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Jun 16 2018, 09:15 PM
Mike Vick retires after having lost his starting spot for the San Antonio Marshals due to his involvement in a dog fighting ring.
Feb 24 2018, 03:02 AM

Preseason Week 1 vs. Palm Beach Solar Bears
After falling to the Portland Pythons in the S4 DSFL championship game, the San Antonio Marshals were ready to get back to work ahead of the season. Starting their preseason at home against the newly relocated Palm Beach Solar Bears, the Marshals were rusty as they began the game with four consecutive three-and-outs on offense. After allowing Palm Beach to open the scoring at the end of the first quarter courtesy of a Walter Payton run, San Antonio strung together an 11-play, 89-yard drive to tie up the game at 7-7 when Christian Adams found Greg Slax open in the endzone on a drive that was helped out by four Solar Bear penalties.

The second half began with San Antonio beginning on their own 24-yard line after veteran safety Jorge Masvidal took the kickoff return from their own 3-yard line. Over the course of the next five minutes, San Antonio's run-heavy approach, spearheaded by Willy Nyquist, lead to them marching all the way to the Solar Bears' 4-yard line. Experienced kicker Jimmy Darkapple however missed the chip shot from 21 yards out, and also the opportunity for San Antonio to take the lead. On the ensuing play, Jim McMahon would make them pay as he connected with Steve Fuller on a 96-yard catch-and-run; Kevin Butler's extra point went wide as Palm Beach took a 13-7 lead. On the next drive, it was again Masvidal with a 22-yard kickoff return to give San Antonio some much needed breathing space. Once again, San Antonio would march all the way down to the Palm Beach 4-yard line, but this time they relied much more on Christian Adams' arm. And once again, they could not get past the magical 4-yard line as Darkapple had to come marching out again. This time, he converted, and the Marshals cut their deficit to three points.

The fourth quarter was quite uneventful aside from both teams throwing an interception in the dying minutes of the game, and Palm Beach was able to hold on for the 13-10 victory. However, things weren't all doom and gloom for San Antonio as they could take solace in the fact that they played a very disciplined game, only taking a single penalty for 5 yards, compared to Palm Beach's nine penalties that totaled 62 yards.

Preseason Week 2 vs. Norfolk Seawolves
San Antonio would continue their preseason preparations hosting the Norfolk Seawolves, who were fresh off a 31-0 shutout victory over the Portland Pythons in the previous week. The Marshals were the first to open the scoring after the two teams combined for five punts before Carter Bush broke through the lines from 21 yards out. Jimmy Darkapple missed the ensuing extra point so San Antonio only led by 6-0, but they were lucky to be ahead after Willy Nyquist coughed up a fumble on his team's first possession when the ball popped loose after he was tackled making a catch out of the backfield. After forcing another punt to open the second quarter, the Marshals added to their lead when Darkapple kicked a 45-yard field goal to make it 9-0. A couple of drives later, San Antonio increased its lead to 11-0 when Isaiah Rashad brought down Daryl Washington for a safety as the Seawolves quarterback went down for the fourth time on the afternoon. The safety was set up by punter Al Sims who pinned Norfolk on their own 2-yard line with a beautiful 60-yard punt. Despite the short field that San Antonio had on the ensuing free kick, the Marshals were unable to capitalize as both teams traded another punt and they headed into halftime with the home team leading by eleven.

Neither offense could get rolling on the other side of halftime as the Marshals and Seawolves each went three-and-out twice to begin the third quarter. Darkapple increased the San Antonio lead to fourteen after Christian Adams and William Sean connected on 36-yard pass that brought them within field goal range. The Seawolves had to settle for another punt, their ninth of the game, as they could not even get across the 50-yard line this time. With San Antonio starting the ensuing drive from their own 16-yard line, Adams marched his troops all the way down to the opposition 18-yard line courtesy of another big 28-yard catch from Sean, his third catch of 28+ yards in the game. Adams' next pass that was intended for Grey Slax was intercepted by Norfolk cornerback Mohammed Amin and returned for 57 yards all the way to the San Antonio 32. The Seawolves were finally take advantage of a short field as they broke the goose egg and made it a one-score game, now trailing 14-7. However, despite having three more offensive possessions, Norfolk way never able to make it past their own 35-yard line as the San Antonio Marshals held on for the victory and picked up their first win of preseason.
Jan 8 2018, 12:18 PM
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51-70 - costs 2 TPE to go up 1 point
71-80 - costs 5 TPE to go up 1 point
81-90 - costs 10 TPE to go up 1 point
91-100 - costs 15 TPE to go up 1 point

TPE Opportunities:

Player Attributes:
(MAX: 60) Strength: 30
(MAX: 90) Agility: 56
(MAX: 90) Arm: 60
(MAX: 90) Intelligence: 71
(MAX: 90) Throwing Accuracy: 71
(MAX: 35) Tackling: 15
(MAX: 90) Speed: 71
(MAX: 35) Hands: 15
(MAX: 25) Pass Blocking: 1
(MAX: 25) Run Blocking: 1
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 40
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
Jan 5 2018, 01:00 AM
Player Information

Username: MVick
First Name: Mike
Last Name: Vick
Position: QB
Handedness: Right
Recruited By:
Jersey Number: 1
Height (ft.): 5'11"
Weight (lbs.): 180lbs
Player Archetype: Mobile (Eg. Russell Wilson, Tyrod Taylor)

Player Attributes

TPE Available: 0
(MAX: 60) Strength: 30
(MAX: 90) Agility: 60
(MAX: 90) Arm: 67 [1/2]
(MAX: 90) Intelligence: 77
(MAX: 90) Throwing Accuracy: 80
(MAX: 35) Tackling: 15
(MAX: 90) Speed: 74
(MAX: 35) Hands: 15
(MAX: 25) Pass Blocking: 1
(MAX: 25) Run Blocking: 1
(MAX: 100) Endurance: 40
(MAX: 25) Kick Power: 1
(MAX: 25) Kick Accuracy: 1
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