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Jan 11 2018, 11:04 AM
Hey everyone, the Luchadores are looking for someone to make a team header , preferably 1500x500 to match the twitter header size. Also will feature it in the team information page. Much thanks to anyone who gives this a shot!
Jan 9 2018, 01:01 PM
Disclaimer : All recorded accounts are based on the streamed version of the games, not the re-simmed "Fake News" game logs that were released afterwards

January 4th, 2018
Week 1

The day is finally here. My first game in the DSFL is against the Chicago Coyotes. I have been studying game film on the coyotes for the past week and a half and i'm pretty sure my eyes cant handle another minute of studying. All of my preparation will finally show on the field tonight, and hopefully i can celebrate a 1-0 victory with my teammates.

When we arrived to the stadium in Chicago, everyone was quiet. Dead quiet. Making our way to the locker room, we watched around us as thousands of fans were filing into the stadium. College football was a spectacle to participate in, but being in the pros was much different. The atmosphere was different, and everything was way more serious. Coaches were still discussing the game plan right up to the moment we entered the locker room. Coach gave us the typical "Do your job" speech that everyone has already heard once or twice in their career. All we had to do, was go out there and do our job tonight, and we would come out with the win.

After warmups, we get ready to take the field. The Captains go out for the coin toss. Coach tells us that we're kicking the ball to start the game.

The sound of the stadium when the Luchadores kicked the ball off was deafening, every fan in the stadium was on their feet screaming; excited for the regular season to start. We manage to stop the return at the 17 yard line, not a bad way to start the season off.

I put my helmet on and take the field. In the huddle, our team captain Elvin Enchant tells us to stay calm, read our keys, and get to the ball. The Coyotes line up in the shotgun. I keep my eyes on my key, the right guard. The Coyotes snap the ball and the right guard pulls out to the right, so immediately I follow the play to the right side of the field. Sure enough, their runningback is hitting the C gap , just outside the left tackle. Since our 1 technique tackle was on the left side of the formation, the center was coming right to the second level to get a block on me. I manage to disengage the block, and get to the ball carrier , stopping him for a gain of six yards. As i made the tackle all of the pressure of being in my first game went away, and the confidence of the defense showed. Back at the huddle, Elvin gives us the play call for 1st and 10. "4-3 Over, Zone wall. Do your job."

At this point, everything became a lot clearer. Pre-play, they were lined up in spread formation, no running back. This was definitely going to be a pass. The quarterback drops back to pass, stares down his wide out to the right side of the field, and I manage to get the pick. The atmosphere in the stadium suddenly changed, and all the fans were quiet. Coach gives me a pat on the back and tells us to get ready for the next drive. Today, it was our mission as a defense, to give our offense the ball back to let them put points up on the board.

The final score of the game was 26-3. As a defense, we did our job, and forced multiple turnovers, and held the Coyotes to only a field goal. Coach gave us another speech at the end of the game. "Guys, we followed the gameplan, everyone did their job, and we came out with a win. As long as we go into every game with the same mentality as today, we can go get that championship trophy."

I sure hope coach is right.

665 words

Dec 30 2017, 11:42 AM
"With the 9th overall pick in the DSFL draft, the Tijuana Luchadores select.... Linebacker.... Brian Mills". I sat in my chair for a solid 10 seconds before moving. I finally got up, hugged my family, and got on the phone with the two GM's of the Luchadores. I continued to watch the draft for several rounds to see who else we were going to pick, and who my new teammates were.

A couple days later, I made the trip out to Tijuana, got settled into my new apartment, and met some of the rookies and the coaches. With my eyes set on my first preseason game, I spent the next couple of weeks training, eating, and watching tape of various NSFL and DSFL players from season 4. As the weeks went by, I had taken my contract money, and money I had made from various side jobs, and bought my first pair of professional grade cleats, worth a staggering $3 million. These cleats were the first step in beginning to build my professional career.


On the night of December 23rd, I had received a package in the mail. On the label, it said "From : PDXBaller ; Congratulations" . I happened to be hanging out with my good friends and fellow rookie teammates Bogdan Wojcik, and Forfeit. When I brought the package inside, I had asked them why PDXBaller , GM of the Portland Pythons, would send me something so close to the first preseason game. When I opened it, there was a letter inside that read "Dear Brian. Congratulations on being drafted by the Tijuana Luchadores. My wife made some home-made brownies for you to enjoy. Hope you have a great season, good luck to you". Underneath the letter was a plate full of thick looking brownies, enough to last someone for the entire month. Immediately, Bogdan, being the largest guy in the room, grabbed a handful and started devouring them.

