Pierno fumble 2 times and throw a pick, Carlito Crush fumble once, and Bubba Nuck to fumble as well is just a cruel punishment for a team with only 2 wins. At one point, Akselsen fumbled the ball and the Yeti jumped on it with great field position. The very next play, Crush fumbles the ball. that's some twisted stuff right there.

Otherwise, this game was very similar to the last match up between the Wraiths and the Yeti. The Wraiths didn't play particularly well, but well enough given the skill gap. One positive was the Wraiths run game. We finally eclipsed 75 rush yards, "going off" for 87 yards on 22 carries. This was a good thing to see against an underrated Yeti defence. None of the other stats were that impressive for the Wraiths. Akselsen only threw for 50%, but he did had 6 TDs and 0 picks, and 355 yards. Probably the best game of his season, Harris Jr. had 10 catches and 3 TDs. Those are some of the highlights in an otherwise very one sided game.

Verdict: Sim Gods got it right

Playoffs - vs BAL

The first round matchup that most people predicted in the preseason came to fruition. It wasn't looking that way after a very slow first 4 weeks by BAL, but they turned it on. So coming into this, BAL had nothing to lose really. The Wraiths were favourites all season and every one wrote off BAL after their slow start. But they made it to the conference finals and they were here to make it to the Ultimus. And while the BAL never held the lead in the game, it was still a very good game. Probably my favourite game of the season (not to spoil anything, but much more fun to watch than the Ultimus).

Unfortunately for BAL, YKW played one of their better offensive games in this game. Both the rush and pass offense was rolling and the BAL offense was... just okay. The YKW rush game had 67 yards on 21 attempts. While it might not look like much, that is one of the better run games this season. Akselsen was pumping though. 62% completion, 486 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 121.2 passer rating. That is some Tom Brady level stuff there. Saving his best performance for the Conference Finals. That's the dream. Even with a quiet night from Eric Kenedy, the YKW offense is still potent enough to put up over 550 yards of offense.

On to some team stats. Both teams had 1 turnover, BAL and YKW were within 2 seconds of each other in time of possession, and both teams had roughly 20 yards in penalties. In terms of team stats, that a pretty even game, and that's why it was so fun to watch. The major difference was 3rd down efficiency. BAL was a respectable 30% on 3rd down, but with the way Akselsen was moving the ball, the BAL offense couldn't keep up with YKW's absurd 50% 3rd down conversion percentage. YKW was just a little bit too much for BAL to handle.

Verdict: Sim Gods got it right.

Finals - @ OCO

Not gonna lie, this game was hot garbage. It wasn't because YKW lost, I'm not that childish. It was because this game was such a let down while watching it. This was supposed to be the best two teams in the league go at it, but it came out to be OCO playing keep away while YKW took a bunch of penalties and turned it over. I just wanted to watch a fun an exciting finals game, regardless of the outcome. I don't mind losing to the best team, and OCO is the best. But I wanted to make them work for it at least. But enough of that, onto some game stats.

Well, they aren't pretty.The Wraiths were under 20% on 3rd downs. We threw 3 picks, fumbled once. Took 7 penalties (7!) for 34 yards, and for pretty muh the entire game, the OCO lead was 20 points. Two late scores made it look like a competitive game, but everyone watching knew there was no way YKW had a chance. All 4 YKW turnovers happened by half time. It just wasn't our game. Nonetheless, the Wraiths will be back again next year, maybe with homefield advantage this time.

Verdict: Sim Gods were right, just wasn't a good game to watch.

Thanks for reading. This is the last one.

1300 words. Ready for Grading
Feb 3 2018, 09:20 AM
Back at it again. This set of games saw the Wraiths have probably the hardest set of 3 games all season. The West Coast teams are always good and to play all 3 back to back to back is pretty rough. Unfortunately for the Wraiths, we only managed a 1-2 record on this 3 game set, but it was also that last time we will have to see any of these teams until the Ultimus.

Week 10 - @ ARI
This game was a huge test. ARI is a great team, even after all the off season crap. We knew coming into this season, we would have to be able to beat ARI, OCO, and/or SJ on the road to be able to secure home field advantage and have a shot of having home field for the Ultimus. Well, those hopes were dashed in a huge way because ARI took it to us. The pummeled us 41-28 on their home field.

For the past few games, I've been noticing trends some trends in the YKW games. Our run game has been poor, we are sloppy with the ball, we've given up tons of points early in games, and our 3rd down conversion rate hasn't been great. It was just that we were playing weaker teams so we came away with a win and everyone was happy. Well, those trends caught up to us on this 3 game set. First, ARI taught us a lesson on ball control and efficient offense.

ARI had the ball for 6 more minutes than YKW. While both teams had similar 3rd down efficiency at about 40%, ARI just put together better drives. It started with a better run game. YKW had 50 yards on the ground at a 3.0 average. ARI was a bit better with 64 for a 3.8 average, which is pretty good in this sim. Having that run game as an option increases time of possession and creates shorter 2nd and 3rd downs. Both positives. The way King Bronko played in this game, I'm not sure the shorter 2nd and 3rd downs were necessary, but he took advantage. Bronko went 74% completion, 386 yards, and 5 TDs and 0 picks. That is some crazy stat line there. The efficiency of Bronko made ARI a threat to score on every drive, and they pretty much did.

YKW just wasn't very good. They had two turnovers, took 6 penalties for 62 yards, and only possessed the ball for 5 mintes in the 4th quarter. That's no way to come back in a game. This game was just many of the trends I've noticed in the past few weeks coming to fruition to result in a loss YKW needed if we wanted to steal home field advantage away from OCO.

Verdict: Sim Gods got it right. Outplayed in every area.

Week 11 - vs OCO

Maybe the second game everyone had circled on their calendars this season. OCO pumped us pretty good when YKW was on the road so this was YKW retribution. And well, YKW took it to them on the scoreboard, but it may not have been as dominant as the scoreboard showed.

First, to the good things for YKW. Our run game finally eclipsed 50 yards, gaining 70 yards on 22 attempts. While the average of 3.2 yards per carry is nothing to write home about, at least it showed a more balanced attack from the YKW offense. YKW was also very disciplined, only committing 3 penalties for 22 yards. Finally, Akselsen had another very strong game. At this point in the season, it's pretty expected that Akselsen in going to throw over 300 for at least 3 touchdowns. That's just how YKW operates. Akselsen lived up to the expectation throwing for 334 yards, 4 TDs, and only 1 pick. What was really impressive was his efficiency. He threw for 61% completion and an average of 11.9 yards. Again, scary good numbers that allow YKW to put some huge drives together. On that note, YKW only went 3 and out 4 times the entire game, with two of those coming in the two minute warnings as they were trying to run clock. So, very efficient offense.

The other half of this story is how poorly the OCO team played. No one player player poorly, but asa a team, they just couldn't put it together. Their run game was pretty weak, but that's expected in these pass heavy offenses like YKW and OCO. Boss had an average game, 2 TDs and 1 INT. But the blemish was 11 penalties for 100 yards. That's an entire length of the field, handed to YKW. OCO had more yards in penalties than YKW has had rushing yards in a game the entire season.

So the combination of OCO poor team play with an above average day from the YKW run game and Akselsen led to a pretty substantial 20 point score differential. The team stats, aside from the penalties, were actually pretty close. Time of possession was within 3 minutes, 3rd down efficiency was the same, so I don't think the scoreboard reflected what the team stats showed.

Verdict: Sim Gods gave the win to the right team, but the score was a little lopsided.

Week 12 - vs SJS

The final California team came to Yellowknife to try to even the season series. YKW stole a game on the road early in the season, so SJ was looking to steal a game, secure a playoff spot, and dash YK hopes of securing home field advantage. And they did all 3. SJ came in and beat up on the Wraiths to win 27-17.