"Are they good?"

"Man, they are delicious, why did you get a package and nobody else didn't?"

"I don't know... maybe he wants me to get fat and get forced to play D-line or something"

With Bogdan being the test subject, and not immediately vomiting furiously, me and Forfeit decided to try some. Forfeit opted to try the caramel filled brownies. We continued to eat the brownies while watching the Vikings Packers game. At about halftime, Forfeit had mentioned that his stomach was feeling upset, probably from eating three pounds of chocolate brownies. Meanwhile, Bogdan was busy talking to the picture I had of Jimmy Page up on the wall. I tried asking him what he was doing, but I felt like it wasn't as important as sitting on the couch and eating a bag of chips.

The next day, Bogdan was nowhere to be found. I told him that he could crash on my couch for the night. I tried calling Forfeit to ask him how he was feeling, but there was no answer. I started freaking out, thinking that the brownies could have been laced with something. Just as that thought enters my head, my phone rings. "This has to be Forfeit" I thought to myself.

"Hello , Brian Mills? This is John Brown from the DSFL head office. I would like to remind you that you have been selected to partake in the drug test prior to the pre-season. Please meet me at the Luchadores headquarters at 2:00pm today."

December 26th, 2017

I had been extremely bummed out that I failed my first drug test, and was deemed ineligible to play my first 4 pre-season games. The coaches of the Luchadores we're in a panic. Their 9th overall pick Brian Mills was suspended for the pre-season, their kicker Forfeit had been shitting his brains out on the toilet for the past 3 days straight, and Bogdan Wojcik was mysteriously missing from every team meeting we had since the night of the 23rd. There was no doubt, that the brownies sent by the rival GM were not congratulatory brownies. They were sabotage brownies.

Luchadores vs Coyotes

The assistant coach for the Luchadores yells out to the head coach, "SIR! I FOUND BOGDAN!"

"Where?!?" , the head coach yells back...

"Sir.... playing for the other team..."

Bogdan was still tripping so hard from the hallucinogens laced inside the brownies, that he had no idea what team he was supposed to be playing for, and stayed with the Coyotes until the end of the pre-season. Forfeit meanwhile, had not left his bathroom since the night of the 23rd, and was administered an IV when paramedics found him. And as for Brian Mills, he had his own reputation to recover from, as fans were outraged that their 3rd round pick had already failed a drug test 2 weeks after the draft.

December 30th

Once all three players were healthy again, they got together at the team headquarters and explained to the GM what had happened. The GM laughed it off, telling us that it was a rookie mistake to accept brownies from another team's GM, and that obviously the intentions were to throw us off of our game. "There must have been 5-10 different kinds of narcotics laced in those brownies" . After the meeting with the GM, we headed to the film room. We decided that in order to get back on track and be ready for the regular season just around the corner, we needed to study the film of the four teams that the Luchadores had played in the pre-season. We watched the game film, making critiques of the game as if we were the ones playing in it. We needed to put the pre-season struggles behind us and look forward to the regular season.

"Want to watch Bogdan run around like a complete maniac thinking hes defending the president on air force one again?"

"Guys do we really have to?"

"Hey man, we all ate the brownies, there's no shame in it.... Hit the play button"

1,004 words



Dec 29 2017, 10:20 PM
Gonna try my luck at a journal type thing to make some more money. Gotta make that street money somehow.

The Beginning
Growing up, my family revolved around football. NFL, NSFL, NCAA, even local high school football. Every sunday from September to December consisted of the family gathering on the couch, eating some food, and watching football from 1pm until 11:30pm. Ten straight hours of football every week might have been a little much for any other family, but for the Mills family, doing anything else would have been insane.

When I was 7, I joined my cities youth football league. Right away I knew I wanted to be a linebacker, just like my favorite player ; Brian Urlacher. Hitting other people, roaming around the middle of the field in your zone defending the pass, punishing any receiver ballsy enough to come across the middle of the field, it all delivered an adrenaline rush.

Once I was in high school, I started getting noticed for my play style. With the development of the pass, many linebackers were being phased out for leaner and quicker defensive backs, or safeties who could play in the box. Was the traditional linebacker going to be the next fullback? Would the position even exist by the time I made it to the pros? I made it my goal to prove those people wrong and to show them that the traditional linebacker still had a role in the modern day defense.

College was a little different. The talent was noticeably better, offenses were faster, and quarterbacks were smarter. This was about the time when I knew that I had to put in maximum effort in order to make it to the NSFL.