This will be a shorter review. Anyone looking at the stat sheet will tell you what went wrong. Akselsen had an okay day, Kennedy was great, both teams were about 30% on 3rd down. The same old stuff I've been saying all season. The reason YKW blew it at home was the disgusting run game. A week after gaining 70 yards on the ground, yKW went back to their old was and stayed under 50. YKW gained a whopping 33 yards on 18 carries. An average of 1.8 yards. The is rough.

SJ even had a brutal game in terms of penalties. They took 12 penalties. They were trying to hand us the game. But the bad run game and an unfortunate pick 6 made all the difference. This really hurt the home field advantage hopes for the Wraiths. OCO was rolling late in the season, so losing at home to SJ was a tough one to take.

Verdict: Sim Gods got it right. A dud by YKW

Thanks for reading.

1108 words. Ready for grading
Jan 31 2018, 06:44 PM
Here's another installment of the Wraiths Review. The season is almost done, so I might be spamming a couple articles out in the next couple days. The Wraiths had a pretty a very good record coming into these weeks, so we just needed to keep pace with Orange County and duke it out for home field advantage.

Week 7 - vs COL

Well not the best way to start a game. Probably the worst way. First play, COL Bly Jr. takes the ball for a kick off return touchdown. Wraiths ball, third play pick 6. So being down 14 points only 2 minutes into the game is devastating. Unless you're playing the Yeti. Then there's plenty of time to come back. And come back we did. We won the game pretty easily 56-20. So with a score margin that wide, it meant we played well right? Well for the second time in the last couple weeks, we played very poorly but won based purely on a TPE advantage.

The reality is that when a team turns the ball over 5 times, they're probably not going to win. Pierno had a rough day, throwing 3 picks. The run games was pretty non-existant as well. And you'll say "But wait CDub, they had 148 yards rushing" and then I'll say "on 54 attempts". Pretty ugly game overall for the Yeti.

The Wraiths were not much better though. Akselsen threw 2 picks, and we fumbled twice, but we managed to recover them. We very easily could have had 4 turnovers. The Yeti were also better than us on 3rd down. Wraiths managed an okay 38% on 3rd down while the Yeti managed to have a 42% conversion. Again, this game just boiled down to the Wraiths being more talented. To repeat what I said last article, had we played this way against any other team, we would have lost.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right.

Week 8 - @ BAL

This was the match up most people were waiting to see. Coming into the season the Hawks and Wraiths were favoured to be in the playoffs. The Hawks started very poorly but were turning it on. The Wraiths came to Baltimore to show their NSFC dominance... and BAL took them out pretty handily. BAL played great and that very dangerous offense was finally clicking at the midway point in the season.

On the surface, it looked like the Wraiths played a pretty good game. And we did. We out gained BAL in passing yards, and both teams only had 1 turnover. YKW also converted on 50% of the 3rd downs, while holding BAL to 33%. Those are impressive stats that usually contribute to a win. Akselsen had a great game, throwing for 358 yards and 62% pas completion percentage. That being said, there were some weaknesses.

I'd say there were a couple things that led to a BAL win. First, the run game was better for BAL, as expected. Owen Taylor is one of the best in the business, and he was rock solid in this game. The BAL rush game almost doubled the YKW rush offense. Either way, this strong run game allowed for shorter second and third downs, helped ball control, and kept the defence tired. A note on the possession, BAL out possessed YKW by 6 minutes. Even if YKW had a better offensive game, we were never on the field long enough to do any damage. BAL also played the entire game without taking a penalty, while YKW took 2 for 20 yards.

The last factor is field positioning. It seems YKW had a ton of momentum travelling down the field, but stalled when at the 30 yard line or so. Kicking 3 field goals, while not a bad thing, it would have been great if one of those could have converted into a touchdown. You look at the other side, BAL had longer drives and when they hit the 40 or 30 yard line, they turned it on. They did not kick a field goal. Each time they made it past the YKW 40 yard line, BAL scored. They were so good at getting points out of their drives. On the other hand, the YKW offence stalled on the other side of the 50.

Verdict: Coin flip. Both teams had strengths. I think the Sim Gods got it right.

Week 9 - vs PHI

Another heart-breaker for PHI. Let's get real here, PHI has had a rough go at things. It seems they miss the postseason or lose games constantly by a handful of points. Unfortunately for them, this game was no different. For the second time this season, YKW won a close game against PHI, this time beating them 26-23.

Once again, for the second time in 3 weeks, the Wraiths found themselves down very early in the game. PHI scored twice in the first quarter, and Akselsen threw two interceptions. But from then on, it was pretty much all Wraiths.

Both teams had similar rushing games, under 50 yards. Both teams took 6 penalties, YKW for 40 yards, PHI for 50 yards. So far it seems like the teams are evenly matched, and it showed on the scored board. Akselsen and Rove were pretty similar as well.

The difference was how the Wraiths controlled the ball in the second half. It seems like that has been their strength this season. Late in close games, the Wraiths just take the ball and put out these long time consuming drives and the defense clinches up. It happened again in this game. PHI had possession only 5 minutes in the third quarter. This, coincidentally, was the same quarter where the Wraiths tied the game up and staged their comeback. With that momentum, they were able to take the lead in the fourth quarter and escape with another win. The game clinching play was a Hardrool interception with 2 minutes left as PHI was putting together a drive that took the Wraiths into field goal range and Lombardi continued his big day and nailed the game winner.

Verdict: Toss up. The stats were so close. Glad the Sim Gods took mercy on the Wraiths at home.

1028 words. Ready for grading
Jan 27 2018, 03:14 PM
Coming into Week 4, the Wraiths were 3-0. Week 4 saw them come up against defending Ultimus champions the Orange County Otters on the road. They then continued their California road trip to play the San Jose SaberCats. They finally returned home to play the Legion. Let's see how the games went.

Week 4 - @ OCO

Probably the game that everyone had circled on their calendar, the YKW went into the OC to take on the Otters. Both offenses were firing and the defenses were stingy. This one had all they hype of a great and exciting game. And it was. Both team played great. OCO took it 26-20 in the end so at least it was close. Right? Well maybe not so much.

You could take a look at the stat sheet and see that Akselsen had another dominant day with over 450 passing yards and say "How did YKW lose?". Or you could look Kennedy and Cook burning the OC secondary all game for over 250 combined yards and say "Wow, how did OCO ever win?" Well, aside from Cook and Kennedy, the OCO defence was much better than the YKW defence on this night. Maybe not every week, but in this matchup, the OCO was pretty much world class.

First we will get some of the other stats out of the way. Time of possession was fairly equal. Each team took 6 penalties, neither team turned it over. Both teams did struggle to run the ball efficiently. So it really was OCO's defence stopping drives. There are two stats that stand out.

1) YKW 31 rushing yards. YK isn't known for their overpowering run game, but usualy we can muster up more that 31 yards on 13 attempts. Tough to win games when you're stuck in 2nd and 3rd n long.

2) 3rd Down Efficiency. This is a stat I mention a lot. It tells a lot about how well a team can move the ball down field. Sometimes teams (especially YKW) rely on big 30+ yard plays to get into scoring position. Good consistent teams can nickel and dime their way down the field no matter the situation. On this night against OCO, YKW was 1/12 on third down. 1/12. That's insane. A contributing factor to this is likely the rough night running the ball.

One more point about how good OCO was this week is that for how much YKW gets credit for their D-Line, OCO's D-Line probably had a better night. Holding YKW to 31 yards and picking up 5 sacks against the an Ultimus finalist really just proved how well rounded OCO is.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right. OCO is too good.