All of my life I had been working towards a goal: one day making it to the NSFL. After years and years of hard work and dedication, I had finally achieved that goal on the night of December 20, 2017. The night of the annual DSFL draft was very exciting for me. I had no idea which team was going to pick me, or even in what round of the draft I was going to fall to. The only thing I knew for certain was that this was going to be the night that would change my life forever.

As I tuned into the DSFL draft, all of my worries and fears were non existent. I had come to terms that no matter what team I would get drafted to, I would still work my hardest to become the best linebacker I could possibly become.

I had been in contact with the Portland Pythons GM multiple times prior to the draft, as he was one of the leading men on the NSFL orientation team. I knew right away that Portland wouldn't be a bad place to land. On top of that, the Pythons were the reigning DSFL champs in season 4.

I had also been in contact with the current GMs of San Antonio Marshals, Kansas City Coyotes, and the co-GM of the Tijuana Luchadores. Talks with San Antonio were mostly about the defense and the mentality in the city about how a defense will win you championships. They had a very good track record on defense for the first two DSFL seasons, and it was a very attractive place to go to as a linebacker.

Next, I was in contact with the previous GM of the Chicago Blues who had taken the position of Coyotes GM just prior to the draft. I had grown up a Chicago fan my whole life, so I knew that there would be chemistry between me and the GM of the coyotes.

Lastly, was the Tijuana Luchadores. I had brief talks with the GM of the Seawolves who had taken the job of co-GM in Tijuana before the draft. They were very motivational in our talks about becoming a great linebacker and offered some tips about how to continue my career in the NSFL. If one thing was certain, it was that no matter what team drafted me, I would not be at all upset or surprised at the selection.

7:58PM, the draft was about to begin. I am watching the draft with my family from home. The crowd started filling into the draft center. The announcers were discussing possible scenarios of the draft and about the futures of the draftees and the DSFL teams.

8:00PM, the Coyotes are now officially on the clock. The pick comes in, and they select QB Borkus Maximus.

8:08PM, the Pythons are on the clock. Could I get picked here? The pythons don't have any second or third round picks so this might be the only chance to land in Portland. The pick is in, and they select DT Norman Bagwell.

8:13PM, the Marshals are on the clock. They take pride in their defensive players. San Antonio could be a perfect landing spot for a linebacker. They take Storm Woods, Cornerback.

8:15PM, the Luchadores are about to pick. There are rumors going around that they are about to pick a linebacker. I stand up in excitement, almost imagining my name called. "The Tijuana Luchadores select..... Linebacker..... Elvin Enchant". Although upset my name wasnt called, I give my buddy Elvin a call on the phone to congratulate him. We had been friends ever since the DSFL combine when we started discussing our different styles of play and our favorite childhood linebackers.

8:20PM. At this point, every team had passed me at least once, but oddly enough, I became very calm, almost in a way that all of the pressures of being a first round selection were lifted off of me, so I go to grab a beer from the fridge and watch as teams start picking away.

8:35. The Tijuana Luchadores are now on the clock. I lean back in my chair, pondering if the Luchadores would draft a second linebacker. Mills and Enchant. Playing side by side in the DSFL. Offenses would be scared out of their mind every week that they saw 'Luchadores' on their calendar. "With the 9th pick in the DSFL draft, the Tijuana Luchadores select..... Linebacker....."

To be Continued

1042 words


Dec 26 2017, 09:47 AM
As a new rookie playing as a middle linebacker, I have been pondering the most useful stat when it comes to creating interceptions. The three main stats I have chosen to examine, are Intelligence, Speed, and Hands. I have recorded every player in the S4 NSFL regular season who registered an interception, and their stats. Below is the raw data of Interceptions, Intelligence stat, Speed stat, and Hands stat.

Then, I graphed each stat with their relation to how many interceptions that player had gotten in the season.

As you can see, there is a slight positive correlation to each stat and how many INTs they had, although hands had the highest correlation along with the most accurate trendline. Behind the data, this could mean that a player will level up their hands stat after they had already trained up their other two main stats.

Looking at the two players who had 100 speed in the season, one recorded 8 INTs, and the other only 2 INTs. Looking at the data, their hands stat is relatively the same, but the player with 8 INTs (Canton) , has 7 more levels in Intelligence.

Looking specifically at the 9 players with 95+ speed, there were 7 players who recorded more than 4 INTs , 1 who had recorded 2 INTs, and 1 who recorded 1 INT. Comparing the Intelligence and Hands stats among these 9 players, surprisingly the players who recorded 1 and 2 INTs beat out most of the players who recorded 4+ INTs. This could be due to their role in the defense, or just unlucky simulations.

Looking at the data, which stat for a defensive player do you think is the most important when looking for INT's?

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