Week 5 - @ SJS
The second game on the Cali road trip went much better for the Wraiths. They came away with a 27-20 game. The game stats did reveal that this game was a close one. Time of possession was fairly equal, as DSan Jose out possessed Yellow Knife by about a minute and a half. Both Teams were roughly 30% 3rd down conversion rate, with the Wraiths (35%) slightly better than the Cats (27%). Neither team had any turnovers, and there were only 2 penalties during the entire game, both on San Jose for 15 yards. So with tunrovers, penalties, and 3rd down efficiency all being so equal, what was the major difference in this game?

To me, the score differential was due to Matt Akelsen and the YKW defence.

1) Matt Akselsen. He was dominant again. It may sound repetitive, but he had another game throwing over 400 yards, along with a touchdown, 56% completion and no turnovers. Just another great game from the offence's leader. This was also another game where Kennedy and Cook went off for 250+ yards. Again, talking about the passing game might seem repetitive, but it's what this offense lives and dies by. I was pretty much writing the same things about the Portland Pythons offence last season. Having dominant offences can always keep a team in the game, not matter the score, no matter the game. As seen in this game, YKW put together a 81 yard drive to score with 3:50 lefft in the game and converted a 2 pt conversion to secure a win. This game was a toss-up for 50 minutes until Akselsen got the ball in the 4th quarter.

2) YKW defence. As mentioned above, the defence was pretty okay for the entire game. When YK scored with 3:50 left, SJ had the ball back with plenty of time left to tie it up. The Wraiths turned it up a notch to prevent the scored. For the last 3:50 of the game, Yellow Knife had the ball for under 50 seconds. San jose had the ball for over 3 minutes and only managed to pick up 24 yards on two separate drives. For a team that has been carried by the offence all year, it was nice to see the defence step up and secure a win.

Verdict: Sim god got it right. YKW was slightly better on offence this game.

Week 6 - vs LVL
The poor Legion. Coming in to this game they were 0-5. The Wraiths just had a huge rebound win against a very good Sabercats team. Things were not looking promising for the Legion. And well, the game went as you' expect. 33-13 for the Wraiths. Logan Noble threw 6 interceptions and even their workhorse Savea could only pick up 65 yards on 19 carries. I think the Legion were just overwhelmed, as they have been all season. Luckily, I think they have some really good pieces and lots of picks in a very strong S6 draft.

Anyways, onto the game. The score was deceiving in this one. I don't this YKW had that good of a game, but because of the difference in skill, the Wraiths were able to put up some good numbers. The trio og Jarden, Kennedy, and Cook put up over 300 yards receiving, Bubba Nuck ran for 73 yards on 14 carries, and the defence had 3 sacks, 6 INTs, and 8 pass deflections. Those are all incredible stats, but did the team play that well?

Well, not really. YKW was only 1/13 on third down. Meanwhile the YKW defence let the Legion go 5/14 on third down (36%). The Wraiths also took 6 penalties for 59 yards. So really, the individual stats were great, but it wasn't that good of a game for the Wraiths as a team. If we played this way against the Cats the week prior, it would have been a pretty bad loss. It just so happens we played a weaker team.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right. TPE difference were too much.

So that's it for weeks 4-6. Hope you enjoyed.

1131 Words. Ready for Grading

Jan 25 2018, 03:56 PM
Hello friends. I've been pretty busy since that start of S5, so my media writing has taken a bit of a backseat. If you were a devoted reader during my Portland Pythons series, well time to rejoice. If you don't care about me, the Wraiths, or my feelings, whatever. I still get paid.

For a quick refresher: I pretty much sum up the games and dive down deeper into the stats to see if the score reflected what actually happened in the game. To see if the "sim gods" got it right. Also, due to the new media pay out, I'll be doing 3 weeks at a time to hit that sweet >1000 word count. Anyways, Let's start.

Week 1 vs BAL
What a way to start off the season. Aside from a Hawks touchdown with 36 seconds left, the game was pretty much in Wraiths control for the entire 60 minutes. The last second touchdown made the score seem a lot tighter than it was for the majority of the game. But do team stats show the same thing?

Well, mostly yes. But a little bit of no. First off, YKW was extremely efficient this game. Akselsen threw for over a 71% completion percentage, averaging 9.7 yards per pass. For those of you that don't get the importance of that stat, he's pretty much getting a first down 71% of the time he touches the ball. This large yards per play was likely affected by Eric Kennedy's absolutely bonkers game, but Akselsen still moved the ball down field at an incredible efficiency. This is showed by a 50% third down percentage.

On the other hand, BAL's passing game was less efficient. They ended up with more yards and less turnovers, but Blocksdale also had 16 more pass attempts and threw under 60% completion percentage. The real pain for BAL was that the drives were stalling in the Red Zone early in the games. Two first half field goals from inside the 35 are big time missed opportunities. So by no means is throwing for 419 yards a bad game, but Akselsen was on a different level and picked apart the BAL defence.

One of my other favourite stats is time of possession. BAL actually had better time of possession than YKW. This is likely due to YKW efficiency. Moving the ball consistenly, combined with a couple huge plays by kennedy really cuts down on the TOP. On the other hand, Baltimore's drives were longer in duration and none of their touchdowns plays were over 10 yards. Another factor is Baltimore took 5 more penalties than YK, for 30 more yards. Those are drive killers and prolong TOP.

Shout out to my dude Cameron Taylor for his 1st career INT and Pass Deflection. It only took an entire season.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right. Wraiths offense was too efficient

Week 2 - @ PHI

This was the second close game in a row. YKW managed to squeak out a 3 point win. The game winning score came with only 90 seconds left in the game, so this one came right down to the wire. In terms of game stats, the penalties were pretty even. The total yardage was heavily in favour of YKW, as was the turnover ratio. YKW also had more rushing yards and a better completion percentage in the passing game. Pretty much, the defence was creating turnovers and the offence was firing well. Any time you let a QB throw for over 400 yards, you're in trouble and that's exactly what happened to PHI this night. The Kennedy cheese was in full force. Even my favourite stat, Time of Possession, was fully in YKW favour. YKW controlled the ball for 5 more minutes than PHI. YKW only went three and out 4 times all game. Also, in the fourth quarter, YKW had possession for almost 12 minutes out of the 15 minute quarter. That is a great way to stage a comeback.

Aside from a pretty bad second quarter, this game was all YKW. The fact that it was only a 3 point win was surprising. Most of the stats were pointed in YKW favour. From 3rd down efficiency to TOP.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right. Score differential should have been larger.

Week 3 - vs ARI
Finally a game with a decent score differential. YKW took this game 46-29. The penalties were roughly the same, but this was another game where the Eric Kennedy cheese took over. He was pretty much unstoppable all night so I'll try to take a look at some of the other stats. First observation is how bad ARI offense was/how good YKW defence was. ARI only managed to get 9 first downs in the entire game. YKW managed to get 19 first downs. YKW accumulated 180 more yards than ARI. ARI had 3 turnovers, YKW had only 2. YKW had 5 more minutes of TOP than ARI. Pretty much every stat was in favor of YKW. One of the most absurd stats was how futile ARI's run game was during this game. Now, Mackworthy has been a top flight running back in this league for a long time. To hold a star like him to 29 yards from scrimmage is something we may never see again. The lack of the run game left ARI with 3 and longs pretty much the entire game. This resulted in many forced passes and punts, neither of which are particularily good for an offence. This also made Dean Jackson (punter) a very busy man. Something that YKW was happy to see, but not so good for ARI. This game could be chalked up to some early season rebuilding by ARI due to some offseason turmoil, or it could have been the home field advantage flexing it's muscle. Either way, when a defence can hold a star RB to under 30 yards on 12 attempts, football is a tough game to win.

Verdict: Sim gods got it right. Score was about right judging by the teams playing and the stats put up.

Ready for Grading. 1017 Words

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